Plan "A": Redux

By LizD

Winter 2011


A/N: Per request ... here you go. I hope this satisfies your Shipper Tooth since we have to wait for a DATE that went up in smoke (I am guessing 5/19 or 5/26 – the year of course is the tricky part).


"You should let me have this one, Bones." Booth came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist continuing their conversation. His tone was light but he was serious.

"Why?" Brennan pulled on her jeans, her hair still wet from her shower. Booth always liked her in jeans and never understood why she didn't wear them more often.

"Because relationships are about compromise and we're in a relationship." He slipped into his briefs and used the towel to wipe the rest of the shaving cream off his face.

"Compromise is a settlement of issues by mutual concessions. How is this mutual?" She couldn't decide between the red silk or the blue linen blouse. She held each up to her chin and checked the mirror.

"No, no ... it's like when we order Thai when I want Indian, or we watch baseball when you would rather be doing just about anything else." Booth pulled on a t-shirt and came around behind indicating that the blue was better. "This is important to me," he said earnestly. He kissed the back of her neck. "More important to me than it is to you," he whispered.

That was true. "It won't change anything," she stated. She rehung the blue shirt, slipped into the red one and buttoned it up.

"For you it won't change anything, for me it will change a lot." He tossed a dark suit, belt and crisp white shirt onto the bed and flipped through his plethora of ties. "So you should let me have this one."

She pulled her favorite tie out and handed it to him. "Alright."

"Alright?" He studied the tie and then put it back opting for a different one.

"Yes, your logic is sound." She replaced his tie choice with hers and closed the closet door thus ending the silent tie debate.

Shaking his head he accepted her wardrobe selection. "The only woman in American who can turn a marriage proposal into a logic problem." He pulled on his shirt and buttoned it.

She entered the bathroom but called out to him, "There is no way of verifying that supposition."

"Figure of speech." He slipped into his pants, slid his belt into place and buckled it a little looser than he had a few months prior. Co-habitation was taking a toll on his waist line.

She stood in the door way to the bathroom combing her hair. "I would suspect that there are many women who chose to marry for reasons that have little to do with love or romance." She ducked back into the bathroom.

"We're not talking about the Housewives of DC." He flipped his collar up and slid the tie into place. "So … what? We should pencil it in between a visit to the pediatrician and a crime scene." He tied his tie and folded his collar down

"Given your romantic nature and your religious beliefs," she called out to him. "I assumed you would want to give it more ceremony, with friends and family." The blow dryer came on.

"I'd settle for a justice of the peace," he muttered to himself. He reached over and turned up the baby monitor.

"I will not change my name," she shouted out over the whirr of the blow dryer.

"I'm not asking you to," he said in a normal tone. She often did that; talk to him while she was blow drying her hair though she knew she could not hear his response. It was annoying; someday it would be a thing, but not yet.

Booth dug though the sock drawer and found some new socks that he didn't remember buying. He pulled off the tags, and slipped them on. "Nice," he said looking down as his feet. He actually didn't buy them. Brennan took to occasionally buying him socks and ties and just putting them away without showing him.

She turned the blow dryer off and returned to the doorway to the bathroom brushing her hair out. "My accountant and lawyer will suggest a prenuptial agreement."

"I don't want your money, Bones."

"Isn't that what marriage means - a joining of lives: physically, legally and financially?

"In the pragmatic sense, yes, but -."

"There are financial considerations: trust funds for Parker and the baby as well as retirement."


"Of course, I assume you have been saving for his education, I have as well, we should join those."

"You have?"

"Yes," she said matter-of-factly. And she had. Education was everything to her, it rescued her for a life full of hurt and pain and loneliness and if Parker wanted an education, she would be prepared to help. She started it years ago it was something her father had said about the reason he robbed banks. Brennan took that to heart and decided that she could do that for Parker even though he was not her son and she maintained it even after Booth and she were no longer partners. There was time and if it weren't appropriate to give it to Parker, she would start a scholarship.

"Really? You started a college fund for Parker?" He was surprised and a little confused.

Brennan didn't want to discuss it with him. It would mean that she would have to discuss a lot more than she was prepared to at the moment. "We should also want to ensure the financial health of our children. If anything were to happen to me, or you or both of us we would want our children to be taken care of financially. We will need to revise our wills." She bent completely over and brushed her hair upside down. "There are many advantages to comingling our lives."

