Set: Mid season 3 and is sort of AU

They have met Sweets and Zach is not Gormagon's apprentice. They have been together since early in season 2 (so Booth did not get back together with Rebecca or Cam, and Brennan was never with Sully).

This is meant to be a fluffy multi-chap with Booth and Brennan relaxing away from murders, and enjoying some time together. No angst.

The prequel to this story is my one-shot: Thief

Chapter 1

Booth sighed in frustration as he opened the unlocked front door of his relatively new home. "Bones! You left the front door unlocked again. How many times do I have to remind you to keep it locked?" She looked up from her comfortable position on the couch and muted the program she was watching about ancient civilisations on their new 72 inch 3D Plasma TV, which Booth had insisted on when they moved in. Much to his annoyance, however, Brennan had found many interesting documentaries to watch, and had started hogging the TV. She had made it up to him though, by purchasing a slightly smaller TV for their bedroom.

She turned to see his aggravated form striding towards her, and she rolled her eyes at his over protectiveness. "Please Booth, we live in the suburbs - nobody is going to just walk in, besides, if any thieves did try their luck I would be easily able to apprehend them," she protested, half in earnest, and half just to bait him.

Booth sighed, "I know baby, but what if they had a gun, or they surprised you or something?" She opened her mouth to retort but he stopped her by sitting down beside her on the couch and kissing her softly. "Please baby, let me win this one so that I don't worry as much."

She huffed, but relented when she looked into his warm chocolate eyes and saw the love and concern in them. "Fine, I'll keep the door locked," she sighed.

He smiled softly at his small victory and changed the subject before she could change her mind. "I bought Thai." She grinned at him and they moved from the couch to the kitchen, where he had left the bags. They fell into their routine as Brennan served out the food onto plates and Booth got their drinks and cutlery.

They were used to each other now. They had been together now for just over a year and had bought and moved into their house in the suburbs together around six months ago. They couldn't be happier with their life together. It was still a secret from everyone except Parker and Rebecca though, as when they first got together, they had made a bet on which of their team would figure it out first. So far, nobody had guessed. They were still professionals at work - a stipulation both of them wanted to keep, since they felt that there was a line that shouldn't be crossed during working hours- after working hours was a different story altogether.

Initially, Brennan had bet on Angela discovering it first, since she was her best friend, and always seemed to instinctively know when something changed in Brennan's life. Meanwhile, Booth had bet on Hodgins finding out first and then telling Angela, as he felt that the conspiracy theorist had better observation skills. Both had expected the squint squad to have figured it out within the first two weeks.

It seemed that, while it felt like they treated each other slightly differently at work, to others they seemed to act as they always had - as close friends and partners. Both had initially been confident that they would win, and had been eagerly anticipating their prizes. The winner was to get driving privileges for a month- Brennan's idea, and a full body massage every night for the same month- Booth's idea.

They were now incredibly disappointed in their team's deductive skills- they were sure at least one person in the team would notice that Booth had dropped Brennan off at work every day for the last year, and that he picked her up for lunch almost every day as well- whether they had a case or not. He also picked her up at a reasonable time every afternoon- refusing to let her get so distracted in her work that she would continue until early hours of the evening. For her part, Brennan no longer argued about going home earlier since she found that having company at home made life so much better. She realised that her previous reason for spending so much time at the lab, was because she didn't like going home to an empty apartment and feeling lonely. Now that she had Booth, she never felt that way.

They had now changed the bet, so that if someone else figured it out first, then they would both win and split the winnings equally between them. As time went on they had also increased the wager. Now whoever won would not only get driving privileges and massages, but would also get to pay for all meals out for six months, choose their next two holiday destinations and activities, and more things were added every now and then. They were both still hoping to win.

As they started dinner, Booth remembered a phone call he had gotten earlier, while at the gym, from Cullen. He sighed, realising that Bones was not going to be pleased with his news. She immediately picked up on the change in his mood and her forehead creased as she studied his face for clues to his sudden discomfort. "What's wrong?" she asked.

