Jasmine yawned begrudgingly as the warm rays of the sun bothered her out of slumber. She gave a deep inhale of the crisp palace air as she rolled among her silk sheets and stretched her lethargic muscles- giving off small groans as she did so.

Her eyes still comfortably shut, she soon realized her usual morning lethargy and crankiness were completely absent- her body was refreshed, she had the wonderful presence of early morning energy, and her mind was relaxed. She'd slept like a baby, and now felt absolutely wonderful... She began to ponder the cause of this unusual early morning bliss.

Jasmine jolted up with a sharp gasp and a fluttering of adrenaline passing through her heart. She sat upright, still unclothed, instinctually covering her naked body with her dark green sheets as she look around the room.

She saw her lovely pet tiger Rajah, still in slumber, curled up on his massive dark red cushion- An item Jasmine had specially made for his bed - in the corner of her chamber.

Her heart began to thump, almost beating out of her chest. Questions began to fill her mind as she started to remember what she had done with that animal the evening prior.

Did last night really happen? Could it have been just a dream? No... she remembered the sensations all too vividly for it to have been a dream.

She began to think back...the memory of Rajah's humongous tiger tongue sliding up and down her quivering womanhood, the moaning and screams she made as he body rocked from pleasure... even to the point of losing control of her own inhibitions enough to take Rajah's member between her lips- stroking and licking it up and down as Rajah mutually pleased her-until they both finally climaxed together in what was the most intense, body shaking thrill of Jasmine's life.

She placed a hand upon her brow as she began to feel the deep embarrassment in herself for letting something like that happen.

"I just... lost control" she reasoned to herself, taking deep breaths trying to calm her racing mind, "just one night of... experimentation... Just to see what it would feel like...that's all it was... no one could ever find out."

"It sure was quite a rush though," she admitted as she fell back onto her pillows, "I've never been touched quite like that before... "

"...or touched at all, save for myself..." she groaned, twisting her body and unconsciously spreading her legs as she reminisced on Rajah's unbelievable tongue stroking her, and the taste of his throbbing member exploding his warm seed onto her body. She bit her lip and slowly slid her hands up and down her slender thighs... she could feel herself getting excited again.

In a moment of self-realization, she instantly scolded herself and stopped.

"I'm doing it again!" she realized, "This is exactly how it started last time!"

"Started what, Princess? Are you in trouble?" a deep and concerned voice rang from the outside hallway.

Jasmine gave a small jump in surprise to the sudden visitor, but immediately recognized the voice of one of the usual morning guards to which she was quite familiar with.

"No, not at all, Mr. Randesh," she said softly with a small giggle, instantly quelling her inner sexual turmoil and putting on her innocent Princess persona, "I'm perfectly fine.. Just thinking aloud."

"But of course, Princess Jasmine, I understand." the guard continued from outside her room, "May I enter? I have news from your father regarding today's business."

"Just a moment please, I just awoke, and I fear I'm terribly unfit to appear before anyone but my mirror." she replied with all the elegance one would expect from young royalty.

Jasmine quickly hobbled out of bed, her supple naked body radiating in the sunlight. With the cosmetic haste only possessed by a young woman of her age, she clothed herself in her usual green garments and jewelry, and brushed her silky hair into an acceptable form. Now fit for the public eye, she walked across her chamber to the large gold and red daybed to which she retired to comfortably, conforming herself in an elegant yet relaxed pose- though it was only a guard she would be seeing, she knew she must always remain an item of elegance, class and perfection- it was her primary duty as a princess.

"You may enter now, Mr. Randesh, my apologies for the delay" she spoke softly.

The large wooden door to her room swung open. The muscular and clearly battle torn guard adorned with the standard palace armor and steel halberd walked into her spacious chamber, bowing deeply to the princess upon entrance.

Jasmine gave a nod to signal that he may rise from his bow- as custom by palace etiquette.

