Session γ : Elegy of truth - part two

"And how is it going, Twilight?", Fluttershy asked curiously. She and and her friend were outside the pegasus' hut, sitting on comfortable cushions and enjoying the sunny weather.

"Kinda good for the start I guess. I let Beta-Spike just run a few tests", Twilight replied her nonchalantly as she looked into her cup frowning.

"Uh, oh", Fluttershy sweat dropped at her response, wondering who was 'Beta-Spike' now. She knew the unicorn has strange methods how to treat her friends, but it sounded kinda dangerous. "What kind of...tests?"

"Oh, nothing biggie. I just let him do some exercises to loosen him up a bit. He was really as stiff as stone. And he seemed to appreciate it. When we were halfway through, he gloated 'You call that tests?'", she chuckled weakly and stirred her tea with a spoon by using magic. "His attitude reminds me of Rainbow Dash somewhat."

Fluttershy coughed distractingly and looked upstairs carefully. She knew a certain blue pegasus wouldn't appreciate hearing this. Relieved that no rainbow was on sight, the yellow pegasus returned her attention to Twilight Sparkle who was oblivious to her actions.

"But then I asked him..."

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"Why don't you have wings?"

"Hm?" Spike looked down to his equine fellow lazily. The bounty hunter was sweating heavily and drank some water as he sat on a bench settled in a corner of the cellar. He still couldn't believe what happened as they started their 'tests'. Suddenly the whole room changed, furniture replaced by gymnastic tool, even the room seemed to have increased by width. As he asked how this happened, the unicorn just replied with "Magic". Yeah, he still needed to get used to this.

"Angels are supposed to have wings. That's what I find in every book which has information about your species. So how come you don't have any?", Twilight urged him, eying him critically.

"Oh, hehe", Spike couldn't help but chuckle at her confusion. "That's simple. It's because I ain't none."

The pony's eyes bulged at surprise and gaped: "Wh-what do you mean?"

"Well, for one I belong to a species called humans. We are...uh...", the bounty hunter tried to scratch his hair as he tried to find the right word, only to meet metal. He forgot that the pony put this tureen over his head which should collect 'data', whatever it was. "Well, kinda like angels, just without the I make any sense now?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow and thought deeply, only to blink then in realization. "Oh, so you're an earth angel!"

"What?", a puzzled look spread on Spike's face.

"Oh, silly me, I should have told you about this on breakfast", Twilight blushed crimson as she chuckled.

She hold a pretty taut kept explanation about the three pony species to the human. "It must be really like with us! It means that those kind of angels portrayed in the books are pegasus angels! And you're an earth angel, labeled as human!"

"If you put it that way...well, sure", Spike shrugged resigned. The bounty hunter rather wanted to leave it with that since he wasn't up for long arsed explanations.

The violet pony smiled broadly and clopped her hoofs in victory. "This is so exiting! With your help I could write a whole new thesis about angelogy! Do unicorn angels also exist? Can they control magic too?"

"Mhhh, do they?", Spike looked up and placed a finger under his chin as he fought. Then a light lit up in his head. "Actually there is something like that."

"Great, how are they called?", Twilight continued asking, her eyes glittering in agitation.

"We call them devils."

"D...d...d...d...", the violet pony stuttered, terrified by this knowledge.

Spike grinned at her, finding sudden amusement in her predictable reactions."Yeah, devils, the ones with the goat horns, they probably know magic."

Twilight knocked herself back from her shock and blinked at him. "Probably?"

"Never met one. Neither have I had the chance to associate with an angel with wings."

"Hm, interesting", the unicorn absorbed the further information. She concluded: "So no contact between earth, unicorn and pegasus angel could be established, is that right?"

Spike scoffed at her and crossed his arms, annoyed that she didn't catch his sarcasm. "I'm trying to say saying they aren't real."

Twilight looked up to him, getting more confused by this. "What do you mean they aren't real?"