He sighed again. "It's our turn to go on the FBI partnership development retreat next month."

She frowned, "I thought you said it was fun?" she asked, confused.

"It is Bones. From what I've been told there are heaps of activities to do with your partner, and it's a competition between other partnerships to see which set of partners is the best, as well as lectures on how to work well with your partners and guest speakers speaking about teams working together in dangerous situations. There are seven sets of partners and they are all from different FBI headquarters in USA. We would have had a great time Bones- in fact we would have probably won tons of activities together, but I received a call from Cullen today to tell me that because you aren't FBI, you can't come."

"WHAT!" Brennan was fuming.

"I know Bones, and that means that I have to spend ten days without you, and I have to sit out and watch all the fun activities, since I won't have a partner to do them with- they're basically sending me just for the lectures."

Though Brennan was still fuming she suppressed the urge to lash out at something in frustration and instead grasped Booth's hand across the table. "It'll be alright," she reassured him, rubbing soothing circles on his palm. Then she distracted him by changing the subject. "So what do you think of Hodgins' new toy?"

Booth snorted, "It suits him- a car with missile proof glass is perfect for a paranoid conspiracy theorist."

"I don't think he's planning on driving it a lot," she observed, "I'm fairly certain that he brought it so that he could shoot it and throw grenades at it to test it out. He seems too attached to his Mini to drive a full size Mercedes Guardian around." Booth chuckled and they continued discussing lighter subjects as they finished off their dinner.

Later, after their nightly chat to Parker, they slid happily into bed- Parker's carefree description of his day having relaxed them. Booth still couldn't believe his luck- his son adored Bones, and she loved him as if her were her own. He could still remember when he found out, that his son and partner were far better acquainted than he had thought, from the few interactions he had observed them to have, on the odd occasion that he and Parker would run into Bones at the Diner, and invite her to get ice-cream with them or go to the park.


They were lying in bed, temporarily sated after their last bout of lovemaking. They had confessed their mutual love for each other a few days ago, and since then, they found it hard to keep their hands off each other. Cam had forced Brennan to take the weekend off, since she had been logging in far too many hours. Booth had arrived early that Saturday morning, intent on taking her somewhere and keeping her distracted from her banishment from the lab. When she opened the door, delighted to see him that morning, Booth could do nothing but tell her he loved her. He had been euphoric when she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, before reminding him that she fully reciprocated his feelings. That had immediately prompted Booth to drag her inside her apartment and show her just how much he loved her, and they had proceeded to break the laws of physics repeatedly throughout the day.

Now it was early evening, and they were contemplating getting out of bed to eat the pizza leftover from the night before, when Booth had come over to finish up some paperwork. Before they could move, Booth's phone started ringing, and he rolled out of bed to fish in the pocket of his jeans, pulling out his phone. "Hi Bub," he answered, sliding back into bed and wrapping an arm around Brennan again. She snuggled into his side as he talked to Parker, listening to him describe the friend's birthday party he had gone to that day. Eventually, he said goodnight to Parker and hung up.

He turned to talk to his Bones but before he could say anything her phone rang. She rolled away from him and picked it up from the bedside table. "How's my favourite guy," she asked, speaking into the phone with one of the friendliest, happiest, tones he had ever heard her use. Booth felt his anger rising, especially when she made plans with this guy for Thursday evening. When she finally finished her call with a soft, but meaningful, "I love you too," he was fuming. How dare she tell come other guy that she loved him when she was in bed with Booth?

"What was that Bones?" he demanded when she placed the plane back down and turned to him.

She looked at him with a confused expression. "What do you mean Booth?"

"You just told another guy that you loved him Bones! Who is he? Dammit Bones, I love you, but if you want to be in a relationship with me it had to be monogamous- I don't share. Now tell me who that guy was." He still wasn't yelling, but his voice was loud and firm.