"Young Princess Jasmine, if I may," he began, "your father, the Exalted Sultan of Agribah, wishes me to inform you that he is to make an expedition into the next country for diplomatic discussion in regards to furthering trade between our nations. The expedition will require two days travel each way, and many guards to ensure his excellency's safety. Therefore many of the palace officials will be absent in the upcoming days. Your father has instructed a concise unit outside the palace walls- no one will be allowed in or out."

"Very well, then, what does this change for me, though?" she asked

"Nothing Princess, you are to be left to your own accord, your father trusts you- he simply wanted me to inform you that your chamber and the surrounding areas of the palace may seem a bit vacant in the upcoming days."

Jasmine laughed, "As if to say they aren't already!". Though she knew there were hardly any guards to bother her as it was... Having the guarantee of privacy made her 'personal time' a little more accessible without the fear of being walked in on.

"Yes my Princess," the guard said as he bowed, preparing to leave- but quickly stood back up- Rajah had awoken from his sleep and began idly circling around the guard. He was habitually suspicious of anyone besides Jasmine herself. The guard was visibly uncomfortable by being circled by such a humongous and dangerous animal- even a domesticated one.

"Rajah, come here," she said calmly, the tiger instantly obeying and trotting over to her side. She gave his fur a scruff.

The guard relaxed a bit and began to breathe easier.

"So cautious and intelligent he is... that is truly quite a magnificent creature you have there, Princess." the guard said in praise.

"Oh," Jasmine chuckled, instantly reminded of the 'other' magnificent qualities her animal possessed, "Yes indeed, you truly do not know the half of it." She again chuckled at the inappropriate joke she had made to herself.

The rest of the day progressed uneventfully to Jasmine, she walked through the palace garden, laid in the sun, and lazily strolled throughout her empty palace. She hadn't paid much attention to Rajah through out the day, she still felt some embarrassment on what she had her tiger do for her- though he was ever-present on her mind.

Later in the afternoon she returned to the palace, and entered the bathing chamber- her mind was still filled with the thoughts of last night, and being that there were no guards to disturb her, she decided to have a bit of fun with herself. Jasmine began to fill the tub with warm water, and sat beside the bathtub on the floor as it filled.

She would still get herself hot simply by the thinking of Rajah's tongue licking her up and down, and though she knew what she did the night prior was absolutely wrong, it had already happened and there was nothing to change that fact- so there would be nothing inherently bad about pleasuring herself to just the memory of it, right? After all, it was just imagination this time.

Keeping her silk top on, she slid her green pants down her legs, and removed them, tossing them aside. She sat with her back resting against the side of the rectangular marble foundation of the tub- the sound of rushing water filling the empty room- and excitedly spread her smooth tanned legs open wide.

Jasmine shut her eyes and began to recall how just one day prior, she lay in this very room atop her beautiful animal and took almost all of his huge member into her mouth. It was the first cock she had ever tasted, and the first male she had ever fully pleased to climax- and she loved every moment of doing it.

She slid her fingers down her tight little opening which grew slicker the more the fantasized about Rajah's manhood... His throbbing shaft filling her mouth, feeling it's girth in her hands... she even entertained the thought of it fitting inside of her.

Jasmine moaned deeply and slid a finger inside of her, curling it and stroking her sensitive G-Spot with quick motions back and forth... the brief thought of Rajah's cock slipping inside of her almost made her finish instantly. She attempted to insert a second finger into herself- she winced slightly in discomfort as she struggled to fit her middle and ring finger in, but eventually was enjoying the wonderful sensation of having two digits fill her tight little pussy.

Pleasuring herself to the thought of being ravished and fucked by her tiger, Jasmine lost herself in the moment, and did not notice what was standing over her. She felt the warm breath of another being on her face- she instantly opened her eyes in a sudden panic.

It was none other than her tiger again, inches from her face- a devilish and familiar look in his eyes.

Jasmine sighed in relief- thank heavens it wasn't a guard or a servant that had walked in on her. With a short high pitched moan, she withdrew her two fingers from her womanhood, and placed her arms around Rajahs neck- scruffing his fur.

