Elena felt as though she were being choked; her chest was tight, as if it were being crushed, and she had barely enough air to breathe. She could not say another word to either of them.

Damon smirked, but weakly. It was too good to be true, surly. Hadn't Katherine pronounced the same thing, and hadn't she been lying? He should not get his hopes up too soon less he leave here with a broken heart. He would have to leave if she chose his brother, it would be too humiliating to stay, but where would he go if this was the only place he wanted to be?

Elena could not look at Stephen. On some level deep inside she understood his reaction, but throwing Damon out the window? His own brother? She found herself feeling afraid when he approached her.

"I don't think she wants you anymore, brother..." Damon slurred, his jaw healing around his words, "I think that she's made her choice..."

Stephen growled menacingly at his brother. She could feel the fury rolling off his skin in waves, and his face had trasformed. She tried not to look at his expression for it was dark and murderous – frightening. She knew that if she saw his face she would hold it in her memory forever.

Elena ran to the door in the corner of the room. She placed her hand on the handle, but no before he could stop her. He gazed at her pleadingly but this had no effect. She felt afraid of him now and that would not simply go away as it had with his brother.

How could she trust him to be gentle when he had shown her just how brutal he could be? What was to stop him from throwing her out of the window whenever they had a fight? Would she survive a fall from this height? Shefelt as though she could not say a word to either of the vampires, scared of what they would do.

She hadn't realised she'd been shaking until she felt Damon's muscled arms wrap around her chest. He kissed her neck teasingly, brushing his smooth lips across the thin skin above her artery, "Don't be frightened, love, I've got you."

He had her caged in his arms, imprisoned. He kissed her passionately as he held her. He kept her safe, Trapped.

- Le fin -

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