Cooper wanted to go on a trip through Europe. Jenny decided to join him. First they went to Sweden. There were hot blonde chicks in Sweden. Cooper thought it was fun. But then a hot blonde chick tried to bite him. Cooper was scared and he and Jenny ran to Norway.

In Norway they met Norwegian people. They were like swedes except they spoke annoyingly. Finally Jenny got tired of their annoying voices and then they took a train to Russia. There were communists in Russia who tried to kill them with guns. They took a cab to Finland.

Finland had loads of hard rockers who played hard rock songs. Cooper thought it was awesome and ended up drunk in bed with the Lordi guys. He regretted it and then he and Jenny went to Germany. There they saw a dude saying "ich bin dreizehn jahre alt" and they thought it was scary so they went to Italy instead and ate pizza and saw hot guys.

Then they traveled to Holland and smoked things that shalt not be smoked. Then they went to Britain and had tea with the queen. Then they went to loads of other countries but it wasn't interesting and finally they were in America again. Then they went to Russia again for fun and then Random Russian Dude gave them cheese as a gift then he shot them but they didn't die they just got married in Romania.

End lol