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"The person you are currently trying to reach is unavailable. If you wish to leave a message with 'My name is Kairi, you silly machine! Are you even working?' please do so after the tone."

Sighing in frustration, Naminé didn't even bother. She hung up the phone and shoved it into her jacket pocket. How could Kairi honestly ignore all of her calls? Of course, Naminé had tried to be reasonable about it. The first time, her best friend could've simply missed it, so she'd rung again a few minutes later. Normally, Kairi would go on about how she'd "seen that this was going to happen", but she'd really just been busy and unable to reach it. It was totally understandable, of course.

However, five times was not understandable. It wasn't reasonable, either. Kairi always answered her phone on the second ring or later – something about a superstition that Naminé had never actually heard of. Something was definitely up. Naminé was certain she had proof for this.

Sitting on the doorstep, still waiting for her best friend, Naminé could easily list the evidence. Number one was obviously the missed calls. This was shortly followed by the fact that Kairi, the all seeing, all knowing psychic, was late. This wasn't normal.

Kairi had promised to meet her at exactly 4.33pm on her doorstep. It was only this specific because her best friend had sworn on it. She'd also threatened that if Naminé wasn't ready to mingle at this time that she would be dragged there no matter what. She'd also made Naminé promise to stay put and not go looking for Kairi, simply because they couldn't "waste precious boy time". What a joke.

It was now nearly five o'clock and Naminé was more than a little irritated. Demyx and Larxene had already left for the interview things, heading there straight from work because they hadn't been home. She would've gone over to find Marluxia, but his gaudy pink BMW, which was usually parked haphazardly on the curb, was nowhere in sight.

This was really stupid.

Naminé shifted, leaning her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. She'd wait here for some sort of message from her best friend – Kairi wasn't going to leave her in the dark, right? Eyes focused forward, she exhaled. She was cold and annoyed, even more so because she could feel the start of a cold closing in after that wonderful walk home in the rain. The majority of kids had already come home from school and people were returning from work. Her dad would be home later with the take out – spicy food, most likely – and surely Larxene and Demyx would have to be home by then – or she'd eat their spring rolls without feeling any sort of guilt. But, for the time being, the only movement in the small cul-de-sac was Lilo, the strange girl from up the hill.

In her floral red and white dress, she seemed to be impervious to the cold weather that had forced Naminé to wear a jacket. Black hair blowing behind her, Lilo skipped over to the small bridge, a sloppily made sandwich in her hand. Naminé rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but think that it was kind of cute. Lilo's little ritual was an everyday thing. Feed the fish and make the weather good – to a teenager it sounded like utter nonsense, but Naminé wasn't about to ruin anything for anyone. However, she was surprised that 'Pudge', the little tiny fish, hadn't exploded yet – Lilo had probably fed him enough sandwiches to feed the entire city of Agrabah four times over.

In her pocket, her mobile chimed and Naminé pulled it out, interested.

One New Message – Kairi

Well, this would be good. Maybe Naminé would get some answers or something. Hopefully she could go and sit inside, out of the cold. A hot chocolate also sounded brilliant right now. She opened the message and immediately frowned.

Nam, don't hate me. Due to a completely unavoidable circumstance I left without you. Stay there and don't show your lovely face, alright? Love ya! x

Naminé tightened her grip on the phone in mild frustration. There was no reasoning or explanation in this! How had Kairi managed to sneak out of this? The phone chimed once again before she could send any sort of threatening, unimpressed message.

One New Message – Kairi

PS, I know what you're thinking but don't show up okay? I got this and there's nothing to worry about! The boys are cuuuuuuute! Your destiny is in safe hands! Trust me, I've seen it ;D

Also, don't ring me! I'll call you when we're done!

Screw the threatening message. Naminé stood, shoving her phone in her pocket. She was going to go down there and spy on Kairi if she had to. She was more irritated over the fact that she couldn't actually even see them all. She didn't even know if this was a good idea anymore. Kairi seemed hell bent on getting her a boyfriend - not that Naminé didn't want one; she wasn't desperate. Boys could wait.

However, this was a pressing issue. Naminé was confused and annoyed. Sure, Kairi had that affect on people all the time, including Naminé, but this seemed to outweigh all the others. Plus, she'd really wanted to meet some of her followers, provided that they weren't creepy.

