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Naminé was dead.

Well, at least she desperately wanted to be.

The theatre smelt like buttered popcorn and sweat. The perspiring smell was probably coming from the line of nerds decked out in sci-fi gear, who were watching her nervously while waiting for their tickets. She wrinkled her nose slightly when the one dressed as the offspring of a Smurf and an exploded toaster sniffed loudly then winked at her. Naminé could half recognise his lame costume as one from the movie that she had been meant to see earlier tonight- Space Paranoids.

The rest of the crowd of geeks were decked out in glowing blue or orange suits, looking like they hadn't left the confines of their room since the last movie had come out about ten years ago. They weren't all bad...just kind of entirely creepy altogether. The Smurf guy nudged his friend and whispered something. Suddenly she was receiving many curious, predatory gawking stares from the group of pimply, sweaty robot-men. Alright, so maybe they were all bad and creepy...

Feeling self conscious, Naminé avoided their obvious looks by staring intently at her phone, which hadn't left her hand for the last hour. The screen flashed to life and she sighed. 7.49pm - The movie had started exactly nineteen minutes ago. Where was he? They were set to meet at 6.30, but after she arrived, it had taken Rai half an hour to call her and tell her that he wasn't going to be able to make it for dinner.

So being the person she was, she had walked across the square to the theatre and had sat waiting. For over an hour, Naminé hadn't moved from this one spot. She didn't know why she had waited this long though, because her common sense told her that the date ended when he was late for dinner. Her hope, however, had stopped her from leaving, because this guy might've been the right one.

...Obviously not. Sighing, she got up off the weirdly shaped, plush couch and brushed the wrinkles out of her dress. And to think she had been stressing over the way she looked...Rai hadn't even shown up...

It was like one of those terrible chick flicks that she couldn't stand, the one where the girl gets stood up and then it starts raining, which sounded about right, because now, Naminé was standing idly just inside the movie theatre, watching the rain pour down into the streets outside...typical. Wasn't this the time when the boy that she'd been in love with forever comes along admits that he feels the same way? Then weren't they meant to have that exact, over used, clichéd kiss in the rain, all romantic and cute and such? Then weren't they meant to live happily ever after, the end? That's generally how it's supposed to work right? If so... then where the freaking hell was her dream guy?

Every single guy she had ever liked or ever been out with never worked out. She had been used, when they tried to get to her sister or to her best friend, and she had been stood up, countless amounts of times. It wasn't fun, but she didn't know why she kept doing it. Maybe it was for the sake of her little-known Vlog, for her watchers who listened to her stories and bad luck with the opposite sex. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't want to believe the girls at school who told her that she'd never have a boyfriend...so far they'd been right. Or maybe it was just because she wanted to prove them wrong and to show them that a clumsy, socially awkward girl like her could get a boyfriend. But so far, fate hadn't been on her side.

She slipped her phone into her pocket, straightened the bag on her shoulder and walked towards the entrance. The glass doors slid open almost silently, and she was greeted with the fresh smell of rain. Through it, the little fairy lights around the square sparkled dimly. The usual crowd had deserted the square to escape the rain, but she wasn't so lucky.

Even though she lived literally around the corner, there wasn't much protection from the rain on the way. Naminé took a deep breath. This date was just another to add to her list of failures. Ever since she had started her Vlog, all she had posted were videos about her life; which mainly involved jackasses, getting stood up, sibling drama and useless crushes on the wrong guy. And this night was just another one to add to her unusually long list of screw ups.

Hesitating slightly, Naminé took another deep breath before stepping out into the rain. Maybe if she walked calmly, it would wash away all her bad luck with guys. So that's what she did, even though she was getting positively drenched. Naminé walked down the street umbrella-less and somewhat sad; Why could she never find a nice guy, just once?

