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Topaz frowned. How did this order get mixed up? She tapped her foot impatiently and watched the clerk squirm under her gaze. It felt good to have some power. She was ticked at the guy. Jayshon had headed over earlier to find out why they received the wrong order of medical supplies and this guy had ignored him and finally told him to "Deal with it". By the time Jayshon had gotten back to the medbay of the Caiden where the rest of the medical crew was waiting, he was steaming. Topaz had headed out to deal with the problem and like always, as soon as he realized she was a civilian worker, he got right on it.

She was furious at the whole system. She should have to come over here to deal with something that Jayshon or one of the other medics should have been able to handle. But Noooo, this system is corrupt. They don't think clones can do anything, she thought.

"Did you find it yet?" she asked.

"Yes, it appears to have been switched out with the 501st's Torrent Company's order."

Topaz rolled her eyes, figures. "And you couldn't tell Jayshon this why?" she asked.


"He was here earlier asking about the shipment."

"Oh, we need conformation from a real medic."

"He is a real medic! I shouldn't have to follow up on..." Topaz trailed off and her eyes narrowed, "You don't need conformation. Otherwise you would have asked for my ID."

The clerk squirmed in earnest now, his eyes darting to the door as if looking to escape.

"They told you to say that if you were questioned, didn't they?"

He nodded, looking uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Topaz rolled her eyes, "Next time, just let him do it." She started to walk away and then turned and looked over her shoulder, "And another thing; don't lie. It won't help you." Now to go find the 501st and switch the orders back, she thought.