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Session γ : Elegy of truth - part one

Twilight Sparkle woke up early, much earlier than she was used too. She couldn't sleep well, her mind tried to work out what happened last night. Finding and reviving an angel wasn't something which could happen any day, especially if this angel didn't match any of the portrayal she found in books. And that was what Twilight Sparkle did when she didn't know the right answer: Read all possible books and make a conclusion with all found material. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything useful, just some stupid occult books which presented angels the same over and over: Angels, also called Seraphim, messenger of gods, possessing wings of doves,soulless but pure creatures...

"None of this matches his profile!", she cried out exasperated and threw the last book she read away frustrated.

"Oh, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do?", she went on with the mantra as she slurred back and forth, both Spikes snoring loudly from different directions. "I wish Princess Celestia would answer my last report. What keeps her so long?"

The unicorn sent several reports to her teacher the last days, about her discovery in the abyss, about this 'Bebop', and a whole detailed more or less embarrassing one about the angel Spike Spiegel. She refrained herself sending a report about her last talk with the angel, because she may fear that Princess Celestia might be disappointed. She also didn't want to lie to her, her loyalty was to great for such vile methods, so she left it just out to send her any more letters. But still, it was weird that the Princess didn't respond to her most faithful student, especially about Twilight's discovery. It was a discovery of the century after all, oh who was she kidding, of the millennium! Angels were real, no old mares tale, real in flesh and blood! It already started rumors spreading around Ponyville about Spike and it was obvious that the merchants which came and went from Canterlot and Fillidelphia already brought them over to the different cities of Equestria, to the highest of the princess quarters no doubt. So why didn't she respond? Did Princess Celestia just shrugged it as pony tale with the same skepticism of Applejack? Maybe she thought her student lost it with the old documents of Equestrius Longus and was guessing it as a phase of Twilight? Or maybe...

"Arrghh! I can't go on like this!", Twilight stopped her inner bickering and stomped determined. "I got to handle it myself." Her horn glowed and a sheet of paper and a feather with ink came before her.

"Alright, let's form a plan" , she said and started scribbling. "Step one..."

Fluttershy jumped three meters high as suddenly she heard loud banging coming from downstairs.

"Oh-oh my!", Fluttershy whimpered, fully awake, as she hid her snooze under her pillow. She blinked as she realized that is was just the door. "Who-who could that be?"

Curious, and scared of course, she wrapped a bathrobe around her waist, trotted down the stairs, and opened the door.

"Oh,ehmm, hi Twilight", Fluttershy startled, seeing her friend at this hour before her house. "H-how can I help y-"

"You got to help me out, Fluttershy!", the violet unicorn said in a panicked voice. "I don't know what to do!" Twilight's face was pale and dark eyelids underlay her open shot eyes. Her body sweat and she trembled uncontrollable.

"C-calm down Twili-", Fluttershy tried to assure her, but was interrupted by Twilight:

"No, there is nothing to be calm about! There is a moody angel in my cellar who doesn't match any of the descriptions I found in my books and could attack me any minute! Princess Celestia hasn't replied me for days, and I got no plans for situation like these."

Tears sprinkle her eyes, and the pony started to sob: "I am doomed, Fluttershy, I-I can't handle it any longer!"

Fluttershy saw how miserable Twilight looked, her weeping made her look even more pitiful. The friend she was, she neared her friend and hugged her carefully.

"There, there, Twilight", she whispered into her ear, stroking her violet hair gently. "We will find a way, don't worry."
"I-I am scared", Twilight hiccuped and hid her snooze in Fluttershys soft mane while weeping even stronger. "Scared of him."

"Oh don't be. He is just scared as well", Fluttershy murmured, still holding Twilight. She waited patiently until the unicorn pony was finished with weeping. When Twilight was removing herself from the pegasus ' embrace and washing her strained tears away, Fluttershy offered: "Say, it's cold outside. Why don't we go in and drink some tea?"

"Yeah...", Twilight sniffled and smiled at her friend exhilarated a little now. "Good idea"

"I am sorry about before, Fluttershy", Twilight Sparkled sighed and rubbed her reddened eyelids. She was sitting on a chair in Fluttershy's living room."I am not usually so...dispersed"

"Oh, it's alright", Fluttershy assured her from a distance. She entered then while holding a tea tray in her mouth. As she put in on the small table, she forced a chuckle to cool the tension: "It was a really weird week for all of us."

