Session β: Overture of the paddock - part 2 -

Spike regained conscious as the black dizziness was cleared in his head.

Man, he had some really weird dream. He was in some sort of tree and was surrounded by colorful ponies which could talk...

The bounty hunter stopped his stream of conscious as he noticed that he sat on a chair in a real unconformable pose, his arms sticking tightly around his body like the wings on a bird. He wanted to open them wide, but felt restrained. He opened his eyes and took a look over his body. He was tied up, and the knots were really tight. He darted his free head around and found himself what seemed to be a cellar. No windows were here, just candles lit up on several places. Then he saw them. Their backs were turned to the bounty hunter and they whispered nervously.

Oh right, it wasn't a dream, he figured solemnly.

"That's what I call real hospitality", Spike shouted to them, causing them to jump up at surprise. "What next, electroshock for breakfast? I didn't expect that from ponies, you really surprise me."

"Look who's talkin'!", the orange colored pony with a cowboy hat – Cute, added Spike mentally- turned to him and gave him an angry glare. "Ye should apologize for what ye did to Twilight and Rainbow, angel or not!"

A violet hoof shot in front of her face to make her silent. Twilight Sparkle moved towards Spike closely and revealed herself carrying several bandages over her body. The bounty hunter felt some guilt clutching in his stomach. He realized that he maybe overreacted and the one who actually wanted to show sympathy to him was attacked by none other than him. But apologizing was out of the question; that wasn't his style.

"I am sorry that we tied you up", the violet pony apologized, pretending her abuse didn't happen. "But we didn't want to risk that you hurt yourself, Mr. Angel-"

"Stop calling me that", the bounty hunter interrupted her once more, getting sick of her eloquent nature. "The name's Spike. Spike Spiegel. Now, could you just tell me what is going on here?" Again there were flustering between the ponies, and Twilight was blinking at him astonished. This reaction made him curious, but he shrugged it off for later.

"Well, Spike", Twilight started, tasting the latter word like it was a bonbon curling through her mouth. "We found you inside what we believe is a ship which saved us from a really nasty monster. You have been put under cryogenic freeze, but as you can see, we managed to bring you back to the living."

Spike absorbed the information he received and pondered about the last thing he could remember. He remembered fighting Vicious, being on the verge of dying. He managed to kill him, and lost consciousness as he witnessed several Syndicate thugs surrounding him. Then he woke up here, in that treehouse. And met them.

Come to think of it, he realized that he didn't felt any injuries he got from guns and Vicious' katana. Spike crooked his head over his chest to look for special wounds. Nope, no wounds at all, all healed and replaced by pale scars. So this violet unicorn dwarf was telling the truth, he was put under cryogenic freeze. He had experience with this before, after he died for the first time by leaving the Syndicate. Some faint memories were left as he was put to consciousness again to replace his damaged right eye with an artificial one. Good times.

Now the question was, who put him to sleep rather than letting him die. It would've been the Syndicate, after all, the scumbags needed a new leader for their organization, and Spike seemed to be the only one who had definite legitimacy. But...

"You said you found me in a ship. Were the letters "BEBOP" written on it?", the bounty hunter asked the pony sceptically, showing no gratitude to her for waking him up at all.

"Err, yeah, it does, I remember", Twilight answered with a nod, a smile forming on her snooze.

Alright, so it were Jet and probably Faye who put him under coma. Spike was somewhat perplexed why they did so, since cryogenic freeze was a real expensive and somewhat risking method. One tiny mistake and he could have become a new frozen bag of dead weight. But maybe he was a real wreck when they rescued him. Which leaves to another question...

"Was I the only one on this ship?", Spike asked again. His neutral way of asking made him look like he was having an interrogation with Twilight, causing the situation between victim and caretaker to look grotesque.

"Yes, you were, we didn't found anything else. ", the pony answered nonchalantly. The bounty hunter made a frown.

"Are you sure about this?", he urged further on.

