Title: A KouKou Fluff
Universe: Digimon Frontier
Rating: PG-15
Character/Pairing/s: KouKou
Word Count: 755
Summary: "We're siblings; hugging is allowed." "Yeah, but-" "Shut up and hug me, Kōichi." "O-okay." Set as if they were mid-teens, post Digi-world.
Disclaimer: If Digimon were mine, I would have already funded research into the possibility of there actually being a Digital World. As such, I do not own Digimon nor any of the characters therein.

Only for you, Meda Princess.


'Oh god. This is not good. This is not good, at all!' Kōichi fretted as he looked at the boy who had conked out on top of him for the night.

They'd been watching movies at Kōji's place – his father and step-mother wouldn't be back until the next afternoon as they were visiting her family; Kōji had rather stubbornly opted to stay home – they'd sprung the plans on him anyway, and he had already been booked all weekend.

Kōichi had been biting his lip and fidgeting all night and, despite Kōji's constant attempts to wring what was wrong out of him, he had remained silent on the matter. Eventually the younger twin had given up and resorted to turning up the volume and pretending like he couldn't see Kōichi's hands clenching occasionally and his face turning red every other minute.

After watching a few particularly gory movies which had left Kōichi feeling rather ill, Kōji had grabbed what could only have been described as a "chick flick", sent his brother a look that said "say nothing or face death" and shoved it in the DVD player.

That movie was what had led up to the present dilemma that Kōichi faced.

His brother, his twin brother, his long-lost twin brother, his long-lost younger twin brother, had fallen asleep just before the lead male and female had decided that they loved each other (finally). He'd fallen asleep on his lap.

This was not good. No it was not. How was Kōichi supposed to pretend like he only loved Kōji in that healthy, natural, brotherly way if he was lying spread out over his legs?

'Please wake up, please get off, please wake up, please get off!' he repeated to himself, unwilling to move the boy himself.

He didn't know what would be more awkward – waking up next to his brother because they'd both fallen asleep or Kōji waking up to find himself in a rather awkward position with his head placed neatly in the gap between Kōichi's thighs.

Eventually Kōichi calmed down enough to start to appreciate his luck.

On what other occasion would Kōji drop his guard enough to fall asleep on anyone except when they were alone together?

Kōichi found his hand stroking Kōji's long hair and he paused to glare enviously at it.

His mother would never let him grow his hair that long – she fretted even now, and it was only at chin length.

He slowly undid the ponytail and got a rather evil idea in his head.

He proceeded to loosely braid the other boy's hair, eventually covering the other boy's head in messy, untied braids.

Now if only he could reach his phone to take a photo…

Never mind, he wasn't that cruel.

By that point his eyelids had begun to droop as he began dozing off. The two in the movie had fought and made up, and were now probably off to get married or some such romantic drivel.

Kōichi eased his brother off of himself – 'Wow, he's a heavy sleeper...' – and stood, stretching his arms above his head.

He looked down at the sleeping boy and decided to make the most of the gigantic, white suede couch that inhabited the majority of the living room.

He climbed over Kōji, careful not to touch him, and lay down behind him against the back of the sofa, content to just lie next to his brother even if it could never go further.

He fell asleep soon after.

Kōji woke up at what must have been four in the morning with his face in someone's shirt. Someone being his brother.

His head felt… odd, but he wasn't bothered moving to check what had happened.

He blinked sleepily up at the other boy's face. His mouth was slightly open and he looked even more innocent and small than he usually did.

Kōji shrugged internally and nestled himself further into his older brother's chest.

Kōichi woke to find his arm slung over his twin and he quickly retracted it.

Kōji made a noise of protest and pulled the arm back, nuzzling into Kōichi's chest and making his brother's breath hitch and his face go bright red.

"Morning, nii-san," he mumbled into his shirt, obviously not prepared to move.

Kōichi was certain that Kōji could hear his heart racing.

"Stop being so nervous, jeez," came the reply to his thought, "We're siblings; hugging is allowed."

"Yeah, but-"

"Shut up and hug me, Kōichi."


They didn't get off the couch until much later that morning.

You asked for KouKou fluff, you got KouKou fluff.

I'm not really a twincest kinda person, so I hope I did okay!