"I'm all for comingling." Booth watched anticipating her signature Brennan move - it was sexier than all the lingerie and perfume in the world. She would flip back up, hair flowing, breasts bouncing and then she would shake hear head letting her lovely locks find their own place framing her face. Her cheeks would flush, her eyes sparkle and she licked her lips. It was so sexy. The best part, she had no idea what it did to him, because if she did, she wouldn't do it in front of him as it took every ounce of self-control not to act on his desire.

"As long as things are good, but when that changes."

"It won't."

"You can't know that. Neither can I. Hence the reason for the prenuptial agreement."


"From my lawyer, not me." She noticed that he was looking at her. "What?" she asked innocently. She was more than pleased with his enigmatic smile. She knew exactly what that move did to him; she didn't know why, but that didn't prevent her from doing it every morning and every night – every chance she got.

"No, nothing." What were they talking about? Money, right. "Do I get to write checks on the account? Or will I be turning over everything to your lawyer and accountant and have to get their approval to buy a cup of coffee." He pulled on his suit coat.

She strolled by him stoking his cheek on the way to the closet. She was flirting with him. She was enticing him. If she didn't stop, he wouldn't either. She had been doing it for days, longer, at least a week. She was not a coy woman, so Booth had no idea what her end game was. If she wanted sex she would ask or make some other overt statement or at least he assumed she would. Booth had no idea what was going on in her mind. He was enjoying the hell out of it, but enough was enough.

"It's only money, Booth."

"Says the woman who has more than she can spend."

"I'll go to the bank today." She leaned over to pick her shoes giving him full view of her perfect ass. She had worked hard in the last six weeks to get her figure back. She still had a little ways to go, but not much more. "And put your name on the account, what you choose to do with your money is up to you."

Booth enjoyed the view. "What will your lawyer and accountant say?" He really didn't care what they would say.

"The lawyer will disapprove; the accountant will tell you to keep the receipts when you draw from that account." She studied him for a moment before slipping into her shoes. "Is that why you want to get married?"

"I think you know me better than that." He turned to the bureau to pick up his keys, wallet, etc placing each item in its assigned pocket. He flipped the poker chip in the air and stuffed it into his pants.

"My accountant and lawyer will ask."

"I'll sign whatever they draw up." He stepped to the door and glanced back at her. "If I am very good and meet all their conditions, do I get an allowance?" he added sarcastically.

She picked up her bag and walked passed him into their daughter's room. "I'll call you to tell you when you can go down to the bank to put your signature on the card, and they you can take what you want for whatever you want."

"I don't want your money, Bones." He reiterated more annoyed. He trailed after her.

"I realize that the relative differences in our income are significant and that may hurt your male ego, but I will not treat you like a child and give you an allowance."

"It was a joke," he protested.

"It wasn't funny." She looked in on their little girl in the crib. She was awake and just staring at her mobile. As soon as she saw Brennan her face spread into a huge smile and she started kicking her legs. Brennan threw a cloth over her shoulder and lifted the child up and held her close as she fussed with the blankets and toys.

Booth came in to help stuff the necessary supplies into the bag. "Are you sure about taking her to the lab? What kind of place is that for a baby?" He rubbed the child's back. "Don't forget her horsey." He bobbed the little pink pony in front of the child who just smiled.

"Safe, convenient for breast feeding and she is surrounded by people who love her. The nanny will be there, but so will Angela, Cam, Hodgins, and too many others to count. Angela brought her child to work for the first nine months and it was very beneficial for both the mother and child. To be honest it helped the lab as well."

"Are you sure you want to go back so soon. It's only been six weeks."

She stepped around him. "It's time to go back to work, Booth, for both of us."

"I could take some more time off."

"It's definitely time for you to go back to work." He had been driving her crazy for over a week. She threw the bag over her shoulder and started to walk out.

"I'll see you at lunch? Both of you." He leaned down to kiss his daughter's head. He turned to give Brennan a kiss as well, but she had turned away. "Hey? No kiss?"

"You're angry with me." She walked toward the kitchen.

"I'm not angry ... maybe a little ... irked." He followed after.

"When you're irked with me," she corrected. "You typically don't like to kiss me."

"If you don't kiss me, I'll be more irked ... irkier."

She turned back to him. He was hard on her heels and they bumped into each other. With her free hand she reached up to his neck and pulled him to her. She pressed her pelvis into his, her chest into his as much as possible considering she was holding their child, and kissed him deeply. It was not a quick peck on the cheek before heading off to work. Booth had to stop it or there would be no work, and he hadn't been given permission yet – or a doctor's clearance – or whatever they were waiting for, he hadn't gotten it yet. It had been a long nine months. He was long overdue for a little somethin' somethin' from his beautiful ... not-wife. All those nights of holding her, kissing her, feeling her in the bed next to him were really really nice, but he needed more.