"Yes, aren't you listening?", Twilight said, becoming a tad inpatient but trying to repress this. "We found the ship in a really deep abyss where we discovered ancient ruins of an unknown former civilization. We were attacked suddenly,so we used the ship as escape back to the surface."

Spike remained quiet. Alright, so probably Jet screwed up with flying and they landed in an alternate dimension. This was the risk of using Astral Gates after all: If they got damaged,closed down, or worse , blew up, the routes would get unstable between the gates and it could cause any ship falling into some other undiscovered reality you probably would never escape again. This actually did mattered to the bounty hunter less than his worries about Jet and Faye. Both were probably out there in this world filled with talking critters and turned insane by this or something. Or they were lost in this abyss this pony talked about and were attacked by that monster.

Spike nodded and asked: "Okay, where is the ship now?"

"We left it back in the Everfree Forest near one of our friend's home. It isn't far from here.", Twilight replied to him.

"Bring me to it", the bounty hunter demanded her, receiving blinks from the other ponies he saw barely in the dark room. "I need to look for my...fellow species."

"You can't", the violet unicorn looked at him sadly and looked away. She looked as if she...pitied him?

The bounty hunter gave her an amused smirk. "And why is that?", he played along.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "Because there isn't anypony left", came the reply.

Spike laughed, his voice still raspy, and crooked his head as he shot back: "The hell you are talking about?"

"Spike, you...", Twilight Sparkle stopped herself and looked back to her friends unsure. Spike could make out that the others looked uncertain as well. But then the orange parody of a cowboy nodded determined, causing the other ponies to follow her reaction; all except for the yellow one, this looked like she could wet the floor any minute. Twilight Sparkle's head turned to him and gave him an apologizing look.

"I don't want to be the one telling you this, believe me, but it seems you leave me no choice."

Spike crooked an eyebrow at her way of talking, but remained quiet.

The violet pony sighed and took a long breath before she said: "You are the last of your kind."

The smirk fell on his lips. Suddenly his eyes blazed like lit up gasoline and a snarl crossed his face.

"WHAT?", he roared at her, loosing all patience with those animals. "WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT? IF YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH ME, USE YOUR GODDAMN HORN AT LEAST!"

The violet pony fell on her butt, shocked by his outburst and insults. This was to be expected from a logical approach of course, but it was the last reaction she hoped to receive from him. Spike was getting sick of them and tried to free himself with brutal force,causing the chair he sat on to shake on it's edge, but to no avail. However made those knots was really good, for something which had just hoofs.

The other ponies cornered the other end of the cellar and moved closer together,all hiding behind Applejack's back, scared by the bounty hunter.

"You have been sleeping for thousands of years,Spike", Twilight Sparkle tried calm him down with more facts, before things went further out of hoofs. "Besides you, there is nopony left. They are all gone."

As Spike heard this his rage cooled down and he slowed the attempts to free himself. This hit Spike deeply, or Twilight Sparkle could conclude as his eyes shot wide open and looked blankly in the space. She wondered what he was pondering now.

"You are lying...", he muttered barely, but loud enough for the violet pony. "I don't believe any of this..."

"Why should I lie to you?", Twilight encountered him with sympathy. She felt bad telling him this, but it head to be done. "I'm sorry about this,Spike."

The bounty hunter remained quiet and was unmoving like a stone. His fuzzy hair covered his face as if he wanted to shut everyone out from his mind. Twilight's friends regained their confidence back to move closer to their pony friend.

"Your name is Twilight Sparkle, right?", the bounty hunter looked up to her, his eyes unreadable. The violet pony looked at him curiously and then nodded slowly. Spike then smiled for the first time he woke up, a real soft smile which made gave him a serene look.

"Cute name, reminds me of that really cheesy romance novel.", he chuckled, the ponies not getting the reference, but were even more crept up by his sudden calmness.

"Can you untie me, Twilight Sparkle?", Spike asked her, his smile so mischievous that it almost resembled a devil's grin. Twilight Sparkle couldn't help but blush for unknown reasons and turned away from his gaze. She knew he wasn't evil, but his former actions has made her conscious know not to do what he asked for.

