Thoughts on drugs.

Why are drugs bad? Thoughts from Harry, Tyrone, Sarah and Marion.

Harry Goldfarb.

You wanna know why drugs are bad? I'll tell ya. I'll tell ya all. Drugs fuck you up, big time. You take 'em first just to see 'em. Just to see what they'll do. You like the feeling. It feels fucking amazing. Then you come down and then you don't feel so good no more. So you take more. Then some more. And suddenly you're hooked. Your hooked and fucked before you even realise.

You'll start to do anything just to get ya fix. Maybe you'll take your ma's television, just like me. Ya know its wrong but you'll do it anyway cos you wanna get your fix. You don't ever wanna come down.

But maybe... just maybe the drugs weren't all bad. Cos if I hadn't been on drugs then I'd never have met Marion. I'd never have experienced what it was like to have loved someone.

But the come downs inevitable. I know that now. Now that I'm in hospital. With only one arm. And no hope. And no Marion.

God, I loved Marion. She was my world. But I loved the drugs more. I shouldn't have left her. The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. Gone. My world. Gone. My mother. Gone. My friend. Gone.

And all cos of some drugs... some stupid, expensive, life fucking drugs.