Under the Table

Pairing: KxZ

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire knight and It's Characters..

a/n: un-beta, I only write it because I love those two. :)

Zero already knows that his lover is an idiot when it comes to his libido.

He was prepared what has to come if his lover chooses to ravish him on top of the table so he raises his defense just in case.

He didn't expect Kaname to just dive under the table while Cross is on the kitchen fetching some desserts while Yuuki went to the bathroom.

"Kaname, You idiot, Get out there" He hisses

He squirms in his sit and stops himself when he felt cold yet smooth hands of his lover on his hips.

"Kaname" He warn but he choke a moan when Kaname begin to caress his cock.

He hears his own zipper being zip down and his erect cock was exposed.

This was not his day because Cross came back with chocolate sundae and cake while Yuuki came back from the bathroom.

"Where's nii-sama?" asked Yuuki

Zero sweat double while he is shivering to the ministration of his stupid lover gave him.

He is force to answer "Out….. He… be back for ….. awhile" while trying to bit his lips when he felt the warm mouth of the vampire prince.

"Are you alright Zero-kun?" Cross asked

Zero could only nod.

Cross smiled "Let's have some dessert shall we?"

Zero nod again.

Kaname suck and tease his cock while enjoying Zero to squirm and tremble in his grip.

He really loves his silver beauty to be this submissive and yet daring.

He pushes down the pants of his lover until it was on his knees and teases the entrance of his lover while sucking his cock.

Zero buck up and grit his teeth.

He is blushing mad.

Yuuki and Cross are staring him.

Yuuki is about to ask when the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it" Yuuki suggested.

Cross frowned at Zero and is about to ask when luckily he smell the cupcakes from the oven.

"I gotta check the cupcakes"

Zero slumped at his sit while he was gripping the hair of his lover.

"Kana…me" he choke a moan.

Then he felt a finger inside his entrance and the sucking become faster.

He hears the husky voice of Kaname "Come for me Angel"

And it triggered Zero, He bucked up and release while Kaname drink him greedily.

Kaname tucked him in and came out.

"Thanks for the dessert" Kaname smirked.

While Zero glared at him, his cheeks still painted pink and his still trembling from his release.

"You bastard"

Kaname's smirked widen and was about to answer when Cross came back.

"Oh, Kaname –kun where have you been?"

His smirked still in place and answered "Under the Table"

They hear the load clunk beside him.

Zero just bang his head on top of the table.