I really should not be writing another fanfic because I need to finish my other one, but lately I've fallen in love with Fairy Tail and I really want Natsu and Lucy to be together but they're both so stupid. Therefore, I shall write a story were they both actually come to their senses. So please enjoy. Oh yeah, I do not own these characters. Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima.

Accidentally in Love

Natsu and Lucy were best friends, and quite frankly that was their problem; they were just friends. Natsu was way too dense to see how much Lucy loved him. Ever since he saved her when she jumped from the tower that Jose from Phantom put her in, she couldn't help but acknowledge the fact that she liked Natsu more than just a friend. Her one-sided love was becoming a serious problem lately because no matter how much she threw herself at Natsu, he would never get the message. Lucy decided it was time to give up. She sighed and simply stared at the glass Mira put in front of her.

"Mira, I think it's about time I give up."

Mira looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry it's this way Lucy-chan, but it looks like Natsu won't budge."

"Yeah, it seems nothing will get through that stupid thick skull of his. Plus to add to it, Loki hasn't left me alone. He's always there to comfort me after my efforts are thrown down the toilet, and I think I'm going to finally give him a chance. Maybe it's time I forget about loving Natsu."

"Okay Lucy-chan." Mira said in a sad tone.

Lucy nodded her head, letting out another sigh. Before Mira could get a word in to comfort her, Natsu's arm was hanging around Lucy's shoulder playfully, "Hey Lucy, wanna go on a mission?"

Lucy blushed and stood up quickly, "I-I have something to do today!" she laughed nervously, "Which I need to leave to now, bye Natsu!" She quickly rushed out of the laughing guild.

"What did you do to Lucy, Natsu?" Gray asked.

"I didn't do anything to her you pervert!" Natsu yelled at Gray.

"I'm not a pervert flame brain!"

"Grey….your clothes…" Juvia said, not trying to hide her scarlet face.

"Ahhhh!" Grey exclaimed, as if he too were surprised he just stripped. Natsu laughed at him.

"You want to start a fight?" Grey asked, getting into Natsu's face.

Natsu smiled wickedly in response, "Let's go right here, right now ice boy!"

"You boys wouldn't be fighting, would you?" Erza Scarlet said as she approached the bickering boys. Quickly the boys shook their heads and clung to each other like they were the best of friends, squeaking out, "Of course not Erza."

Erza smiled, "Good," then she looked around the room with a confused face, "Where's Lucy?"

"She said that she had something to do today." Natsu said putting his arms behind his head.

"I wonder where she had to do." Erza said, clearly puzzled by the disappearance of the blonde.

"Lu-chan said that she had a date with Loki." Levy told Erza.

The guiled chimed with a huge exclamation of, "WHAT?"

"She has a date with Loki? Are you serious?" Natsu jolted.

The blue haired girl nodded in response, "She said something about not taking it anymore, and that she's giving Loki a chance."

Everyone sighed and wore a sad expression, except for Natsu who sat and thought about what Levy just said.

"Poor Lucy…" Kana said, disappointed.

"Yeah…she never really had the chance did she?" Macao responded.

"What are you guys talking about?" Natsu asked, beginning to get impatient.

Grey simply shook his head, "You're too dense to understand flame head."

Lucy had regretted this decision, but she figured it was finally time to just stop trying to be more with Natsu. She tried too many times to get his attention, but only ended up being hurt in the end. Loki was better than Natsu anyways. He cared about her feelings and is always concerned about her safety. Loki was smart, even a little handsome, and never failed to come to Lucy's aid. Then again, Natsu did the same. Natsu may be dense and act like a child sometimes, but he's loyal to his family, and loves all of them.

It's no use, Lucy thought; no matter what I still love Natsu. She sighed at the thought as she walked into her apartment.

"Oi, Luce, what's with all of this crap about you having a date with Loki?" A pink-haired boy asked, obviously feeling at home on Lucy's bed.

"Why are you in my house?" Lucy exclaimed, dropping her keys on her floor.

Natsu ignored her shriek, "Answer my question Luce."

Lucy frowned and picked up her keys, "Why does it matter to you?"

The pink-haired boy stared at her before looking down at the floor, "I don't know."

Lucy sighed at his response, for she hoped he was going to say something else.

I shouldn't be acting this way. If Natsu won't realize I love him, I might as well have fun being friends.

She smiled and threw her keys at him, "Get out of my house! Geez, can't a girl have her own house for herself?"

"Lucy…." He said, wearing a hurt look on his face.

Lucy hesitated before saying, "I need to take a bath, so sit her and behave. Don't burn any of my stuff, or you're dead."

Natsu nodded as she walked into her bathroom and locked the door.

Man was he bored now. He paced around the room a few times, waiting for Lucy to return from her bath. He looked through a couple of her things she had on her desk, and found nothing to provide entertainment. Natsu looked out the window at the night sky. Then suddenly a small blue cat ran into his face.

"Natsu! I was looking everywhere for you!" Happy said, tears welding up in his eyes.

"What is it Happy?"

"It's Lisanna! She wants to see you!"

Natsu grinned, "Why didn't you say that in the first place? Let's go see her Happy!"

"Aye sir!" Happy said, taking Natsu away from Lucy's apartment.

Lucy quietly stepped out from her bathroom and whispered to herself, "Lisanna huh?"

Happy had quickly flown Natsu to the big tree where they used to meet in their childhood. As expected, Lisanna was waiting for him, and smiled upon his arrival.

"Lisanna!" Natsu said as he slowly descended from the sky, "What is it you want to say?"

Lisanna smiled at him as he landed next to her, "Well Natsu…" she blushed.


"Remember how you said I could be your wife?"

Natsu blushed a bit before grinning and answering, "Yeah of course! Why?"

She blushed and looked at the ground, "Can I still be your wife?"

Natsu's grin got wider, "I don't see why not!"

Lisanna happily smiled, "That's great! Cause I like you!"

Natsu blinked, and looked at the white-haired girl, "You do?"

"Yes, I always have! And ever since I have come back from Edolas, I've been waiting to take this chance."

The pink-haired boy answered with a, "Huh?"

Lisanna tried one more time and said, "Please be my boyfriend!"

Natsu looked down at the ground in embarrassment; never before had Natsu Dragoneel been asked out, "Um…sure."

Lisanna jumped in excitement and hugged Natsu happily, "I can't wait to tell Mira-nee."

A few minutes later the new couple walked into the guild holding hands. The usually loud guild quieted down upon their arrival, staring at them as they walked by, and keeping their conversations to themselves.

"Mira-nee! Guess what?" Lisanna said, letting go of Natsu and running to hug her older sister.

"What Lisanna?" Mira asked with a sweet smile.

The younger sister smiled, "Natsu said yes!"

The guild was still silent, all of them sharing the same thought, "That's great Lisanna." Mira said, forcing a smile and hugging her little sister.

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