"Well hello, I was just thinking about you, Rajah," she said seductively, tapping Rajah on the nose with one her glistening fingers coated in her wetness. Rajah quickly responded by licking at Jasmine's fingers- loving the taste of his master's sex.

Jasmine again giggled, "Don't get any funny ideas, boy, it's not gonna happen."

She moved her left hand to cover her opening with her four fingers, trying to show the eager tiger that she didn't want his attention down there, even though he continued to lick the slick fingers on her right hand.

Rajah scooted himself closer, sitting between comfortably Jasmine's spread legs. She felt a small poke on her hand covering her excited entrance...

Her curiosity and excitement again growing, she leaned to her side to see what had brushed her hand- though she knew what it was, she had spent all day fantasizing about her tiger's member, and couldn't help but want to set her eyes on it again. Jasmine giggled. Rajah was as aroused and excited from the sight of his naked master as ever.

His long tiger cock hovered inches from Jasmine's pussy- only her hand in the way between the two. Upon the sight Rajah's member, Jasmine bit her lip- the object of her fantasy, the cock she had pleased so eagerly the night prior was again ready to be worked by the princess... and was merely inches from entering inside of her body.

Jasmine spoke no words, just took a moment to again fully admire his huge package- what if felt like in her mouth and hands... and what it might feel like slipping in and out her pussy instead of his tongue or her fingers. Lost in her own fantasy, Rajah took advantage of her distraction and pushed his hips forward... the head of his penis gently pushing against her fingers still covering her hot core.

The pressure from Rajah made her four fingers involuntarily spread a bit in the middle- Jasmine's hand now framed her little opening moreso than protected it- allowing Rajah to move his member slightly closer to her. The heat and wetness of her pussy was already coating her fingers completely. Jasmine's growing excitement and imagination overtook her, causing her not fully realize what her tiger's intentions were.

"Oh god... Don't do that..." she whispered in a hollow plea, as his cock slid past her fingers.

With a slow, deep inhale of a gasp, Jasmine's body was over-washed with chills of pleasure as Rajah's cock brushed against the lips of her pussy- he hadn't entered her, but the sexual bliss of his huge member caressing her slickness caused immeasurable desire.

"R-Rajah..." she whispered... grasping his cock with her free hand, "S-Stop that..."

She began to realize how close he was getting, and scooted her hips back away from her tiger. Rajah sat back onto his hind legs- his member still within Jasmine's grasp.

Jasmine's breaths were deep and labored, she felt herself returning to her excited state of impulse... Though she had managed to pull her body away from him, even just touching the tiger's member was turning her on, and making her body surge with excitement.

"It's not that I don't want it... I-" she said, trying to find the right excuse and placing her other hand on his cock, idly stroking him up and down with both hands, "It won't even fit inside Rajah.. There's no way...that... could ever fit inside me."

"And it's wrong..." she continued, not even believing her own words. She'd already done so much with this animal, right and wrong-moral and immoral were almost meaningless words after the events of the night prior.

Even if she wanted to, could she even make it fit? She contemplated this concern staring hungrily upon his thick member- again her curiosity would seem to take control of her. It was probably too long for her to take... and much, much thicker than the two fingers she just had in her.

"See, I'll prove it to you," she said in a half-hearted attempt to discourage her tiger and herself. Her words were aimed at an excuse she couldn't accommodate the tiger inside her, but in reality Jasmine knew to some degree she wanted to at least try.

She wrapped her legs around Rajah's back and pulled to scoot him closer. Rajah still seated between her thighs eagerly complied. Jasmine lined up the base Rajah's cock between her pussy lips, and rested his thick shaft atop her pelvis- his hard member laying flat on her stomach extending well past her bellybutton.

"That's...Wow...that's how far you'd be inside me, Rajah," She explained, slightly amazed, "I-I can't just take something like that...it's way too big! Besides, I've never had anyone... in me before...". As she spoke Jasmine stroked the tiger's firm member up and down against her tingling body.

Rajah, discouraged, whimpered and slid himself back.

