Purple, blue, orange, green.

"Purple in the morning."

I'm going to be on television. I'm going to be on television and Harry and Seymour are going to see me and they're gonna be proud. Boy will they be proud. They'll see me on television with my red dress and red hair and red lipstick and they'll be so proud.

"Blue in the afternoon."

Cos everyone on television always look so pretty and handsome. They always look like they're somebody. If someone sees you on television then they ain't forgetting you any time soon. I'm going to be on television and I'll be remembered. I'll be remembered for my red dress. That pretty red dress that I look so great in.

"Orange in the evening."

They said before how great I looked in that red dress. I'll look even better. I'll wear my red lipstick with my red hair, just like I wore before. I'll wear it with my red dress, yeah, my red dress.

"Green at night."

But I'm an old woman now... I'm a lonely old woman with no one but my Harry. Oh, my Harry. I want Harry to get with Marion and have babies. Babies so I can be a grandma.

"Orange, blue, purple and green. As easy as that. One, two, three, four."

No one likes an old woman like me. But maybe, just maybe if I wear that red dress, well... everything will be better.

"Purple in the afternoon... wait... morning. Purple in the morning."

Red dresses with red hair and red lipstick and an old woman that everybody likes because an old woman wearing a red dress is pretty and an old woman like me needs to be pretty so that she can be liked because that's all I want that's all I need...to be liked and to be popular and to be seen on television.

"Orange and blue."

I'll be smiling again. Hmm, smiling. Smiling all the way home. I'll look at that sun and I'll smile.

"Purple, blue, green, orange."

I'll see Harry and Seymour and a smile will stretch across my lips cos I'll look up at that sun and I'll be wearing my red dress again.

"Orange, blue, red dresses, purple, green, red, orange, green, blue. So many pills. Purple, blue, orange, green..."

My Harry, oh my sweet Harry. Where is he? Where's my Harry? Does he not want to see me in my red dress? HARRY!

"Purple, blue, orange, green, purple, blue, orange, green. Purple, blue, orange, green! Feed me Sara! Feed me!"

Harry. Where's Harry? Where's Seymour? I'm wearing the red dress Seymour, just for you! Can't you see me? Can't you see how pretty I look?

"Sara Goldfarb."

The lights are so bright. They're blinding me. I can't see.

"Sara Goldfarb."

That's me. That's me. I'm Sara. Where's Harry? Come on. Where is he? I just wanna be on television. Please. I need to know when I'm gonna be on television. They called me and I wore the red dress for television. I dyed my head and I lost weight to fit into the red dress.


Harry! Oh Harry, there you are. Come on give your mum a hug. Hug your beautiful mother.

"I love you mum."

I love you too Harry... Harry? Harry. Harry? Where are you? I'm wearing the red dress. I'm wearing the red dress! I'm gonna be on television. Right? Right?"

"Purple, blue, orange, green. Purple, blue, orange, green! Pills! Harry... Seymour... anybody?"

Help me!

A/N: This was very experimental to say the least. Let me know whether you liked it or not.