A conversation between Roxanne and George. I don't own HP.

"What if I'm not magic?"

George looked at his daughter with raised eyebrows. "What makes you say that?"

"Fred says that he knew he was magic from the day he was born," Roxanne said sadly. "He said he could make a teapot do the waltz from two minutes old. I couldn't do that now, and I'm eight!"

"I can assure you there was no teapot waltzing from where I was standing," George shrugged. "He's winding you up, Roxie."

"But what if I'm not magic?" Roxanne asked again. "What if I'm a squid? I don't want tentacles."

"I think you mean a squib, sweetheart," he corrected her with a chuckle. "And that'd be fine anyway. At least you aren't ginger."

"Why?" Roxanne questioned, eyes widening. "You're ginger, Fred's gingery. What happens if you're ginger?" She grinned suddenly. "Is it something I can tease Fred about?"

"Well, as Fred doesn't count as a proper ginger, I'll allow a little teasing," smiled George.

"So what if I'm not magic?"

"Well," George said, "in the unlikely case that you aren't, then we'll figure out something to do. Hogwarts might think of something you could do there, or we could enter you into a secondary school."

"A secondary school?" Roxanne looked confused. "Is that where the Muggles go? Fred says they'll try to burn me."

"I'm going to have words with your brother," George said, frowning. "They won't try to burn you. In fact, they're all very lovely, Roxie. They're just like you, only non-magical. They learn things like their numbers and how to write stories and about things that happened in the past and places they'd like to visit or save. They also learn other languages, and that'd be quite exciting."

"What, like French?" Roxanne asked eagerly. When George nodded, she beamed. "Auntie Fleur and Victoire are teaching me some French. I can count to ninety and everything."

"Better than I can, then," George grinned. "I think I can get to four without stopping and then I get all confused."

"I think I should quite like to go to a secondary school," Roxanne informed him. "Do you think I could go there instead of Hogwarts?"

"If you aren't a squib?" George asked. Roxanne nodded. "I think there might be problems with that."

Roxanne sighed. "It'd be nice to go to a different school than Fred though."

"Listen, Rox," George said with a smile, "If I managed to put up with Uncle Percy for God knows how long, you can put up with Fred."

Roxanne giggled. "I suppose so."

"So, are you happy now?"

She nodded. "I guess I am now, Daddy, thank you." She paused for a moment. "Will you be sad if I'm not magic?"

"I won't be," George assured her. "Whatever you are, Roxanne, you're always going to be my little princess."