"Don't complain, you're too long! ...And defiantly too thick, boy!" she continued, making excuses not for the tiger, but to discourage herself from trying.

Again Rajah perked up, and hovered his cock outside of Jasmine's wet opening. She grasped him by his shaft in another attempt to demonstrate the problem with his size.

"See?" she asked, placing the head of Rajah's cock at the now soaking wet entrance to her pussy- the tiger's dick brushing against her vaginal lips. Rajah's girth was much to big for her tight little hole, but the tiger wasn't convinced... and truly, neither was Jasmine. She was a virgin to sex, but Rajah was not a human- she long ago surrendered her purity with her devious sexual behavior on her lonesome, and further compounded that fact by allowing her tiger to cum in her mouth and on her body the night prior... With this realization, Jasmine's concerns suddenly switched from the morality aspect of letting her tiger fuck her, to the concern of physically fitting him inside her. She hadn't made up her mind as to if she was ready to try it... perhaps she needed more time to think.

"There's just no way-" she began, quickly cut off from a small advance from Rajah.

"Ahh! Rajaah!" she gasped as the head of the tiger's cock quickly forced its way into her. Jasmine's eyes slammed shut in pain as her entrance began to stretch to accommodate this huge item- It was only the tip of the tiger's cock, but was still bigger than anything she'd ever taken before.

"Ra- Yo- I-" she clumsily stammered, words unable to be formed. Jasmine's eyes fluttered open and closed, her pussy now trembling with unfamiliar mixture of pain and the deep pleasure of being penetrated by her tiger.

She looked down between her legs- it was all happening so fast, did her tiger really just...enter her? She saw her juices running down and around the tiger's cock, only about an inch of his dick was inside her, but she still felt as if she was completely filled up by it. Her mind had no coherent thoughts, her body was racing with desire. Every nerve tingled, every moment almost felt like she was cumming- all branching from the enormous tiger's cock slowly penetrating her.

"Oh my...Oh my, Rajah..." she gasped as the pain diminished and the pleasure continued to rise... she was no longer in control of her own actions, the tiger had overtaken with pleasure. Rajah remained inserted only slightly prodding Jasmine's little pussy, giving very tiny thrusts as he teased the princess with his cock. Jasmine had her decision made for her, there was absolutely no turning back now- he was inside of her. Her decision to let her tiger do this was either an all or nothing situation- it seemed she was about to experience former.

With her left hand wrapped around the tiger's shaft still guiding it, her right hand began to slowly circle her clitoris. A shock wave of carnal pleasure shot through her again- she was watching her tiger's humongous cock sliding inside of her, and she fucking loved it. Jasmine's mouth remained open ajar, as deep breaths and moans escaped her. Her eyes alternated from fluttering in pleasure and watching her own quivering pussy struggle to take Rajah's dick.

Rajah knew he was pleasing his master, but as always, waited for a sign to continue- if he pushed his cock any further it might hurt the Princess too much.

Jasmine hadn't a moral thought in her brain anymore- Her tiger was going to fuck her, wasn't going to waste time worrying, she was going to just enjoy every single moment of it.

"R-Rajah... " she said between moans, continuing to circle her clitoris and stroke the tiger's shaft.

"S-Stop..." she began...Rajah immediately discouraged at the notion of stopping,

"S-Stop teasing me... I want more of you... go on boy, put it all the way in..." she meekly whispered with a smirk, "I-I can't fight it anymore... I want your cock in my pussy so bad...F-Fuck me Rajah..."

Rajah's excitement overtook him as he forced his huge dick further inside his Princess. Her slick walls coated the tiger's cock in her juices, making it easer for him to slide in, but it was still much too large for Jasmine.

"Aaah!" Jasmine screamed, pain arising as the tiger's cock stretched her walls pushing forward. The pain, however, was of little consequence as Jasmine began to feel Rajah's cock slip deeper into her- her hot vaginal muscles tightly clenching every inch of his member that was inserted.

"Keep...K-Keep going boy," Jasmine said with one eye closed shut in pain. She slid her body beneath the tiger, laying on her back- her heart racing in excitement and pleasure alike.