He was shocked when realisation dawned in her eyes and she started laughing hysterically. He cocked an eyebrow at her and waited silently, inwardly fuming that she was laughing at him. When she finally calmed down she handed him her phone. "Check that last call Booth and tell me who it's from." He scrolled through her phone and found the call log. He looked in disbelief at the name displayed there. PARKER BOOTH. "I was talking to Parker, Booth. He was telling me about his friend Matt's birthday party and how he wants an ice-cream cake for his birthday," she explained, her eyes still sparkling with mirth. She had then told him that she picked Parker up from school every Tuesday and Thursday and usually brought him home, where they spent time together until Rebecca came to collect him.

Booth listened quietly as she explained that it had all started about six months ago, when she had run into an energetic four year old Parker dragging Rebecca through the Jeffersonian, towards the Egyptian Mummy exhibit. She had offered to give the small child- who had affectionately referred to her as "Dr. Bones" a personal tour of the Egyptian exhibit and had proceeded to tell Parker a little about the mummification process. While they were there Rebecca had gotten a call from Parker's after kindergarten sitter who was no longer able to take care of him on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of changes in her college classes. Brennan had then offered to do it, and she and Parker had bonded since. Parker loved hearing about science- especially Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, and pirates. She had also started teaching him to read, and Parker was advancing quickly as they bonded.

It wasn't all learning though. Sometimes Parker would take his Dr Bones to the park and teach her how to play catch and kick a soccer ball. Other times, they would go to the beach or pool, where Brennan taught Parker how to swim. Brennan and Rebecca got along quite well, to the extent where when Booth had had to go to a conference over the weekend he would normally have Parker for, a few months back, Brennan had gotten to have Parker for the whole weekend instead.

Now Parker had his own room at Brennan's- filled with children's books, a pirate ship bed and plenty of toys. Brennan dragged Booth out of bed and showed him what used to be her guest room- now completely renovated into a small boy's dream room. Booth hugged her to him and kissed her lovingly. No words could suffice to describe the happiness he felt and knowing that the two people in the world he loved with all his heart loved each other as well.


Booth smiled at the memories. When they had moved into the house Rebecca had decided to become more lenient with the time Booth was allowed Parker. Parker now lived with them for every second week, unless Booth and Brennan had a hard case and were working late nights to catch a killer. Everyone was happy with the arrangement and they were completely content with their lives now that they were together. Booth was sure that the only thing that would be icing on the cake of his perfect life would be if Bones would marry him and become his wife. However, he knew her views on marriage weren't exactly favourable, and he didn't plan to push her. Despite this, he still lived in hope, and had designed an engagement ring which he planned to propose with once it was finished. He knew the chances of her saying yes were slim, but he was willing to take the chance anyway.

Brennan's thought ran down a surprisingly similar line to Booth's. She was perfectly happy with her life- even if it was a far cry from everything she used to think she wanted. She had found that she needed Booth in her life- the perfect companion to balance out her rational mind and lack of social skills. Nevertheless, there were two things that she now found she wanted thanks to Booth. The first was for Booth to be her husband. While she still believed that she didn't need a piece of paper to prove her commitment. She wanted to make a formal commitment to Booth and be able to call him her husband. She felt a certain primal thrill at the thought of being able to announce to all the flirting females that normally crowded Booth that he was hers- in the eyes of the law, Booth's god and most importantly- in Booth's and her eyes. The second thing that she had thought long and hard about since moving in with Booth was a child- and she was now beginning to long for something that was part Booth and part her, and would no doubt be as wonderful as Parker. She was certain that together they could have a wonderful child. Unfortunately, Booth had informed her when that moved in together that he was perfectly content to just have Parker, and her, in his life and didn't need anything else. She hoped that he was just trying to accommodate her previous views on not wanting children and that he'd secretly be happy to have more, but she wasn't sure. She had decided that she would have to take things into her own hands, and was planning on proposing to Booth soon- figuring that after they got engaged would be a good time to bring up children. She was now looking for the perfect time to propose.

In the meantime, she was definitely going to have a word with Cullen. There was no way her partner was going on a partner's training retreat without her.

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