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Chapter 8 – They are here

I stared at her lying next to me. Her long dark lashes were a stark contrast to her pale skin. Even in sleep she seemed to hate the small space separating us as she snuggled closer. She rested her hand on my chest and the ring on her finger caught my attention, making me smile.

She was my wife again; just six hours ago we exchanged vows in front of people that mattered, people like Alice and Jasper who were in our lives not because of social status or financial gain. The whole ceremony was simple, but perfect…perfect for the both of us. It felt the same, but still very different. Like déjà vu. The emotions coursing through me, however, were real and strong, not a dream or a remembrance.

She stirred and I kissed her forehead.

I whispered my love for her and she smiled. Maybe she heard me in her dreams. Good. It was what I wanted. Whether or not she was awake or asleep, I needed her to have no doubts about what I felt for her. Her entire being was the fuel to my existence. She was my dream. This was all I needed, her and I…together, always.

However much I loved my son, she was still the most precious thing to me. I never questioned that. I had already accepted I couldn't live without her.

I felt a soft caress and noticed she was staring at me. I gave her a lazy smile.

"Did I wake you, babe?" She shook her head and reached for my lips.

"I love you." Her words still left me breathless. She meant it, I was sure.

"You're my life, Bella." Her eyes filled with tears, maybe because she knew I meant it too.

She pulled my hands and intertwined our fingers, the metal of our rings touching each other in a caress, mirroring what our bodies were doing.

We lay there wrapped in each other. The soft touches scorched our skin but never burned. This silent exchange meant more than words. The love that never faded flowed between us.


My son had Bella's coloring but he had most of my features. The hair, the nose and the eyes…they were all mine.

He was the apple of my wife's eye, the only other person that seemed to make her complete.

Her eyes sparkled more now and her smile was sweeter. It was all because of Anthony, he made her happier, which in turn made me ecstatic.

If he was the reason for the sparkle in Bella's eyes, he was the one that saved my life, my savior. The events that led us here, to where we were now, where it was not all rainbows and sunshine. I couldn't regret any of it…not one bit. Anthony was the one reason my Bella had the strength to leave me. It had hurt so badly, but the pain led me to realize all my faults. It made me braver.

My son, I loved him and I would tell him so he would never doubt it.

I would be forever grateful for everything that happened which led me here with Bella and my son.

I had a lot of things to work on and it wouldn't be easy, not at all. I had no delusions about that but Bella and Anthony were here. That was all that mattered, all I needed. Everything else could fade to black.

I was ready; my angels were behind me all the way.

I smiled. I would be okay…we would be okay.

I just knew it.

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