The bounty hunter sighed and answered unwillingtly:

"Long ago, my kin believed there were others out there. In heaven the messengers of God, namely angels, in earth crawled with devils. Both were hating each other with guts and waged war on each other, or so how it was told." Spike waited for a response from his fellow, and continued as he received a nod from her:

"Then, we hum... earth angels got better in handling with all kinds of science. We managed to dive into earth and reach the highest sky. And did you know what we found?" Again he paused. As he saw an expected shook from her snooze, he said coldly:

"Just rock. Dead rock. Nothing more, nothing less. We realized that we were alone in this universe, no God taking pity in our suffer. So we just made the best out of it, and tried to live despite there was nothing to believe for."

"Nothing to believe for?" Twilight felt his statement quite disturbing. How could anypony think like that?

"Yeah", the bounty hunter nodded and spectated his water bottle as he spun it over his hand. "Life is like dream, it's better to enjoy it without asking. I know a lot of guys who went crazy once they realized how meaningless life may look."

Twilight Sparkle regarded Spike one last time as she saw that he meant it what he just said. She nodded and said: "I see" and turned her back to him as she walked down the room.

"I let this slip past and let Beta-Spike do the next round. Risking another argument was the last thing both of us needed. But I was really thrown off about his statement." Twilight drifted off and looked away from Fluttershy, her frown still present.

"Is this why you, uhm, look so down?", Fluttershy asked carefully. Twilight shook her head immediately.

"No, that's not it", she replied and focused her stare on her friend. "When we continued with the testing, it happened..."

"Uhh", Spike felt uncomfortable standing in the middle of the cellar. He didn't know where Twilight trotted of to, and the room changed again at a blink. This time every device was gone, and instead sand was covering the floor, the kind of sand you usually put on playgrounds, gray and cement like. "What kind of test is this now?"

"I want to see how good you are at combat",the pony's voice echoed the room from everywhere. Spike wasn't able to make out the source of her voice. "You seem to have really fast reflexes, your last stunts really threw me off"

"Yeah, I threw you off,alright", the bounty hunter shot back half-taunting, referencing to his two escape attempts. "So what, you gonna pull some kung-hoof stunts on me?"

"Heavens no!", a cackle came in response. "I was just trying to make a compliment, that's all! But I want to see what you are capable off."

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Spike remained quiet, feeling adrenalin surging through his blood. Finally some action!

He heard bulging behind him. Immediately the bounty hunter spun around while giving a crescent kick. He divided something into halves. Whatever he hit, it stumbled and pulverized into sand.

"Hey, I wasn't done yet!", an annoyed cry erupted. "Hold your horses, will you?"

"Oh, sorry", Spike apologized, scratching his head with the metal plate on it embarrassed. The bounty hunter crossed his arms then and waited patiently for the upcoming brawl. Before him little sand clouds engulfed in an indigo twirled up, first one, then three, and then seven. Each of them began to get form, from a ball to a cube and so on. Soon they transformed into humanoid bodies. Spike blinked as he realized they have taken his very own shape, with the fuzzy hair and the lines of the pair of trousers he wears. But then a smirk started to spread over his face.

"Finally!", the bounty hunter shouted as he crunched his knuckles. "Let's do science: Hit it!"

The nearest sand golem dashed to him, its fists raised. Spike blocked the attack at ease and punched it on its artificial face. The golem reeled back after the punch, but attacked again, followed by two other sand creatures. They surrounded Spike and tried to attack at once. The bounty hunter jumped over them and he made a low cut kick while landing. The body cocked its head before it split to half, returning to sand. The victory was short lived as Spike felt being tangled from behind. Before it could perform a body slam, the bounty hunter hit its elbow to the attacker's face several times to stun him. Then he freed himself and returned the favor by tackling it and body slam with a loud crunch. Spike jumped up immediately and blocked several attacks from other golems.
The battle went on for another five minutes. Spike managed to kick several of them to dust, but even more golems came up and joined the brawl. It were nearly 15 of them the bounty hunter was fighting! Twilight Sparkle could only gape in silence how the angel could take them all while giving an elegant atmosphere. But she still locked her focus on the golems. It was a hard spell she was pulling off, so she had no time on fawning.

"Hey!", she heard Spike's smugness coming up as he was punching almost dance like through the golems. "if science was always like this, I'd get my diploma in less than two wee-". Suddenly he stopped as his eyes widened and trembled uncontrollably. Blood trailed down from his nose. Before the bounty hunter could react, he received a sucker punch from the golem before him, and flew backwards.

