"Itachi-san should get out of the mud," Tobi said with a smile on his face. It was as if the boy was oblivious to the blood and sweat staining the other's body.

"..." Itachi glared at Tobi, too weak to even activate his Sharingan as a warning to Tobi.

"Nee, Itachi-san!" Tobi cried out in excitement as a thought struck him. "Nee, where is Kisame-san? Nee, nee! Zetsu-kun said he was going to find him but he hasn't come back yet!"

Itachi looked away from the kid who was quivering in uncontrollable excitement. If that was the case then Kisame was dead and that plant fucker was eating him. Itachi brought his hands together, fumbling with his fingers almost sub-consciously; something he only did when in distress, but the look on Itachi's face was as emotionless as usual.

"Itachi-san?" Tobi asked, voice slightly calmer, but only because he could sense Itachi was distressed. "Is Itachi-san okay? Nee, Itachi-san?"

"..." Itachi ignored him, trying to hold back his tears. Some little brat who wasn't even in the Akatsuki wasn't going to be the first person in almost ten years to see his sad emotions come back to life. Fuck, the little shit probably didn't even understand how Itachi felt! He had never had a lover before, he was still a virgin, and he certainly didn't have someone close to him die! The only person Tobi really cared about was Zetsu, and even then it wasn't exactly mutual; Zetsu hated the kid.

Zetsu was perfectly happy alone before Pein dumped Tobi upon him, saying Zetsu was to train him, and Tobi had never left Zetsu alone after that. The kid was always chasing after Zetsu like a puppy, holding onto the cloak tightly - it was as if it were like if he let the cloak go Zetsu would disappear forever. Hell, Zetsu couldn't even leave the base for an hour without Tobi wailing for him to come back so he wouldn't be alone again.

"Itachi-san is crying!" Tobi gasped, bringing Itachi out of his thoughts. Had hating on Tobi so much mentally been what had broken his walls? "Tobi will find Zetsu-kun! He can make anything better!"

"..." Itachi scoffed silently. Zetsu could, it was true, but the only person Zetsu ever comforted was Tobi, and that was only so he wasn't in trouble with Pein; Pein had made it clear what would happen if Tobi was mistreated in any way.

"...Tobi..." Itachi whispered, voice heavy with emotions. "...Don't..."

"Tobi got Itachi-san to talk!" Tobi cheered, immediately forgetting that Itachi was upset, and sitting himself down in front of the older man, smiling, staring intently like he was something fascinating at a zoo.

Itachi spat his blood at Tobi, hating the kid's happy-go-lucky attitude. It disgusted him. He knew Zetsu was trying to physically beat it out of Tobi, but it never seemed to have much effect, and when it rarely did, it only lasted a day or two - the kid was simply too happy to stay sad for long.

"I hate you," Itachi hissed. "Why did Pein ever bring you to the Akatsuki? I hate you. I hate you."

Tobi's shoulders slumped before smiling again. "Tobi knows Itachi-san doesn't mean that. Tobi knows Itachi-san is very upset about something. But Tobi also knows how to cheer him up!"

"..." Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Does Itachi-san want Tobi to cheer him up?" Tobi smiled, asking softly.

No, I want you to get the fuck away from me so I can die slowly and painfully and be with Kisame again, you stupid little shit! Itachi screamed inwardly.

"Itachi-san?" Tobi asked, waiting patiently for a reply.

"Hn..." Itachi grunted, not really caring much about what happened to him.

"Tobi sees Hidan-san and Kakuzu-san doing it... and Sasori-san and Deidara-senpai, too... Even Konan-sama and Pein-sama! Tobi doesn't know about Itachi-san and Kisame-san, though... Tobi thinks so, but, because he heard Zetsu-kun saying that Itachi-san and Kisame-san are like a pair of rabbits... Hmm... Come to think of it... Tobi thinks only Zetsu-kun doesn't do it... but now he doesn't know because he hears Zetsu-kun in his room sounding like everyone else when they do it... Tobi thinks he does it with himself... But how does Zetsu-kun do it with himself...?"

Tobi continued rambling on to himself, completely forgetting about Itachi, lost in his own thoughts. The brat was only brought back to reality by Itachi coughing blood up. Tobi gasped, forgetting his one-sided conversation with himself and jumping to his feet.

"Itachi-san must stay here! Tobi will go tell Zetsu-kun and Zetsu-kun will help Itachi-san! Don't go anywhere, Itachi-san!"

Like I could, you fucking stupid fuck! Itachi screamed in his mind, watching the stupid shit run off somewhere.

That was the last thing he thought before Itachi passed out.


Where am I? Itachi thought to himself as he opened his eyes to a room with blinding, bright lights.

"Itachi-san is awake!" Tobi jumped into Itachi's line of sight, a huge grin on the brat's face. "Tobi was worried! Zetsu-kun helped Itachi-san back to the base when Itachi-san went sleepy-sleepy!"