"I, I am not sure...", she admitted honestly, receiving a shocked look from everypony. "You won't attack us again, will you?",

"Of course I won't. Now, be a good little mare and untie me...please?", his pleading made him almost look as pitifully as a caged lion.

"Well...", she turned to her friends with a help needing look. They weren't sure what to do either. Twilight pondered about it. Maybe he was getting his senses back, so this didn't make him a threat anymore.

"Alright then...", everypony gasped at Twilight Sparkle as her good spirited side got the better of her. She neared him and used her magic to release the bounds, receiving a look of surprise of Spike who never saw magic before. Her friends wanted to persuade her not to release him, but it was too late:

Before she was barely able to release him, the bounty hunter swooped her to the floor with a low kick and tied her hoofs together with the same rope at an incredible speed.

"TWILIGHT!", the other ponies screamed and run to her for help. Not again, Applejack thought annoyed.

"Think twice!", the bounty hunter laughed, pushed the tied up Twilight like a bowling bowl to the running group. Her body hit them and the ponies tripped all over, forming a small pyramid. "Bullzeye!"

Dizzy and only her head uncovered from the pony pyramid, Twilight saw upside down that Spike took the chance to run up the stairs.

"Spike, wait!", she shot up at him pleading.

"Sorry,I got to catch my next flight! See you, horsies!", he waved her at them with two finger matched up and grinned victoriously as he run out.

"Horsies?", a muffed voice came out of the pony build pyramid. Then suddenly, everypony were thrown up in the air by a sudden force. Applejack was standing rigid, her jade eyes glowing an angry blaze. "That does it, now ah am really mad."

"Yes,indeed, my dear Applejack", Rarity got herself up and joined her orange friend. "It. Is. On."

Spike made sure not to be smashed by the door again. Instead he sprung out the next window which was standing open. Which was on the second floor of the tree house. He made a barrel roll as he landed on the earthy ground and kneed once he regained halt again. He was covering his eyes from the bright sun which hurt his little lookout holes like tiny needles. As his iris got used to the new light, the bounty hunter took notion of his new surrounding. There were more ponies surrounding him, the same he saw from the window before. But this time they were all quiet and stared at him as if he was the grim reaper. Some even tried to hid their little foals behind their back defensively. The one standing out was the gray pegasus pony which had her eyes in opposite directions, looking rather confused why everypo-body were so scared.

"Errrr...", Spike rubbed the back of his head uncertain, gaining even the attention of the mental handicapped one. " Do you know which way leads to the Everfree Forest?" All of the ponies raised their hoofs and pointed to the same direction, the gray cross-eyed pegasus pointing the opposite one. They were still looking dumbfounded at him.

"Thank you kindly", he smirked and bowed his head slightly. As he was running a few meters past the petrified ponies, he heard a loud slamming behind him. He turned his head back to make the source of the sound out. It was that cowboy pony coming out of the tree house, looking really pissed. Oh you got to be kidding me...


"Crap", Spike muttered as he sprinted for his life, away from the swarm of ponies suddenly hunting after him.

Spike hid himself behind a tree and breathed heavily. The bounty hunter wasn't in full control of his body yet thanks to his cryostasis beauty sleep. Actually that he got so reckless would have threaten his nerves to get damaged beyond healing. But he didn't care, he just wanted to get away from them. For ten minutes he was escaping from all those ponies, making his escape look like the old Benny Hill scenes. The worst thing was that he was in definite disadvantage. He was human, meaning he could only sprint as long as his metabolism could handle it. His experience with horses taught him that they could run forever if they wanted to. He started feeling dizzy and objects around him became blurry slightly. But Spike remained quiet as he heard hoof steps behind him. He cracked his head and saw two ponies, one green with a horn and a soft pink one with a bi-colored mane.

"Are you sure he went that way?", the pink one said in a really annoying voice he knew from old stuck up teachers.

