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Kamino- Two months since the first battle of Geonosis.

"I can't believe we are doing this," Mace Windu grumbled.

"Doing what Mace?" his companion asked.

"Reassigning then to ANOTHER Jedi Knight."

"Well, what else would we do with them? You aren't thinking of terminating them, are you?" she asked with big, worried eyes.

"No, I'm not that heartless Adi. I just feel that this is ridiculous. Everyone says they are trouble and a little… off."

"You can't believe everything you hear, Mace. Surely they aren't THAT bad."

"Then why are they being reassigned?"

"Because the other Jedi Knights they served under are deceased."

"I'm wondering why. None of the other battalions have had issues like this. Maybe they have been reassigned once but NEVER twice."

"You're thinking that there may be something wrong with the battalion?"

"Yes, I'm wondering. I can't help but wonder. Why else would they have gone through two Jedi Knights? Not one, but TWO!"

"I'm wondering that too. Perhaps this new Knight will be good for them."

"Let's hope so." Mace and Adi walked the rest of the way in silence. When they got to the room they watched clones walk two and fro, looking for the markings of the 566th battalion. After a few minutes they heard whooping and yelling and a bunch of clones stormed into the room.

"Nice job man, that droid never stood a chance."

"Not bad yourself, the way you took out that cannon was awesome."

Mace noticed the symbol of the 566th on their armor and looked over at Adi. She noticed it too and gave him a quizzical look, as if to ask, why are they so happy if their general just died? He shrugged not knowing the answer.

"Excuse me Sir, but are you General Windu?" a clone with the symbol of the 566th asked.

"Yes, I am, and you are?"

"Commander Acher, Sir."

"You're the commander of the 566th? Interesting," Mace looked over the group of men who were still yelling and congratulating each other.

"I'm sorry about my men, Sir. They really do miss General Katona but training gets them riled."

"Very well Commander, gather your men up and meet me in the hanger-bay. I'll explain everything then."

"Yes, Sir." Mace and Adi walked away and waited for the clones in the hanger. They got there fairly fast and were silent while they assembled. When they were all in place; Mace began to talk.

"Men, the council is sorry about what happened to your former General. Unfortunately this war does not leave time to grieve. You are being assigned to another General. You will meet General Canachi on Coruscant. You will take the Caiden to Coruscant; it leaves in an hour. You will be on bored by then. You are dismissed." The clones marched toward their sleeping quarters. Mace sighed, "I hope they do better with this Knight."

"I do too, Mace, I do too."


"Man, we're getting reassigned again? I don't know how much more of this reassigning I can take."

"Maybe this Jedi will be different; not as… mean."

"You can forget that; all Jedi are the same, heartless."

"Surely all can't be THAT bad. There must be SOME nice ones."

"Yeah, but other brothers get them, we get stuck with the hard ones."

"I hear General Luminara is good. Master Kenobi too."

"I hear Skywalker is good, reckless but good none-the-less."

"I've heard that Master Ti is good."

"REALLY? But she's on the council."

"Not everyone on the council is heartless; I've heard she's nice too."

"Oh, I don't believe it. Everyone knows Togruta are heartless."

"Ya may think they are but Alpha's under her and he says she actually seems to care."

"Oh well, we know we're not getting her or the others. They already have battalions. I wonder who got us."

"Me too; do you wonder Acher?"

"Yeah, I wonder; but my hopes aren't up."

"Why not?"

"Because my hopes were dashed against the rocks the last two times, that's why. I'm not dumb enough to do that again. We'll probably get someone like the last two. Especially because of our reputation," with this he lowered his head to hide the look of despair on his face. He couldn't let his men see his desperation. They didn't have many men left that were in the group to begin with. The last two Jedi had been all about the mission. If someone was a little behind they were left. It was terrible; his men lived in fear of being that man, the one left behind. He had no hope left; this Jedi was surely going to be just like the last two.

"Hey man, what's wrong? You look down."

"I'm just worried about this transfer. At least the last two Jedi we knew their names. Master Windu didn't even give us his first name. And judging by the last name this one is going to be no different than the others," Acher relplied.

"How did you get that out of the name Canachi?"

"It's the way it's spelled. Haven't you noticed all the Jedi we are assigned have names that end in a vowel."

"That's just a little superstitious."

"It's not superstition, it's true. Besides, why else would Master Windu not give us the first name? It must be Thanatos."

"What kind of name is Thanatos? It doesn't sound that bad."

"It may not sound bad; it's what the name means."

"Well then, what does it mean?"

"It means," the trooper paused for dramatic effect, "death!" The troops jumped back.

"The meaning of a name can't be THAT important. Can it?"

"Of course it can, why did you think I got my name?" Several of the troops nodded their heads wisely.

"Why, what does Acher mean?"

"It means Trouble, exactly what I was. The best thing we can do now is wait and see what this new General is like."