"Yeah, you can say that", the unicorn replied and looked sideways while smiling. She looked around Fluttershy's inner house, realizing she never went it. It was really comfy and well organized. Bird houses hanging in every corner, and small holes where probably the pegasus' squirrels slept. The table the ponies sat among was standing on a green floor with a red carped lying over it. As Fluttershy poured the tea to Twiligh's cup, the violet pony asked: "So, what should we do about Spike?"

Fluttershy blinked and nearly dropped her jar. "Err...the angel one,right?" She received a nod. "Well..." The yellow pegasus put a hoof under her chin and sipped her tea, pondering. She honestly had no idea either what to do with the angel. The last three days he stayed unconscious, once more, were a real tense time for everypony. Twilight was left alone to nurse Spike back to his health, the majority of the other ponies didn't want to get involved with him any longer. They were to much in shock about how he acted once he woke up from his milennium long sleep and needed time to work things out. Dash probably got it worst of all, having one of her wings broken during an ambush attempt and being left sulking in her castle afterward, not being able fulfilling her duties or training for the Wonderbolts. Applejack didn't show up and was taking over BicMac's shifts for bucking more apple trees. That was probably her way working problems out. And Rarity closed her store for unknown reasons and didn't come out of her house. The white unicorn even missed their weekly massage session without apologizing afterward. Sweetie Belle could only shrug if Fluttershy asked after her best friend. And Pinkie Pie was...well, Pinkie Pie, but a little more jumpy with her twitching and less making parties than usual. The pink earth pony and Fluttershy were the only ones left helping Twilight now and then, taking over guarding the sleeping angel when Twilight either took a nap or was writing her recent reports to Princess Celestia. The yellow Pegasus remembered that Pinkie was humming the tale of Andromeda silently, almost mantra-like, with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Even during those watch-overs Fluttershy wasn't sure how to handle the whole new situation the ponies brought themselves into. Entering Everfree Forest, diving into the abyss, finding a ghost town of a former civilasation, flying with an unknown machine from a big scary monster, and then finding Spike... Fluttershy should have maybe just excused herself for like watching over her animals or lying about having a cold, then she wouldn't be confronted with this whole mess. But she knew about Twilight's reckless curiosity and couldn't let her friend getting hurt like the time she was turned into stone. And maybe it was a good thing it was them who found the angel. Who knew what would've happened if he woke up in this darkness down there, all alone and left with the monster? But this realization didn't make her feel better. This whole thing was just as confusing to her as it was to Twilight. And other questions came up unanswered. Why could both angel and ponies communicate so well despite so long millennium intervals for example? Or why was Spike put under cryogenic sleep or whatever it was?

While pondering deeply, both ponies heard thumb tapping outside the hut.

"What was that?", Twilight shot up, looking scared.

"Oh, that was just one of the bunnies. They do that sometimes when they are asleep", Fluttershy answered apologizing. Then a thought occurred her.

"Bunnies...", she mumbled mulling over.

"Hhm?", the violet pony looked at her friend curious after calming herself down. Then, her friend looked like light dawned on her.

" I got it, Twilight", the yellow pony rushed exited, the teacup she was holding was shaking slightly its content out. "Angel!"

"Angel?", Twilight asked perplexed. "Well, he is an angel, alright..."

"Oh nonononono, Twilight", tattled Fluttershy while waving her hoofs. "Not the angel, I mean Bunny Angel!"

An eyebrow crooked over Twilight's left eye. "Uhh, not sure if I can follow you..."

"You see, Angel is a lot like Spike, ehm, the angel one! He is moody and grumpy and doesn't want to listen to me sometimes, ehm, a lot some times, hehe ", Fluttershy explained her, while chuckling embarrassed. She continued: "But when I give him a smile and show patience and let him know I care about him, even he will eat his carrots on schedule...well, sometimes."

Twilight contemplated in silence and looked over to the yellow pegasus."So, you're saying is..."

"Sometimes a smile can move the biggest rocks", she replied nodding and smiled. "Let Spike know that you care about him, then he will accept you as a friend."

"But this is what I, we have been trying this the whole time!", the unicorn ranted frustrated. "We all helped him to wake up, we told him the truth, and nursed him even after he tried to flee and threaten us! But all he does is either ignore me or taunt me like I was his worst enemy!"

"Twilight", Futtershy sighed and put down her tea cup. "I told you already before: Spike is still confused about this world. It seems like ponies in his time weren't as this as we are now. And he can't comprehend this. It's the wrong approach to force him to accept this. We have to show patience and let him know that we want to be his friends." She gave her friend an expecting look. "Especially you should show how you care about him."

