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A/N: the cheesyness continues! Seriously. This is more cheesy than the last but whatever here is the second last sin. I apologise for its shortness, I'd run out of idea/effort when I got to this one…


Ron helped himself to another helping of shepherd's pie and piled high the side of his plate with the assorted sides before he dug in. Harry did the same, only with a little more decorum and used the utensils they had. Hermione sat, disgusted, by the sight of Ron with food falling onto his shirt and face. Harry looked over the table at her, fiddling with her food, now looking over at Krum on the Slytherin table.

'So how was the ball?' He smiled as she snapped back to attention and smiled brightly

'It was good, I had fun…' Hermione bit her lip.

'Do you looove him?' Harry laughed

'Yes Harry. I love him so much that we're getting married. We want four kids and we're going to live in Bulgaria.' She barely managed to finish her sentence before Ron had slammed his hands on the table and stormed across the room to Krum. Hermione gasped, but Ron's fist had already collided with the side of Krum's face. He was thrown back and fell to the ground before their view of both Krum and Ron was completely covered with a swarm of teachers, students, and screaming Krum fans.

'He's not really in the mood for jokes at the moment is he?' Harry nodded slightly

'Doesn't seem that way..' Hermione frowned, thinking of the damage Ron would probably have done to Krum. 'Though… I'm surprised he didn't wait until after dessert.'