Chapter Fifteen

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For a moment, Nick just stood looking at the diary he had held in his hand for the past fifteen minutes. This was the second diary to appear during this investigation, as the other had been the journal that belonged to the Professor… the only difference being the one in his hand wasn't covered in blood. He had reservations about reading the personal thoughts of a dead woman; it just seemed too much of an invasion of her privacy. Though then again…. It could also hold vital clues as to who her killer really is. Eventually, he made up his mind, and set about trying to open the diary.

After about fifteen minutes of wrestling with the lock on the accursed thing, Nick had been about to go and find a way to pick the lock, when he heard giggling coming from behind him. Nick swung round; now humiliated at being caught trying to unpick it with such an appalling success rate, and found that the giggling was coming from none other than Maya Fey, whom of which was standing by the side of Mr Edgeworth, (who had decided it was safe to come out, and besides, they needed to make a hasty getaway as they felt their sanity ebbing away as they were forced to listen to more of Larry's ghastly chat up lines at poor Maya, (this enraged Pearly no end, as she kept insisting to an oblivious Larry that Maya was "taken") as well as Luke and Pearly. There were a few moments of a rather… awkward silence, before Luke decided to speak up.

"Mr Wright.. sir, are you having trouble opening that diary?... " he asked politely.

"Umm… yes… it is rather hard to open a diary without the key…. Unless anyone knows where I can find a lock pick" Nick admitted.

"Well… I can help… as long as you solve this puzzle for me!" Luke offered.

Nick looked startled for a moment. How was a child so young so obsessed with puzzles?... still, he had no other choice.

"Sure… what's the puzzle?" Nick asked with a slight note of hesitation.

Luke smiled at him, and gave him the puzzle: Puzzle 3: "Unlocked?"

"I have keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter me but not go into me, what am I?"

Hint 1, hint 2, hint 3

For a moment, Nick just stood there, blinking. He had already tried to approach the puzzle the same way he approached trials, but then failed. So he began trying to look at the puzzle another way. Meanwhile, while Nick and Luke were having a puzzle session, Maya, Pearl and Edgeworth were having a whispered discussion.

"So… I take it you two have solved it as well?" Edgeworth asked the spirit channelling pair.

"Yep… we think it's a keyboard, after all, a keyboard has keys… but can't be locked, you can press the enter button to enter a programme or word… are we correct Mr Edgeworth?" Maya whispered.

"I came to the same conclusion… logic is a fine thing…. Though I am curious… when did you two use a computer?" he replied.

"Ah, Mystic Mia showed us both how to use her computer once when we visited her offices… that is before they became Mr Nick's offices…. But it was a lot of fun to use… Mystic Maya has even talked of getting one of these things for our village… did you know you can send a letter to anybody now with it… without having to go to a post box Mr Edgeworth?" Pearly quietly exclaimed.

"That I did Pearl…. Hey, I bet you both an ice cream after the trial that Wright won't be able to solve the puzzle…" Edgeworth replied with a smirk.

"Aww… that is a bit mean to poor Nick…but then again… I'm sure that he will!" Maya lied, as she too had the same opinion as Mr Edgeworth, and the thought of free ice cream seemed too good to miss.

"How could you do that to Mr Nick, your special someone?" Pearly was appalled at how Maya was using Mr Nick's lack of puzzle solving skills to gain free food.

Maya had been about to explain, when they were interrupted:

"EUREKA!" Nick declared.

"Hey, that's my line Wright!" Edgeworth snapped, and threw Nick one of his finest death glares.

"Gulp… sorry Edgeworth… umm… I think the answer is a keyboard"… Nick asked.

"Correct!" Luke grinned.

"Now, if I may?" Luke asked, and looked toward the diary.

"Yes of course…. " Nick replied, and handed it to him.

Luke seemed to study the diary for a few moments, before pressing down hard on the lock, which produced a light "click" and the cover of the diary became open to them.

"How did you…." Nick exclaimed, now feeling rather foolish.

"I realised that the lock was far bigger than most ordinary diary locks, so I decided there had to be a trick way to open it" Luke explained.

"Ah… well… should we take a look?... at the last entry, that is the one I think will give us the most insight….." Nick suggested.

"Agreed, don't keep us in suspense now Wright!" Edgeworth demanded.

"Urk!... okay, let's see…" Wright regained his composure, and leafed through the diary till he got to the last entry, and began reading aloud: Date: 24/02/2019.. ah… the day of the murder!... hang on, sorry…

Dear Diary…

I really have bitten off more than I can chew. I thought it would be alright… that they would never find out that I am seeing them both, but the worst case scenario has come to pass. Five months ago, I started dating my bodyguard… Ash, but then I gained a new manager…. Oh, he is so wonderful, my lovely Phil…. We began dating in secret a week later… But then one of them found out… he called me late last night… threatening to kill him and then kill me… I am sure he's just sounding off.. but there was something about the way he spoke to me that sent a chill down my spine… I have to make this right… I have to see him today, try and reason with him… I am so scared diary…"


There was a stunned silence for a few moments, before Edgeworth spoke up.

"Well… I think it's time we paid Ash Burns and this "Phil" character a little visit"…..

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