Sara Goldfarb

Drugs? I wouldn't know. I've never taken drugs before. I've taken some pills but the doctor prescribed them. It's not like they were illegal. The nice doctor gave them to me.

They were pills. Good pills that helped me lose weight. I managed to slip into my nice red dress. I lost twenty five pounds in a few days and fifty pounds in a week. I was thin.

It was the food and the refrigerator. They were after me. They just wanted me to eat. "Feed me Sarah," they called. But I didn't want too. I needed the red dress and the television and Harry to be safe and happy.

I ask for Harry and Seymour everyday. They never come. I scream their names at the wall. I know Harry'll be happy. My Harry always is. Maybe he'll have married Marion and maybe they'll have babies. The doctors say that when I get better I can go and see them.

So each night I fall asleep with that thought. Maybe one day I'll be on television with my Harry.

"Let me tell you what you've won. Your prize has a sweet smile, and his own private business. He just got engaged, and is about to get married this summer, please give a warm, and juicy welcome, Harry Goldfarb!"

"I love you Harry."
"I love you too ma."