Chapter 9

The next day, every one was in a good mood at breakfast, knowing that it was the last day of lectures and activities. Brennan and Booth were in a particularly good mood, having woken up extra early for some time together, not only making love, but lying in each other's arms and discussing their week.

After breakfast, everyone smiled when they were led to a large cardboard sheet, with a donkey drawn on it. The only one who looked confused was Brennan. "It's a game called 'Pin the tail on the Donkey,' Booth explained to her in an excited voice. "One of us is given a stick-on tail, blindfolded, spun around a few times, and then has to pin the tail onto the donkey. The person with their tail closest to where it should actually go is the winner." Brennan nodded thoughtfully as she looked at the donkey. "It's usually a fun game, and winning isn't that important," Booth continued, "especially for us, since we've already won," he winked at her and she smiled.

Shelley joined the agents, holding a handful of donkey tails, and Chase came up behind her with a piece of cloth to be used as a blindfold. "I'm sure you all know how this game normally works, but since this is a partners activity, the partner who is not blindfolded will be able to give vocal directions. The catch is that you will only have fifteen seconds to pin you tail on the donkey. This is normally where agents unwind a little and have fun." Chase informed them. "The closest tail between the two partners is the one we count, and the other tail won't."

Booth looked at Brennan and wondered a little at her mischievous smile, but was happy that she seemed to be looking forward to her turn. He looked up as Shelly suggested, "So how about we have our winners start us off?"

Booth grinned at Brennan, "What do you think Bones? Want to pin the tail on the donkey?" She nodded eagerly and took a tail from Shelley as Booth took the blindfold from Chase and tied it securely over her eyes.

After checking that Brennan couldn't see anything, Booth stepped back and allowed Shelley to spin Brennan around in circles before halting her and saying 'Go."

"Okay Bones, a ninety degree turn to the right, a half step left, two steps forward and down about waist height," Booth stated calmly as she followed his instructions to the letter. "Now half an inch up, and two inches right." And with those precise instructions followed, Brennan successfully pinned her tail to the exact spot. She took off her blindfold to Booth's cheer of success, smiling triumphantly and very pleased with herself.

It was then Booth's turn. As soon as he was ready Brennan, with a mischievous note in her voice said, "Spin to the right, yes, just like that, keep going, another 720 degrees Booth," She laughed as Booth obediently spun in circles, getting dizzier by the second. The other agents laughed too as Booth complained. "Bones, 720 degrees is two full rotations, how is that going to get me anywhere?" he caught on, but was happy to let her have her fun. They'd already won anyway.

"Don't worry Booth, just keep spinning," she called. He shook his head and continued. The fifteen second mark passed by, but Shelley and Chase didn't bother to tell them that, far more interested in seeing Brennan make Booth dizzy.

"That's it, almost there," Brennan called, although Booth was still nowhere near the donkey, "you're doing well." Eventually, seeing that Booth was now faltering in his spins she cried, "Stop," and laughed as he collapsed in a heap on the ground, swaying slightly as his world tilted, then rightened.

When everything finally stopped spinning, he cautiously sat up, taking off the blindfold and shaking his head as he saw that everyone was still laughing at him. He rolled his eyes and laughed along with them as Brennan gave him a hand up onto his feet. "You know what Bones? I don't think I'll ever let you drive if your sense of direction is this bad. I'm nowhere near the donkey," he teased.

"What?" she smiled as she affected an affronted tone. "I have exceptional navigational skills, and I'm a very good driver."

"I'm not so sure Bones," they continued to banter back and forth, and everyone looked on in amusement.

Once the laughter had quietened down, the rest took their turns, most goofing off and laughing when their tail ended up on the nose, ears, mane and even hooves of the poor donkey.

In the end, Booth and Brennan won, adding another ten points to their winning score, and everyone good-naturedly congratulated them.

They sat through the last lecture, one on building trust and honesty between partners, something Booth and Brennan already had by the bucket load.

At the end of the day, everyone gathered together and Chase presented Booth and Brennan with their certificates for winning the partners challenges. "The pair of you complement each other extremely well, and have been an excellent example to everyone here of what a good partnership is like," he said as he shook their hands and offered them certificates that proclaimed their winning status. Booth beamed. "This is going on my office wall when we get home! I can't wait for the guys at work to notice." He grinned. While he wasn't normally one to boast, he couldn't help it when it was about Bones as well.

They said their goodbyes, and eagerly accepted their weapons back before heading away from the camp.