"Definitely, I saw him running past the bakery", the green one said in a more fresh voice, a mischievous grin plastering her snooze. "Once we got him, we can finally eat something which isn't made of fat."

"Lyra, what are you saying?", the one with the bi-colored mane gave her a petrified glare. "Don't you like what I cook for you?"

"No, Bonbon, it's just-", Lyra stopped herself, pondering about what to say. "Errr..."

"Go on, tell me", Bonbon said, having her eyes closed and snooze shooting up in dignity. "I can take it."

Lyra looked away uncertainly, but then looked determined towards Bonbon.

"I AM SICK OF IT!", she screamed, throwing the bi-colored maned pony out of her shallow act. "I want to have some normal meal now and then, not fat filled muffins all night! What Is it with you lately feeding me with all this crap?

"But, but...", tears formed Bonbon's eyes, hit deeply by the truth "...I did it because I love you..."

"Please, this looks like attempted murder! Do you want to kill me with diabetes?"

They started screaming at each others with tears streaming out of their eyes like two fountains. Spike took the chance to get past them, continuing his way to the Everfree Forest. Now there are lesbian ponies?, he thought irritated.

This was surreal, way to surreal even for a dead dreamer like him. Flying indestructible clowns and mutated lobster were one thing, but this is a step beyond screwed up.

Spike was the last of his kind? Everything replaced with talking ponies? Pah, he felt like being in a "Planet of the Apes" rip-off, just with equines. They thought he was an angel, so maybe they confused things with their own superstition. He couldn't be the last human. The others may be out there and needed to be rescued.

Spike knew his reactions may be unreasonable. Jet would've maybe sit with them and negotiate with them and become friends with them, like the two-gooder he was; but Spike wasn't Jet, this wasn't how he ticked, especially around talking animals.

All what mattered to him now was getting to the Bebop, going to that abyss, and looking for Jet and Faye. Once done, he wanted to get out of this planet. He'd rather starve in space than to live in that nightmare any longer.

As he run past the lots of apple trees which went on like an endless river, his forehead sweating like he had fever and clutching his sides as pain started kicking in, he found a small cottage which had a rustic garden. Behind it were trees hovering in the air, giving an unholy flare. Looks like the Everfree Forest, he concluded.

Before he could enter the garden to get into the forest, a trail of a rainbow dashed past him, causing him to jump up.

"You won't get past me, Spike Spiegel!" It was the blue pegasus pony with the rainbow mane who knocked him to reality with a rain cloud. She stood before him and looked furiously, stomping the earth with one hoof like a bull. Spike noticed that she has a deeper blue eye and some bandages around her torso, concluding she wanted retribution for her abuse from him.

"Hey feather head, flock off, would you?", he pleaded with fast and shallow breathing. He had no time for this, as his senses started to shift more and more.

"Don't call me that! I am Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Equestria!", the pony sneered at him, ignoring the bad shape he was in. She bragged on: "And I can catch you in 10 seconds flat!"

"Please, you couldn't catch a fly with your 'Dashing' ", he stated nonchalantly, making it sound more like a fact than a taunt.

"SHUT UP!", the blue pegasus screeched and flew to him in the speed of light to kick him, hard. But the bounty hunter stepped sidewards and missed the attack by an inch.

Spike grabbed his head as he felt pain shooting through it. "Could you just be quiet? You all give me an head ache."

Rainbow Dash looked at him dumbfounded, but then regained focus again and attacked him once more. He sidestepped again. Their battle went on like this for the next 8 seconds until Rainbow Dash lost all her concentration in her fury and charged at him like an enraged bull towards Spike. But instead hitting him, he avoided her strike and she landed in Fluttershy's chicken house with a loud "CRASH" instead. Chicken run and flew out shocked, feathers rustling in the air. Spike took a break from running and avoiding attack by entering the little hut. He found the rainbow pony in a corner, her main full of hay, feathers and broken eggs. The eggs looked like they cooked to omelets in her hot brooding anger.

