Ya know this was supposed to be a short, funny story, but it's turned into a full blown novel...oh and plz don't lecture me about the evils of underage binge drinking and swearing...this is a fictional story and is not intended for young audiences...okay now that the public service announcement is out of the way let's see what our boys are up to...Read on!

"I think I'm really drunk," Jasper said as Edward pushed him into the car. "I just dreamed you kissed me in front of the whole fucking school. I must be crazy."

"Probably," Edward said. "But I'll take care of you."

Jasper yawned, fighting to keep his eyes open as he heard the click of the seatbelt and Edward's lips brush across his. "This can't be real."

"I love you," Edward said.

"Best fuckin' dream ever," Jasper muttered.

180 Days

Chapter 21

His tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth and his lips seemed to be glued shut. God, he had the worst cotton mouth in the history of mankind and Jasper knew if he moved, his head would fall off.

What the hell had he done last night?

The best thing for him would be to stay in bed until the hammering in his head dulled to a light tapping. Of course, the minute he thought about never moving again, his bladder let him know that he needed to take a piss. Going in his bed didn't seem like such a bad idea but his mother would kill him and he wasn't two years old anymore so he should be able to make it to the toilet.

First he needed to open his eyes. He managed to drag one open but everything stayed blurry. The odd thing was that even though things were out of focus, nothing looked remotely familiar. Both eyes snapped open once he realized this was not his bedroom. In fact, he was in a bedroom he did not recognize at all. When he moved to sit up, the sheet slipped down, revealing his bare chest and he froze as the cold chill of fear ran through him. Good grief was he naked? He lifted the sheet and let out a loud sigh when he realized he was still in his underwear.

Christ, that didn't mean anything. He could have easily put them back on after...

He ran his fingers through his hair, sorta. His hair felt sticky and crunchy in spots. Did he pour something over his head?


What the fuck happened last night? Jasper took a deep breath and flopped back down, pulling the sheet up around his neck. Calming down seemed to be the best idea and maybe if he tried hard, he could remember something from last night. Jasper closed his eyes, slowly breathing in and out, trying to remember.

Fuzzy images floated through his head but he had no idea what any of them meant. He prodded his brain harder, going back to what he could remember as fact. Of course, the first thing that popped into his head was his mother pushing condoms at him. Fuck, no wonder he had started to drink before the dance. He was trying to burn that image from his mind. Guess it didn't work. He shuddered as he remembered her telling him to take his condoms.

They had started drinking almost the minute Jasper had climbed into the limo. Jake had poured everyone tequila shots. By the time they got to the restaurant, Jasper was already sporting a nice buzz, but then Edward and his blonde bimbo had shown up, killing Jasper's semi-decent mood. Jasper's dick had gotten really excited when Edward stepped out of his car wearing some black dress pants that hugged his ass and showed off his package. Thinking about Edward's package was not a good idea. He was getting sidetracked and his dick perked up as images of Edward flew through his head.

Back at the restaurant, they ate dinner and somehow, Jasper had been able to ignore Edward. With the meal complete, they had piled back into the limo and had at least one more shot of tequila. Okay, maybe it was two more shots.

As luck would have it, they ran into Edward again in the parking lot and Riley kept insisting that Edward was jealous and couldn't keep his eyes off Jasper. Riley made him giggle and smile, pretending to have a good time while Edward gnashed his teeth and growled at his date. Jasper didn't think that really happened but it would be nice if Edward had been just a little bit jealous. It was his dream or nightmare, so Jasper was keeping that idea in the main movie. Edward had been so jealous his face looked green.

Next thing he remembered was Bella dragging him into a quiet hallway and telling him...holy shit, Jake took Bella's v-card and Alice was no longer a card carrying member either. After that little talk, Riley showed up with a flask, dragging him out on the dance floor to drink some more booze. Being the only virgin left, drinking seemed like a very good idea.

Jasper's brain felt like it was burning as he tried to remember more events from last night. Something pink. Right, shitty pink punch at some table and then Edward appeared. His blonde had made Jasper spill some pink punch on his shirt and...no, that couldn't be right...Could it?

"Oh my fucking god," Jasper shouted. He sat up so fast his head may have split open and spilled all his brains on the bed. He collapsed against his pillow as the room spun like a ride at the carnival.

The door to the bedroom burst open and Edward, clad only in black boxer briefs came rushing over to him.

"Are you okay," Edward panted.

"It's you." Jasper wondered if he was dead and this was heaven.

