After seeing the rising popularity in the zombie genre like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and Highschool of the Dead, I couldn't let this idea go to waste! I hope you guys enjoy!

Zombie Paradise

Summary: A horrifying disease has broken out in an island resort and now six survivors must fight for their lives and find out the cause of the disease. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cocoon Island, a paradise…to die for.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Cocoon Island

Cocoon Island, US Virgin Islands
14 January 2010

Claire "Lightning" Farron is sitting near the window, lazily looking out at the sea. She appeared not to have a care in the world. That appearance was deceptive though.


Lightning turned her head and sees Serah standing behind smiling.

"What is it Serah?" Lightning asked grumpily.

"We're almost here! I can see our destination! You should come out of the room and see it! The island looks beautiful in a distance!" Serah said happily.

Lightning sighed heavily and reluctantly grabs Serah's hand. Serah escorts her elder sister out of the room and they both walk down the ship's hallway.

Both Lightning and Serah are sisters and they spend most of their time together. Their parents died when they were little so Lightning was forced to grow up quickly and take care of Serah. Lightning is about three years older than Serah and Serah sees her more as a parent than an elder sister. Back in America, Lightning was a soldier in the US military with a famed military career while Serah is a news reporter for Green Bay-Press Gazette, a newspaper company in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In 2006, Lightning was sent to Iraq by the US military and Serah felt depressed and alone during her absence. However, in October 2009, after a mission in Baghdad went wrong, Lightning was dismissed by the US military and was sent home immediately. Serah was delighted after Lightning returned home after three years. Lightning was happy too. However, she was still haunted by the incident that cost many of her comrades' lives, and because she is still suffering from emotional stress for three months, Serah has decided to cheer Lightning up by bringing her on a vacation to one of the most famous island resorts in the Caribbean, Cocoon Island.

They both walk out and walk over to the bow of the ship. Lightning and Serah's eyes widened when they both see their destination miles away.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Serah asked, her smile widening.

"Yeah…I guess it is." Lightning said with a nod.

Cocoon Island, a small island that is part of the US Virgin Islands. The land area of the island is only about a few acres but nevertheless, it is one of the most popular island resorts in the Caribbean. And that is where they are going to stay for the week.

A small passenger bus drove over to the huge luxurious hotel that Lightning and Serah are going to stay for the next seven days. As the bus arrives at the entrance, the doors open and Lightning, Serah and some passengers hurriedly grab their luggage from the overhead compartment above them. They then step out of the bus and they both walk into the hotel.

Serah couldn't help but smile as they enter the interior of the hotel. The place is really beautiful. At the middle of the foyer was a beautiful fountain, there was a huge stairway leading up to the next floor, the design of the interior looks grand and many of the guests in the foyer were dressed in suits, dresses or vacation clothing. Also, outside the hotel was a huge swimming pool with palm trees.

"So Serah, what's our room number?" Lightning asked, dragging her luggage and walking over to Serah.

"Oh, it's room 304. Let's go get our room keys from the receptionist. After we leave our luggage in our room, we can go exploring around this place!" Serah smiled.

"Great." Lightning said, turning her head away.

Serah frowned, understanding what's bothering her. "Come on Claire, you're still not thinking that the whole incident was your fault right? It's all in the past now, and now we're here, it's time to have some fun alright?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

They both walk over to the receptionist who appears to be a dark-skinned woman with black hair. Serah says to her, "Hi, can I have two keys to room 304 please?"

"Sure, no problem." The woman types on her computer for a while, then hands Serah her room keys. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Serah smiles and nods her head.

"Thanks." Lightning said as well.

"Have a pleasant stay, Serah and Claire Farron." The woman smiled and bowed at them.

"Well son, we're here."

Hope stares at the door of his room bored as his father, Bartholomew, inserts his card key into the door lock. His father opens the door and they both enter their room. Hope and Bartholomew look around the room. The room has two beds with blankets nicely folded. There's a flat-screen TV in front of the beds and a wooden cupboard next to the bed. There are three sliding glass windows and outside is a balcony with a wooden table and two wooden chairs.

"What do you think son? I'm sure you're going to enjoy our stay here." Bartholomew asked as he places his hands on his hips.

"Sure, whatever." Hope walks over to the bed and sits on it.

"Don't talk in that uninterested tone of yours." Bartholomew frowned at him.

"I'm fine okay?" Hope yelled as he turns to his father.

Bartholomew sighed and sits next to Hope. He places a hand on his shoulder as he said, "Is that incident you had in school still troubling you?"

"Dad, we already talked about it. It was them who started it! They were hurting my classmate. I had to do something." Hope said.

"Yes son, I know you're trying to help. But you're still only getting yourself into more trouble. Your grades and conduct in school is worsening and I don't want you to continue doing these kind of things at school."

Hope sighed. "I'm sorry Dad."

"Son, I know a lot of things have been troubling you. I know you're still trying to get over Mom's death, focusing on your studies. But remember, you still have me and whenever you have any problems, you can always talk to me. And now, we're on vacation and I want you to enjoy yourself and forget about the past. And after this vacation, promise me you will work harder at school, alright?"