She paused. Creepy – that's exactly what she'd be if she was caught spying on a bunch of teenage boys. And there it went, her plan, swirling down the drain. She couldn't spy on them. Kairi had often told her how much she just downright sucked at being sneaky and Naminé didn't actually feel as though she could properly do it by herself.

Part of it sucked though. She'd been excited for this interview thing when Kairi had mentioned it. Naminé had basically memorised the list of names, which now sat folded in one of her pockets. Deciding against going to mope in her room, Naminé pulled out her phone again.

Surely Roxas wouldn't be down at the park with them, would he? After breaking his nose, it would be sensible to chill at home. Maybe he'd even want some company. Naminé certainly wouldn't mind spending the rest of the afternoon with him. After sitting out in the cold and having Kairi bail on her, it was certainly better than doing nothing at all.

She scrolled through her contacts, searching for Roxas' name. Hopefully he wasn't in too much pain to answer the phone. Naminé pushed the call button and held it to her ear. It rang a few times before being picked up. After a moment of shuffling, someone answered,

"'Allo?" Naminé bit her lip to keep from laughing. Yes, it was Roxas, but he sounded nasally and annoyed – much different from his usual smooth and lovely voice.

Swallowing, she readjusted the phone slightly, "Hey Roxas. How are you holding up?"

"Oh, bonjour Nam," His voice softened, "I am fine, fine. A little tired, but nothing I can't handle. How about yourself – are you fine?"

"I've been better. Could I drop around? Kairi ditched me."

Through the phone, Naminé heard what sounded like a chuckle, "Typical," She nodded to herself as she walked, her shoes crunching along the gravel. It was typical of Kairi to do these sorts of things – but Naminé really hadn't expected it when these sorts of things were concerned. Roxas cleared his throat before continuing, "Yeah, yeah. I'll leave the door unlocked. Watch out as you walk in, Nami, the devils are about."

Before Naminé could question what he had actually meant by 'devils', the call disconnected and she was met with the set of annoying beeps that followed. That was one of Roxas' habits. He'd always manage to end a phone conversation abruptly. There was something about goodbyes that he didn't really seem to like. She returned her phone to her pocket and stepped onto the sidewalk outside Roxas' house, studying it.

It still looked the same as it always had. When his family first moved in as children, it had been run down and sloppy and she and Kairi had thought that it'd been haunted. They used to dare each other to stand in the front yard and turn their back to the house – apparently something about a monster grabbing them from behind and dragging them down to hell. It was stupid, now that she thought about it, but they were kids. Roxas' family had freshened up the house and given it life – redoing the gardens, painting the outside and just generally making it shine. It made Naminé smile as she walked up the path to the door, past the tiny plastic pink and purple tricycle lying haphazardly on the grass, along with various other children's toys.

She hadn't even reached the door yet when it was flung open, somewhat violently for someone so small. "Nami!" Before she could register what was happening, a little blonde girl had practically tumbled into her, wrapping a set of small skinny arms tightly around her legs. Naminé nearly toppled sideways onto the grass.

"Non, Alice!" Roxas strode out of the house after the girl, one hand reaching towards her and the other connected to the hand of Alice's counterpart, Ventus. The middle child, although he was being dragged along, actually looked pleased to see her. Normally he'd have been annoyed at his brother for controlling his moves and actions. From what it seemed, Roxas had been trying to do exactly that before Naminé arrived but, like usual, had lost track of Alice.

Bending down as much as she could, Naminé smiled and put her arms around Alice's shoulders lightly - it was the best she could do, given that she was anchored in one place. "Hey Alice, how are you?"

The little girl smiled up at her, a big toothy grin that lit up her face, "Good! I'm good!"

Annoyed and exhausted, Roxas, complete with nose bandage and younger sibling attachments, joined them in the middle of the path, putting a hand on his sister's head. "Enough, Alice - Nami cannot walk with you there."

She turned to face her brother, somewhat sad, "But-!"

"No buts, mon cheri," Exasperated, he glanced at Naminé briefly. No wonder he had sounded annoyed on the phone - he'd been left looking after his siblings alone. It happened fairly often and Roxas was a good baby sitter, but today really hadn't been his day. He sounded firm and nasally, "Let go."

After a few seconds, the little girl detached herself from Naminé's legs only to immediately shift and connect herself to her hand. Roxas exhaled and ran his free hand through his messy hair.

"You look exhausted," Naminé knew it was an obvious thing to say, but it was a start.

