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Wrath- Anger

It was one of those stupid fights, he didn't even know how it started but in the heat of the moment he didn't realise how horrible he was being.

'You're such a know-it-all!' he screamed throwing one of her books across the common room.

'Is that the only insult you have! My God I hear that nearly every week from you!' She screamed back, not knowing any better than him why they were fighting. She crossed the room and picked up her book.

'Just because you get good marks doesn't make you better than anyone else.' He yelled angrily, not noticing Harry sitting in the middle of the common room, completely ignoring the argument.

'What has that got to do with anything! And why is my being smart always such a sore spot for you?' She moved closer to him and stared daggers in his eyes.

'Its not, maybe I just get sick of being the stupid one! Maybe I'm just sick of being shown up by you Hermione? I'm so sick of being Hermione's little sidekick!' His voice quavered a bit, he could see tears in her eyes.

'Well I'm sorry you're so sick of me' she yelled tears starting to run down her face. 'I'll try not to bother you again Ronald.' She ran out of the common room portrait hole. Ron stood for a minute mouth opened not saying anything, not sure what to say. Harry folded up the paper he'd been reading and looked up at Ron from the couch.

'Bugger.' Ron stamped his foot, not looking at Harry.

'Going after her?' He asked casually, Ron turned swore again and looked apologetically at Harry.

'Yep,' Ron sighed walking out of the common room only just hearing Harry yell after him,

'Try not to say anything stupid!' He'd barely walked for five minutes when he found her, the good thing about being in their fifth year of Hogwarts together was that Ron knew all to well the places she went to hide after an argument, mostly, the library. Everyone had gone home for Christmas, the library was deserted, with only a pale light through the thick snowy sky glittering through the windows. He walked through the doors and around a few bookshelves until he found her sitting in front of a desk, a huge book with her and tears dripping down her face. She hadn't sat down, just stood in front of it looking blankly at the pages and sobbing. Hermione looked up as soon as he walked near her

'What were we even fighting about?' She sobbed, walking over to him, he wiped a tear of her cheek and hugged her.

'I don't even know' Ron laughed a little. 'But I'm sorry for what I did '

'For what?' She looked up at him.

'Thing is…' he smiled. 'I don't know, just thought it'd be safe to apologise.'