"But...why me?", Twilight looked to her own teacup with a worried expression. All the time the unicorn pony wondered why she wanted to help Spike Spiegel so much. He didn't want any of their help and was just trouble for all. But she was the only one of everypony who took him under her wing. It wasn't just her royal duty for Princess Celestia, there seemed to be more, but she couldn't grasp it.

"Because, Twilight, there can't be any better friend like yourself out there ", Fluttershy answered. She filled her cup again and took a deep sip, enjoying the taste, the smile never leaving her.

/Author's note: "Memory" sound track tuning in/

He dreamed of a blond woman which still haunted him in his head. It was a beautiful dream, but with an ending he couldn't change, no matter how much he wanted to.

It was the usual story. Boy met girl and both fell in love. But their forbidden love forced them to leave the paradise they lived in. They fled and were free; but it wouldn't be a good love story if there was a catch: One of the lovers had to die. And it happened to be the wrong one, as always.

"It's all just...", her eyes sparkled one last time and curved a soft smile. "...a dream".

Spike opened his eyes slightly. "Yeah", he whispered in his conscious equilibrium. "It's all just a dream."

He found himself in the cellar again. The bounty was still tied on the bed and still felt like crap. His throat was dried up from thirst, his stomach crumpled painfully and he needed to go to the bathroom really badly or else. It was the usual pain he got used to when he traveled across space to hunt down criminals for low bounty prices just to survive. But he wasn't in space, not even close.

Spike darted his eyes lazily while thinking about the last days. Suddenly he blinked as he saw something glowing over him. It was fluttering above him, its wings going up and down fast pacing while shining golden. It was the most beautiful butterfly he saw in his life. He was kept as some pony's prisoner like a caged wild animal and couldn't get out of here even he managed to free himself. He just couldn't fight against the pony and her friends much to his disdain. His first attack on the ponies was just a short circuit of his mantle of coolness he kept on, and now cooled down he felt bad for hurting Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. They weren't evil, on the contrary, they cared deeply for him, too much for his taste, but that didn't make the situation better for the bounty hunter. The Bebop was a trash can and Jet was not around to repair it. He was stuck on this planet. A planet full of talking ponies. Spike couldn't believe hell could be this cute.

/AN:"Cats on Mars" tuning in/

Suddenly the door upstairs slammed open, causing him to knock out of his half-sleeping, jumping slightly while being pulled back forcefully by his shackles. The bounty hunter heard soft galloping noises.

Her again, he thought annoyed. Spike tried to look away and ignore her, like he did before. But suddenly he felt his shackles fall and could move his arms freely. He turned surprised and saw Twilight Sparkle smiling broadly to him. She appeared like she didn't remember what happened just yesterday between him and her, or even before that. Spike couldn't even detect any signs of fear like she had before, she really looked happy to see him. Weird.

"Morning Spike!", she greeted him in a warmhearted tone. "I hope you slept well?"

"Morning", he muffled and rubbed his bruised ankles while giving the unicorn dwarf a skeptical glare. "You are untying me because...?"

"So you can join us at breakfast,silly", she chuckled and went upstairs "Hurry up before everything gets cold."

"Breakfast?", Spike blinked puzzled. He didn't know those animals were cultured enough to cook, let alone to know what breakfast was. Maybe he should reconsider to stop thinking them as animals. They definitely were almost at human level. Almost. The bounty hunter followed the pony, his long legs slightly shaking from the stiffness out of lying in the same position for several days. He really needed to do his old warm up rounds again, he felt like a stuffed out scarecrow.

Spike found himself in the main floor of the tree house, still filled with books every corner.

"Say, this is your house,right?", the bounty hunter asked as he looked around.

"Yes, of course, why do you ask?", Twilight answered and searched with her snooze in a small cupboard near the cellar door.

"It does look more like an open library than a living room.", the bounty hunter replied and scratched his chest casually.

"Oh, that's because I am a librarian for free time, so I moved in Pony Ville's open library.", the violet pony turned up to him and suddenly her horn glowed again. "Now say 'Ahhh'."

" 'Ahh-' ? MPFH!", Spike eyes opened wide as something entered his mouth forcefully and closed his lips out of reflexes. Panicked he tried to pull this thing out, but it stuck tight in his peep hole. Then finally, it came out, leaving the bounty hunter breathing in relieve. He saw that Twilight was looking at the small baton thoughtfully and gave her a glare while breathing harshly: "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Perfect, your temperature sunk to a normal state, you're as good as new!", the pony said and with whatever laws of physics was possible, a small violet cloud Spike saw before levitated and brought the baton to the next trashcan. Twilight went to the next room with a slow gracious galloping while calling after the bounty hunter: "Now, come along, Spike is already waiting for us."