Edward chuckled. "Expecting someone else?"

"Er," Jasper stammered, deciding he wasn't dead. "Hi."

"Hi yourself," Edward cocked his head, staring at Jasper with a strange look on his face. "You don't remember do you?"

"I remember some..." Jasper's face reddened. "Maybe."

Jasper wasn't sure if his memories were correct or if he had been dreaming. Surely Edward had not kissed him in front of the whole school and then dragged him out of the dance to where ever they were now.

How does one go about asking shit like that though? If it didn't happen, Edward would think he was insane for asking such a weird question.

"I don't think I'm ever going to drink again," Jasper groaned.

The was a loud knock coming from the other room.

"That would be breakfast. If you're interested," Edward said. "It might help settle your stomach."

"Okay...um, I'm gonna use the bathroom first."

Edward grinned, grabbed a robe from the chair and walked out of the room, quietly closing the door.

Jasper was about to roll out of bed when his eyes fell on a bottle of lube on the night stand. Fuck, did he have sex last night. That would be his luck. He finally got laid and then he couldn't remember anything about it. Bella, Alice and Riley would laugh their heads off at him.

He wiggled his ass but felt nothing odd. He'd read somewhere that it was supposed to hurt the morning after having sex, but maybe he did the fucking. He lifted the sheet and looked down at his dick, wishing the little (okay little was not the correct descriptive word to use) large dude could speak to him and tell him if he had been buried anywhere interesting last night.

Jeesh, nothing could ever be simple in Jasper's life.

He finally made it to the bathroom. There was a bottle of aspirin on the vanity, sitting by a glass of water. He gulped a few down and sighed. God, he looked like shit. He stared at the man in the mirror, poking at the dark circles under his eyes. Blue eyes peered back at him but offered no glimpse into what went on last night.

After taking a piss he took a few seconds to examine his cock a little more closely. It looked the same as it had yesterday, but Jasper hadn't expected anything to be different. It wasn't like you got branded non-virgin after you lost your v-card.

He quickly brushed his teeth to remove some of the moss that had obviously grown overnight. Water tasted really good too, but after two glasses, he couldn't think of anything else to do so he grabbed a t-shirt and went out to face Edward.

"Fuck," Jasper hissed when he saw the rooms they were staying in. "Where the hell are we?"

There was no way there was a hotel like this hidden in Forks or even in Port Angeles. There were too many rooms and expensive furnishings.

"Oh, well, we're in Seattle," Edward said.

"Holy fuck! I gotta call my mom! She's gonna fucking kill me."

"It's all been taken care of Jasper."

Jasper wasn't sure what the hell that meant, but he didn't feel like asking any questions. It was probably better if he didn't know. Maybe it was his mother who had the bottle of lube sent up to the room.

"Sit down and eat and then we'll talk."

"Okay," Jasper said, pretending he was calm.

Breakfast smelled really good. There was greasy bacon and waffles and fruit and juice and milk and coffee and rolls. It looked like a buffet. The food helped take his mind off the missing chunks of the past evening and the fact that a half naked Edward was sitting across from him. Jasper couldn't help sneaking a few peeks at Edward while they ate. He may be hung over, but he wasn't dead.

"Do you feel better," Edward asked.

Jasper stretched and patted his stomach, grinning. The aspirin must have kicked in because his headache had been reduced to a dull tick tock behind his eyeballs and his stomach was no longer whirling in circles.

"Fuck yeah," Jasper said.

"Good. Let's go sit on the couch," Edward said, holding out his hand in front of Jasper's face. Happily, he slid his hand into Edward's and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and dragged over to the couch.

Much to his disappointment, Edward dropped his hand as he sat down on the couch. For a few seconds, Jasper stared at him not sure where he was supposed to sit. They needed talk this shit out before Jasper lost his freaking mind. He was tired of not knowing what was going on between them.

"So, how much do you remember," Edward asked.

Fuck, couldn't Edward just tell him what happened?

"Er, I'm not exactly positive. You had a date when you showed up at the prom."

"Oh yeah, Rosalie. Ya know, Jazz, I'm sorry about everything. I was a total dick," Edward said.

Jasper sighed. "I think we both were dicks. I should have told you about Bella and Alice."

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"Who was thinking? Those girls are crazy. They can make me do things before I even know what's going on. Bella's been pulling that shit since we were young and Alice is the same way. I'm outnumbered."

Edward laughed. "I can see that."

Jasper lowered his eyes. "You do know I wouldn't have gone through with the pact, right?"