Roxas sighed and tilted his head from side to side, stretching his neck. "I am, Nam, I am. I am not sore, just tired, you know. But I have to watch the devils," As if they knew exactly what he was referring to, both Alice and Ventus turned to him, offended, and pulled faces. Ventus also took the more violent approach and roughly tugged him as best he could back towards the house. Roxas, groaning, complied, leaving Naminé and her new, possibly permanent extension to follow.

The inside of the house was understandably quiet and dim, the main source of light coming from the kitchen. Naminé had memorised the floor plan years ago and knew that, after he'd taken a right turn at the end of the hallway, Roxas and Ventus had disappeared into the living room. Meanwhile, Alice, oblivious to everything else, was babbling about tea parties and insisting that Naminé join her for one upstairs in her room.

Naminé, squatting in front of her, smiled hopefully, "How about another day?"

Alice, however, pouted considerably convincingly for a six year old, "But this one's special! The Hatter is coming!"

It took a second to register properly. The Hatter had been Alice's imaginary friend since she was four and they regularly played together. Naminé had even been dragged into games and situations with them. As cute as Alice was, she tried her best to avoid these games as she didn't want to accidentally step on the Hatter. Kairi had sat on him once and was forbidden from playing with them again.

"Another time, I promise," As bad as she felt about denying Alice, Naminé really wanted to just talk to Roxas about the whole Kairi situation. Maybe it wasn't too late to pull of this whole dating thing and she could just take the time to reflect on becoming a cat lady or something. But, almost immediately, she shoved the thought from her mind – Kairi would never agree to it.

In front of her, Alice puffed her cheeks out and held her breath. Naminé paused. Roxas had told her about this. It was a technique that Alice had learnt from Lilo, apparently, where she held her breath until she got what she wanted.

"Uh," Naminé hesitated, completely unsure of what to do. Putting her hands on Alice's shoulders, she shook the girl gently. "Alice... hey, sweetie, please stop." She responded by squeezing her eyes shut. Internally, Naminé was flipping out. "Please, Alice? I promised another time..." When nothing happened, she turned her head in the direction of the kitchen. "Uh, Roxas... Alice is doing that not-breathing thing and I don't know what to do!" She didn't realise how frantic she sounded until is echoed back at her slightly.

Without even showing his face, Roxas replied, "Alice, gateau!" And, as if snapped out of a trace, the little girl in front of her shook her head, hair flying, and smiled before sprinting down the hall. Naminé watched after her, flabbergasted. What had just happened?

Wordlessly, she pulled herself to her feet and made her way after Alice and into the kitchen. Naminé paused in the doorway, still confused. Alice sat calmly on one of the dining table chairs; her little feet kicking and swinging beneath it as she shovelled what appeared to be cake into her mouth. Beside her, Ventus was completely absorbed in whatever was happening on his DS and didn't appear to notice when Roxas pushed the plate of cake closer to him from where he sat on the opposite side of the table. Sighing, Naminé made her way over and sunk into the seat beside Roxas, who offered her a consoling smile.

Leaning on her elbow, she turned to her best friend, whispering, in case of being overheard, "What did you say to her?"

"I offered her cake – harmless, no?" She had that she honestly had not been expecting something so innocent to cause the girl go flying to the kitchen. Naminé had automatically assumed that it was a threat, much like in her house. Her sister and father used threats instead – mainly towards Demyx or each other – so this was always a surprise to her.

Neither was the sort of 'tantrum' from earlier. "Your sister... does that happen often or...?"

"Ah, yes. Yes, she does – quite annoying," After a few moments, Roxas cracked a smile, "Do not tell Kairi, however – she will use it, I know."

Despite feeling somewhat annoyed with her, Naminé couldn't help but laugh. She really could imagine Kairi standing there, cheeks puffed, eyes scrunched, and turning as red as her hair over something as trivial as a wrong order at a restaurant.

Roxas was still smiling softly as he gently prodded at the bandage on his nose, one eye shut. It looked sort of cute, in a way. She'd never seen Roxas so concerned about his own injury before – not that she had ever seen him injured. He'd always avoided physical activities because they were "violent and dangerous", and after today, she didn't blame him. Still testing his nose, he glanced over at her, "Speaking of Kairi – she ditched you, yes?"

Exhaling, somewhat loudly, Naminé put her forehead on the table and groaned. "Yes, she did! It wasn't an accident because nothing is an accident with Kairi! It just sucks y'know?" She was more frustrated than anything, only because she hadn't been able to see through Kairi's plan.