While some of the partners were already heading home, Booth and Brennan planned to spend the night locally at Dumfries and travel home the next day. After checking in at the hotel, there was still plenty of time in the afternoon for them to explore a little, and they immediately headed for the Weems-Botts museum they had been told about earlier in the week by the instructors. Both really enjoyed experiencing a little piece of history, and Booth loved watching Brennan's eyes light up at a new piece of information. "When we bring Parker down here to camp, we'll have to visit here again," she told him.

"Of course we will Bones, he loves checking out this sort of thing with you," he promised.

Later that night at the hotel, Booth was pleasantly surprised at dinnertime, when room service was brought to them and set out at an elegant dining table. The food was delicious, and they dined together via candlelight. It was one of the most romantic meals they had had together as they quietly talked over their favourite parts of the week. "I quite enjoyed being handcuffed to you for the day," Brennan admitted.

"You did huh?" Booth smiled teasingly. "I enjoyed it too! Everyone looked so shocked when I picked you up for the obstacle course," he chucked, and Brennan joined in.

They continued to talk as they ate their meals by candlelight and indulged in a delicious dessert of chocolate mousse. "Wow Bones, that was a great meal, you're not going to propose are you?" he joked as he leant back from his finished bowl with satisfaction.

He was shocked as she gave him a frustrated look. "How did you know?"

"What? You were?"

"Yes. Once I decided to marry you, I did some research and found that one of the most commonly accepted practises was to ask over a romantic dinner. I thought a private setting would be nicer, and I set everything up for a proposal," she explained to a rather stunned Booth. "Did my setting give away my intentions?"

"Oh, I was just joking when I said that," he explained.

"You think us getting married is a joke?" she asked, and Booth could hear the hurt note in her voice.

"No Bones, of course not! I'd love to marry you, but you've told me so many times that you don't believe in marriage, that I just assumed that it wasn't on the cards for us, " he explained, "although, lately I've been thinking that you might be a little more receptive to the idea."

"Hug that thought," she said, as she got up and ruffled through her bag.

He chuckled, "hold that thought Bones," he murmured.

She returned with a large jewellery case. "Seeley Booth, You are my partner, my best friend, and I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone, more than can be explained by chemicals in the brain," he smiled at that, "will you marry me?"

"Yes Bones, of course," he kissed her hard, and then pulled back with a brilliant smile. "I love you so much," he said. "I actually have a ring and was thinking about proposing soon too," he explained as he jumped up and rifled through his bag, coming back with a ring box. He opened it, "What do you think?" he asked nervously, praying that she liked his choice.

Brennan beamed as she took in the platinum band set with a large round blue diamond in the middle of a row of square clear diamonds, all of which were set into the band so that she could wear it under gloves. She was touched with how much thought Booth had put into the ring. "It's beautiful," she reached out and Booth plucked it out of the box and gently slid it on her finger. They both admired it on her hand for a few moments as it sparkled in the candlelight, before Brennan remembered her own engagement jewellery for Booth.

"I know it isn't customary in our society for the man to be given an engagement ring, but I wanted to give you something when I proposed, so…" she hesitantly opened up the jewellery case to reveal a long platinum chain with platinum dog tags. One tag had a skull above two guns with the tips of the muzzles crossed over each other on the front, and when Booth turned it over, the back was engraved with the words "Booth & Bones". The other tag had "Temperance & Seeley" engraved on it, with two kanjis on the back, the symbols for love and eternity.

"Oh Bones," Booth said quietly as he fingered the dog tags, "This is perfect," he was a little choked up at how perfect his engagement dog tags were. "I'm going to proudly wear them everywhere Bones."

She beamed at him, so happy that he liked her choice. It had taken many weeks to come up with idea of dog tags and then decide exactly what she wanted on them. It had then taken even longer to find a jeweller that could do exactly what she wanted. These were no ordinary dog tags, and she wanted something special to be handing over Booth's heart for the rest of his life.

Booth slipped the chain over his head, pleased as the tags settled on his chest. The he suddenly realised what all of this meant. He picked her up and spun her around. "We're getting married," he laughed in exultation.

"Yes we are," she laughed with him, eyes sparkling down at him and perfectly matching the centre diamond on her hand.


That's it, I hope you enjoyed my fluffy fun story. I do have a sequel planned where you will find out just how special Booth's dog tags are, and where the rest of the team will find out that they are a couple.