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Merlin dropped to his knees, facing going straight into a pile of animal poo. He heard Arthur's prat-like laugh behind him. Merlin lifted his face, poo stuck all over his face. He sighed. Merlin really hated hunts. Arthur kneeled down beside him and smiled. He put a finger to his lips and told him be quiet as the food the deer they were hunting was just over behind a bush. He stood up, drew his crossbow, and walked with his knights towards the bush. Merlin huffed some of his hair off his face as he stood up. He rubbed the poo off his face and walked after Arthur. Merlin pushed the bush away and walked forward.

He stopped at the sight he saw.

Three knights were on the ground dead and the rest being tightly held by bandits. Arthur was being held by three. There were thirteen bandits all together. Three making their way towards Merlin.

"Run you idiot!" Arthur shouted getting free and elbowing one bandit in the stomach. The three that were coming towards Merlin lunged for him. Merlin jumped out of the way, as all three banged into each other. Merlin quickly noticed that these bandits were not that bright. The knights got free from their bandits and drew their swords.

Merlin ducked as one bandit came at him with his sword. Merlin moved fast and kicked the bandit up the backside sending the bandit into a pile of animal poo. Merlin never thought he would think those words he thought, but animal poo was not that bad at times. Whilst Arthur and the knights were fighting the bandits and Merlin was walking away from the bandit that was getting off the floor, so no one notice the bandit creeping up on Merlin. The bandit plunged his sword into Merlin's side. The young warlock let a cry of pain and the sword was withdrawn from his body. Merlin fell to his knees. The bandit grabbed his hair and cut a bit of it off. He then threw Merlin to the ground. The other bandits made their leave as well as Arthur and the knights suddenly found that they were alone.

Arthur saw Merlin and the Prince rushed to his friend's side. Arthur called Merlin's name, but they were unheard by Merlin as he drifted into darkness...

Merlin's eyes fluttered like a butterfly open. He looked around the room he was in. He knew he was in his room. He did wake up every day to it. His head hurt as he tried to sit up. He seemed perfectly fine. Nothing felt weird. Merlin decided to get up and see if anyone was around. However, when he got up and stood on his own two feet. An agonising pain creped through him. He let out a small cry of pain and fell on the bed. Merlin pulled himself up to sit on the bed, back against the wall.

"Merlin! What did you do?" Gaius said rushing in. Merlin smiled at how the old man could be so slowly, but so fast when he wanted to be.

"I'm fine... really... just not going to be doing much walking." Merlin smiled at the man knowing that he did not buy it one bit.

"Yes, anyway, someone is here to see you."

"Who? Arthur? Gwen?" Merlin asked not really wanting to see anyone. Before Gaius could answer him, the person who had come to see him, walked through the door.

"Hello Merlin."

"Mother!" Merlin said in such excitement. He propped himself up a bit better. She came and sat down on the edge of the bed. She smiled sadly at him, as she looked tired. The door shut as Gaius had crept out of the room to leave mother and son alone.

Merlin knew something was wrong. He could always tell and it was not just his magic. It was that relationship between mother and son.

"It didn't work out with Patrick did it?" Merlin said talking about his mother's (pain in the backside, who Merlin wished was dead) boyfriend. She nodded sadly.

"Yah." She said, being pulled into a hug like Merlin would always do when he was younger, trying to make it all better but knowing that he could not.

They sat there a moment or two, both hugging one another before Merlin spoke.

"Is this a bad time to say I told you so? Because if so, I can do my 'I told you so' dance later."

Morgana kicked her horse harder, forcing it to go faster. The horse screamed in pain as it run faster. She was already late. She needed to go faster.

It did not take her as long as she thought to get to her detonation. Her horse skidded to a stop as she jumped off. Morgause stood there, her blood hair glowing in the moon light.

"What took you?" she asked impatiently.

"Getting a horse was harder than I thought." She said, taking off her hood. Her thick, black, curled hair became free and socked up the moon light like Morgause's hair socked up sunlight, making it darker like it made hers lighter.

"I have a new plan sister. It involves the boy's mother. She is currently in Camelot recovering from a broken heart with her son." She held out a bottle. "This contains a strong love potion." Morgana took it and looked at it. She frowned at her sister.

"We're making Merlin fall in love with his own mother?" Morgana said not understanding this weird and crazy plan of her sisters. Morgause sighed rubbing her temples. Her sister could be quite dumb at times.

"Sister, you can be quite blond at times. Think! Who would we make Merlin's moth fall in love with?" She said trying to get her sister to think harder than she actually was. Morgana thought for a moment then smiled evilly.


"Yes, sister. Remember a time when the boy was your friend and that boy joked about how he would do anything to stop his mother being with a man?" Morgana nodded. "Well, let's put him to the test."

Huith walked down the hall carrying Gaius's herbs that he needed. She seemed happy to help Gaius tend to Merlin, but deep down she was not very happy. However, upset she was about the fact that Patrick left her, she was glad that Merlin never got the chance to meet him.

She turned the corner and ended up dropping most of the stuff she was carrying.

Little did she know that Morgana was just above her tipping the love poison on top of Huith and the person she had just bumped into.

"I'm so sorry..." she trailer off as she noticed that the man was incredibly handsome.

"Watch where you- actually, let me help you down there." Uther kneeled down and started to help Huith pick up the poisons and herbs she had dropped. At times their hand touched and both would blush. When they stood back up, they seemed to be holding what the other was meant to have. They blushed and tried to give the other one their stuff back. Huith bowed and hurried along back to Gaius's chamber. Uther watched her go, his thought filed with nothing, but her. Morgana smiled.

They'll see how far Merlin will go to stop her mother seeing someone.

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