"It does, yes, but," Leaning back, he stretched and put an arm around her shoulders, hugging her slightly. "At least you are not alone and outside in the cold, no?"

Naminé couldn't stop herself from looking at him incredulously, "Roxas, did you just pull the move?"

He raised an eyebrow at her, "The what?"

"The move," Eyebrows creased, she smiled as she explained, "You know, when a guy and a girl kind of... sit together on a date or something and the guy yawns and kind of... puts his arm around her... because he likes her?"

"..." He blinked as the information sunk in. After a few moments, Roxas stood abruptly, chair screeching softly along the floor and collected the half finished and untouched plates of cake on the table. Alice let out a cry of annoyance, which he ignored as he walked towards the kitchen, red in the face.

Naminé, completely amused, watched him. He seemed awkward and embarrassed – a rare sight for him, "Roxas, are you alright?"

"Moi? Yes, yes – uh, très bien, mon ami," She heard him awkwardly clear his throat, as if removing the French from his vocabulary. It was incredibly amusing whenever it sort of 'invaded' his speech – around Kairi it hardly ever disappeared, mainly due to their constant pact to annoy each other all the time. Roxas cleared his throat again, "You, uh, what were you and Kairi going to do?"

"Oh," Her expression fell and Naminé glared down at the floor tiles. "They are all interviewing the guys at the park for the date thing. I didn't really feel like heading down by myself and 'ruining' her plans after she told me not to come."

"Terrible – how mean," Shaking his head, Roxas scratched the back of his neck, "Are you alright, Nami?"

Was she okay with this? She exhaled, "Yeah, yes. Just a little bit annoyed, I guess."

After a moment of silence between them – as Alice had taken to babbling again, this time to an increasingly frustrated Ventus - Roxas spoke, "Let's go."

"What?" Naminé looked up at him, confused.

Roxas was standing on the other side of the counter, his expression completely serious, "Let us go. You are obviously bothered by this and I would like to see a smile. Also, I am meant to be the 'moderator' for this, no? I can take you and if she does not want you to come close, we can spy on her. "

She laughed, wanting to believe him, "Did you get hit too hard? You're insane."

"Come on," Smiling, he walked around to her. "I will take the kids, it will be like a field trip - we can blend in. Cheer you up, maybe."

The sound of it beat sitting around moping about being purposely left behind. Still surprised, Naminé laughed and stood, "Alright, I guess so?" Roxas grinned in response, scrunching up his nose, before wincing and falling into a smaller, just as happy smile. It wouldn't be as creepy if it wasn't just her, right?

As she stood in the middle of the park – thankfully not crouched behind a bush – Naminé was extremely thankful that she had actually worn a jacket. Beside her, Roxas wasn't nearly as rugged up as she was, wearing only a t-shirt and jeans. Obviously he was absolutely mental.

It had been proven when, before they'd even left the house, he'd made her tie up her hair before giving her one of his mother's hats and a pair of hippie sunglasses. Yes, as she'd told him, because this sort of clothing is perfect for the winter season and she won't stand out at all. Then, only after being threatened with a ski mask, did Naminé decide to not complain because maybe the hat wasn't that bad at all.

Roxas lead them through the park, his own baseball cap and sunglasses combination looking absolutely stupid and painful with his nose bandage – he had insisted on looking somewhat inconspicuous despite the fact that his face had a great white rectangle in the middle of it. Naminé didn't say anything as she followed him, Alice firmly connected to her hand. Ventus dawdled somewhere behind, kicking small stones and scuffing his shoes, looking bored. He hadn't spoken since Roxas had shoved a beanie on his head before they left the house.

"Alright," Stopping in his tracks, Roxas turned back to them and pointed towards a group of people, sitting on the grass a few metres from the makeshift lake. "That's them, I'm sure."

From where they were, a fair distance from them, Naminé could easily tell that he was correct. She could clearly make out Axel; his hair like a flare; and Demyx beside him. Kairi was a bit harder to find, but it was soon obvious as when someone threw their hands in the air somewhat dramatically, Naminé could immediately pick it. The rest of the group was a muddle of people and it was too hard to make out the faces of any of the boys from where they were.

Nodding, she continued watching the group as she spoke, "Great. Cool. Now what do we do?"

