Life After

The alarm went off at 7:15 in the morning. A tired gloved hand reached out for the off button. The sun streamed from the window and shined in her eyes. She turned over trying to get up the will power to get out of her comfy bed. When she turned over she noticed a gray rabbit next to her oblivious to the alarm or even the fact that it was morning for that matter. She reached over and kissed him on the cheek and a sleepy smile spread across his face.

She quietly got out the bed trying not to wake him up then went to the bathroom for a quick morning shower. She stopped in the mirror. In it was a cream colored rabbit. Messy blonde bangs fell over her bright blue eyes. She used to wonder what the heck her husband saw in her in the first place. She'd always found herself to be a plain unattractive tomboy. But him and her friends had always told her she was just naturally sexy without even trying. Eventually she was forced to accept it.

A few minutes later she put a towel around her and walked back to the dimly lit bedroom.

Bugs watched her come in. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Good morning Lo."

Lola smiled at him. "Good morning Bugs." She let her towel drop to the floor and crawled back under the covers next to him in their huge bed. She put her arms around him and he ran his hand up and down her bare back. She let out a soft sigh as he kissed her neck and massaged her shoulders. He always made her feel so secure and loved. She knew that if the whole world had turned its back on her, he'd still be there for her with a kiss and a kind word. He kissed her up to her cheek then finally gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips. Then whispered the words that made her feel so good inside. A smile spread across her face. "I love you too Bugs."

They laid there for about ten minutes then they had to get up to get ready for work at Acme Looniversity. Yes, their honeymoon was over, they had come home a week ago and now it was time to go back to work. Both were extremely tired though after spending the past month staying up until after two thirty messing around and though they missed teaching, the last thing they wanted to do right then was wake up.

Lola went over to her closet and put on some blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt and tied her ears up into a ponytail. She opened a black box and took out a gold necklace with her name on it. Bugs had bought it for her a little over a year before they got married. She stared at it for a second. This necklace held memories that she preferred not to remember. She had almost lost him over it. It was around their anniversary and her mother, who's dedicated her life to breaking the two of them up, had given Lola the crazy idea that Bugs was cheating on her.

She looked over at him adjusting the collar of his shirt and smiled. She was still getting used to the fact that she was his wife now. She looked at her wedding ring; she remembered the day as if it were yesterday.

He looked over at her and noticed her staring. "Why are ya staring at me Lo?"

Lola shrugged and blushed. "I don't know, I was just thinking."

He came up behind her in some jeans, a navy blue shirt and an untied tie and put his arms around her and ran his hands over the curves of her hips. "Thinking about what?"

"Us," she said. She put on her necklace then tilted her head back a little as he kissed her neck.

"Nice necklace. Where'd you get it?" he joked.

Lola smiled. "A friend bought it for me a while ago," she said playing along.

Bugs raised an eyebrow. "What friend?"

"He's this really sexy gray rabbit who's an awesome kisser. He bought me this ring too," Lola said holding up her hand with her wedding ring on it.

"Hmm, I'm gonna have to meet this guy," Bugs said with fake jealousy in his tone.

"You see him every day. Look in the mirror."

Bugs looked in the mirror. "He's a pretty good looking dude," he said running his hand through his hair.

Lola laughed then turned him to face her so she could fix his tie. "Sweet, I did it right this time!"

Bugs chuckled. "I'm gonna go make you breakfast."

"Aw, you don't have to."

Bugs shrugged. "I want to. Nothing elaborate, just a fruit salad and some toast."

Lola reached up and kissed him. "Thanks Bugsy." She walked out of the room giggling to herself. Bugs for some reason hated people calling him "Bugsy". The only person he let call him that was her. But his sister once told her he yanked her weave out for it. Kind of like how she hated it when people called her doll. But honestly she'd had no problem with it until they did Space Jam and he teased her about it nonstop.

When she got to the kitchen there was breakfast laid out for her on the kitchen table. About fifteen minutes later they were both ready to go.

"What car do ya wanna take?" Bugs asked. Their garage was full of five cars (a Viper, Lamborghini, a Volkswagen, a Ferrari, and a vintage Cadillac that Bugs had in the 70's that by some miracle was still running), two motorcycles, car parts that once belonged to a black Dodge (which Bugs had yet to sell), and a lot of tools. And there was a glass ceiling which the sun was directly above

"I'm in the mood for the Lamborghini," Lola said taking the keys off the rack. They went into the car and headed to Acme Looniversity.