Halfway down the fairy-lit road, she turned down the path between the cafe and the bowling alley. She could see the cul-de-sac of houses just ahead of her, across the small bridge. Her house was the one in the middle, glowing with little, colourful lights, like the rest of the houses surrounding it. However, thanks to her sister, Larxene, it shone brighter than the rest. It was like a beacon in the dark. There she was safe from the ridiculous amount of ass holes in the town.

She couldn't see Pudge under the bridge tonight as she crossed it carefully, trying not to slip. Every day, Lilo, the weird little girl up the hill, would give Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich, so Naminé was often used to seeing the little orange thing swim by every now and then. When she asked the girl why, all she found out was the fish could predict the weather. Apparently, Lilo had forgotten to feed it this morning, because thunder rumbled loudly over head, frightening Naminé into quickening her pace.

Walking up to her house, she could see the light on in the upstairs room next door. Kairi was still awake, obviously. As soon as Naminé got safely to her own room, she was definitely going to ring her best friend. Or, because of Kairi's self-proclaimed psychic powers, the red-head would ring her just as she entered her room.

She walked up towards her front door, digging through her bag looking for her key. She wasn't going to risk ringing the doorbell, simply because, judging by the faint shouting she could hear, Larxene and Demyx were obviously busy. Sighing, she unlocked the front door and stepped inside, just as her brother came sprinting out of the kitchen, stumbling and shouting, a looking of panic across his face.

When he saw her, his face brightened slightly, "Hey Nam! How was your date?" He asked quickly, stopping at the stair balustrade to catch his breath. His face was flushed and he looked jumpy, and judging by the fact that he looked back at the kitchen every few seconds, it was probably because of Larxene.

"He didn't show-" Suddenly the smoke alarm went off and Naminé winced at the blaring noise. Demyx looked frantic, covering his ears, his eyes darting everywhere as their sister staggered out of the kitchen, coughing and shouting. Wisps and curls of smoke trailed after her, streaming into the hall. From here, it smelt as though her brother had short circuited one of Larxene's contraptions or inventions. She had inherited her love for inventing from their father, the legendary Cid Highwind, a mechanical engineer who develops and repairs Airships, a special kind of airplanes. He had also most likely given Larxene his foul mouth and his attitude.

Namine knew it was true because when her sister swore loudly, it could be heard over the alarm. Both she and Demyx visibly flinched. In front of her, her brother paled, "D-DEMYX, YOU NUMBSKULL! I'LL FREAKING KILL YOU!" The screeching died out suddenly, but the ringing in her ears didn't fade.

Shaking, Demyx risked continuing his conversation with his sister, "Sorry it didn't work out I'm sure the guy was probably just a bastard-" He rushed, fidgeting nervously, keeping his eyes fixed on Larxene, who was stumbling down the hall towards them. When she shrieked something, Demyx cut off halfway and practically flew past her into the living room.

Naminé blinked in shock and watched as her sister stomped towards where Demyx had just been. "DEMYX YOU-" Larxene suddenly noticed her little sister standing wide eyed near the front door. "Oh, hey Iné, how'd your date go?"

Sighing Naminé looked at the floor. "He blew me off..." Larxene's eye twitched slightly and from the living room she heard something smash and muffled swearing.

There was silence for a moment before she twitched again, "THAT BASTARD!" Her older sister yelled, eyes narrowing and fists clenching, as she marched into the other room.

Naminé couldn't tell whether her sister was pissed at Rai or at Demyx, but she hoped that it was her no-show date, because she, herself, was incapable of swearing and expressing anger the way Larxene did. Her siblings were always like this and she was kind of thankful because at least she wasn't involved at all.

As she walked forward and up the stairs, she heard Demyx screaming something from the other room. She couldn't exactly see what was happening, but she knew, from instinct and experience, that Larxene was winning. Her sister always won these things. Apparently, it also appealed to the guys, because she had lost several of her dates to her sister when they arrived to pick her up. Larxene would answer the door and if they took more of an interest in her than what they did with Naminé, she would chuck them to the curb. It had a 99% success rate. Her sister's current boyfriend was that 1%.