"We get closer." The mischievous smile that had flitted over his face concerned her. Naminé couldn't remember seeing that expression on Roxas since they were eleven when he and Larxene blew up one of Kairi's 'man eating' plants. That hadn't ended well. Wordlessly, Roxas began walking down the path, leaving Naminé and his siblings to follow suit.

After a few metres, Alice stopped walking and pulled on her hand, "Nami!"

Quietly, worried about being seen, Naminé bent down to her level so she could whisper properly, "What's up, Alice?"

"Over there," Speaking normally, she pointed a small little finger at some bushes off to the side. "Over there, I saw a rabbit!"

Naminé blinked and shushed her softly before replying, "A rabbit?"

"Yeah," Alice appeared to get the picture and also fell into a whisper. "It was white and it was fluffy. Can we go and find it, please?"

Oh no. Naminé paused, realising the situation she had gotten herself into again. She didn't want Alice to hold her breath and throw a tantrum in the middle of the park. It took a few moments for her to think of something to say that wouldn't possibly lead to a meltdown. "We can't, we're on a mission – shh!"

In front of her, the little girl's eyes grew big and excited, "Are we really?"

Relief washed through Naminé and she smiled, nodding, "Yeah, really."

"Is that why we're whispering?"

"Yes, exactly – we're sneaking up on someone, so we need to stay quiet." She stood as Alice nodded happily and pretended to zip her little lips shut. Thank goodness they'd avoided that situation. The last thing Naminé needed right now was for Alice to throw another insane tantrum. As they caught up, Alice was creeping at her side, hunched low and looking very entirely serious, like she was ready to pounce at any moment. It nearly caused Naminé to burst out laughing.

Roxas was standing under a tree by the lake, just out of sight but close enough to see what was happening. She wouldn't have been able to see him if it wasn't for the red baseball cap, which stuck out nearly as much as Axel's hair did. When she and Alice joined him, he looked particularly creepy, arms folded and studying the group intently.

"Hey, what are you thinking?" Naminé asked, moving to stand beside him. There was no doubt that she looked quite ridiculous also, standing in the shade with all the inconspicuous disguises they were wearing.

"No one I know," He said calmly, as if relieved. Alice immediately shushed him, obviously thinking that he was speaking too loudly. In response to her, Roxas pulled a face, sticking his tongue out at her.

"That's good, I guess," She'd never properly met many of the boys from Heights Academy, but from the stories that Roxas told them sometimes, they didn't sound too nice. But, then again, Roxas could just be telling them about all the horrible people at his school and none of the decent ones.

Naminé didn't know what to think sometimes – Roxas wasn't very talkative about his school. If she had to, she'd guess that it was because Kairi acted as though she couldn't really care less about it. Her best friend also didn't leave very much room for him to speak either. Sometimes Naminé wondered if they could actually get along for once because, whenever they fought, it was like dealing with children.

Meanwhile, the child attached to her arm tugged lightly, "Nami." Naminé turned her focus to Alice, who looked completely into the whole 'spy mission' thing. Her eyes were bright and curious as she spoke, "Who are we sneaking on?"

"Oh," Smiling, Naminé bent down to her height and shifted them to face the circle. With an arm around the girl, she used the other to point at the flailing, dramatic pink-haired girl, hoping that no one would see her as she did. "Kairi's over there – she's sitting next to Dem. You remember Dem, right?"

Eyes shining, a massive smile pulled across Alice's face. Obviously, she did remember Demyx. On some nights when Roxas babysat, a group of them would just get together to hang out and make it more fun. Whenever this happened, her brother practically jumped at the opportunity to spend time with Alice. While the rest of them sat and laughed and joked around, Demyx and Alice would be having a tea party. It was as if Demyx relished in the time to act like a five year old again. "Demy's over there?"

Before Naminé could respond properly, Alice had pulled away and was sprinting across the grass towards the group.

"Alice- !" Naminé called after her, forgetting the situation, before catching herself. Maybe Kairi had been right about her being a terrible spy. A few people in the group turned and looked, but were distracted by Alice instead. Taking advantage of the situation, she turned around and faced the tree, covering her face with her hands. She nearly lost it there for a second. Beside her, Roxas was torn between laughing and being just as embarrassed.

Risking a glance at the circle, it was obvious that Alice had caused a distraction. A few of the guys were laughing and making comments to each other as the girl had practically tackled Demyx backwards onto the grass. Everyone seemed amused – everyone except Kairi.