"You failed in 10 seconds flat, that's for sure.", he looked down to her, scratching his head thoughtfully.

"Shut up", the blue pegasus muttered before she passed out.

"God damn you, Jet", Spike panted as he pressed on.

He was pushing his last adrenalin resources before reaching collapse as he sprinted through the dark Everfree forest. Animals and other dark creatures witnessed his fight and watched him run, confused and scared about this unknown species. But Spike wasn't aware of him. More and more things became blurry around him and realized that his legs became heavy like cement. Why of all things have you put me in cryostat? Couldn't have bandages and painkillers been enough?

His road before him appeared to develop new dimensions, becoming like an IMAX movie while wearing 3D glasses. For fucks sake, get a hold of yourself, Spiegel! , he tried to punch himself inwardly. Just a few steps and you're soon on-

He reached a small mysterious looking hut, looking way different from the other ones in that rustic village. Behind it lay the Bebop. His twitching and half closed eyes opened wide at it.

He didn't like what he saw.

"He is going back to his ship, we got to stop him!", Twilight shouted, leading the small group of ponies to Zecora's house. They heard a crashing nearby Fluttershy's home and found Rainbow Dash knocked out unconscious. Fluttershy stayed to nurse the pegasus pony and collect the run out chicken. Only Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and her were left to stop this madness.

"Why are ye worried about him so much, Twilight? Dat guy is a jerk, just leave him with dat ship!", Applejack asked, crooking an eyebrow to Twilight.

"But that jerk is the last angel ever in existence, the last angel we found! We got a responsibility to look for him.", the violet unicorn defended him, looking up with a frown.

"Errr, what?", Applejack was perplexed by this explanation "No offence, Twi, but ah think ye take this a teenie-bitie waaaaaay to personal."

"I do not!", Twilight glared at him. Their bickering continued until they reached Zecora's hut. And found Spike, the angel one.

His back was turned to them, but as he heard their galloping, he spun around fast, his eyes blazing up like a volcano.

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU STUPID HORSES DONE WITH MY SHIP! ", he screamed at them, and pointed at the Bebop with a trembling hand. "IT'S TOTALLY WRECKED! NOW I CAN'T GET OUT OF THIS DAMN PLANET! GODDAMMIT!"

The ponies lost all confidence suddenly and blanched at his rising temper, especially Pinkie Pie. The pink pony realized by now how bad the ship took the landing: All glasses shattered, huge holes and dents everywhere, and those wings things were ripped off. Black smoke was still leaving the ship from all endings.

"Oh-oh...", she muttered, and hid behind Applejack's back. The bounty hunter was cracking his fists as he slurred to them with his last might, causing the ponies to go backwards in fright. He wasn't an animal abuser and his sightings became so bad that he saw the triple of them, but they all crossed a line.

"If I get my hands on you, I-", he couldn't finish his sentence, since he felt a huge brick of wood hitting against his back of the head which knocked him out for good.

"Thanks, Zecora.", Twilight sighed as she saw their zebra friend showing herself, a sage staff holding in one hoof.

"You are quite welcome, my dear friend Twilight", the zebra said in a foreign accent. She nudged the passed out bounty hunter with her staff slightly. "I got enough of this angel's spite."

"How is he, Nurse White?", Twilight Sparkle asked the health specialist of Pony Ville. The ponies carried the passed out angel back to the village again and put him on a bed Twilight installed in her cellar. Her friends went to repair Fluttershy's chicken hut while the yellow pegasus brought the passed out Rainbow to her cloud castle, leaving her alone with him. In all his brutish behavior he looked really serene as he slept, breathing weakly as his naked chest rose up and down slowly. Twilight couldn't help but smile, despite what has happened today.

The violet pony realized then how sickly he looked, even after he broke out, and called in Nurse White to make a health check on him.

