Hello everyone; been a while.

Okay, guys, let's face it: This story doesn't seem to get any updates. Yep, with the basic reason: Real life stuff, college, and all. My inner mojo, this raw power, drove me to write original work and getting college done.

I just feel like notifying you that I might be ready to continue this story once I have finished my university, the finales starting this year. This crossover, "Pony Symphony", is currently under beta-reading by OceanLord ("Pony Space") to clean the grammar mistakes

I consider to continue writing fanfiction, those stories are very valuable for me. Not because I have a heart for the franchises I write, pah, mind you, it's my sole purpose to improve my English writing skills more and more in order to become an English poet.

As any rate, that's all for now. Sorry for the invonvenience not to fill your daily doses. But I hope you had a nice new year.

I know I did.