A/N: Trying to kill a guy and failing is likely to just piss him off, especially when that guy is a vampire original. Elijah's back and he wants Elena. Starts S2E11 when Elijah goes to Elena's house to make a deal.

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Elena's POV

I could hear Jenna making a lot of noise downstairs so I decided to head down and see what she was up to. Sometimes, I didn't know what was more worrying around here, loud noises or silence.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see clearly what was making the noise. She was in the under stair's cupboard, pulling out boxes.

"Hey. What are you doing?" I asked. She looked up and smiled.

"Oh perfect timing" she said, handing me a giant box. I almost dropped one of the countless diaries resting on top.

"Whoa! What is this stuff?" I said, catching the diary just in time and balancing it again. As far as I was concerned, my mum used it for general storage of the heirlooms we didn't need. A lot of families in Mystic Falls had old relics, left by their ancestors. Some displayed them (like the Lockwood's), while others merely stored them until they became useful.

"You're mum's files from the historical society. I got roped into helping Mrs Lockwood" There was a tinge of regret in her voice, I almost smiled at that. Aunt Jenna's worst nightmare was Mrs Lockwood. She stood up, carrying a box with her. Her tone changed to one of eagerness and slight sarcasm. "And by roped I mean very excited to participate" She shut the cupboard door. I jumped, almost screamed when I saw who standing behind it.

"Hey. I'm Elijah," he said, smiling. I could only stare as Jenna placed her box on the table and came back to take mine.

"Elijah's in town doing research on Mystic Falls" she left and Elijah approached me.

"It's a pleasure," he said, extending his hand. The lazy smile on his face worried me, his dark eyes scrutinized my face looking for the fear that was most likely evident on it. Elijah, a very dangerous vampire who seemed incredibly difficult to kill was in my house. There had to be a reason.

I reluctantly took his hand and shook it. I shivered as a shock ran through me at his touch. I mean, just last week this guy was trying to kidnap me to take me to meet a vampire overlord and now he was playing nice with my aunt? Something was definitely up.

"So, you're welcome to stay here and rummage through this stuff or Elena and I could help load it into your car?" said Jenna, coming back and standing next to me. She was oblivious to the tension in the room. I prayed that he would leave. I didn't like him being here.

"Yeah. Or I can get somebody to pick it up tomorrow?" he suggested.

"Also a good plan." he headed towards the door, his shoulder brushing mine as he past.

"And thank you so much for inviting me into your home Jenna," that was a clear taunt towards me, a notification that he could, and probably would, enter as he pleased "And Elena," he turned to face me and smiled, evidently enjoying my discomfort at the situation "I hope to see you again sometime soon." The smile told me that he would be following up on those words. I watched as he left and immediately ran up the stairs as he disappeared from sight. I pounded on Jeremy's door. He knew about the vampires, he had to be able to help! I couldn't do this on my own!

When there was no answer to my frantic knocking, I glanced over my shoulder briefly for signs of pursuit, then my hand fumbled for the handle. A pale hand seized mine, halting me. I looked up. Damn vampires and their super speed. Elijah stood on the other side of the door. He raised a single finger to his lips. A warning. I knew what he could do if I decided to ignore it.

The door opened and Jeremy came out, headphones on.

"What is it?" he asked, pulling his headphones down around his neck. His hair was messed and his eyes were bleary, as if he'd been sleeping. Typical Jeremy, sleeping while vampires and werewolves reeked havoc through the town.

"umm" I struggled to come up with a decent excuse "Jenna was just asking me to get you to help her with the boxes"

"Oh. Yeah" he nodded and headed downstairs, oblivious to the homicidal vampire standing a few centimetres behind him. I kept my eyes firmly on Jeremy as he moved, trying not to draw suspicion, though I felt severely uncomfortable and vulnerable this way.

"It's a wise choice" I turned back. Elijah was casually leaning against the wall, hands in pockets. He seemed utterly at ease, while I was stiff with nerves. This was more then a little frustrating. I mean, this was my house, I was supposed to feel safe here! But it's hard to feel safe anywhere when you have an original standing nearby, his attention focused on you.

"What do you want?" I asked, finally through with pleasantries'. If he was going to kill me, it didn't matter if I was rude to him, it would still happen.

"I think it's time you and I had a little chat" he said. He gestured for me to enter my room. I did so reluctantly, because it meant I had my back to him. We went in and I stood by the door, ready to run (even if I knew I wouldn't get far). He wandered my room, examining my possessions at random.

"Forgive the intrusion" he said, clearing a space on my cluttered window seat "I mean your family no harm" I closed the door.
"Why did you kill those vampires when they tried to take me?" I asked. The question had been burning in my mind since it happened. He seated himself at the window and leaned back slightly.