"Well...", the white nurse pony gave her a concerned look, then returned her gaze towards the bedded angel whose wrists were bound by manacles. "He's got really low blood pressure and high body temperature, but that's all I can say for now. I'd have to do a whole examination of his internal organs, but I don't have the right tools in current possession. So far, he only seems to have caught a cold, unusual for this time period."

"Thank goodness", Twilight Sparkle breathed relieved. "So he will be alright."

"Yes, just give him a lot to drink and don't let him run outside too much, and he will regain his health soon", the white nurse shook her head. "Funny, I never thought angels could get sick."

"Me neither, Nurse", the violet pony said and looked over to Spike. "I didn't expect any angel would be like this."

Both ponies jumped up as the angel sneezed loudly in response.


Spike regained conscious again three days later. To Twilight's surprise, he remained quiet, and seemed to ignore her. He just looked away as she talked to him and did neither drink nor eat what the violet pony brought him, much to her irritation.

When evening came, she asked her friends to come over to convince him to stop his silent protest. Somepony were against by this idea, having enough of him, but came for Twilight's sake.

"Look, we are sorry for what happened to your ship, Spike.", Twilight insisted, her friends in a distance of ten hoofs.

"I'm not", Rainbow Dash muttered, audible to the bounty hunter. Despite the bandages over one of her wings she seemed to have recovered fully from both encounters with Spike.

"Pssht!", Applejack put a hoof before her mouth and fizzed to the blue pegasus.

"What? If it weren't for the ship, we might have been all eaten, including him."

Oh great, here we go again. Spike thought bitterly. Chick's talk, never ending. He decided moping didn't seem to work any longer, and switched to talking, as long as this stopped them chatter like the critters they were.

The bounty hunter craned his neck to the ponies again and started:

"Look, what do you want to do with me now? Sacrifice me to your god or something? What's the point keeping me here?"

Twilight Sparkle smiled as he talked again and explained him: "Like I said before, you are the last of your kind, that makes you an endangered species we got to protect."

"Oh please", Spike huffed and rolled his eyes. "Have you ever considered that there may be other of my kind out there, probably not being aware of your stupid planet? We have colonies all over the hyperspace, Mars, Venus, all those Jupiter Moons, you name it."

The bounty hunter was sure where ever he landed on, those planets he mentioned were on the far end corners of the universe or left in his reality, but he just wanted to impress them with unknown names.

"Then how comes we never saw any activity from those planets? We have astrologists to watch out for falling meteors in the skies, and there hasn't been any trace of flying ships or anything the like for centuries.", the violet unicorn encountered with a solid argument. Spike blinked surprised.

So those planets were nearby? That was weird...

"Well", he cleared his throat as he realized that he was out of arguments. "Maybe they really blew themselves up. Big deal, it's nothing new with us. But com'on, there still have to be some of them out there, probably sitting on some lone star and being bored to hell I'm sure."

"Spike", Twilight frowned and shook her head vehemently. "There has been no angel since thousands of years. What else can I say? We thought you all were just fiction, until we have found you. And you have been sleeping for that long."

"How do you know for sure? Looked for gray hair on me?", he asked and grinned at her sarcastically.

"That coffin of yours said so", she replied. A transparent violet cloud appeared around her horn. Then suddenly, Spike couldn't believe it like everything else, a coffin appeared before him.

"How did you do that?", he asked meekly, staring at her dumbfounded.

"With magic", she answered sighing. She pushed on the interface of said coffin from where a mechanic voice shot up.

"Year of entering cryostasis: 2072 AD.

Date of exiting cryostasis: 3978 AD

Approximate calculation of stasis process: 1906 years"

Spike's eyes shot wide open, realizing that this was the vessel he has been put into. But then he remembered something, and calmed himself down.

"That thing must be broken. The guy who put me in there always uses junk.", he just countered, his voice not baring his inner fears.

"Well, it's not!", Twilight shot at him, getting impatient at his ridiculous defense. "Or how else do you explain that you were still alive in a broken device which has kept you frozen under -50 degree C?"

