By: AvalonNakamura

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Chaos theory, The idea that the single flap of a butterflies wings can create a hurricane across the world. One thing can change in the past and when it does. Just how much of the future would change? Would people be different? Would life change as we know it? This little delve into the world of chaos theory will look into one of those possible scenarios.

A young blonde boy was running through the streets of Konohagakure, His voice rang out in a loud laugh as three Shinobi chased him. Leaping from roof to roof The group were shouting for the boy to stop. And to quit running. The young boy simply spun in midair only to pull down on of his eyelids and stick his tongue out.

"HAH! You slowpokes couldn't catch a cold. Dattebayo!"

Soon enough they were back on the streets ducking and weaving through the crowd. Until reaching a fence. As the boy seemed to jump past the pursuers continued after him. Only to have a cloth drop from the fence and reveal a smiling close eyed blond boy.

"That was so easy. They are suppose to be Jounin!"

A light chuckle could be heard behind the blonde as he spun quickly only to lock his eyes on two of the worst people who could be chasing after him. Two people he respected greatly. Uchiha Obito and Uchiha Itachi. The young female heiress of the Uchiha clan stood by her Uncle as they observed the young blonde. They had been tasked by Iruka to capture and return the boy to class. Given Iruka knew the two of them could easily capture Naruto He had no choice.

"GAH! Itachi-nee-chan! Obito-san! Ano...what...are you two doing here?"

Deciding to play stupid a bit. Naruto would play this out. After all these two helped train and teach him. He had learned stealth and escape techniques from Itachi when she trained her little sister Sasuke. Naruto had grown close to the two girls during their training times. And Obito had taught him some taijutsu and ninjutsu techniques. After all both were in the ANBU so who better to learn from he figured. But now...He was in deep shit with these two. If the tell tell twitch of their eyebrows didn't signal that at first. Obito was the first to speak. His scared face showing frustration.

"Naruto! Not only do you vandalize the Hokage mountain. You then lead a pursuit of ANBU throughout Konoha. Iruka-sensei called Itachi-chan and I in...Your in trouble. So don't even try to pull the stupid act..."

"Indeed...I thought we taught you better than this Naruto-kun...Though I am not sure how you managed to get up there and paint all the faces without anyone noticing you. You must have been using the jutsus I taught you. I am impressed but disappointed. I didn't teach you the ANBU escape and hiding jutsus for you to use them to pull a prank like this."

Her lilting voice held a note of frustration. He couldn't believe how irritated his little prank made these two. He lowered his head and looked at the ground before raising his hand up and scratching the back of his head.

"Ano...Gomen nasai...I tired of being called dead last again...I am not good at the tests or books. But I am the best when it comes to the escape and hiding. And even the taijutsu matches. I am 4th in the class for that. Only Kiba-kun. Sasuke-chan and Chouji-kun are better than me in taijutsu. Sasuke-chan still kicks my butt at Ninjutsu though...But I never was good at the jutsus that don't require a lot of chakra. You two taught me that..."

Sighing lightly the two elder shinobi moved over to the young boy and Obito placed his hand on his shoulder. They knew of the burden he bore. They were some of the ones to watch him after all. Obito remembered how hard he had it after the war. When he had lost his eye. During the battle where the cave in scared the left side of his face. Even now he still wore his headband over his right eye. He was tormented and laughed at. He understood the boys desire to be recognized and respected.

"Naruto...I understand why you did this. But You have to come back to class. We will talk with Iruka-sensei and the Hokage to see if we can get your punishment reduced to something minor. But you really can't be doing this. And besides...your not dead last. I should know. I am one of the ones who made sure that the teachers weren't going to be doing anything to your teachings. Now come on. Iruka is waiting. And I for one do not wish to be on his bad side."

Wincing at the thought of receiving Iruka-sensei's dreaded Big Head no Jutsu made Naruto sigh and fall into step with the two older shinobi. As the entered the classroom Sasuke's delicate eyebrow rose a bit. She didn't have a single clue they sent her sister to capture Naruto...Let alone her Uncle. Oh boy this was going to be good. She stifled a giggle as Itachi was leading Naruto into the classroom by his ear. And watched as Itachi began to speak.