Rajah pushed another few inches of himself into Jasmine, as she raised her hips under him to meet his slow thrust... Jasmine's body twitched...though there was much pain, the thrill and pleasure outweighed it immensely. She didn't know how long she could last even at this rate. Tipping over the edge, all she could focus on mentally was restraining herself from cumming so soon and before she had it all inside her.

"More Rajah! Come on!" she yelled impatiently as she arched her body and aligned her hips with Rajah's member.

The tiger didn't waste a moment being gentle anymore after a command like that. With a swift drive of his hips he pushed the remaining half of his thick cock into Jasmine's pussy with one solid motion.

"Aaaahhh!" Jasmine screamed, slamming her eyes shut and pulling locks of her own hair, trying to displace the pain she felt between her legs, "I-It's too much! Oh my GOD Rajah!"

Her body writhed and twitched in discomfort as her tight virgin pussy tried to stretch to fit this huge member.

"I-I can feel it in m-my belly..." she gasped, her gentle voice quivering. Her breaths were sharp and heavy, chills shot up and down her legs... It was starting to feel pleasurable again.

Jasmine opened her eyes to see if it was finally all in- she started between her arched legs and was truly amazed.

"Oh my..." She said with a gasp, "I-It fit... But, W-wait...I just need... I need a second to adjust boy..."

She could feel her insides struggling to fit this monster, her pussy was clenching his dick so very tightly- she couldn't have taken an inch more, length or girth. It was a perfect fit.

As the pain subsided and the pleasure washed over her body again in ways she couldn't have imagined. The tingles in her legs grew more intense.

She wrapped her arms around the tigers neck, and started determinately into his eyes,

"Fuck me, Rajah."

Understanding his master's wishes, Rajah slowly withdrew himself from Jasmine, leaving only the tip remaining inserted.

"Aaahhhhhh!" Jasmine groaned, clenching her jaw and closing her eyes. Waves of pleasure from her tiger traveled throughout her body- her back arched and she could feel her vaginal walls clench once again as Rajah exited her. The pleasure was so intense and constant, she couldn't tell if she had just cum, or if this was the constant feeling one had when being fucked by a cock like this-

Without warning Rajah forced his entire member back into Jasmine.

-She learned it was the latter.

Rajah's slow thrusts became rhythmic, Jasmine's attempted to match his motions with her hips. Her high pitched moans filled the room as Rajah slipped his cock in and out of her, slowing building speed. Jasmine could feel her pussy stretch with each stroke, the feeling sent millions of tingles through her body- she almost felt like she was cumming every second, Jasmine couldn't think about anything but the pure bliss of her tiger's humongous dick penetrating her so deeply.

Her screams turned into a low toned moan of pleasure, the pitch traveling up and down with each slam of Rajah's cock. His trusts were becoming harder and firmer for the princess to enjoy. Jasmine lifted her shirt and began to fondle both her breasts and pinch her now erect nipples. Jasmine opened her eyes to watch the tiger's cock coated in her wetness travel in and out.. She loved watching herself be fucked like this. The upward position of Jasmine's hips let Rajah's cock stroke her G-Spot and tickle her clit on each motion, her moans grew louder.

"Oh, Fuck me!... FUCK ME, Rajah!" She screamed as pleasure further overtook her, "Harder boy! I-I want it...HARDER!"

Rajah sped himself up as he pounded Jasmine's young pussy with all the force he could muster. Rajah loved the sensation of fucking his master, her tight little hole squeezing him so very tightly. The tiger let out a low growl as he began to approach his own edge, fucking Jasmine harder and deeper with each trust. He loved his master, but fucked her like he hated her.

"Oh YESS! I-I L-LOVE IT!" Jasmine screamed, her body twisting in ecstasy, "I love your cock Rajahhh- Y-YES, M-MORE! "

The sound of Jasmine's slick pussy slamming against the base of Rajah's cock made a quick rhythmic wet slapping sound that filled the room-only exceeded by Jasmine's gasps and screams of passion.