Axel, that's his name, had come to take her out for a smoothie when he practically fell head over heels for her sister at the door. Naturally, Larxene had literally thrown him out. They all thought it worked, until he came back the next day with roses. Her sister was not impressed, flowers got on her nerves and she had allergies. Because of those roses, Larxene became sick, spending every day home, bumming around on the couch. And each and every one of those days, Axel came back. For a person living in the house at that time, Naminé felt like she was actually living back in time, when the men courted women, because that was exactly what Axel was doing. Larxene was doing everything she could to push him away, but it didn't work. He made her sister chicken soup, watched sappy movies with her and even let her try her inventions on him. She was about to give up and confront Axel seriously when he took her out to the beach one night. Apparently, he had spelt out her name in fireworks. Naminé didn't know how that had changed her sister's mind, but it did. That was the start of their relationship and it had been two years so far.

Walking past Larxene's room, she caught sight of the single nice decoration amongst the caution signs and bumper stickers. In the middle of the chaos was a photo of her and Axel on the beach. Although she denied it, Naminé knew her sister really did care about the red-head.

In her pocket, her phone vibrated suddenly, singing her best friend's ringtone loudly. Instinctively stumbling away from the door, Naminé fumbled around her pockets for the phone. She knew that no matter how long she took, Kairi wouldn't stop ringing until she answered. That was who her best friend was; overdramatic, 'psychic', loveable Kairi.

As soon as she answered the call, Kairi immediately began speaking, ignoring the greetings. "I know it didn't work out, I saw it. I knew it, remember? I told you Nam, what did I tell you?"

"You told me to pack protection." Opening the door to her room, Naminé tried to be funny in this situation.

"I most certainly did not!" Obviously, her attempt didn't work, because Kairi sounded slightly annoyed when her advice was doubted. She was about to say something when her best friend continued chatting away. "When you told me you had a date with Rai, I told you that it wasn't going to work out, and I was right. Maybe you really should listen to me more often, y'know, so shit like this doesn't actually happen, because this stuff is not good for your already low self esteem." Naminé opted just to listen to Kairi, because trying to interrupt her now wouldn't work, seeing as her best friend had this amazing ability to just talk louder and not notice.

Discarding her bag on the back of the door, Namine went and flopped onto her bed. The pillows bounced slightly along with her and she grabbed the fluffiest one. Shoving it behind her head, she held the mobile to hear ear, listening to Kairi ramble. "I honestly don't know how you can go out with guy after guy after guy, have them all stand you up and then just keep going! If that were me, I'd probably become a feminist... or a lesbian or a lesbian feminist with rocking awesome hair. Maybe some piercings and some tattoos as well." Kairi never failed to make her smile in situations like this. She supposed that's why they were friends in the first place. Naminé was quiet and shy, Kairi was loud and bold, they were complete opposites but it worked.

"...Naminé? Hello, earth to Cloudy, tune in to me right now, hello?"

Blinking slightly, it appeared as though Naminé had nearly missed her turn to add input to the conversation. Sighing she pressed the phone closer to her ear. "...Hey Kai, what did you want to know?"

"Thank god you're still actually there listening to me, I mean, in the short time; you could've exploded because of one of your sister's crazy inventions. I've probably told you this already, but I'm going to tell you again in case you forgot. She bought me a freaking doorstop for my birthday and when I used it to stop my door; it exploded in a crazy puff of smoke, I mean, who the hell buys someone that for their birthday?"

"My sister, obviously," Naminé was thankful that her best friend was pausing to allow a reply of some sort.

"Well, yes, we all know that your sister is deranged and crazy. Also, I've seen it...with my abilities."

"Kairi, we all know that you can't actually see the future."