"I think so, but I was jealous and unsure," Edward said.

"Why didn't you talk to me," Jasper asked.

"I was so pissed off and then I didn't know how to talk to you," Edward said.

"It's not that hard to talk to someone," Jasper said.

"Yeah, it is. I have so many feelings that I've never had to deal with before," Edward said, blushing slightly.

Jasper furrowed his brow. He really didn't understand what the fuck Edward was talking about. Were they good feelings or bad feelings? Fuck, this conversation was going nowhere.

"And I was scared," Edward whispered.

"Scared?" Jasper repeated. "Why?"

Edward took a deep breath and crawled across the space that separated him from Jasper. He reached out, cupping Jasper's cheek and smiling at him. Jasper leaned into the touch, shocked at the depth of emotions that ran through him. Okay, now he was scared.

Edward moved closer to him, placing his lips on Jasper's cheek before whispering in Jasper's ear. "No one has ever made me feel like this."

"Like what," Jasper asked.

"You're just gonna keep on and drag it out of me," Edward said. "I'm falling for you. No, the truth is I've falling for you. I fucking love you and sometimes, I don't think I'm supposed to because some people don't think this is real love and..."

Heat roared through Jasper's blood and he felt drunk again. Edward was babbling about people and how the world would view them, but the only thing that Jasper heard was 'I fucking love you.' Edward loved him. Nothing else mattered. Why the fuck was Edward still talking?

"Ya know..." Edward said.

Jasper laughed. "Shut up Edward. I don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. And seriously, it's kinda late to be worrying about that. You kissed me in front of the whole school. The entire state probably knows...Fuck, I'm sure the videos have gone viral, so that means the world knows about us and I don't give a shit. I fucking love you too."

Jasper tossed caution to the wind and launched himself at Edward, tackling him and shoving him down on the couch. His hands dove into Edward's hair, tugging him closer so he could get a taste of those lips.

It was like coming home when Jasper pressed his mouth against Edward's lips. The kiss from the dance didn't count because Jasper's memory was clouded by the booze. Edward moaned into his mouth, making his heart pound against his rib cage. God it was good to be home. He didn't even care that he had turned into a sappy girl. He was kissing his boy again and everything was right with the world.

"I want you, Jasper," Edward moaned.

"You've got me," Jasper said, sucking on Edward's lip.

"Not here, bedroom," Edward gasped as he squeezed Jasper's cock.

It Jasper a full second to realize what Edward was asking him and he was hit by a shit storm of emotions. He was thrilled that Edward wanted him. Nervous because..will shit, it didn't seem like anything as large as a cock could ya know...uh, go up there. Fuck he was more than nervous, he was freaked out by the whole thing. What if he was a terrible lay and Edward decided to go back to girls. It would kill Jasper. What if he didn't like it. Oh god, he had read that there were some weirdos who didn't like sex. No that wasn't going to happen, because he certainly liked what Edward was doing right now. He even felt a little pouty because maybe he wanted to top first. But then Edward nuzzled his neck and whispered 'I fucking love you' and Jasper lost all his inhibitions. Edward could have him.

Edward pulled Jasper to his feet and started backing him up toward the bedroom, but they didn't get very far.

"I can't wait...I need you now," Edward shouted as he turned Jasper around. Edward sounded like he was in pain.

Jasper grabbed the arm of the couch so he wouldn't do a face plant on the floor. Edward tore the shirt off his back. Well, hell, that had been one of his favorite t-shirts. His underwear was suddenly around his ankles and Eward was running his hands down his back, across the swells of his ass and down his thighs. Jasper forgot about the stupid shirt because now he was on fire. Everywhere Edward touched left a burning path of pure lust. Jasper couldn't get enough of those hands. He needed Edward's touch, craved it and he wanted to scream when Edward's hands left his body. Maybe this is what torture was like. Edward would be very good at it, because at the moment, Jasper would tell him anything he wanted to hear if he would just touch him again.

He heard a distinctive popping noise and then felt cool wetness running down his crack as Edward's wet finger traced a line in between his cheeks, rubbing in circles when he got to Jasper's hole. It was silly, but suddenly Jasper was nervous again. He knew Edward wouldn't hurt him and if things got out of control, he could ask Edward to stop, but this whole unknown factor sort of freaked him out. Edward must have felt his body tense, because he started kissing Jasper's back and kneading his ass cheeks.

"I won't hurt you," Edward breathed out.

Jasper squeaked.