She smiled. She could literally feel the effect she had on him grow. "Still irked?"

"No," he croaked. "Not irked ... definitely not irked … but something."

"Good, we'll see you at lunch." She swept out without a look back.

Booth sat down on a stool after she left. He needed a moment to compose himself; maybe another shower, cold this time.


It had been six weeks since the birth of Booth and Brennan's daughter. They agreed on her name the moment Brennan suggested it: Caroline Julian Brennan Booth. They would call her CJ. It wasn't as exotic a name as Brennan would have liked, but she wanted to honor Caroline and Booth readily agreed. It was also understood that that Angela and Hodgins would be the god parents and the ones named as guardian in the event that anything were to happen to both Booth and Brennan. The four of them talked about it, and it was agreed. Hodgins was the most honored. He had never relished his familial obligations and did nearly everything he could to get out of them, but the family he was creating was very important to him; he was quite sentimental. Brennan was already listed at guardian for Katherine Temperance Hodgins. Angela was happy that their daughters would be raised together.

Telling Parker was cause for a lot of discussion between Booth and Brennan and Booth and Rebecca. They chose to do it early in May just before Booth moved in to Brennan's apartment. They wanted him to be aware that Booth was moving and they wanted Parker to be part of setting up the nursery and of preparing to bring the baby home. What to say, what not to say, how much and how little needed to be shared was cause for much debate most of which Brennan deferred to Booth as he was Parker's father. It was actually the first time that they felt like parents, but they didn't talk about that either. They really didn't know how to broach the status of their relationship as they had not discussed it themselves. Booth told Rebecca in a brief phone call. She didn't say much. She was unimpressed and was worried that Booth was setting himself up for a great deal more heartbreak at the hands of Dr. Temperance Brennan but she kept that opinion to herself. Bear in mind that when the information was imparted to Rebecca, Booth was still under the impression that the child was conceived via artificial insemination. Rebecca was less interested in Booth's relationship status at the time of conception, she just didn't want to explain how artificial insemination worked nor did she want to try to explain why it was done that way. Parker was eleven; the birds and the bees talk was a year to two before but this would bring up more questions. In the end they sweated the small stuff for no reason. Booth had Parker for the weekend; they went to Brennan's for swimming, dinner and games. They sat him down between activities and he blurted out, "so I'm going to have a baby sister, cool!" He didn't need any detailed explanation, and didn't mind staying in Brennan's guest room with all the baby stuff when he came for his weekends. Parker was a good kid. Someday he would ask all those questions, and when that day came, they hoped they had better answers. Parker was really good with CJ and both Booth and Brennan were sure to include Parker in all milestones and Booth made sure to give him some dedicated father and son time.

Booth still hadn't given up his apartment, but he hadn't been home in a while. They had talked around buying a house or larger condo, but nothing was settled. Most of his clothes were in her closet but it was getting cramped. They needed three bedrooms and a home office. But before Booth made any kind of permanent move, he wanted to nail down what their understanding was and if he got his way, they would be married. She had agreed to a marriage, but somehow Booth didn't think her heart was in the right place for it.

The relationship between Booth and Brennan was good, really good. They hadn't make love yet, but that was because of the post pregnancy issues more than anything else. They of course were both exhausted too. Booth always got up with Brennan for the two, four and six o'clock feedings. She suggested that he try to sleep, but he had taken six weeks off too to be there for them. He actually wanted time with his daughter too. Brennan found Booth's way with the baby very endearing. His large hands holding her, changing her diapers, and dressing her was amazing to watch. Brennan seemed to take to mothering very naturally. She didn't believe she would, but it was very normal. CJ was a little angel. Slept well and only fussed when she woke up to eat. She never screamed or cried uncontrollably, but they were pretty doting parents, that might change when they got back to work. After the first week or so, there were a parade of friends and family coming to visit. Max was the one who came by the most. He loved his little granddaughter and offered to babysit often. They hadn't taken him up on that yet, but again, that might change as they got back to work.

Work would more or less go back to the way it had been before Brennan took pregnancy leave. She would continue to be called in on cases that were difficult and she would continue to do identifications, research and other non-field related projects that the Jeffersonian dictated. Booth would remain partnerless and that worried Brennan more than she let on. The most important thing was that life was going to find a new normal - relative normal soon for Booth and Brennan.


