I just wanted to write something fluffy for Lily and James.

She wasn't sure what she was doing here exactly, standing on the bridge in the cold, wishing she had thought to bring a coat. In future she promised herself never to trust Sirius when he asked her to. He had recklessly abandoned her standing above the dark water, shivering and cursing his very existence.

When her teeth began to chatter audibly, Lily considered packing in whatever she had hoped Sirius's promise of surprise would be and return home, when there was a loud bang and the dark night sky burst into light.

Astonishing colours that Lily wasn't quite sure what to name blended together and twinkled and boomed and hissed and exploded into smaller myriads of jewel-like fireworks, spreading out across the black of midnight intricately and illuminating her smile.

At the end of the display, the night fell dark again, and Lily beamed. She was about to applaud from where she stood when she noticed the tiniest glimmer of silver trail up into the sky. A small 'pop' sounded, before lettering burst into the night.

Lily Evans

Will You Marry Me?

Lily gasped in surprise, a squeal escaping her lips. Marriage? Proposal? James?

"He wants an answer," a voice from over her shoulder said calmly. She turned to see Sirius and Remus, both grinning.

"You!" she squealed, and she threw her arms around Sirius's neck in an ecstatic hug. "You beautiful boy! I was going to murder you!"

"I brought you a coat," Remus explained as Sirius choked from the tightness of her hug. "He said you were cold."

"You're all in on this?" She smiled. "I should have known."

"Well, Lily," Sirius said with a grin, "when you marry one of us, you marry all four. You be remembering that." He winked.

"James requires an answer," Remus said as he passed Lily her warm woollen jumper.

"Hmm, well, he'll have to wait," she smirked. "If I'm marrying all four of you, I might have to reconsider."

James couldn't help it; he was incredibly anxious.

"Relax, Jim, she'll say yes," Peter reassured him. "Bloody hell, if that had been Snivellus's name, he'd have said yes after that display."

"But I want to know!" James whined. "It's all very well you sitting there and trying to convince me, but you've never proposed. You don't know the feeling of having your fate in someone else's hands. She could make me incredibly happy, or she could crush me like salt."

Peter smirked at his friend. "I'm pretty sure she'll say yes. I'd say yes if I was her."

"You fickle man."

"I can see it now," grinned Peter. "The Wedding of James and Lily Potter, aged eighteen; Secret Animagus and Potions Protégée wed in spectacular marquee... It'll be fabulous."

"What if Sirius didn't get her to the bridge?"

"Why wouldn't he?"

"Why doesn't he do a lot of things?"

"James," Peter said firmly, "Stop worrying, boy. It'll all be wonderful and you'll have a fiancée. There is no reason she would reject you."

James shrugged, biting his lip.

"Look, I'll buy you a drink, okay?" Peter offered, and he stood to go and fetch the beverages. James leant back in his seat and stared at the smoky sky, the words of his proposal still etched in them through spidery letters.

He looked down again at the table, and noticed for the first time a silvery glimmer reflecting on the surface of the table.
A swirl of light that formed a watery looking doe cantered underneath the veranda by the lake, looking up at him as it waited for him to acknowledge it. He leaned over the railings eagerly.

"What?" he asked, an excited nervousness coursing through his system.


A euphoric scream echoed into the night.

Somewhere, a little while down along the water, Lily Evans smiled.