"Well Iruka-sensei, here he Uzumaki Naruto...Though I must admit...Your teaching must be better than you realize."

At this the scared Chunin raised an eyebrow at that The young Kunoichi continued.

"One...Not only did Naruto-san manage to vandalize the Hokage Monument. He managed to do it without getting caught or detected by the ANBU patrol squads until after he was finished. Two he also preceded to then avoid capture from said ANBU squads until he lowered his guard believing he was safe. Only to be caught by Obito-san and I."

Gasping lightly at that the Scared man looked down to were Naruto was standing between the elder Uchiha and smiled lightly. He was honestly impressed with his student. The boy always showed promise in the stealth department. To also hear he could avoid capture was also a plus. He had heard the kids calling him dead last well with this report directly to him by Itachi would silence those words quickly. He smiled lightly before waving his hand lightly.

"Naruto take your seat beside Sasuke-chan...For now. Thank you Itachi-chan...Obito-san. I knew you two would be able to capture him. I thank you."

As Naruto grumbled and trudged up the steps to beside Sasuke who was smirking at him and giggling lightly As he sat down beside her his sapphire eyes looking at her coal black ones. She smirked again at him and shook her head as Obito and Itachi waved lightly to her and Naruto as they headed out the door. Soon through their attention was drawn back to their sensei as Iruka cleared his throat.

"Well class. Sense our missing student has been returned. We can proceed to get ready for the graduation. We will be doing Taujutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu tests. With the final test being a demonstration of the prerequisite of the Bushin No Jutsu."

Groaning lightly the class began to file out as their names were called one by one. Each one returning with smiles on their faces. Until the final test came around. Most people were surprised as Naruto came back in after the tests. They were designed to thin out the ranks of those who would not make it as shinobi. When the final test came around Sasuke watched as Naruto moved up to the front of the room. He seemed nervous sure he wasn't always good at it. But he was practicing with her and her sister. She had faith. However...her faith was he performed the jutsu and laying on the ground was a very sickly looking clone of Naruto. Only to have Him lower his head when Iruka gently muttered out.

"I'm fail..."

After the rest of the student performed their jutsus Naruto sat on the small swing observing the other students as Itachi had come and smiled at Sasuke along with Obito. As they turned to move towards Naruto they saw the one thing that had their blood go cold. Standing and talking to Naruto was the one person the assembled Uchiha couldn't stand. The secondary sensei of the academy...Mizuki. Who seemed to have said something to Naruto who had taken off with a smile on his face. As Mizuki looked over towards the Uchihas a sinister smirk on his face. He then took to the trees as Sasuke moved to give chase only to have Itachi stop her by placing a hand on her shoulder. Sasuke quickly looked towards her sister. Her eyes worried as Itachi shook her head.

"No...Let it go Sasuke...My eyes caught what Mizuki was saying...He is trying to trick Naruto...We have to be ready to help when Mizuki betrays him. Obito-san...Please let the Hokage know we are going to go on protection patrol...Sasuke...Please return to the compound. I will be home tonight...Probably with Naruto...He is gonna need someone to talk to after tonight I believe."

With those words the elder two Uchiha took off in different directions as Sasuke looked on a bit worried. She did care for the blonde as a friend. After all it was him who her sister brother to their home after the attack on the clan. The Uchiha clan was reduced to three...when Shisui betrayed the clan. It was Obito who managed to repel him. Though the death of shisui was a hard blow to both Itachi and Obito. Itachi who lost a lover. And Obito who lost his little brother. It was difficult in coping til Naruto started coming around. And now...This bastard...seemed to be planning something to hurt him.

Time jump : That evening

As Naruto sat in the forest rubbing his head in frustration. He had managed to steal the scroll like Mizuki-sensei said. He knew if he learned one skill from this scroll he would pass. Mizuki-sensei said so. He however groaned when he read the first jutsu on the scroll. Kage Bushin No Jutsu.

"Mou! Why does it have to start with the one I am bad at!"

Soon enough in front of the Hokage tower stood the Hokage staring at the assembly of Jounin and Chunin. He raised his hand to bring silence to the crowd. A hushed murmur came over the crowd as the elderly man began to speak.