"Spike?", the bounty hunter spluttered out, even more baffled than before.

This is too much, I must be getting crazy now, he tried to think while plodding forward, Yes, it's all just hallucination, I must be probably in an asylum, crazy beyond helping, and see talking ponies-

He entered what looked like a kitchen. Two sinks were near him on the wall, with two mirrors hover over them. Cupboards hanging or lying on the corners and walls where probably dishes and food was stored. Before him was a medium sized round table. On it was milk, orange juice, apples, bread, green salad and other healthy looking meals. And there sat...

"A-A DRAGON?", Spike shot up horrified and took a stepped back while holding arms up panicked. The small purple-green dragon darted its reptilian eyes to the sides confused until it realized who was addressed.

"Uhh, ehem...hi", it greeted him with a childlike voice and forced a smile while winking with its small claws. "You must be..."

"Oh Spike, you haven't met Spike yet, did you? Oh, of course you did, just not while he was conscious", Twilight sat opposite to the dragon and was grabbing sandwich...with her hoofs.

"Gosh, it will be hard distinguishing you both since you carry the same name. How about I label you with Spike 1 and Spike 2? Hm, no, this would bring in confusion with 'too'. Then how about..." She went on with her rambling, still holding the sandwich while its contents started to fall out slowly.

The bounty hunter has calmed himself down and tried to suppress his further xenophobia by acting with his usual coolness, sitting besides Spike, and giving the dragon a muffled look.

"Is she always like this?", Spike tried to whisper, while pointing his thumb to the currently reality distant violet pony.

"You don't want to see her when she is in her 'study' mode. But you will soon if she is so wrapped up already", the purple dragon answered and gave him an shrug.

"Huh, lucky me", the bounty hunter muttered while he grabbed after a fork as well. He noticed the plate before him wasn't a sandwich, but full of green too healthy looking leaves. "What is this?"

"That's onion salad", Spike answered.

"Yech!", the bounty hunter stuck his tongue out and shoved the plate away. "Don't you have any eggs and bacon?"

"Oh sorry, but Twilight and the others ponies here don't appreciate flesh.", the dragon apologized and looked at him sympathetically.

"Figures", Spike sighed and tried to live with bread and butter. "Would've been a lot weirder if they did. But wait, you are a ...dragon, is that what you are called?" The dragon nodded casually. "Aren't you...depending on flesh?" He tried not to blurt out 'swallowing princesses'.

"Oh, not really. But I need a high ration of protein and other nutrition, it's part of a dragon's diet. So Twilight Sparkle makes an exception for me", the small dragon answered and took a plate which was full of maggots. Spike took a hand full of it and put it in his own sandwich "Want some?"

"Err, pass", the bounty hunter blanched at the dragon's 'diet' and tried to focus only on his bread then.

"I got it!", Twilight brought the attention of both to her by stomping her sandwich. " How about this: You are Alpha-Spike, and you are Beta-Spike? "

"Uhh-", both Spikes gave odd looks each other. The bounty hunter waged if he should tell her 'Spiegel' would be just fine or rather should protest why he was the 'Beta' one.

"Good, then it's settled", she decided in triumph and wanted to bite her sandwich, only to realize that all its contents fell out. While showing it back into the sandwich she warbled: "Alpha-Spike, Beta-Spike, please hurry up eating your breakfast, we have lots of work to do today."

"What kind of work?", Spike, the beta one, asked perplexed. "Hey wait a minute, since when do I have to work to begin with? Don't I get some special status 'cause I am the only non-critter around here?"

"Not that kind of work, well at least not yet", the pony answered while waving a hoof. "I will be running a few test with you to understand your capabilities and abilities better."

"So", the bounty hunter lost his appetite in bread and decided to poke into the salad instead. "You want to study me?"

"Well, yeah, you could say that.", she gave him smile which hinted an expectation that he would agree.

Spike looked to his dragon fellow, who glared at him as if he wanted to express "I told you so".

"Well...", the bounty hunter pondered while stabbing a leave bored. "As long as you don't turn me to your new lab rat and start vivisecting me, why not?"

Spike, the alpha one, was face palming with his maggot sandwich.

End of Session γ : Elegy of truth_part one