"Booth thinks we should get married," Brennan announced to Angela as she settled her daughter down for a nap.

"How unreasonable for him to want to commit to love, honor and cherish the mother of his child for the rest of his life. What could possibly have gotten into his head?" Sarcasm rarely worked with Brennan.

"I think Booth just wants to be married – like it's some sort of rite of passage."

"You should appreciate that from an anthropological perspective."

"I do … I just don't believe in marriage."

"Ephemeral? Transitory? Fleeting?"

"I think it's unrealistic to promise to feel a certain way for a lifetime. No one can know what is around the next corner. The statistic that says fifty percent of the marriages in American end in divorce. That maybe slightly inflated, and there is a case to be made that the percentage drops significantly the older the couple is when they first marry. The rate of divorce for couples in our age range drops to around six or seven percent."

"Well the odds are certainly in your favor. That has got to be one on the plus side."

"But that's not why I don't believe in marriage."

"Do tell," Angela sunk down on to the arm of the couch.

"I don't feel that a social/legal contract is necessary."

"There are millions of gay and lesbian people who disagree with you."

"I have never understood why they are lobbying to be allowed to marry when the institution itself is flawed."

"Sweetie, while I would love to sit here and listen to your treatise on Marriage in America, you and I both know that you are full of it."

"I beg your pardon."

"Come on, Bren. This is not about your attitude about marriage. This is about you and Booth. You are worried that he only wants to be with you because of CJ."

"It is not unreasonable to assume that."

"Yes it is. You love him. He loves you. You both love your daughter. Wouldn't it just be simpler all around if you married – just for once in your life do what normal people do."

"I told him that I would marry him," she said dismissively.

"You accepted his proposal?" Angela was shocked.

"He made the point that it was more important to him that we do, than it was to me that we didn't. So I agreed."

"Well that's romantic," she said sarcastically.

"I'm not sure if there is any romance left."

"What are you talking about? … You two haven't slept together yet."

Brennan looked away.

"Or have you?"

"We sleep in the same bed on a regular basis and have for nearly three months. But if you are inquiring about intercourse, no we have not have sex in that time." Brennan chose her words very carefully. One day she would tell Angela about how her daughter was actually conceived, and perhaps another day she would tell Angela about the intimacy that Booth and Brennan shared that didn't involve sex, per se, in the last months of her pregnancy. However, Brennan's larger concern at the moment was that he didn't initiate or respond to her sexual advances. Maybe the only reason he was with her was for the baby. He had yet to move out of his apartment, he wasn't receptive to buy a house or moving to a larger apartment. He did suggest they get married, but Brennan knew that there were a lot of different kinds of marriage arrangements in the world and it too could be strictly for their daughter's sake. "He doesn't seem interested. I have done everything I can to entice him. This morning I joined him in the shower."

"I'm surprised you made it to work on time."

"Honestly, I am too. But he wasn't interested in spite of the fact that his physical response seemed to indicate that he was very aroused."

"Ohhh ... Sweetie ... TMI ... I love you, and I love Booth ... but I don't want to hear all the gory details."

Brennan shrugged. She assumed that Angela knew what an erection was and what it meant, but if she didn't want to discuss it, Brennan was fine with that too.

"Bren, have you been cleared by the doctor?"


"And you have some sort of birth control."


"Does Booth know you've been cleared?"

"I haven't told him in so many words - he has criticized on more than one occasion that I am too direct, too clinical and that takes him out of the ... the mood, as he calls it."

"I can imagine." She stood up. "Have you just jumped him?"

"I understood that men typically liked to be enticed into making the first overture."

"In this case, I think you need to make an exception."

"Should I?"

"Sweetie, you have set most of the ground rules in that relationship. Booth is just trying to oblige you."

"If he doesn't know me better than that, why should we get married or pursue this relationship any further. If we can't be direct and honest with each other we are doomed to a lifetime of misunderstandings."

Angela shook that comment away. It wasn't that Brennan was wrong, but Angela knew enough that there are certain understandings that need to set the stage for open communication - and sex was a big part of that. "When was the last time you went on a date?"

"A date?"

"Yeah, like dress up, reservations, dinner at a place with linen napkins, fine wine, good conversation … maybe even a movie or a long moonlit walk."



"We have never experienced anything like you describe."

"Then it's high time you do. I'll take the baby home with me, you take Booth out on a date … and then take him home and … you know … take him."

