AR One-Shot

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Elena awoke to pitch black and the sensation of silk on her skin. The softness seemed to be draped over her, and as she awoke she found that it was heavy, and like a blanket made of stone it pinned her to the bed. She opened her eyes and felt her stomach twist inside her.

Even in only the slim light shone by the moon outside the window beside the bed, she could see that Stephen lay motionless beside her, a unusual colour to his skin, as if he were a marble statue from ancient times – worn and broken. She wanted to touch him but the same gravity that held her body firmly to the bed made it impossible to do so. Instead, she forced her lips to seperate and tried to draw in enough air to speak.

Who would she be speaking to, if she were able to call out?

Who would come?

Her throat was sore, and her mouth felt as if it has been stretched; the corners having been ripped.

She knew where she was because she had been here before. Many times. In this room, but never on the bed. She could not appreciate the fine fabric she laid on for it all seemed like restraits to keep her from moving. She couldn't move an inch. She was trapped.

How did she come to be a prisoner of this bed, how had she gotten here at all? She could remember waking up this morning. She could remember making breakfast. She could remember going to school. She could remember coming home. And that was all she found in her memory – she could not remember coming here.

Of course, she came here almost as often as she went to her own house. It shouldn't be so strange because she came whenever she wanted to see Stephen. But she hadn't wanted to see Stephen today, not because she hated him, but because he hated her. And she did not know why they were on his bed together after all that had happened.

There was a soft creaking sound as somewhere in the darkness the door opened. There was the sound of two sets of feet shuffling in the shadoes. "Damon, are you sure she won't be hurt?"

Bonnie. Her gut reaction was to be afraid for her, but as Damon growled a warning for her to keep her mouth shut, she began to feel afraid of her. What did she have to gain by being part of this, or was she here out of fear?

Elena knew that Damon was dangerous, not only to her health but to her virtue, but had he let his mask slip for Bonnie? By the tone of her voice, the disquiet laced beneath her words, she must have experienced the monster.

"Elena, I know you're awake so quit pretending you're asleep!"

She felt her heart beat faster in her chest, in her head, in her throught as the bed gave beneath his weight. She could feel the covers being inched of her as he crawled up the bed towards her, but even when her hands were free all she could do was shake.

She did not want to open her eyes and see his face, but when he supported his weight on either side of her, they sprung open in suprise. His face was still in shadow but his teeth glinted white. She screamed, her voice suprising her as it echoed around the room.

"What have you done to Stephen?" I asked him, already half knowing the answer. She didn't want it to be true.

"I've killed him. 'Can't have him playing with my things; I promised him an eternity of misery, and I hope he goes to hell so I can keep my promise..." he smiled in the light of the moon, a sardonic glint in his eye, "I recall, I also promised you that you would one day be mine."