"I can too! I have proof, let me just do something I'll be two secs." Before she could answer, the other end of the line was replaced with classical music. Placing the phone beside her, she pushed a button and the calming music became louder, filling the room. Downstairs, it sounded like the fighting had stopped for now, but she always knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

Rolling her eyes, Naminé reached over and grabbed her laptop off the pile of pillows at the end of her bed. It was currently flat, so she rummaged around looking for the end of the charger. Sitting down on her bed, she put the computer in front of her and plugged the cord in. So far it had been five minutes of the gaudy music, which seemed to just loop, over and over again. The girl had just left her hanging on the other side of the phone, without any sort of indication of what was happening.

Kairi never asked anyone else for approval for anything unless she thought it was important. Right now, she knew that her best friend would most likely be ringing Roxas, to add him to the conversation. Either that or her brother had walked into the room to ask for her opinion on something. Marluxia tended to casually do that from time to time.

Flipping open the computer, Naminé turned it on, watching the screen slowly light up. She traced the swirling patterns alongside the keyboard slightly impatiently. She wasn't usually impatient, but tonight she was just sick and tired of waiting.

The opening screen appeared just as the music stopped abruptly.

"...honestly didn't know why the hell he would do such a thing, I mean, c'mon another guy? What is she, a freaking doormat?" Smiling slightly at Kairi's frustration, Naminé typed in her password. It was always difficult to remember because Larxene's basic knowledge of computer hacking made it easy to figure out the simple ones.

"...Kairi, I don't actually think I classify as a doormat..."

"I don't think she does either. More like... she's just a really nice person. Or she's got a chronic disease where she's incapable of being mean and saying no. I think you should get that checked out Nam, I think it's called 'being a pushover'." The new addition to the conversation laughed. It was already pretty obvious who it was.

"Hello, Roxas." They always had these three way conversations nearly every night and this was no different. The three of them had grown up together, living in the same houses since childhood. Instead of just going to meet up at someone's house, they found that it was easier to talk by phone every night, even though they all practically lived next door to each other.

"Bonjour, doormat. I take it that your date didn't actually go well at all?"

"Well, it wasn't eve-"

"The stupid jerk blew her off! She didn't even get to have a date because her date had another date or something." Kairi interrupted, sounding annoyed.

"Um, you do realise that you used date about three times just then..."

"It doesn't matter; I'm trying to express my anger through the use of words, like so... date, date, date, date, date!"

Through the phone, Naminé heard Roxas laugh. "Feeling better yet Kai?"

"Very much so, thanks for wondering. Now, Rox, please enlighten Nam to the correct prediction I made according to your life."

"Is this really necessary?"

"Yes, Naminé doubted my amazing, totally truthful abilities." Sighing slightly, the blonde in question stayed silent, just listening to them talk as she opened up the internet.

Her homepage, Datascape, loaded, filling the white box along the side of the screen with online names. She recognised Kairi and Roxas' screen names, Radiant-Kai and TwilightNobody13 respectively, and if she listened carefully, she could hear the little sounds that the notifications that were happening to one of her friends on the other side of the phone. The rest of the people in her contact list were her watchers and she hadn't met any of them in person. There actually weren't that many anyway. Roxas and Kairi were the ones with the exciting, slightly famous Vlogs, not her.

"S'il vous plaît, tell me," Roxas said exasperated, finally finding some kind of room to speak. "Why would anyone ever doubt your psychic potential, oh-great-seer-of-the-beyond?" After knowing the boy for over ten years, Naminé found it pretty easy to tell when he was being sarcastic.

Surely Kairi must've known as well, but she continued on, ignoring the comment, "Go, go Rox. Tell her what I predicted correctly that changed your life!"

"...I'm pretty sure that it wasn't life changing." He sounded uninterested.

"Just tell her! It's important for the sake of my ego, please! If you don't do this, I might wake up dead!"

"Kairi, I'm pretty sure that if you're dead, you can't wake up."

"Just go!"

"Fine, fine..." Naminé heard both of them sigh in unison, Kairi with relief and Roxas with agitation. "You know how I had that French test a few days ago? I got my marks back today. She predicted tha-"

"76.5%, I predicted that he would get exactly that he would get exactly 76.5%, and what did you get?"