Hope turns to his dad and gave a tiny smile. "Sure, dad."

"Now then, let's start unpacking our stuff, shall we?"

Everybody at a roulette table laughed as Snow collected the chips he won.

"Damn Snow, you're good at this game!" One of the gamblers said.

"Thanks." Snow smiled as he takes his cup of drink and takes a sip. "This must be the best night of my life."

"You want another round, Mr. Villiers?" The roulette operator asked.

"Nope, I believe that's enough for me. Like my dad always tells me, once you win a lot of money, you better stop while you still can." Snow said as he puts his chips into his pockets and turns to the man next to him. "You can go ahead and take my place now."

"Thank you, sir." The man smiled before sitting on the chair. Snow walks away from the table and walks down the stairs, leading to the dining area where is filled with men and women dressed in suits, having their dinner and at the front of the dining area was a small stage with a woman in a beautiful red dress singing and a band of musicians playing their instruments.

Snow looks around the area and smiles. He enjoys being in a place like this. Before he came to this island, he was the former mayor of Los Angeles. He had no intention in being mayor but was forced to be appointed in 2009 after the previous mayor died from a car accident. During his time as mayor, he has trouble dealing with many problems and because of his incompetence as a mayor, he has been ridiculed by the press and residents of the city. In 2010, Snow unsurprisingly decided not to run for another term and left the office immediately after he is done serving the remainder of the former mayor's term. Now that he is free of his 'torture', he decided to celebrate his retirement by going on a vacation on Coccon Island.

Snow's thoughts suddenly snap when Serah bumps into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Serah said.

"Hey, it's okay." Snow said to Serah. "At least you didn't mess up my suit."

Serah laughed a bit, then widens her eyes when she recognizes Snow. "Hey, I think I know you. You must be Snow Villiers, former mayor of LA right?"

"Yeah, you're right." Snow shrugs. "Please, I'm already retired. No more insults."

"Oh no, it's okay. We are in vacation. We're supposed to have fun and forget our troubles right?" Serah said as she pulls a strand of hair away from her face.

"Yes, of course." Snow laughed as he stuffs his hands into his pockets.

"I'll see you around?" Serah asked with a smile.

"Sure. Definitely." Snow smiled back before they both wave goodbye.

As Serah walks away, a waitress walks up to her. "Do you want a drink?" She asked Serah.

"Sure." Serah smiled as she takes a cup from the waitress's tray. The waitress then walks away until a voice called up to her.


The waitress, now known as Vanille, turns her head and sees a waiter walking up to her.

"Yes Cid, what is it?" Vanille asked Cid.

"Vanille, Jihl wants you in the kitchen immediately." Cid said.

"No problem." Vanille walks past Cid, but turns back to him. "And Cid, thank you for giving me this job."

Cid smiled at Vanille and said, "No problem. I understand the problems you and your family are facing. You're doing an amazing job so far, Vanille. I'm sure you'll make your family proud."

Vanille smiled before turning away.

Serah sat down on a chair and takes a sip of a drink.

"Come on Claire, why aren't you with me? You would have loved this place." She thought.

Lightning walks into the balcony of her room. She places her hands on the railing and stares at the night sky.

"I'm trying to forget the past…but I just can't." She thought.

She digs into her pocket and took out a photo of her and her squadmates. She was standing in the middle smiling happily with two of her squadmates each wrapping an arm around her. The photo was taken just a few days before the tragic incident that cost most of her squadmates' lives and the fall of her famed reputation.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. "I'm so sorry, you guys." She closed her eyes.

"Hey you!"

Lightning's eyes snap open as she heard a voice coming from the swimming pool below. At the pool, a woman dressed in a bikini was running over to a hotel staff member with two security guards following him behind. Behind the woman was a man. For some reason, the man is drooping his arms and walking very slowly. He also what seems to have blood around his mouth.

"Sir, you got to help me! That man is insane! He just bit me!" The woman said to the staff member as she shows him her bleeding arm.

"Don't worry ma'am, we'll deal with him. Nash, Terry, deal with him." The staff member said.

"Yes sir!"

The two guards walk over to the man. Nash, the muscular of the two guards grabs the man by the collar.

"You sir, are in big trouble you know that?" Nash said to him.

"Whoa, Nash, take it easy! We may be security, but we don't use violence." Terry said.

Suddenly, the man grabs Nash's arm and bites it, causing blood to spray everywhere. Nash yells in extreme amount of pain as he lets go of the man and falls to the ground.

"Nash!" Terry yelled as he kneels down to him.

The staff member widens his eyes in horror. He quickly takes out his radio and said, "Men! We have a lunatic on-"

Suddenly, before he could finish, the woman in bikini wraps her arm around the staff member's neck and bites him on the shoulder. The staff member yells in agony.

Nash suddenly lifts his head up and bites Terry on his neck, causing him to scream.

Lightning gasped as she widens her eyes in horror and covers her mouth. She took a few steps away from the balcony, before turning around and runs out of the room. She bursts open the door and runs down the hallway.

She has to find Serah and tell her what's going on.