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Merlin roared the tongue of a Dragon Lord and waited for the Dragon to arrive. He knew the Dragon didn't take long to arrive, but it always seemed to take forever. Merlin heard the wings of the Dragon. Merlin closed his eyes and remembered the time he had ridden on his back. The cold wind sweeping back his shot hair, the Dragons wings beating against the current of the cold air. The Dragon, secretly smiling as he dipped down and flew up. Merlin grew more and more confident with flying so stood up and spread his arms wide. He shouted in fierce joy as his magic ran through him like an arrow on the battlefield, power screaming through his veins. Merlin would kill for a moment like that again, but as the Dragon landed in front of him, he knew that it wouldn't happen anytime soon and that he'd have to ignore the temptation.

The Dragon settled on the ground, stood tall and spoke.

"What is it you wish of me young warlock?" His deep voice booming over him.

"Is it in my destiny to kill Uther?" Merlin asked, staring up at the might Dragon. Merlin didn't get the reaction he expected. The Dragon, tipped his head back and laughed.

"What makes you ask that?" He said, dying of laughter.

"Well, my mother has... grossly fallen for Uther and I normally try to kill my mother's boyfriends." He said simply, getting a bit annoyed. Was it or wasn't it his destiny to kill Uther, easy question wasn't?

"Young warlock, it is not," Merlin was relived. "However, to stop them is as this is the work of the witch." Merlin's face fell.

"Morgana?" He nodded. "How do I stop her?" He asked his neck hurting from looking up do much.

"You must find the spell of the heart." And with that, the Dragon spread his wings and left.

"WAIT!" Merlin shouted after him. "I don't understand!" However, the Dragon was already gone.

Merlin stared up at the open sky, sadness swarming over him and he let the darkness of his heavy, tired eyes take him.

Merlin's eyes flickered open. He rubbed his eyes and was welcomed by the soft sun bursting through his bedroom window. He saw the dust in the air and wished he had more time to clean without magic. He sat up in bed and thought about the night before. He remembered falling to the ground asleep and then he woke up in his room. How did he get from the field to his room? Merlin shook his head as he had something more important things to worry about. He jumped out of bed to the sweet smell of food. He could smell a ham sandwich. He must have been very hungry if he was able to smell something that almost didn't have a smell. He changed his clothes and made his way down for food. No one was in the room when he got down, but there was a ham sandwich on the table ready for him. Merlin didn't think as he sunk his teeth into it. The sandwich was gone within seconds and Merlin knew he would get hiccups later on. He then noticed a note left for by Gaius or his mother. He flicked it open to see Gaius's handwriting. Figures!

Merlin, I have just gone down to the library then to get some herbs. Not sure, where your mother is off to but might be with that bloke of hers. Be good for once please! Gaius.

The old man must have been in a rush since it was all messy and put together. Then a thought hit him. The library! He could find a book on what the Dragon meant. Merlin smiled as his old man had done it again. He jumped to his feet and ran from the room.

For all he knew, time might not be on his side.

Merlin opened the door and walked into the library. The room was dusty as ever and really needed to cleaned, but no one ever thought about that. Merlin walked passed as no one was around, which was odd. However, he shook it off and walked right in. He looked at every book he passed. He was unsure what he was looking for, so he just looked at everything. He picked book after book up, looked at page after page and read word after word. He spent hours on end looking at every book. He read books like: Riddles, Dragons words of wisdom, Love, Magic in Love and so on. He had died a hundred times of boredom, but still carried on. Day turned to night and Merlin finally found the answer. He read what he had to do and slammed the book shut.

"You were right." Merlin jumped and the book hit the floor, sliding to the person who spoke.


"Where's your proof?" Merlin asked, grabbing the book off him as he picked it up. Arthur's eyes locked with his servant's and both glared, looking into one another. Arthur was trying to work the boy out, but just couldn't as he seemed to go on forever.

"Let's just say I threw up at the sight." Merlin nodded. Arthur had expected him to laugh, but he didn't. Guess he had seen them kissing too. Merlin turned away and sat down again. "What we going to do?" asked Arthur. Merlin's head snapped up.

"You want to help?"

"Hell yes!" Merlin smiled. He had won him over.

"Well, it's a powerful spell and I've found here a way to break it. All we need to do is make this powder and do this dance around them." Merlin said pointing at pictures in the book. Arthur didn't like the look of the dance.

"You sure about this?" He asked.

"Since when have I been wrong?" Arthur opened his mouth, "don't answer that," Merlin snapped quickly. Arthur's mouth shut.

They watched through the cracked open door. Both Arthur and Merlin wanted to be sick at how their parents were acting with one another. All lovey-dovey, it was revolting! Both men shook there and then to never speak of this ever again. Arthur tapped Merlin's shoulder and he nodded. Merlin opened a bottle and tipped a powder onto his hand. He blew and the dust flew into the room. Both parents inhaled it and with fierce coughing, fell asleep.

They both walked into the room and Merlin gave each parent a good poke to make sure they wouldn't wake up. Arthur hissed at him to stop doing that. Arthur looked at his father.

"You sure?"

"Yes! All we have to do is the dance I showed you, jump around them and wave your hands about." Merlin whispered back.

"Do we have to do it with our underpants on our heads though?" Arthur said, putting his underwear over his head. Merlin did the same.



"I said yes," Arthur glared at Merlin. "Just do what I do," Arthur still wasn't sure.

Merlin raised his right hand and Arthur copied. Merlin lowered his other hand. He then started moving them up and down, lifting his knees at the same time. Arthur saw Merlin counting the rhythm in his head. Merlin then reached down to his right side then reached right up. He did the same but with the left side then the right again. He moved around Uther and his mother. Arthur copied everything Merlin did, as if he was a mirror image. This embarrassing dance lasted ten to twenty minutes with a range of other moves. Arthur was cursing in his head a million times, dreading how stupid he looked. Merlin however, was completely into the dance, not caring if he looked stupid or not. However, Merlin always looked stupid because he was stupid. Merlin stopped suddenly and so did Arthur.

"We're finished," he announced. Arthur sighed in relief. Those were the most embarrassing moments of his life.

"Did it work?" Arthur asked not wanting to do that again.

"Not sure," was the warlocks reply. Arthur felt like slapping himself the Merlin. The idiot didn't know how brilliant that was!

Just then, Hunith started to stir in her sleep.

"Time to run?" Merlin questioned Arthur.

"Good idea." They both legged it from the room. However, both men found themselves running back into the room. With the count of three, they lifted Merlin's mother and carried her out of the room.

They couldn't have her waking up next to the King now, could they?

Hunith's eyes opened. She felt Merlin's bed beneath her. She sat up and smiled. Merlin was sitting on a stool. Merlin reached down next to the bed and reappeared with a sandwich. Hunith laughed.

"Thank you Merlin," she said taking half of the sandwich off the plate and taking s small bit.

"Anything planed for the day? Seeing anyone?" Merlin questioned. He knew when his mother lied about people.

"No, why?" Merlin smiled as the spell had worked. She didn't fake love Uther anymore and he had won over Morgana once again.

"No reason. Just glad you're still single," and forgotten about kissing Uther. He added in his head. Sadly, he would never forget that disgusting moment.

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