I heard her voice outside the bathroom door but I couldn't understand what she was saying.

"I'm in the shower!" I yelled out to her, hoping it made sense to whatever she was saying. I heard the door click open slightly.

"Can I just come in and grab it?" I heard her say, her voice louder this time.

"Sure," I said, not even knowing what she was asking for. The door clicked shut. I listened as her footsteps entered the room, her shoes softly tapping against the tile floor. I felt the need to fill the silence and said, "You know, if you guys cleaned this shower head, you could have amazing pressure." I almost slapped myself in the face for saying such a stupid thing.

"Go for it..." I could hear drawers opening and closing as she looked for whatever it is she was looking for.

There was a sound outside the bathroom I couldn't make out over the sound of the running water.

"Um, I-I... I'm in the shower, mom!" Hanna called out. Panic swept over me. Mrs. Marin is home. The doorknob was making clicking sounds as it turned and all the sudden the shower curtain was yanked opened.

I turned and opened my mouth to protest, but she quickly covered it with her hand. Smart move, I would've blown our cover.

"I drove halfway to the bank," Mrs. Marin was saying, "before I realized I didn't have it." Hanna rolled her eyes, and managed avoiding eye contact. "What is with this charger?" she continued, "I only have three bars..." I had to admit, the whole situation was pretty hilarious. I smiled underneath Hanna's hand.

"I really can't talk right now, mom," Hanna was saying, her facial expressions showed that she was making this up as she went along, "I'm getting shampoo in my mouth." I raised my eyebrows at her questionably. There was a silent pause; the only thing you could hear was the shower running, then the sound of heels echoed through the room.

"Alright, see you at dinner." Mrs. Marin said. Hanna was holding her breath and we both just waited. We heard the door shut and Hanna pulled her hand away from my mouth as she let out a sigh of relief. I laughed silently and turned back towards the shower head, my back towards her.

I turned back just in time to catch her looking down before she looked back up at me. I gave her a questioning look, raising my eyebrows.

"Wanna share a towel too?" I asked, smiling. She looked away, biting her lip, then returned to her confident self. She quickly turned to leave so I went to turn off the water.

She was out of that bathroom before the water stopped running.