"Because I didn't want you to be taken" he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He must have seen my blank expression because he sighed and continued "Klaus is the most feared and hated of the originals, but those that fear him are desperate for his approval. Word gets out that the doppelganger exists, there'll be a line of vampires eager to take you to him and I can't have that" he smiled again. I was still confused.

"isn't that exactly what you're trying to do?"

"errr…let's just say that my goal is not to break the curse" I waved my hands in frustration. None of this made any sense.

"So what is your goal?"

"Klaus's obsessions have made him paranoid. He's a recluse. He only trusts those in his immediate circle"

"like you?" I thought I saw a flicker of something in his eyes as I spoke. He shook his head.

"Not anymore" a sudden thought occurred to me.

"you don't know where he is, do you?" he looked away, clearly reluctant to acknowledge this. It was obvious what he wanted now, everything made sense. "So you're trying to use me. To draw him out"

"Well to do that I need you to stay put and stop trying to get yourself killed" he leant against the wall again, arms folded, mimicking my pose from his seat.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"Well if I wasn't being truthful" he said, apparently in deep contemplation of his shirt sleeve "Your family would be dead and I'd be taking you to Klaus right now" that did make sense "Instead, I'm here and I'm prepared to offer you a deal" My ears pricked up at his words.

"What kind of deal?"

"Do nothing" he said, getting to his feet and heading to my dressing table. My diary was there and he absentmindedly flicked through the pages. I wanted to snatch it away from him "Do nothing, live your life, stop fighting. Then when the time is right you and I shall draw Klaus out together and I shall make certain that your friends remain unharmed"

"And then what?" there was something he wasn't telling me. He turned to face me.
"Then I kill him" it was a statement, there was no question in it, not even a single flicker of emotion.

"Just like that?" I said, doubting. I saw that same emotion as earlier spark in his eyes. Clearly, he didn't enjoy being doubted.

"Just like that" he confirmed "I'm a man of my word Elena. I make a deal, I keep a deal"

"How are you going to be able to keep everybody safe?"

"You know I noticed you have a friend…Bonnie is it? She seems to possess the gift of magic. I have friends with similar gifts"

"You know witches" I clarified.

"Together we can protect everybody that matters to you" he took a step towards me. I fought the urge to move back. I couldn't show any fear. "So do we have a deal?" I met his gaze. I thought about Stefan in the tomb, with Katherine. The opportunity was too good to miss.

"I need you to do one more thing for me"

"We're negotiating now?" he seemed a bit stunned, and partly amused by this, as he had been when I met him, the first time I tried a negotiation. That hadn't turned out very well, a small part of my mind reminded me. I ignored it and carried on. I needed to get Stefan out, I needed Stefan.
"Stefan is trapped in the tomb with Katherine. I want you to get him out"

"What about her?"

"I don't care what happens to Katherine, all I want is for Stefan to be free. I want you to free him" he considered for a minute, then returned to the window seat.

"You know Elena, I don't think I will"

"Why not?" I asked, startled. I was sure he'd agree.

"Firstly, because Stefan and his brother were very rude to me" I remembered how Stefan had shot at him with a crossbow, how Damon had impaled him with a coat hook. Yes, that could be considered as rude by some. Homicidal by others "And secondly, because I simply don't feel the need Elena. The Salvatore brothers are of…limited interest to me and are of no great value"

"Then I'll go. I'll get myself killed. I won't take your deal" I threatened. He sighed, not liking the way our negotiation was turning out.

"Well then I guess I'll just have to take you with me" he said, getting to his feet slowly.

"You wouldn't"

"Oh, but I would. You see, I am not a Salvatore - I don't play games with humans. You had your choice, Elena; to protect those you love. You chose to ignore my offer, so I suppose I'll just have to make sure you're safe in a... slightly more dramatic manner," his voice resounded darkly, seemingly erasing any room for humane compromise. I backed away as he approached, refusing to take my eyes off the vampire - his own eyes wicked in contrast. Through continuous steps backward I had nearly made it to the door. I turned, and I ran - as fast as I possibly could - desperate for access to the exit; to safety. Before I'd reached the doorknob Elijah flashed in front of me, grabbing my hair and yanking me close. My heart was pounding, frantically in my chest as his lips grazed my throat; my breath coming in short gasps as his trailing lips moved toward my ear.
"Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened," he whispered, his voice undeservingly elegant in the way he spoke, sickeningly vile. He knocked me over the head with something large and heavy before I could reply or react, leaving me helpless as blackness engulfed me.

A/N: I love the vampire diaries program. Tried the books…not so much. I couldn't get past the first chapter, and believe me I tried. A lot. I think there aren't enough Elijah fics, and the ones that are out there are all the same. So, I wrote this. It maybe be…kind of the same as the others but I'm hoping to stick in some more. I must say, I did steal the majority of the above lines from the episode. My favourite is definitely the last one. Now, if I keep working hopefully by the end I'll be able to spell Elena correctly without my computer telling me.