What happens next? Right after the dock scene! Look into their thoughts!

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Russell's P.o.v.

I sighed, happily, as I trailed my fingers over the surface of the bath water, my fingertips making rings that thin out over of the water. Then I slid deeper into the bath and thought about the previous events when Holmes had, more or less, proposed to me.

I felt a smile tug on the corner of my lips, "' You do realize how potentially disastrous this whole thing is? I am old and set in my ways. I will give you little affection and a great deal of irritation, though heaven knows you're aware of how difficult I can be.'"

This, somehow made me think back to when I had been 13, and I had been talking about love and marriage with my child-hood best friend Aine. Looking back, she was the only one who I'd ever talk about such things with.

"I bet marriage is really difficult, I'm not sure I ever want to get married." I told her.

"So is life, do you plan to stop living? Marriage is a sign of love."

"So? Love doesn't make the world go around."

"You're right, it doesn't make the world go around," She shrugged her frail shoulders. "It only make the ride worth while." She smirked at me as I, realized, for once I had no sarcastic rebound.

I laughed, remembering how different we were. She had always wanted true love, and had always planed to fight for it. I however, thought, Eh. Either itcomes around or it doesn't. But I'm NOT gonna let anything bring me down.

" TRUE Love doesn't bring you down Mary, It builds you, and brings you up instead. It helps you grow, and it's important. You'll know when it's the right love, when you can see yourself with them for the rest of your life, can't see yourself without them, and it doesn't change you."

I hadn't had a inkling of Aine had meant, back then- yet it was all so clear to me now.


I wondered what Aine would think of Holmes. She would like him I decided, because, A) Him, Himself and B) He made me happy. However, she be less than happy about the whole 'less than affection' thing- Which caused a rumbling laugh deep from with in come out into the steamy air. Yes, she would definitely been less that happy about that. More uncontrollable laughter.

I heard Holmes, and my soon to be brother-in-law Mycroft clear their throats in the other room, and I quieted down. Dang, their hearing was good.

I went back to my musing of recent events. "'Would it please some obscure part of your makeup if I were to were to get down on one knee? I shall, if you wish, although my rheumatism is a bit troublesome just at the moment'".

Since I had let Homes off the hook, I knew exactly how Aine would have responded, first a groan, then with laughter, "No, Girl! You should have made him work for it!"

"Would you really make him get down on one knee? Even if he had Rheumatism?"

"Hmmm. Well... Later then, when it wasn't bothering him."

Again, I couldn't stop the giggles from passing through my pressed closed lips.

I pictured myself doing that, making Holmes go down on one knee, and I let out a throaty chuckle that echoed on the walls...