"..." Itachi rolled over onto his side, ignoring Tobi and thinking about Kisame. He didn't bother hiding the fact that he had tears running steadily down his cheeks, but by this point, he didn't care anymore; let someone see him cry! He didn't care anymore! He was already contemplating suicide!

"Itachi-san..." Tobi whispered sadly, resting a hand on the weasel's shoulder. "Please don't cry..."

Itachi pulled away with a hiss. Only Kisame could touch him! "Don't. Touch. Me."

Tobi winced, nodding reluctantly. "Tobi only wants to help, Itachi-san..."


Tobi's mood instantly brightened once more as a thought struck him. Without warning, he jumped onto the bed, straddling Itachi's legs and putting his hands on the older male's lap. Itachi twitched and flinched at the contact, trying to shake Tobi off before he did anything else.

"Trust Tobi!" Tobi exclaimed happily, pressing down hard, feeling Itachi's limp member now in his grasp. "Tobi knows this feels good so it will cheer Itachi-san up!"

"Get off!" Itachi shouted, struggling, but Tobi was stronger than he looked. "Don't fucking touch me, you dumb brat!"

"Itachi-san will like it, Tobi promises! Tobi does this to himself all the time when Zetsu-kun isn't around!"

"..." Itachi growled loudly. So Tobi wasn't as innocent as everyone thought? Whether the kid knew masturbating was a sexual thing or he just liked the feeling was beyond him and Itachi didn't really want to find out.

"Tobi will make Itachi-san feel good; Tobi promises!"

With that, Tobi slipped his hands in Itachi's pants, gently stroking the member. He could feel how tense Itachi was underneath him, and being totally naive in everything sexual, thought it was because Itachi had never done this before; Tobi remembered how he was nervous the first time he had an erection.

"Tobi will go very gentle for Itachi-san," Tobi smiled, unusually calm. "Tobi thinks this is Itachi-san's first time."

"N-no, Tobi - Oh..." Itachi was cut off with a loud moan as Tobi's hands brought him great pleasure. They didn't stroke too fast nor too slow. It was just perfect.

How could Tobi be so good at this? Itachi thought to himself, losing himself in the pleasure. God, he must do this all the time!

Tobi gently stroked the growing length, up, down... he started squeezing it when it was almost rock-hard, increasing the speed he was jerking Itachi off with.

"..." Itachi came silently in Tobi's hands after a few minutes, surprised that the kid actually knew what he was doing. He was almost as good as jerking Itachi off as Kisame was.

"Can Tobi do something else to Itachi-san?" Tobi whispered, smiling.

Itachi, by this point, was falling into an even deeper depression, remembering all the times he and Kisame had done this kind of stuff. He couldn't care anymore; all he wanted was to die and join Kisame.

"Hn." Itachi grunted, not caring if Tobi hurt him or raped him or even killed him after; it would all be welcome just to feel something other than sadness.

Tobi grinned happily. "Tobi will be a good boy for Itachi-san!"

With that, Tobi removed his pants and pulled Itachi's off next, trying to mimic what he had seen all the other Akatsuki members doing to their partners. He grabbed his cock, trying to shove the limp thing into Itachi. Itachi rolled his eyes, leaning over and jerking Tobi off gently until he was hard enough.

"Oh..." Tobi moaned, thrusting into Itachi's hand after only a few moments of stroking.

"Put it in," Itachi instructed softly, finally meeting Tobi's gaze. "I'll tell you when you hit the right spot."

Tobi nodded, pushing in without preparation, but luckily for him Itachi had been well-loosened by Kisame and Tobi was smaller than the shark-man. Itachi moaned softly as Tobi started panting after only seconds of movement; as he thought, Tobi was a virgin.

"Start thrusting," Itachi encouraged, holding the younger male's hips and pulling him back and forth so the boy would move, helping Tobi thrust.

"Itachi...!" Tobi moaned loudly, thrusting in and out at a quick pace.

Itachi felt Tobi hitting the wrong spots before the younger male finally struck gold. Itachi cried out loudly, demanding for more, and Tobi happily obeyed.

In and out, in and out, Tobi went, repeating the rhythm, reaching down to lick Itachi's solid member. How he was so flexible Itachi didn't know. Tobi had always wondered what a penis tasted like, but every time he asked Zetsu he was chased out of the room. He was just glad that he was getting his chance to try.

"Tobi... good boy..." Tobi moaned out, coming with a loud, pleasured scream inside of Itachi, accidentally squeezing on Itachi's member tightly as he did.

Itachi moaned as Tobi released himself into him, but what really set him off was the harsh squeezing his member received.

"Itachi-san..." Tobi moaned, panting, but smiling brightly at Itachi, crawling up the male's body and snuggling in close. "Tobi made Itachi-san... very happy..." Tobi yawned, closing his eyes and snoring softly.

Itachi smirked; that kid didn't make him happy; it was imagining Kisame was still alive and that it was he who was making love to his fragile body, not some stupid brat who probably didn't even know what was going on. Well, Itachi had decided something then and there; Itachi would kill himself after he lost the one thing that reminded him of Kisame; Tobi.