Their day turned out to be pretty interesting. All day they were getting questions from the students about their wedding and they ended up telling the story to all of their classes (leaving out all of the intimate parts of course). Not to mention there were new freshman names they had to learn and they were star struck as they always were on the first day.

After school that day Bugs and Daffy were sitting on the front steps of the school.

"So how's it feel being married?" Daffy asked.

Bugs took a bite of his carrot. "Great, especially when she puts on a corset and fish net tights."

It took Daffy a second to catch onto this then he slapped Bugs' arm. "I wasn't talking about that…for once." He thought about Lola in a corset. "Wow, that's hot."

Bugs elbowed him. "Stop thinking about my wife like that!"

"It'll be over in the next two years. Trust me."

Bugs rolled his eyes. "I'm not you okay? I can actually hold onto a relationship for more than a year." All of a sudden Daffy started laughing. "What?"

"You'd be the one to talk! You couldn't even hold onto a relationship for more than four hours!" Bugs gave him a confused look. "Remember, it was like twenty something years ago? You met that chick at the mall one day and went on a date with her, and then three hours later you found her cheating on you? Or how about that one girl, she was like eighteen and you started dating her. Then two weeks later she broke up with you because her parents were sending her to boarding school or something. How about that girl you took home from the bar one time? You slept with her then went on a real date with her. That one lasted what, less than a month? How about when…"

Bugs cut him off. "Okay I get it! But Lola and I are married; I plan on holding onto her for a long time."

Lola and Sylvester were walking out of the school then Daffy tripped Lola and she fell down the steps.

She tumbled down and landed at the bottom. She looked at Daffy. "DAFFY DUCK WHAT THE HELL?" She raised her fists. "YOU ARE SO GONNA PAY FOR THAT!"

Bugs smacked Daffy.


He raised his fist in Daffy's face. "What the hell Daffy? I swear to god Daffy if you touch her again I'm gonna hang you by your ankles from the bell tower!" He went over to Lola. "Are you okay?"

Lola's face was red with anger. "No. I am gonna kill you Daffy." Her and Bugs started to walk away.

"I bet you wouldn't act stho cocky if you didn't have Bugsth to sthick up for you," Daffy said.

"Daff, do you know what you're getting yourself into? You know Lola can fight," Sylvester said.

"I'd like to sthee her try!"

Lola ran towards Daffy and punched him in the face. Then kicked him in the stomach and pushed him down the stairs and he hit his head on his statue. "That'll teach you to mess with me bitch!" She went back to Bugs.


"Thank you."

"You wanna go get some tacos?" Bugs asked.

Lola nodded. "Sure."

Daffy sat up and looked after them. "I can't stand them."

Sylvester shrugged. "I warned you."

That evening Bugs sat on a beach chair by the pool eating a carrot and reading an old Harry Potter novel. He heard the door open behind him. He turned around and Lola came out in a skimpy purple bikini and two wine glasses. He felt his heart start pounding fast and his eyes growing wider at how sexy she looked.

"Hey babe." She sat in the chair next to him and handed him a wine glass. "Whatcha reading?"

Bugs took a sip of wine. "Order of the Phoenix."

"You know how I always call you a nerd?" she asked. Bugs didn't say anything. "Nerd!" she started to laugh. Even though she read Harry Potter and stuff just as much as Bugs did, it was fun teasing him.

"You are gonna pay for that one!"

Lola stood up and ran and Bugs chased her. This was the fun thing about their relationship; they were always playing with each other. They'd chase each other around the house, start pillow fights, you name it. This time when Bugs caught up to her he picked her up and carried her to the pool.

"Bugs Bunny…!" Splash! He tossed her into the pool. Lola came out sputtering and glaring at him while he laughed. "Damn you!"

Then he jumped in and started splashing her. Then they started this big splash fight. Bugs started splashing her mercilessly. Water was flying at her like crazy. When he stopped she wasn't there. "Lo?"

He went underwater to look for her but she wasn't there. When he came up she wasn't there either. Then something jumped onto his back and he slipped and fell face first into the water. He came up coughing and gasping for air while Lola laughed. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that girl!"

Lola swam away from him and he swam after her. She went all the way to the deep end of the pool which was about 12 feet. When he got close to her she ducked under water and swam back to where they came from. When she came up she didn't see him. "Bugs?" She looked around. "Dang, where'd he go." Then he grabbed her around her waist. "AH!"

Bugs turned her to face him and kissed her hard. "Okay…you got me." Bugs kissed her again and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They got more intense and they could feel themselves getting excited as he roamed his hands around her body, over her legs, her back, and her boobs. Then he kissed her neck. She gave him a sly look and they got out of the pool. Bugs picked her up and carried her towards the house (if wanna call it a house, the place is frickin huge). Lola put her arms around his neck and sighed. Then Bugs picked her up out of the pool and took her inside.

