One of the men tried to punch me unconscious, but I dodged and caught his wrist. Then I twisted it around and pulled, dislocating the shoulder and possibly the elbow.

As for the other one, I saw him just standing there watching. I pulled all the pressure points I could remember out of the back of my brain.

Above the hip bone, the base of the neck, in between the shoulder blades, to the left and down of the thumb and a little below the shoulder joint.

I started with the hip bone, digging my two finger tips into the man's side. Then as he made a grab for me, I twirled, duck and spun around to his back, where I jumped (My height had nothing on him) and tapped the back of his collar bone and thrust my elbow into his back on the way down. And let me tell you, it was quite a way down.

Then after standing still for a few seconds, he slowly crumpled to the ground. (And all this was done in an interrogation room like the ones in NCIS) Then I noticed an air vent above the mirror. And some green gas drifting towards me floating out of it.

I tried the door, but it was locked. No windows either. So I decided to just sit and wait for the gas to reach me, and when it did, I wouldn't be able to fall. And it did come, very slowly, inch by inch, until I had blacked out.

I woke up in someone else's room. It was mostly blue and black. A huge triple bed was against the wall opposite the door. Like, what the hell? Who needs a bed that big? Oh, wait, some stuck-up snob who thinks they can get whatever they want just by asking for it.

I looked over at the clock- 4:30. Then I heard a slight creek of the door opening. I quickly sat up to see who it was. And who should it be, none other than the devil himself, Ikuto.

"What do you want?"

"Get up. Or you'll be late."

"Get up for what? Where am I going?"

"The team is leaving for the arena. It is heat one of the grand finals today."

"The grand finals? For what?"

I heard a long sigh, and he dropped something heavy on the end of my bed. It looked like a suitcase, but what for? Oh yeah, he said 'get ready' at 4:30 in the morning. We must be going somewhere for a while, judging by the size of the case.

"Where are we going and for how long?"

"Somewhere. It doesn't matter. We will be gone for a few months."

"Months? What about my parents? Won't they be worried? Don't they know where I am?"

"Never mind about your parents. I've taken care of them. Pack. We'll be leaving in half an hour."