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I stood in the hotel bathroom, sitting on the floor with my head rested against the edge of the bath.

"Are you okay Elena?" Caroline asked, through the bathroom door.

"I'm fine" I called back. I stood up and left the bathroom. Caroline and Bonnie were waiting impatiently.

"Come on, hurry up! You'll be late!" Caroline said. I'd been surprised by how quickly she'd been able to arrange everything but I guessed that was what you could do when you had the power to compel people.

"I'm ready" I said. Caroline handed me my dress. It was white with short lace sleeves. The top half clung to me, but the lower half was floaty. I slipped it on quickly and sat down in front of the mirror so Caroline could style my hair and do my makeup.

"You sit here while we go get dressed" She ordered. I remained motionless, as they disappeared into the bathroom. There was a knock at the door.
"Come in" I called. The door opened and Jeremy came in, wearing his suit. "Hey Jer. How are you?"
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" he teased "You look beautiful by the way"

"Thanks. Shouldn't you be with Rick and Tyler?" I asked. Rick, Tyler and Jeremy were Elijah's grooms men (the male equivalent of bridesmaid). Jeremy was the best man.

"Yeah but they told me to check on you. Elijah was worried you'd be having cold feet" I rolled my eyes.
"I'm fine. Go back and tell Elijah that I'll be at the aisle come vampire or werewolf" Jeremy heard my voice crack and he knelt beside me.
"What's wrong?"

"It's just…I thought that when I got married mum and dad would be there" I said, a tear leaking down my cheek. Jeremy wiped it away.
"You'll be fine Elena. I know it's not the same thing but I'm here, Damon's here. Jenna, Caroline, Bonnie. We're your family"

"Thanks bro" I said. I kissed his cheek "Now get out before Caroline throws you out" He grinned and left. I quickly checked to make sure no more tears were in danger of ruining my makeup. Caroline would kill me if she had to do it again.

"Elena, we're ready!" Called Bonnie. I picked up the little camera I'd bought. It was a cheap wedding (Elijah had offered to pay for anything I wanted but I just wanted it to be low key) so we didn't have a professional photographer. Jenna had a photography degree so she'd be doing some of it. Bonnie and Caroline came out in their matching blue dresses, their hair carefully piled on their heads.

"You two look beautiful" I said.
"Not as nice as you" Bonnie said "Now, come on. They're waiting!"

"Relax Bonnie" said Damon, appearing at my side "It's traditional for the bride to be late" He grinned.

"Girls, can I talk to Damon for a minute?" I asked. They nodded and left the room. I knew Caroline would still be able to hear but I didn't care. I turned to Damon.

"How much have you had to drink? You're never this happy" I said, raising an eyebrow. He pretended to be hurt.

"Elena you wound me. I have not drunk anything today!" he said.

"Are you sure?"
"Yes! Elena…I decided that nothing I'd do would convince you to be with me and your happiness is the most important thing to me. So, as long as you're happy I'm happy"


"Yes. And if things don't work out, then you know I'm always here for you. In the meantime, me and Rose have an…arrangement" He grinned wolfishly. I looked him up and down, then nodded

"Fine. Let's go" we left the hotel room, meeting up with the others and went down the stairs. We were holding the wedding in Mystic Falls only hotel, renting it out for the wedding and reception. Caroline had invited almost everyone in town to attend. God, I hoped I didn't trip.

"You'll be fine" whispered Damon, holding my arm tightly as we waited beside the door. The music began and Bonnie entered, then Caroline. I took a deep breath, trying to collect my thoughts. This was the start of my future, my new life.

"Ready?" Damon asked. I nodded, unable to speak or even to breathe. Damon grasped my arm tighter and led me into the room. Everyone stared as we entered. I saw Jenna sitting, with a tissue, dabbing at her tears. I tried to smile but couldn't. My stomach felt like it was full of snakes or worms, or something equally wriggly and slimy.

My eyes swept over the assembly, finally coming to rest at the end of the aisle. Elijah. My heart missed a beat and a smile split my face. The feeling of fear faded. He was here, I was fine.

We reached the end and Damon kissed me cheek. I smiled at him and turned to Elijah. He took my hand and we both faced the registrar. I didn't pay attention to the words, my eyes were fixed on Elijah. I could tell he was doing the same. There were only two words that really meant anything to me.

"I do" I said as Elijah slipped the ring onto my finger. My eyes met him, they were deep and unreadable as always.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" Elijah bent and kissed me passionately. Everyone clapped.

"I love you" he whispered.

"I know" I replied, smiling.


The reception was over and I was just saying goodbye to everyone. Elijah was taking me on a honeymoon to Italy.

"Elena, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Jeremy. I nodded and followed him into a secluded alcove.

"What's wrong Jeremy?"

"Are you going to come back from your honeymoon…different?" it took me a minute to work out what he meant.

"No. me and Elijah discussed it and we decided we'd wait for a while. Till I know you and Jenna are safe and happy" Jeremy smiled.

"Good. I'm glad. I'd hate to think this is the last time I'll see you…as you"

"I'll still be me Jeremy. Just a bit…stronger"

"Elena!" called Caroline. I stuck my head out of the alcove.
"Yes Caroline?"

"Time to throw the bouquet!" she said cheerily. I allowed her to drag me out of the front of the hotel where everyone was waiting. I stood on the top step, back to the crowd and tossed the bouquet into the crowd.

"Oh my god!" cried Bonnie, blushing furiously as she held the flowers in her hand. She quickly passed them to Jenna and I went to Jeremy's side. He looked incredibly pleased with himself.

"Not until you're my age" I told him, sternly. He rolled his eyes. Elijah beckoned to me.

"You ready to go?" he asked.

"I was born ready" we waved one final time to our friends and climbed into Elijah's car.

"Ah, such fond memories" I muttered, slightly sarcastically.

"Be careful or I'll drug you" he said, grinning at me. I punched his arm gently and he batted me away.

"Are you ready for your new life to begin, Mrs Smith?"

"Certainly Mr Smith. Whenever you are" he leaned over and kissed me. I was ready to begin. I wanted to be with him forever. From now to eternity.

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