Chapter 2 ~ I Tried

Mew landed hurriedly and rushed into Cerulean Cave, feeling the ever-stronger presence growing closer as she dived into the depths of the cavernous cave. All her thoughts were on keeping Mewtwo away from light. She heard the scream of a dying Machoke and began rushing.

Mew hoped it was only an illusion, her eyes playing tricks on her, some Ghastly trying to deceive her. Mewtwo held up a Machoke by his neck, suffocating the life out of him and absorbing his soul. The Machoke withered away and was released from Mewtwo's bloody hand. The Psychic-Pokémon flicked his hand, slinging the blood from it and began to walk towards Mew in the darkness. However, he did not know at all that she was there. He walked straight into her and the two fell over.

'What is this?' he projected angrily as he raised himself back up with telekinetic power. His eyes glowed as he used more of his godly power to see in the dark. Mewtwo's face suddenly changed as he saw what he least expected.

'M… Mew?' he projected in shock. She slowly sat up and nodded fearfully. He looked hurt for a moment. 'Don't be scared…' he said softly. 'I won't hurt you. You still mean so much to me.' He opened his arms widely. 'How about a hug?'

Mew slowly floated up off the dank cave floor. "I don't really know that I can trust you…" she said hesitantly. Mewtwo appeared even more hurt.

'Do you really think I would hurt you, Mew?' he projected. 'Please? It's been so long without your warm, benevolent touch to help me feel alive…'

Mew slowly floated into him, and his arms went around her neck loosely. She tried to hug him back, but her stubby arms more or less prevented that. He was just as warm as she remembered him being, and she nuzzled him to try and get him to tighten his embrace on her.

"I've missed you…" she whispered, a tear of joy running out of her eye and a sigh moaning its way out of her mouth. Mewtwo rubbed her back slowly, full of complacency.

"Just as warm and alive… as I recall…" he whispered through his mouth, then bit her ear lightly. She rubbed her head against his shoulder when he let go.

"Oh… do that again…" she mumbled. He did as instructed and bit lightly again, this time at a different place on her ear. "I missed that…"

'Something seems… different about your body…'

"It's my newest body."

'Your newest body?' he repeated. 'What do you mean?'

"Just as you haven't died yet, I haven't died yet, per se. My soul lives on through a form of reincarnation…" she replied. "I think it's something the gods did…"

'I wouldn't doubt it. After all, we're both still very alive. Neither of us would be allowed to die without settling the score, my love…' Mewtwo reasoned. 'I think that would be a motive for them…'

Mew suddenly jumped up. "You don't mean that our duel is supposed to continue?"

Mewtwo floated up to his feet. 'That is exactly what I mean.' Now Mew was aggravated that Mewtwo had just ruined the moment entirely, even though she was thinking about the very same thing the whole time.

"Why can't you just come back to the light with me? Why do we have to fight?"

'I want to destroy the gods for what they did to me in my birth. You are supposed to protect them. My love for you is undying, but my hatred for them is unquenchable. Only in their deaths will I be happy again. Only in a dark act can I find the light.'

Mew's eyes began to water up. "You can't possibly mean to still go through with this!"

Mewtwo brought his hands together and formed a Dark Ball. 'I don't know. I have to. One of us must die to cease the cycle.' He threw his sphere of death, missing Mew on purpose but blasting a giant hole in the side of Cerulean Cave. He retreated through it, into the world, into its light. Mew sat, a small ball of muddled emotions, and cried.

"Why… why me?" she moaned sorrowfully, voice echoing through the unsympathetic caverns.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo flew with a fury to destroy. Exposure to the sun and new life was beginning to mess with his mind in a terrible way. He could hear voices talking to him every time he tried to think.

"Look at all this trash you and Mew have created," they would mock. "You've created nothing at all. You aren't even real yourself. You're just a clone!"

Mewtwo would thrash around at things only he could see when the attacks were extremely bad. At times he accidentally killed Pokémon and humans. He waited out on Seafoam Island, meditating to try and increase control over his own mind.

'I've gone mad…' he thought. 'I thought insanity could never actually get WORSE…'

Articuno saw Mewtwo one day on his rare visits outside the caves. It was morning, and the Psychic Pokémon was sitting cross-legged off in the shore, the waves lapping up and stopping at him. He was walled off by his own psychic force, and only small mists of seawater came on him. He seemed mostly composed, with his eyes closed and face blanked. It looked almost as if he was doing some kind of yoga. Articuno knew the legend of Mew and Mewtwo. He was unsure whether to try and fight or go about his own business. He flew away, and when he came back in the evening, Mewtwo had vanished.

Articuno cautiously returned to his icy nest. Just as he was about to step in, he heard a deep voice echoing all over.

'Articuno…' it bellowed. 'Join me, and your eternal life is granted. Serve me, just as your forefathers did, and I shall reward you with your wildest and most desired dreams!'

The ice bird turned slowly and saw what he thought had left long ago. "Mewtwo… how dare you. My forefathers were all killed in your battles, serving YOU!" he cried as he angrily pointed a feather at Mewtwo like it was an index finger. "I can't believe you would possibly think I would willingly join you!"

'Who said anything about willingly?' Mewtwo's image dissipated, and Dark Balls blasted from every direction at Articuno. He dodged several, but wasn't quick enough to dodge all of them. Soon he was overcome, and Mewtwo stood over him with naught but a silhouette of evil and purple-glowing eyes to distinguish him from anything else. Articuno's body floated, surrounded by an equally lilac border of light, and then warped away with the villain.