"SPIKE!", Twilight Sparkle screamed. All golems vanished at instance, and the pony came out of her hide, galloping to the defeated angel. He lay backwards, breathing heavily. The bounty hunter appeared as if he was in a delirium, looking blankly at the ceiling.

"Are you hurt! What happened?", she nudged Spike softly, trying to get his attention.
"I'm fine", he mumbled calmly and darted his eyes to the unicorn pony. He sweat a lot more than before.

Twilight frowned. "Are you sure? You look so pale. We should go see the doctor-"

"I said I'm fine! Geez!", Spike waved a hand annoyed. Slowly he get up and craned his neck, taking long and deep breaths. "I...think I overdid it. My body seems to be still weak from the cryostat."

Twilight gave him a critical stare one last time. "If you say so", she nodded and turned her back to him. "Anyway, we're done"

"Wait", Spike shot back, feeling a strange deja vúe. "Aren't we still have to finish the other tests?"

"The data will be all useless if you're a wreck", she huffed and trotted away.

"It's a pleasure working with you...", she heard him spat. Followed by a bump. She turned to him, her eyes open wide.

"Oh my!", Fluttershy put of hoof over her mouth, shocked to hear this. "I hope he is alright..."

"Yeah, he is", Twilight sighed and looked down. She poured more tea into her cup with magic. "He takes a nap now. I wasn't up analyzing the new data, so I just called it a day"

"Strange", Fluttershy whispered softly but audible enough to the unicorn pony.

"Yeah, really strange", Twilight nodded in agreement "I thought he was healthy now, and now he got this weird access..."

"Oh no, I mean, 'Strange, I thought I just saw Spike and Pinkie Pie entering the Everfree Forest' ", Fluttershy said sheepishly.

Eyes were bulging out as the violet pony looked to Fluttershy."Which Spike?", she asked, her tea trembling in the cup.

"Uhh, the not so angel-angel?", came the confused answer.

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30 minutes earlier

The door of the library cracked open gradually. A brown eye looked out which dashed in every direction. As it saw nothing around, the door slammed open fully. Spike walked out of the library with steady steps and turned his attention to the road before him. He sighed: "Here we go again."

Before he managed to take less than five steps, a high pitched voice perked up:"What'cha doing?"

"WAAAH!", the bounty hunter jumped up high and stumbled on the earth. He turned his head and saw the pink pony he saw with the others yesterday.

"Oh, is this some sort of game?", she asked while standing directly over him. She crooked her head to look into his eyes. She smiled broadly and snipped: "Can I join, can I join, pleasepleaseplease?"

Spike jabbed a finger on her breast and said weakly: "Don't do... this ever again!"

The pony regarded him puzzled."Do what?"

"What you just did!", he barked, his voice regaining strengh.

"But how should I stop something if I don't know what I just did?", she looked at the sky and pondered deeply.

"Gawd, you're just like-", Spike wanted to raise his fists to rant, but then realized there was no point arguing with them. He groaned: "Never mind. What do you want?"

"I was asking first", the pony replied and looked to him down. "What'cha doing?"

Spike's eyes darted sideways, making sure none of the other ponies were around. He said: "I wanted to get clothes..."

"Oh, why haven't you said before!", she grinned at him happily and helped him up. "I'm sure Rarity would try to give you the most beautiful outfit-"

"No!", Spike shouted and put his hands in defense. The pink pony looked at him surprised, and he sighed: "Look, I already have clothes, but they are on the ship..."

"Oh, I see", she nodded and kept her grin still on. "Then I'm going with you!"

"Huh?Why?", Spike gave her a puzzled look.

"Because you are a meanie-pans no one can trust!", the pony laughed in response.

"My, aren't you bold", he muttered and turned his back to her. "Whatever, let's just get over with-"

Suddenly a loud grumble erupted out of nowhere, making both blink.

"Oh, was that my tummy, or was it yours?", the pony asked the bounty hunter and looked to her own stomach.