"It's our first day back at work."

"Perfect timing, neither of you have anything to do yet."

"My in box is full."

"It can wait one more day."

"What can wait one more day?" Booth said cruising into Brennan's office like he belonged there. He wasn't looking at either of them. He was making a bee line for his daughter. "Hey there little one," he cooed picking her up into his arms. She fussed and smiled at her father. "What have you learned today, huh?" He kissed her little head and rocked her in his arms. Both Angela and Brennan melted to see big, strong, manly Booth, cooing at a little baby. Brennan never grew tired of watching him. His singing needed improvement, but he talked to her like a little person. He didn't do that baby talk that she saw most fathers do. He turned to Brennan, "What can wait one more day? Getting her a little lab coat?"

Brennan turned to Angela who nodded and ducked out of the office.

"Something I said?" he asked noticing Angela's hasty departure.

"I think she was trying to give us some privacy."

"Something wrong?" He got concerned.

"I would like to go out to dinner tonight … a nice dinner … maybe a movie … or a walk."

"Dinner? Tonight? Just you and me? On a school night?" He smiled softly. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

She shrugged a nod.

"What about out little bundle of joy here?"

"Angela will take care of her tonight." Brennan took CJ from Booth and placed her back in the crib. It was her nap time. "We can get her in the morning."

"All night ... just you and me alone all night? No two AM feeding? No four AM pacing the floor? You mean we could actually get eight hours of sleep?"

"Is that what you want? To sleep?"

Booth didn't quite know how to answer that question. "Dinner sounds good ... where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere you like."

"Do you want me to make the reservations?" he asked.

"No, I will take care of it."

"You going to pick me up?"

"Will you be going back to your apartment?"

Booth hadn't planned on it but maybe she wanted him to. It was all getting too confusing trying to second guess what was going on in her mind. "Did you want me to?"


"Then, no. I'll meet you by the couch. I'll be the one in suit with the red carnation."

Brennan looked confused. Why would she need him to tell her that he would be wearing a red carnation? She saw that Booth was smiling so she determined that he was joking, but she didn't understand why. "Ok ... seven o'clock?"

"I'll be there."


Brennan arrived home around six. She wanted more time to change for their 'date', but the lab got busy in the afternoon. She laid out her clothes and went to the bathroom to shower. Booth arrived home around six-fifteen. He couldn't help himself; he brought her flowers and was putting them in water when Brennan emerged from the bathroom in a robe.

"Isn't it tradition for the person requesting the date to bring the other flowers?" she asked.

"Since when have we been traditional?" He leaned over the counter and kissed her.

"They are lovely, thank you."

"Welcome, so where are we going?"

"Thought we would go to that new Sushi place you've been talking about?"

"Were you able to get reservations?" he asking knowing that they were booked out for months.

"Yes ... Why? Was it supposed to be difficult?"

"Apparently not for a world famous Forensic Anthropologist such as yourself." He pulled his tie free and took off his jacket.

"I believe it had more to do with my books than my work."

He smiled. "No doubt."

"I'm done in the bathroom," she called over her shoulder as she went to change.

Booth stayed in the kitchen. Something occurred to him. He was actually nervous. He very much wanted the night to go well. He didn't know what her reasoning was for wanting a date, but he would do what he could to give her the night she wanted. He was sorry that he didn't think of it first.

He went to shave again.

Brennan was in the living room on the phone with Angela when Booth was done preparing for the night. There was no stated reason for it, but they tried to stay out of each other's way when dressing, like they were on a real date. He would pick her up by the couch.

He was in his Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Suit that was jet black with a hint of charcoal pinstripes. He wore a dark gray silk shirt and a darker gray silk tie with no markings on it at all. He looked and felt great. When she stood up to put the phone away, she took his breath away. She was in a very form fitting black dress that had just a hint of sparkle to it. Her hair was up but with wispy tendrils framing her face. Her make-up was understated and with soft colors. She wore deep red CFM pumps that were strappy around her ankles with a minimum of four inch heels. She carried a little red bag that matched the heels. Booth had never seen those shoes before, he would remember; hell they would have been the subject of many dreams - both daytime and nighttime.

"Wow," he uttered.

"Do I look alright?" she asked innocently.

He stepped up to her. The heels brought her lips level with his. "Stunning." He kissed her softly. Booth had known enough women to know that he didn't get to mess up their make-up at the beginning of the night.

She looked down at herself. "I would have thought that these shoes and this dress would have elicited a different response - at least that is what the sales lady said today when I bought them."