"I dunno,just bad luck? Death doesn't seem to like me really", he shrugged and chuckled with a goofy grin.

"Uegh, I give up!", Twilight grind her teeth and seethed irritated. She spun around and left the bed bound bounty hunter and her friends, going up the stairs.

"Goodnight, hun", Spike shouted to her victoriously. He noticed the other critters didn't move an inch and darted his brown eyes to them. He received angry and disappointed looks in all variety. "What? You ponies seriously believe her?"

"Twilight Sparkle was always right when it came to her studies.", the pink one tried to reason, probably the only one left without having a grudge against him. "Without her, we wouldn't have found you at all."

Spike sighed. Damn, those animals were more simple minded than he expected instincts packed creatures to be.

"Well, there you have it, folks: You should never take an egghead seriously,especially if it's a horse. Give it a saddle for riding it, don't give it a book for science."

"WHY YOU!", the blue pegasus lost all her inhibitions and wanted to beat the crap out of the bounty hunter for insulting them, especially Twilight. However, she was stopped by Applejack who snatched the rainbow pony's tail just in time.

"Let's go girls, there is nothing else to do here" , the orange pony with a solemn stare, and went up stairs as well, followed by the others.

"I expected angels to be nice and all, not to be a meanie like him", Pinkie Pie grouched angrily, now having a grudge against Spike as well.

"If only we never went to dat ponydamn hole, we wouldn't have to deal with this moron", Applejack sighed in disappointment.

"It can't be helped, dear. It's just bad luck, like he said. Maybe the angels put him in that coffin because they got sick of him and he was left forgotten.", Rarity joined the badmouthing, huffing at this.

"Yeah, who would want someone like him around? Jerk!", was all Rainbow Dash could come up with, shouting the last word down the stairs.

"Hey, don't talk like if I wasn't here!", the bounty hunter complained annoyed.

"That's what you deserve, meanie!", he saw Pinkie Pie's head then as she stuck her tongue out. "Hey, Fluttershy, you coming?" Fluttershy was the only one left who hasn't moved an inch since she came here.

"Ehm, yeah!", she said meakly. Pinkie nodded and left the cellar. Once gone, the yellow pegasus neared the angel with trepidation. The bounty hunter looked away from her and wasn't away of her.

"Ehm, Spike?", she mumbled as she was near his bed. "I am just wondering..."

Spike blinked and looked to Fluttershy.

"What is it? Throwing your crap at me as well?", he sighed.

"No, it's just...", she pondered carefully how to continue. "Why can we communicate each other so well?"

"What?", Spike crooked an eyebrow confused.

"I- I mean how can we both speak the same language if we are two different species from different time periods? It just makes me wonder...", Fluttershy saw his dumbstruck stare at her, reconsidering if she formulated her question right.

"Ehm, good night then", she decided to leave and flew up stairs with her wings, leaving the bounty hunter as he was alone in the cellar, having the same look on his face.

"Son of a...", he muttered, the scales fell from his eyes. There was one thing which didn't came to him in mind to ask.


Fluttershy was about to leave the library, but stopped as she heard Twilight roaring upstairs.

"He is more stubborn than a mule. And this insults all mules!", the violet unicorn shouted.

"Give him time, Twilight", she heard Spike then trying to calm her down. "Do you really think he just accepts everything you say?" The purple dragon was left out in all this much to his relief, and even managed to avoid helping Twilight nursing the angel with the perfect excuse: 'Avoiding label confusion', or so he argument.

"He is supposed to!", Twilight shot at him, pacing forth and back in irritation. "I am presenting him real factual...facts which are easier to grasp than a parasprite, proving the truth! And what does he do? He mocks me...this angel mocks me!". Suddenly, her mane started to burn as if she caught fire and her turned white as bones. "I won't let him mock me!"

"Errr, Twilight?", Twilight turned to Fluttershy angrily who came up to her and Spike. Despite in all unicorn's blazing fury, the yellow pegasus was showing some confidence which was rare for her. "Do you remember the time we had to deal with the dragon sleeping in the mountain?"