Her best friend, after a moment of surprise, had immediately turned and locked onto both Naminé and Roxas as they stood under the tree. So much for being successful spies, she thought. Without hesitation, Kairi made an excuse and stood, quickly striding over as if on a mission of her own. Leaning against the tree next to her, Roxas was looking somewhat amused. Naminé didn't know how to feel and, instead, focused on Ventus, who had finally caught up and was heading towards the group.

"Hey, Frenchy," Hands on her hips, Kairi stood in front of them, frowning at Roxas, "Don't you think you should be resting your precious nose at home? It'll damage your appearance, you know."

"Uh, do you not think that you should apologise to dear Nami?" As he spoke, he gestured between both Naminé and Kairi. "You did ditch her, you know."

After a few moments of glaring at Roxas, Kairi softened and sheepishly turned to face her best friend, "Hi Nam."

"Hi, Kairi," It came out more annoyed than what she'd wanted. Kairi had obviously meant well, right? And she did obviously feel bad. Naminé wished she could just redo that line. Hopefully Kairi didn't take it too badly.

"Uh," In front of her, her best friend hesitated and rubbed the back of her neck. It seemed as though Roxas was about to say something when Kairi suddenly launched herself at Naminé, hugging her tightly, "Nam, I'm sorry I randomly ditched you like that, I swear it was a spontaneous decision and I didn't mean to leave you like a loner on the steps!" Taking a deep breath and leaving her hands on Naminé's shoulders, Kairi pulled away, "I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?"

She hesitated. There really was no point staying angry at Kairi. Who knows what she could do? And, they were best friends after all, "Uh, sure?"

Kairi's face lit up and she embraced her again. From over her best friend's shoulder, Roxas looked incredulous.

"Excusez-moi, désolé –" Cutting between them, Roxas basically pulled them apart. She turned and looked at him, absolutely confused. On the other hand, Kairi looked annoyed. He ignored her and turned to face Naminé. "What are you doing?"

She blinked, "What?"

"Aha," Kairi didn't sound impressed, "Roxas, excus-eh-mwa, what are you doing? We just made up!"

"Nami, why did you forgive her so easily?" He sent the redhead a pointed look. "I am merely curious."

Naminé felt like she'd been put on the spot. Eyebrows creasing, she looked between them, trying to come up with some sort of explanation, "Because she apologised and seemed sincere about it?"

"Yes, see Frenchy? There's no problem with that!"

He folded his arms and scowled at her, "There is every problem with that! Why did you leave her behind if you are supposed to be her best friend?"

It was as if Kairi has already thought of this, as her response was immediate, "Why did you let her come down here if you're meant to be a decent moderator?"

Roxas didn't waste any time either, "Because at least I was being a decent best friend!"

This was getting way too much for a usual fight for them. Instinctively, hoping to calm them down, Naminé stepped between them. Kairi looked way too pissed for her own good and that was always a terrible thing for everyone. On her other side, Roxas also worried her - he had never really targeted Kairi on this before – it had always in jest and about little, random things – but this time, they all knew it was serious.

"Guys, please, this really doesn't need to be happening right now-"

Kairi, however, ignored her, "Excuse me? Sorry, Nam," The redhead stepped forward and pushed her aside, out of her way, getting closer to him. Roxas turned and glanced over at Naminé briefly, as if to see if she was alright, while Kairi continued, "Did you just call me a lousy friend?"

Now standing with his back to Naminé, Roxas faced the redhead. "It was implied, s'il vous plait."

"Aha, I'd like to see you-" With her fingers, Kairi pushed Roxas, somewhat violently, every time she emphasized a word, "Do a better job at making Naminé happy than what I am doing!" It honestly sounded like a challenge. Finality ringing in her words, she gave him a final, stronger shove.

Roxas stumbled back slightly and bumped Naminé. As she staggered back along with him, she lost her footing in the wet grass and grabbed for something – anything - failed, and stacked it backwards. Part of her had been hoping that she could have landed on the ground. Instead, she fell into the muddy shallows of the lake, scattering the ducks and all potential decent first impressions that she could have made on the group of boys who all turned to look in her direction. A few of them even stood and tried to get a better view.

She looked back at Roxas and Kairi on the shore beneath the tree. Wide eyed and not nearly as wet as she was, they both looked from her to each other, almost accusingly, before bursting out into laughter, argument forgotten for the time being.

Sitting in the cold, murky water, Naminé, although forcing a few laughs, wanted to melt into the water out of sheer and utter embarrassment. Everything was absolutely perfect.

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