"Are you going to interrupt me?"

"No, what are you talking about? Just go! Tell the poor girl! She could be dead by now because you're taking SO LONG."

"Fine, I ended up getting abou-"

"He got 80%! See? It proves that I am, in fact, psychic as hell."

"You were off and you interrupted me."

"Yeah, but amateur psychics are allowed a 5 point margin of error every time because we are susceptible to wrong guesses."

A chat box suddenly appeared on her screen, making Naminé jump slightly. Tuning out her friends' disagreement, she inspected the screen name- SOLDIER-FairBoy. She smiled; he had been one of her first watchers when she started up the Vlog a few months ago. They had become good friends over this time, but she had no clue what he actually looked like. He didn't run a Vlog; he just had a profile page with a few bits of information. Sometimes he would post a snippet of a song or something he'd sung, but other than that, he was nearly as popular as what she was. Her popularity reached out to about ten or twelve followers altogether, include him, Roxas and Kairi. The others, she knew nothing about. Just that they loved her videos.

The ultra boring videos about her bad luck with guys and the span of her love life, equalling a total of zero successful dates.

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

Hey, how'd your date go?

Before she answered, Naminé paused, listening to see if her friends had finished. Apparently not, because according to Kairi, Roxas was a "selfish jerk with his head too far into his Vlog and French to actually care about his best friend's potential supernatural abilities". In the background, she could hear Roxas laughing and talking to the girl in French, just to agitate her even further.

Smiling to herself, Naminé knew they would be too busy to pay attention to her, but just in case, she flipped the sound off before moving the cursor to the reply box.

NoPartywithouttheArty says:

Another no show...

It's like I'm cursed to never have one actual date, ever.

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

I'm sure that's not the case. You seem like a lovely person on your videos. Why would anyone stand you up...again?

NoPartywithouttheArty says:

Maybe I scare people off?

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

As if. I doubt it, hello? You're like...what...twelve?

She couldn't help it. Despite her down mood, she laughed out loud suddenly then paused quickly, as Kairi abruptly stopped speaking.

"Oh yeah, Nam," She said, after a few seconds of silence. "Give us a rundown of your night?"

"I'm sure you guys don't really want to know what happened; it wasn't that interesting anyway...how about...Roxas and his conversational French skills." She had to admit, she could tell that she sounded slightly down as she said this.

Roxas said something in French before laughing. Apart from the basics, neither of them understood what he was saying, ever.

"Nah, boring, tell us your night, we need details here."

She sighed, "...Seriously, guys?"

"Serious. Now go get start a DataStream and preach to your watchers."

"What watchers?"

"The one you are talking to right now and I know that because I am predicting it with my skills, am I right?" Kairi spoke quickly in a smug tone. If she was standing right here, right now, Naminé knew that she would have her usual grin across her face.

"You want more watchers, right?"

"No, I don't. You guys want more watchers for my sake."

"Only because we love you and this will help with the guy problem."

"Or it could possibly get you stalked, je ne sais pas." Roxas said bluntly. By now, Naminé knew some of the most basic French terms. He had a habit of slipping them into about every conversation he had.

"Real mature Rox, that'll totally make her want to something up now!"

"Je suis désolé, I'm just speaking the truth. Don't worry Nam, Je vais vous protéger, I'll protect you."

"No one understands you when you speak like that, y'know."

"Désolé...I mean sorry...it's a habit."

"I know it is. Just because you are good at it, doesn't mean you should suddenly become half French."

"Kairi you know full well that before I came to Twilight Town, I lived in Vallée de la Personne, so I'm allowed to be French because I-"

"Because you are French, yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. You're French so be French but don't rub it in."

"You're telling me to suppress my heritage?"

"I am not! I'm just saying that no one bloody understands you."

"It doesn't matter, French is sexy."