"A crime has been commited. The Scroll of Seals has been stolen from my home. The one who has stolen Uzumaki Naruto...He is to be captured at once!"

As those words came from the Hokages mouth the mumurs increased as Mizuki cackled within his mind. A distraut Iruka looked at the Hokage in disbelieve. He couldn't believe it. Naruto couldn't have stolen this. He may be a prankster...but this wasn't him. Soon though the Hokage gave the dismissed order and the Crowd took off to find the young boy. Iruka however...He knew the boys habits. He knew where he would be. He took off towards the forest where he knew the boy liked to go.

As Iruka arrived his frustration was tripled seeing the boy panting and laying on his back. The young man landed and proceeded to move over to the blond. His voice coming out strained and irritated.


At Irukas voice Naruto sat up and smiled brightly. He quickly got to his feet and moved over beside Iruka his face bright and happy.

"Ne, ne Iruka-sensei! I did it! It took me all night but I did it! I learned a Jutsu from this scroll I can graduate now Right!"

Blinking as Naruto spoke. Irukas anger evaporated quickly. He took in the boys haggled appearance. He was covered with scratches and dust and a few bruises. But what did he mean? He could graduate? Where did he get that Idea?

"Ano...Naruto...I am proud you managed to learn a jutsu from the scroll...but where did you get the idea you could graduate if you learned a jutsu from it?"

Blinking in confusion Naruto turned his head slightly. He scratched his head again and answered truthfully.


At those words a flurry of Kunai and Shuriken came flying towards the two. Iruka reacted quickly and shoved Naruto out of the way as the weapons struck into his body sending him sliding back lightly and hitting into the wall of the small shack nearby. Groaning lightly as blood poured from his wounds and trickled out of his mouth. He looked over to see a terrified Naruto looking on as a laughter could soon be heard.

"How stupid of you...Iruka...You should have just let me kill the demon brat...Now look at you...all banged up protecting him..."

Gasping lightly Naruto looked up at Mizuki with fear. A sickening smile on the silver haired mans face told Naruto what he needed to know. That Mizuki was not what he thought he was. Though the next words made his blood run cold.

"Ne, Naruto...I want to tell you a secret...A secret even Iruka wouldn't tell you...A secret that we were told never to tell you. That everyone knows except you."

"A...secret...I am not suppose to know? What is it...?"


As Iruka shouted that Mizuki smirked darkly as he leaned down on the branch he was standing on.

"The secret...That Uzumaki...Naruto...Is the Nine tailed Fox...That he is the demon that killed Iruka-sensei's parents..."

As Mizuki began to laugh Iruka looked at Naruto and started to move towards him. He had to protect him. He had to stop Mizuki from doing this. He then saw Mizuki reaching behind his back and pulling off one of his giant shuriken. He couldn't believe it...Mizuki was going to kill Naruto!

"Well it is time to end this..I will be a hero! The Demon brat...who stole the Scroll...and killed Iruka...Was killed and stopped by me!"

As he finished those words he flung the giant weapon sending it flying towards Narto who turned to run only to stop when he felt a drop of something hit his cheek. He looked up to see Iruka over him. His eyes spilling over with tears. The Giant weapon protruding from his back.

"Naruto...Your...not...what Mizuki"

Before Iruka could finish Naruto took off from under him clutching the scroll tightly. As Iruka reached out shouting at the top of his lungs.


Laughing darkly Mizuki landed near Iruka as he continued to laugh.

"Get it through your head Iruka...He is going to take his revenge on this village. He is just like me!"

As he uttered those words He went wide eyed as Iruka reached back and yanked the blade from his back and then stood.

"Don' TO YOU!"

Iruka screamed as he spun and threw the weapon back at Mizuki. The silver haired man quickly dodged and growled as he looked to were Iruka was. Only to see a small patch of blood on the ground. He grunted and quickly took to the trees. Smirking darkly He quickly henged into Iruka and started his pursuit of Naruto. Smirking as he saw the boy running on all fours with the scroll on his back. He quickly caught up and began his attempt to trick the boy again.

"Naruto! Quickly! Hand me the scroll. Mizuki is right behind us. We have to...GUH!"