The next day after work when Bugs and Lola got home there was a white Cadillac in their driveway.

"Whose car is that?" Lola asked.

"Carlton," Bugs said. They got out the car and went inside to find Bugs brother but he didn't answer when they called him. Then they went out back and found him sleeping on the porch swing. Lola started laughing and Bugs knelt down next to him. "Shh," he said to Lola. Then he got next to his brothers ear which hung forward slightly unlike Bugs'. Then he took a deep breath. "CARLTON!" he shouted.

Carlton sat up. "AH! What the hell?" Then he saw Bugs and Lola laughing. He nodded. "Real funny Bugs."

"You're the one that decides to come and sleep in my backyard without telling me," Bugs said still laughing.

"What are you doing here?" Lola asked sitting next to him. Bugs pulled up a chair near them and sat in it backwards.

"Just thought I'd come visit my baby brother and his wife," Carlton said. He laughed at the look on Bugs' face when he said 'baby brother'.

"Don't call me that again if you want to keep your teeth," Bugs said. Carlton put up his middle fingers at him.

Lola laughed again. "You'd better stop before he breaks your fingers. When I was in college there was this guy who broke both his middle fingers so he was walking around like this for two weeks." She held up both her middle fingers and that made Bugs and Carlton laugh.

"I'm sure Elise would get really pissed off at you if I did that since you'd have your middle fingers up at her all the time," Bugs said. He reached out but Carlton snatched his hands back.

"Would you stop trying to break my fingers?" Bugs stuck his tongue out at him and he did the same back. "Mom been bugging you about coming to New York?"

Bugs chuckled. "The hell she has. She called , I don't know…"

"Three times," Lola said.

"Yeah three times last night informing us that we have to come see her and dad," Bugs said rolling his eyes.

"She just wants you to come over so they can smother you about being married," Carlton said with a knowing glance and Bugs and Lola.

"Of course she does. That's why they came over here that Thanksgiving when I started dating her, so they can intrude on my life and question the hell out of us," Bugs said.

Carlton shrugged. "At least she's hot so you've got that to brag about."

Bugs nodded. "True."

Lola looked back and forth between them. "Why do you two always talk about me like I'm not here?"

"Don't take it personally, we do the same thing to Elise," Carlton said.

"Yup, and I still tease them to this day about how they met whether they like it or not," Bugs said.

"How'd you meet her?" Lola asked getting curious now.

Bugs leaned back in memory. "We were in the war and this explosion had gone off. Carlton almost got blown up with the hideout we were in but I saved him." Carlton kicked his knee and Bugs kicked him back. "Anyway he was unconscious for about five days. He woke up and saw this pretty nurse next to him taking his temperature, they talk, then he passes out again. So I'm sitting next to him a few hours later and he wakes up and starts calling me "baby" and "sweet heart" and at this point I'm like "oh my freaking god he has amnesia"." That made Lola laugh and Carlton chuckled at the way Bugs was telling this. "So I'm like "who are you calling baby?" and he goes on about this pretty red haired girl and then decides it was just a dream. Four months later we come back from getting kidnapped and shit…"

"Long story," Carlton said to Lola.

Lola shrugged. "He told me what happened."

Bugs cleared his throat to get their attention back. "After we come back he sees her again and they start kissing and all that, they had sex in the middle of the battlefield with bombs going off around them."

Carlton kicked him again. "Then we go home and she moves to New York from Denver and we get married and the rest is history," he said as if in a daze.

"That's sweet," Lola said.

Carlton's phone buzzed and he answered it. "Yo…you're ready?...okay, give me ten minute's…I'm at Bugs and Lola's house…okay, love you." He hung up his phone. "I got to go bro."

Bugs pretended to be sad. "Aw, but I was gonna pull out the Monopoly and Scrabble and then we can get drunk and make mud pies and sent them to Lena Marie as birthday presents."

Carlton laughed. "Her birthday isn't for three months."

Bugs snorted. "I don't know when that girl's birthday is."

Lola shook her head. "That's a shame." Bugs just shrugged.

Carlton stood up. "Next time I come over I'll bring some swiss cheese and we'll make grilled cheese sandwiches with a lot of pepper. And I'll bring Twister so we can get put in awkward positions and think all the wrong things."

Bugs nodded approvingly. "Sounds like a plan." Carlton hugged Lola and Bugs then went to go get in his car.