Rolling her eyes, again, Naminé turned her focus back to her computer. There was a reply from SOLDIER-FairBoy, which she hadn't noticed because she had muted the sound.

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

If anything you'd attract paedophiles or something. Watch out for them, kay?

Scrolling back up to look at the previous reply, she smiled, thinking of some way to counter his response. When nothing came, she gave up and went for the obvious.

NoPartywithouttheArty says:

...I'm pretty sure that I'm nearly seventeen.

It took a few moments, but his reply came quicker than hers.

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

Well then, I'm sorry but you're going to be stuck looking like a doll for the rest of your life.

NoPartywithouttheArty says:

I'm about to DataStream about my night, are you busy?

SOLDIER-FairBoy says:

I think I can spare some time to watch.

"Okay Nam, we're ready. Are you ready?"

"You're speaking for me now, de quoi s'agit-il?"

"And you're speaking gibberish, shut up, Nam's about to start, right?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." Smiling, she clicked on her profile tab, the feed page disappearing from the screen. Along the side, the contact list was still present as she quickly posted an alert to her watchers. She felt as though she had to tell everyone, because otherwise she'd feel as though they'd miss the story.


... Is about to DataStream about how horrible the date went. Feel free to watch.

Mood: slightly annoyed...again...

Flipping on her webcam, her face filled the small window on the screen. Quickly running her fingers through her slightly wet hair, she sighed. This was the eighth time blogging about a failed date. The first one had happened shortly after she started the blog, and because she was slightly devastated, she had felt the need to blog about it. It had earned her approximately two watchers, not including Roxas and Kairi.

Taking a deep breath, Naminé clicked the live broadcast button before she could stop herself. The little red record light appeared next to the black camera on the top of the laptop and she sighed.

"Hello guys, once again. Well, whoever is actually watching, I'm back again to entertain you with another story."

"We're also here too! Nam, can they hear us?"

"I don't know... can you guys hear them?" She asked, aiming the question at the people watching.

Something popped up in the side chat window and she smiled. Someone is there.

BlindfoldedbyLight says:

I can hear them. Keep going with your story.

"Alright, you guys are heard."



Before Namine could continue, Kairi began speaking again, "...Seriously Roxas? Would it kill you to not speak any French for like, two minutes?"

"Are you repressing me again?"

"You and your stupid manly French pride are too big for this town, so I'm doing everyone a favour by trying to decrease the size of your ego."

" Very kind of you, but I bet you're going to dream about me tonight, whispering things to you in French, like things such as... vous êtes un poulet rouge." Whenever Roxas insulted someone or purposely spoke in French, his voice would become smoother. Some people would call it sexy, but Kairi thought it was annoying, which was made obvious because she made some audible gagging sounds.

Her best friend huffed, "Roxas, just shut up, okay? Let her keep going with the story."

"Moi? What? Fine, go ahead, poursuivre."

"So, according to my tally, I'm at the currently level of exactly seven screwed up dates. Adding tonight, that makes it a total of eight."

"And for those people who don't know, it goes as such," Naminé knew what was coming, so she took it as a good moment to carefully get off the bed and lock the door to her room. She didn't exactly want her siblings or, even worse, her father barrelling into the room for some deranged reason. Even from across the room, she could hear Kairi's list. "It starts with Hayner, who only used her to get to another girl, then we go on to Seifer, the bully who nearly broke dear Nam."

It was after those two that she hadn't dated again for a while. Hayner had used her and Seifer had nearly abused her. Thankfully Kairi had 'seen' it and warned her about the date. Naminé had been prepared to go on the date anyway until her best friend had actually locked them both in Kairi's room for the night.

"Then we have Gaston, the overly hairy exchange student, Tidus and Wakka, the best friends who fought over her. Neither won because they never liked her to begin with...jackasses..."

"Next in line comes my very own cousin, Vanitas."

"He was a jerk because he walked out on her."

"It was a blind date and he got an emergency call!"