His words were cut short as the blonde slammed into his stomach and caused him to slam into the ground and grunting as the blonde landed and rested against a tree holding the scroll tightly. As Mizuki dropped the Henge. His eyes filled with rage.


At those words a poof sound could be heard as the Naruto leaning against the tree changed into Iruka a smirk on his face as he shoved the now visible log he was carrying to the side.

"Cause...I'm Iruka..."

"Why..are you going so far for the demon brat Iruka? He killed your parents. He burned the village. He couldn't care less! He is just like me!"

Smirking sadly towards the silver haired man. Iruka couldn't help but think of all the times he had to reprimand Naruto. And all the pranks he pulled. He soon began to speak.

"Your right...The Fox did do those things. The fox did kill my parents...The fox is a demon that should be killed..."

As he was speaking Naruto was sitting nearby feeling his insides tear apart at Irukas words. He didn't have faith in him...He was just like some of the others. But then A set of words caused him to freeze.

"But...He isn't the fox...He is my precious student...And he is my friend. He may be a bit stupid acting. But he is gonna be Hokage one day. He is UZUMAKI NARUTO SHINOBI OF KONOHA!"

As he heard those words tears began to flow freely from Narutos eyes. Iruka did care, He was important. He did matter to others but then his heart froze As he heard Mizuki speak.

"Well...I was gonna let you live til after I dealt with the Demon. But now...I changed my mind. Your DEAD IRUKA!"

As he took off the last of his giant shuriken and set it spinning. He rushed towards the downed Chunin only to be interrupted for a second time as he face impacted a knee sending him flying backwards and landing hard on his back sending the Shuriken flying. Iruka's eyes widened seeing the blonde now standing protectively in front of him.

"Damn it you demon brat!"

" so much as lay one finger...on Iruka-sensei...I'LL KILL YOU!"

At those words Mizuki growled deeply as he stood and then pointed towards the boy.

"Big words for a Dead last failure who can't even perform a decent Bushin!"

"If I'm all talk...try me! KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!"

As he crossed his fingers into a cross shape a sound of around one thousand poofs could be heard. As Standing in the clearing was about one thousand copies of Naruto. All seeming to rub their shoulders and smirking darkly.

"Any give to me or Iruka-sensei...I will repay you back a thousand fold!"

Now to say Mizuki was shitting himself would be an understatement. This was Jounin level! And this little punk...Was doing it with ease! Not only that. But he filled the clearing with clones. Soon though Mizuki felt something he hadn't in years. Fear. As the mass of clones rushed him and proceeded to pummel him to a pulp. As he laid against a tree bruised and Bloodied Naruto rushed the tree only to be stood by a hand grabbing his wrist he turned to see the Sharingan blazing in the eyes of Uchiha Itachi. He quickly lowered his hand as she looked from him to Mizuki.

"He is done Naruto...No need to punish him further...Go help Iruka-sensei...My ANBU squad would like to have a few words with Mizuki...About a few things he has done tonight..."

With those words a set of Four other Shinobi landed and collected the now passed out Man and took off as Itachi turned to watch the scene unfolding with Iruka and Naruto. As the young blonde approached the scared wounded Teacher. A gentle voice came from the older man.

"Oi! Naruto...Come closer...and close your eyes..."

As Naruto knelled down to eye level with the elder man he closed his eyes and felt the man messing with his goggles he was wearing. Soon though he heard the mans voice again.

" them Naruto..."

As Naruto opened his eyes he saw his sensei without a head band on and holding his goggles. A gentle smile on his face. He then patted the boys shoulder. As he spoke.

"Congratulations, passed!"

As tears began to flow Naruto Hugged the elder man earning a yelp from him. As a group of Medical Ninja arrived They proceeded to collect Iruka as Itachi moved over and placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto...come on...You can stay at the Uchiha Compound. We can visit Iruka-sensei after the ceremony. Besides...Your now a Genin of should get some rest.

As He nodded they took off as Iruka was escorted to the hospital. He knew Sasuke was gonna be questioning him for a while...He sighed...This was at least a somewhat good night...

To be continued...

A/n#2: well guys. Here it is. The new story I am working on. I will be updating it as I go. And will be determining how you guys like it. And if it is worth continuing. I assure you. More surprises will be ahead in the next Chapters. Well Til then!