Why My Angel?

Soul's P.O.V

Who would want to kill Maka? My angel! She looks so angelic even if she has a cast on her arm and stitches in multiple places along her body.

"This is my fault" I sob quietly leaning my head on the edge of Maka's hospital bed. She has been out for a good three days the doctor says she will wake up soon but what if she doesn't? SOUL EATER EVANS if you carry on thinking like that, it may happen! I can't live without Maka the day I first laid eyes open her I knew she was the one and only... I had other girlfriends during my time before me and Maka became a couple. But they meant nothing I only went out with them because I didn't know that Maka felt the same way until recently when I can always feel her soul wavelength. Then in the depths of our soul wavelength I feel a flutter as if Maka was prodding me to tell me she was ok and to stop worrying. No I must be hallucinating. But then I get a harder shove at my soul and then I know Maka wants me to know she is fine I smile to myself. Maka you are so cute even when you're hurt like this but in the back of my mind the thought that has been going through my head for the last three days is that when I get my hands on the mother fucker who hurt my angel they are more than dead... Just then Maka's head moved in her sleep and her eyes shot open in panic and pain. A hoarse nearly silent scream came from her throat.

"Maka its ok Soul's here for you." I say holding Maka's hand on her unbroken arm.

"S-soul it hurts" She whispers to me her eyes screwed up in pain. I can't stand to see her like this so I feed compassion and love into my soul wave length letting it overpower Maka's now weaker soul at the moment. In minutes her eyes have lost all the pain that was in them and was instead full of love and thanks.

"Thanks Soul that feels much better" Maka says squeezing my hand

"It's ok angel" I say before I notice it comes out of my mouth Maka's eyes widen in shock but then she blushes lightly, that's the Maka I know not the one I seen with pain written in every movement.

"Oh M-Maka I didn't mean to let that slip but I do think of you as an angel" I tell her a slight tinge coming to my cheeks but my eyes boring into hers telling her I'm serious.

Maka giggles but the happiness is short lived when she winces at the pain. "I think I have a cracked rib" She moans her eyes once again screwing up in pain.

Maka I'm sorry I let this happen to you please forgive me angel but one thing I don't get it Why my Angel?

Mysterious Persons P.O.V

Damn Damn DAMN! The bitch didn't die! She is harder to get rid of then I thought but once again DAMN! Why did she have to avoid my master full proof plan like that? She is such a bitch! All she is doing is making it harder for me to get Soul and the more I think about it the angrier I get! Why can't she jump off a cliff or in front of the bus! Jeez she makes me want to scream! She is so stupid not dying when she should of! Soul is mine! Not hers I know in his soul that he has made a mistake falling for Maka he really just wants me. He only went for Maka because of how she is so easily impressed by his coolness! Err I really hate Maka no I despise Maka why won't she die! I have to come up with a better plan! Yes this one will have no gaps in it...

Maka's P.O.V

Who planted that bomb? Soul? NO Soul wouldn't do that! Would he? No of course not Maka get a grip on yourself! Soul would do nothing to hurt me he would give up his own life before making me give up my own... Soul you do too much for me! But when you called me angel I felt for the first time ever how deep your love for me is which also revealed my own deep love for you, we are more than two crushes more than a couple we are Soul mates... Soul I love you forever and always... OUCH DAMN FUCKING RIBS!