"Whatever, he still ditched her." Kairi added bluntly, ruining Roxas' attempt to defend his cousin. "After that there was that pompous guy...I think his name was Genesis."

"I think he had a bigger ego than me."

"Whatever you say Frenchy," Her best friend said with detached interest. Roxas mumbled something incoherently, that was probably in French.

"There's the list so far. My best friends actually know more about my dates than what I do." Sitting cautiously back on the bed, Naminé bit her lip before continuing. Along the side of her video, she could see that there was currently about six people watching. She smiled, looking at the comments below. During her streams, her watchers liked to say things to her about the story and just ask random questions.

She laughed at one of them. "Hey Kai, someone by the name of PocketsAndLockets wants to know if you have a DataStream."

"Yeah, I do, but I'll tell you after Nam finally gets around to telling us this story of hers."

On the other end of the line, Roxas sighed audibly, "Seriously, dépêchez-vous."

"Hey Roxas, how do you tell someone to shut up in French?"


"Ah, okay. Roxas, could you dépêchez-vous and enfermer? I'm waiting for Nam's story."

Before Roxas could provide a comeback, Naminé quickly began speaking, "Fine, fine, okay...here we go then. So Rai, asked me out randomly on Monday. It happened fairly quickly at the end of my Art class. I was really surprised because he kind of just handed me this really deep note about how he liked me. I honestly don't even know why I even believed it, because Rai is about as deep as a kiddie pool."

Through the phone, she heard Roxas laugh. It was a light sound, devoid from any of his French heritage. It was nothing like the stereotypical French laugh that Demyx sometimes did after watching Saturday morning cartoons. A few notifications appeared beside the video, the majority of them dissing Rai or joining in with her best friend's slight laughter.

"For those of you, who don't actually know, today is Thursday and we were set to go for dinner, then to see that new nerd movie...the one where the people look like walking neon signs. We were meeting at 6.30 at the Oblivion Café, so I waited just outside near the fountain because I didn't want to go in alone. It's reasonable, right?" Running a hand through her slightly wet and tangled hair, she continued.

"Totally reasonable, I mean, c'mon? Why would you want to wait in a clammy crowded restaurant for your date?" Kairi said abruptly, feeling the need to fill the silence. She would've most likely kept talking if Roxas hadn't hushed her.

"I ended up waiting there for about half an hour until he actually rang me and told me that he was going to be late. I don't know why, but I believed him. So I walked over to the movie theatre and sat on those ridiculous, couches for about forty or forty-five minutes, waiting for him. I think I gave up at 7.50 or so, which happened to be about twenty minutes after the movie had started. I probably would've stayed longer, but the geeks at the counter were sweating and giving me weird, slightly creepy looks. Then I walked home in the rain, but thank god I don't actually live very far away because otherwi-"

Everything suddenly went black, the laptop screen fading and the phone conversation dying; the only light left in the room was coming from the small flashing button on her cell phone. Downstairs something crashed and she heard Demyx scream before Larxene shouted something incomprehensible. There were several loud bangs and soon she heard her father's voice join the shouting. Unlike a normal parent, he was like an overgrown child, choosing to swear at them and join in, instead of breaking them apart.

Sighing, Naminé slowly leant back onto her pillows, being careful not to kick the computer as she did. The main thought on her mind was just exactly when the power was going to come back on, because it had most likely been cut during another Demyx and Larxene fight. From her position, she reached over and pulled aside the curtains. The moonlight shone in, letting in little amounts of light through the rain. Despite the light sprinkle, she could partly see the stars through the passing clouds.

A streak of white light flew past the other stars quickly and instinctively, Naminé shut her eyes tightly. If she could have one wish, what would it be? Thinking quickly, she ran a list of possible options through her head, before choosing one.

"I wish the right guy would come along. I wish the right guy would come along. I wish the right guy would come along."

Third time's the charm, and looking out at the little lights in the sky, she really hoped the ninth time would work, because that was three times three, right?

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