"I'll go slow," Edward whispered in between kisses. He reached around Jasper waist, taking Jasper's cock in his hand and gently stroking. Jasper moaned and let his chin drop to his chest. The wetness was back by his hole and slowly he felt Edward breach him with his finger.

Jeesh, Edward had big fucking fingers. How the hell was he going to get his cock up Jasper's ass. Things were not looking good. It felt odd and Jasper couldn't decided if it was a good odd or not.

"Okay," Edward asked.

"Mmm," Jasper managed.

Edward added a second finger. It was a little painful. Okay it was a lot painful and Jasper was starting to sweat. Those fucking boys in the porno films made it seem like this was wonderful. If they were just acting he was going to hunt every one of those fuckers down and cut their dicks off. And to top it all off, he was only half hard. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Edward shoved a third finger up there and twisted his hand. Jasper was just about to scream stop when something shot up his spine, making his entire body tingle. His cock jumped to attention.

"Do that again," he groaned.

Edward moved his fingers the same way and Jasper pushed back against him, craving that wonderful spark. He tugged on his cock and felt it filling again as Edward worked his magic fingers inside of him.

"Holy fuck more," Jasper panted.

In the next moment, Jasper felt empty and he whimpered. He heard a ripping sound, that popping noise again and then something much bigger pressing against his hole. This was it. He was going to say goodbye to his virginity. Maybe he should text Bella, tell her he was losing his v-card standing up. No that would be fucking weird. He should send a picture to Riley...Edward grunted and pushed into him and Jasper forgot about everything except the burning pain.

"Ow, fucking hell," Jasper shouted and quickly clamped his hand over his mouth.

Edward jumped back, taking his cock with him.

"No, don't stop," Jasper whined. "Just go slower."

"Sorry, you have no idea how good you feel," Edward whispered as he planted soothing kisses on Jasper's neck.

Jasper wished he could say the same thing as he looked over his shoulder at Edward's enormous cock in his hand.

Just relax he told himself. If Bella and Alice could do this shit, so could he. And he loved Edward. He wanted to feel attached to him in every way possible.

Edward positioned himself again and pushed much slower this time, stopping every few seconds to let Jasper adjust to the intrusion. Finally Edward ceased all movement, for a good ten minutes. Not really, but to Jasper it felt like it. He wanted to shout at Edward to fucking move or something.

"Is something wrong," Jasper grunted.

"Uh, if I move I'm gonna come," Edward said in a very strained voice.

"Please," Jasper begged.

"I fucking love you," Edward whispered and started to flex his hips gently. His hands rested on Jasper's sides and Jasper was making all sorts of embarrassing grunts and groans. He was beginning to understand the draw of sex.

Edward moaned and pulled back on his hips, making Jasper stand on his tip toes while he drove his cock further into Jasper. Jasper bent at the waist and rounded his back, pushing harder against Edward who was shouting things that Jasper didn't understand. It was possible that Edward was speaking in a foreign language or just making up his own. Every few pumps, Jasper heard his name.

Edward wrapped his arms around Jasper's waist, laying his chest and cheek against Jasper's back as he continued to thrust into him.

Jasper couldn't see straight anymore. Those sparks flying up his spine had turned to a raging fire and it wouldn't be long before he was shooting his load everywhere.

Edward released his hold on his waist, bringing one hand up to his shoulder and the other grabbed Jasper's cock. Now Jasper either blacked out or howled because three seconds later his come was filling Edward's hand and running down his leg. Edward stiffened, stood up and leaned back, shouting some more nonsense as he came.

Jasper couldnt' fucking breathe and his knees finally buckled, making him do a face plant into the couch. Edward's cock slipped out of him and he felt empty.

"Jazz, I'm sorry," Edward said. "Fuck, did I hurt you?"

"Hell no," Jasper said, panting.

"Oh thank god," Edward groaned and sat down next to him, tugging the condom off and throwing it in the trash.

"I need a nap," Jasper said.

"Me too," Edward said.

Edward stood up and held out his hand for Jasper.

"You should carry me," Jasper said.

Edward rolled his eyes and helped Jasper stand. "Does it hurt?"

"Not too bad," Jasper said, wincing a little when he took a step.

"Good," Edward said. "I wanna know what to expect when we head into round two."

Jasper eyes widened because unless he misunderstood, he would be up to the plate next.

"God, I fucking love you. I really do," Edward said as he kissed Jasper.

At the moment, Jasper's life fucking rocked.

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