He stepped back to take a look at her again. "You bought this today? For me?"

"I did."

"Wow ... that's hot."


"Cause you've never dressed for me before."

"That's not true." She would often choose clothes that she observed Booth noticing that started very early in their partnership.

"Well, since this is our first date … "

"Is this wrong? Traditionally first dates are about getting to know a person. They are tentative and awkward. We have been partners for year, we have had a few issues come between us, and now we have a daughter."

"Like I said, since when have we been traditional?" He leaned into her. "And I hope we have many more dates." He stroked her cheek.

"The point is that we know each other quite well, so to call this a first date might be misleading." She looked away. "We should go. We're going to be late."

"Bones?" He touched her arm and turned her back toward him. "We do know each other … very well … there's something on your mind."

Brennan frowned. She didn't know how to be coy if he were going to ask a direct question. She didn't like being coy anyway. "Are you attracted to me - sexually?"

"What? Yes … of course I am … why would you ask such at thing?"

"I have been trying to get you interested in having sex – making love with me for over a week now and you do not seem … interested."

"Is that what the shower was about this morning? And all that other …" He almost laughed until he realized that she was not kidding.

"I will understand if you are no longer interested as my body has changed, I'm lactating. It's not uncommon for a man to lose interest particularly due to sleep loss. It is quite natural."

"Wait … wait ... wait." He stood in front of her with his hands on her shoulders. "First things first … I am more than interested. I have been fighting to stop myself. As for your body changing? It was amazing to experience the pregnancy – before, during and after - with you. If anything you're more beautiful to me now than you ever have been."

"Then I don't understand."

"Bones, you have always been so … direct … I didn't think I was allowed or that you were cleared by the doctor. If you were, you would have told me."

"You suggested that I was too direct, too clinical when we have discussed sex in the past."

He nodded. "Yes ... that's true, but I didn't say it was a bad thing. It was just an observation." He cocked his head. "Is that why you wanted this 'date'? Why you went and got his fantastic dress and those shoes? Were you trying to seduce me?"

"I was trying to give you what you want … what you are used to in a woman."

"Bones, don't ever change for me. Seriously. This dress and those shoes are keepers … and going out to dinner and taking a walk – though I'm not sure how far you will get in those stilettos."

"Not far." She leaned against the couch to take her weight off her feet."

"Those are great ideas. I enjoy your company no matter what we're doing. But please don't feel that you can't be yourself. Don't ever feel that I want you to be different, because it's just not true. We disagree about a lot of things, and I like that. I love debating with you. The first thing about you that I fell in love with was the way you didn't play games. There was no second guessing when it came to you. You always said the absolute truth and damn convention. I can't tell you what pressure that takes off a guy. Most guys spend their life trying to figure out how they pissed off their wives or girlfriends and then trying to figure out how to apologize for it. I don't have that problem. I'm a lucky guy. If you get upset with me, you tell me. And I will apologize for it and we will move on. OK?"

"Ok." She looked a little sad.


"Would you be terribly upset if we didn't go out to dinner? If we stayed in and just ordered Thai or a pizza. I'm exhausted and would like to just be with you at home."

"We don't have to go out. We can order whatever you want – I have a preference for Thai, but it's up to you." He hesitated. "How exhausted are you?"

She smiled. "Not that tired." She leaned in and whispered in his ear. "They deliver until midnight." She sucked his earlobe between her lips and teased it with her tongue.

"Suddenly not tired … and not hungry … for food." He swooped her up into his arms. "Just one thing."

"And that would be?" She continued to nuzzle his neck as she pulled his tie loose.

"Don't take those shoes off."

She laughed. "You might come to regret that."

"I'll take my chances." He kissed her and started carrying her to the bedroom.

Booth's phone started to ring. And then Brennan's.

They looked at each other and laughed. "Voice-mail," they said in unison. They disappeared behind the bedroom door which was kicked closed by those deep red CFM pumps. Guess they earned their moniker that night.


Agent Wilcox hung up the phone after leaving a message for Booth on both his phone and Dr. Brennan's. Wilcox and Booth hadn't worked together in a while, but somehow this bag of trouble landed in his lap. That's what he gets for working late to impress the boss. He turned to the older man who was standing next to him.

"I'm sorry, sir, Agent Booth does not appear to be answering his phone and I can't raise his partner either. Who did you say you were again?"

"My name is Booth, Billy Booth … I'm Seeley's father."


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