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He noticed that she had fallen asleep around 2340. Gibbs could see the REM. She was dreaming. He really hoped that it wasn't of Somalia.

'No, she is sleeping peacefully,' he reminded himself. But he must have jinxed it, because moments later, she started to become restless. A soft whimper escaped her lips. Gibbs was contemplating waking her up, and was just about to, when he dropped his hammer.

CLANG! It cluttered to the ground, and Ziva let out a cry that was halfway between a whimper and a scream, and her whole body convulsed.

She did not wake.

Gibbs ducked under the boat frame and gently shook her. She began to struggle.

"Ziver, C'mon, wake up. You are home," he prompted. She was now thrashing against his hold.

Gibbs wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, whispering words of encouragement into her ear. Slowly, she stopped fighting and surrendered herself to her comforting hold. She was still breathing heavily, and her eyes were closed, but Gibbs knew she was awake.

"I am sorry, Gibbs," she whispered, so low he couldn't be sure she had said it. He leaned down and kissed her temple.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" he murmured in her ear.

"I was back there again," she said simply. Gibbs knew this was all he would get out of her.

He leaned his back against the frame of the boat, rubbing his thumb in little comforting circles on her back. Ziva buried her face into his chest, breathing in his scent. Like sawdust, coffee beans, and a faint trace of bourbon.

They say that scent triggers memories more than any other sense. Burying her face into his shirt helped her remember happy things. This was how she fell asleep.

The nightmares would not bother her here. He was her own personal dreamcatcher.

Gibbs PoV

He could tell she was asleep when her breathing evened out. He noticed that all of her muscles relaxed.

He also noticed that she was smiling.

It wasn't much. The corners of her mouth were just barely turned up, but it was a smile, none the less. Boy had he missed her smile.

She looked so peaceful. Like a huge burden had been lifted off of her shoulders. Like she had been like Atlas, carrying the weight of the sky.

Well, if the sky were made up of her feelings, that just might be accurate.

Gibbs was amazed she had been able to stay silent in that camp. But all of the pain, hurt, and sadness had to be stored somewhere, if they hadn't been let out at the time they were insinuated.

Dams can only hold back so much water, just as Ziva can only hold back so much of her feelings. The Ziva's lake needed to be dredged, so that the dam doesn't just shatter.

And that was exactly what Ziva had been doing tonight.

Once Gibbs was sure she was deep in sleep, he lifted her up and carried her upstairs.

She was so light.

He was carrying her up the stairs when he felt something shift under her shirt. Feeling around, he realized she had a broken rib.

It had begun healing in the wrong way, and he realized he had just re-broke it. He heard her sharp intake of breath, but she was too deep in her much-needed sleep to wake just yet. When her breathing became regular again, he walked out of the basement and into his living room, setting her down with great care on the couch. He covered her in a blanket just as he had done for Kelly so many years ago.

Smiling to himself, he kissed her forehead and went to go change.

She woke to birds chirping and the bright sun in her eyes.

She was comfortable. She was far too comfortable for being tied to a chair in a cell in Africa.

And she was convinced that she was hallucinating.

But then the events of the past few days came back to her.

Being violently dragged from her cell.

Being thrown in a chair.

The bag being pulled off her head.

Seeing Tony.

Sensing McGee.

Tony making a fool of himself.

Gibbs killing Salim.

The plane ride home.

Going to Gibbs' house... 'Oh, no. Did I break down in front of him? Did I even go in?' she thought. But she could taste the remnants of bourbon in her mouth, and knew she had gone in. But she did not remember leaving.

Realizing this, she opened up in panic. She was on Gibbs couch, and the sun was nearly at the vertex of its daily parabolic path.

She had slept 'til noon? She never slept that long! She sat up, and gasped at she shooting pain in her chest. Her ribs.

Darn it.

Seeing a note on the coffee table beside her, she picked it up and read it.


I am at work, please feel free to stay as long as you want. You have no apartment anyway, and you can stay here until you find one.

Don't worry about last night. I think nothing less of you. If anything, I am proud of you for opening up.

P.S. Go see a doctor. I think your rib is broken. That's an order, David, and I will know if you didn't go. Then come back here and sleep, you really need it.

Ziva sighed. She hadn't had any intention of going to a hospital, but she knew he was right, her rib was broken. And if she didn't have it taken care of, then it would heal the wrong way.

As annoyed as she was about Gibbs' order, she had to smile. It felt good to know that someone was there to watch her six, and to care about her. Someone that won't judge her, that would love her unconditionally. That only ever had her best interest at heart.

So she carefully stood up as to not hurt her already-damaged ribs, and walked out to her car and headed to the hospital. She trusted Gibbs.

Trust was a foreign feeling to her, but she was gradually becoming accustomed it.

Because she trusted Gibbs to catch her if she fell.


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