As Twilight processed the question, she calmed herself down, fire mane and bone colored skin gone at once.

"Of course I do,Fluttershy, why do you ask?", she asked, crooking an eyebrow.

"I think it's the same problem with Spike here", Fluttershy answered, flapping her wings carefully.

"Ehm well...", the purple dragon coughed emberrassed. "I'm a dragon too, after all..."

"Not you, Spike", Fluttershy chuckled softly at the confusion. "I mean the angel."

"What?", Twilight Sparkle looked at her as if she was telling a bad joke. "Fluttershy, how can you compare this situation with the dragon? We could talk with Spike, he is a rational being, but instead settle things straight he attacked us and run away like a rapid dog!"

"That's because he's confused, Twilight. He just woke up and believes he still lives in his own time. We rushed him to early about this.", she defended Spike, the angel one. The yellow pegasus sighed as she continued: "When we woke the dragon up and pleaded him to sleep somewhere else, it attacked us. Because it didn't understand that there were others around him who were here before. It's the same with Spike. We also went to a cave -sort of- and woke him up. He attacked us because he is confused about this new world. He doesn't want to believe there's somepony else around him now who can talk like him."

"I...I guess so", Twilight found the pegasus' explanations convincing enough to accept. "But that doesn't excuse this aggressive behavior. Have you seen how he hurt me and Rainbow? This isn't something you should expect from an angel."

"How would you react if you were the very last pony and woke up around a group of angels?", Fluttershy asked her, her voice suddenly turned slightly cooler than to expect from a soft voice like hers. "Think about it Twilight. Good night." The unicorn looked at Fluttershy blankly as she turned her back and went upstairs.

As the door slammed shut, Twilight pondered and calculated if she overlooked something which could have prevented this exaggeration of the situation. She went back and forth aimlessly and muttered logical theories over theories.

"I think Fluttershy is right about this.", Spike, the dragon, piped in again, as he felt that Twilight was able to be spoken at again.

"Not you too, Spike!", Twilight was affronted by his disposition and glared at him annoyed.

"But it's true, Twilight. We went to fast about this. We gave him no free room so he tried to escape. He probably thinks we are some monsters or something", the dragon rambled on, not having any tactfulness at what he stated.

"MONSTERS!", Twilight shrieked at him stupefied. "If there is a monster, then he is!"

"Calm down, Twilight, I am just saying. Look, just give him time, okay? Maybe it will be better if he has some free space", Spike assured her and held his tiny claws in defense.

Twilight looked at him and remained quiet first. As she thought through Spike's and Fluttershy's opinions of the matter, she became more and more convinced that she screwed things up. Tears were forming in her eyes and then started to cry.

"I didn't want any of this",she wept, her hoofs covering her tear filled eyes. " I just wanted to explore some ancient temple a- and have some fun adventure w-with, with you all. But not being confronted with that. I wish Princess Celestia was here. She- she would know what to do..."

The baby dragon looked at her, saddened by his friends sudden bawl. He got closer and hugged her gently.

" I-I failed as- as her student...", Twilight hick-upped, and wept into Spike's little shoulders.

"No, you didn't Twilight.", the baby dragon consoled her, rubbing her back carefully, trying not to scratch her with his claws. "Please stop crying."

The bounty hunter heard the crying of the violet unicorn down here, tied up he was. Now he felt bad that it had to come this far.

"What a day" , he sighed and closed his eyes. Waking up, confronted with talking ponies, escaping from more talking ponies, ship crashed beyond repair, his comrades probably either dead, starved or turned insane, and he caught a cold from to long cryostasis freeze. And after all this he felt bad that this damn horse started to cry. Confound those ponies...

"I really wish I had a drink..."

End of Session β: Overture of the paddock

Author's note:

Seriously, this is killing me. I also have to fill chunks of my other two fics! Bah, I'll never get finished like this.

Hope you enjoyed though. Next submissions will be kept short, but updated fast.