Her moaning had turned to screaming as Rajah sped up again and continued to ram his cock down inside her. Her eyes rolled back, her hot pussy throbbed with every motion and thrust. Jasmine's juices dripped off Rajah's shaft and onto the floor. Screaming her tiger's name, Rajah gave a forceful deep thrust of his member that struck the back of Jasmine's pussy- she felt like she was being split in half.

"I C-Can't F-Feel my L-Legs, Rajahh! aaHH!" she screamed.

Jasmine fought with every fiber of her being to last until Rajah could cum with her, but couldn't take the deep pounding pleasure anymore. Jasmine's hips bucked upwards, and her hot little pussy suddenly squeezed even tighter around Rajah's shaft. Her body exploded in primal pleasure as she began to feel this ocean of raw ecstasy overtake her naked body- with a scream, she squeezed both her breasts and threw her hips further up forcing more of Rajah's cock into her. Rajah let out a roar and returned to pounding her pussy harder and faster.

"C-Cum with me Rajahh!" she screamed at the top of her lungs

She could feel every inch of his cock being clenched by her tight walls, yet Rajah unforgivingly continued to fuck her faster and faster. Jasmine could feel her climax begin explode through out her body, but she held on for her tiger even as her entire body became numb. Rajah let another roar escape, he continued to thrust deeply into her as his cock finally erupted his hot thick load shooting inside and filling Jasmine's pussy completely-his strokes continued as his cum spilled out of his master, landing upon Jasmine's legs and body.

Another scream escaped Jasmine's lips from the feeling of her tiger's hot cum shooting inside her- it set her absolutely over the edge, cumming unimaginably harder than she ever dreamed. Her quivering pussy erupted with juices around Rajah's throbbing dick, her trembling legs shook vigorously as her orgasm resonated through her entire body. Her numb body was suddenly overtaken by the explosive frenzy of sexual pleasure. She tossed her head back and forth, cumming like this was too much to handle. Her screaming became louder as her and her tiger rode their waves of ecstasy together- she'd never experienced a pleasure this long- it grew more intense with every moment that hot tiger cock stay thrusted deep inside her and spilled its cum.

Her and her tiger's juices dripped to the floor, she moaned Rajah's name over and over as her body finally collapsed under the him, his cock still fully inserted. Jasmine panted like an animal in heat and continued to run her hands up and down her body as the pleasure traveled back and forth, slowly subsiding, but never vanishing.

After a moment, Rajah finally withdrew himself completely from his master- his cock coated in her warm wetness and his own cum. Jasmine gave a high pitched whimper as he unexpectedly pulled himself out. She was drunk with pleasure.

"I, y'ou, the-ca'tr" Jasmine struggled to speak, her body still quivering in bliss, she could barely form any words at all.

"Y-you were incredible... Rajahh" she finally managed to say, her tone heavy with her now unhindered sexual desire. She put her hands around the tiger, and pulled herself up to a seated position, "I can't b-believe that was w-what I was missing. I can't believe how wonderful you can make me feel- what you can do to my body- how b-big and hard you are- how you can fuck me."

She couldn't believe the way she was talking, but loved praising her tiger- she no longer had any shame about her mutual sexual desire with her animal. This colossally outclassed anything she could do to her body on her own. Now that she had already made the decision, and been fucked by her tiger, she could do it as often and as much as she pleased with no inner turmoil.

Jasmine quickly flipped her body over, struggling with her legs still not regaining all feeling from her body rocking orgasm. She removed her top completely, and tossed it across the room, then settled on her hands and knees- her slender, sexy legs poisoned far apart in a very inviting manner to Rajah.

She looked back at her tiger over her shoulder, slinging her messy hair across her naked back.

"Well," she said with the most seductive and devilish of grins, "We're not done, what are you waiting for?"

Jasmine prepared again to have her body fucked senseless by her animal- she wanted to try everything... she didn't care where, or how, she just wanted her tiger's cock in her... And after a performance like that, she intended to let Rajah do whatever he wanted with her body.