"I guess that's mine",Spike huffed and placed his hand around his belly. "Breakfast wasn't really that good, too much leaves and worms..."

"Oh, then I have the best solution!", the pink pony jumped up and down excited. "Follow me, follow me! By the way, my name's Pinkie Pie!"

The pink pony jumped ahead with all four hoofs, something Spike never believed an equine could do. He staggered sluggishly to keep up with her, still feeling dizzy from his last faint. The bounty hunter didn't know what happened when he fought the sand golems. At first he felt like he was on a roller coaster of adrenalin, but then suddenly a pain shot through his whole body. A flash of dizziness has caught him and caused him to throw off his balance. Let's not forget that he was nose bleeding too! Whatever it was, the bounty hunter hoped it won't come up again for he was getting control over his body again.

He and Pinkie Pie entered the what seemed to be the market of Ponyville. Open stores were on the sides while the center was full with several market huts for buying fruits and more. It was filled with ponies of all classes and in all colours and were chatting and laughing. But they turned all quiet suddenly as the human entered the center. Every equine watched him with wide eyes, making Spike feel as if camouflage cameras were catching every inch of his being.

"Oh, look, dears, it's that angel everypony is talking about", Spike heard a raspy voice. He turned his head and saw three old ponies sitting among a round table, One of a green earth pony, one a white pegasus, and the last a soft blueish unicorn.

"Ah, that takes me back to my old days when I have seen an angel...", the pegasus granny said, fawning over him.

"Ye never saw an angel before, ye sleazy boob!", the unicorn ranted and took a card from the deck.

"No fighting, Granny Gem, think of your blood pressure", the green pony admonished her collegue.

Spike sweatdropped at their conversation. They gave him a deja-vúe for some reason.

"Listen up, everypony!", Pinkie Pie jumped before him. Spike's eyes shot wide in shock. Oh no, don't...

"This is Spike Spiegle, the last angel ever! He is kind of a meanie-pans, but a nice guy nonetheless! So say all hi to him!"

The ponies around Spike remained quiet first. Spike felt his heart beating heavily and bit his lower lip for some reason. At the next moment, any silence was dropped and all ponies cheered at him: "HI, OTHER SPIKE!", causing him to take a step backwards with a dumbfounded look. Everything returned to normal, all ponies minding their own business again. Pinkie Pie gave him a sly grin as she saw him weirded out by what just happened.

"Uhm, thanks?", Spike murmured, scratching his head perplexed.

"Oh, don't mention it", Pinkie Pie replied and started trotting. "Now, let's get to the bakery."

Spike said nothing and followed her. It still felt so wrong being around talking hors- ponies who think he is an angel. He hoped he would get used to this later on. If he still remained here of course...

Suddenly, he saw a brown colt gaping before him as if he was a ghost. He wore a red bow tie, which was weird like everything else, and had a hourglass cutie mark on his flank.

"I-It can't be!", it stammered and galloped away in fast speed.

"Errr...", Spike brought Pinkie Pie's attention to him as he pointed to the running colt. "I thought everypo- everybody was already past that I am real?"

"Oh, don't mind him", she snickered amused "That's just Doctor Whooves, the crazy doc of Ponyville. He's funny!" At that, she continued her way to said bakery.

Both reached a small building which resembled the evil witch's candy house. Pinkie Pie jumped into the store which left a jingle from the door. The bounty hunter looked at the building one more before entering it. Before he was even able to take a step inside the bakery, a cupcake appeared out of nowhere before his eyes.

"Meet my special cupcake, it fills any empty stomache with just a itsie bitsie bitey-titey!", it was Pinkie Pie who showed a cupcake to his face. Spike picked it up and sniffed at it. He felt the heat radiating from it, and it smelled fresh and good. He was starting to savor, but a thought stopped him from eating it.

"Why are you doing this? Am I not the 'meanie-pans' here?", he gave the pink pony a questioning stare, trying not to show his hunger.

"Of course you are, but I can't leave anypony who is starving to death! Besides, I have met a lot worse meanie-pansies than you, and this means something! I think", Pinkie Pie answered. She nudged him with her snooze to a bench at the window. "Now eat up, clopclop!"

Spike regarded the cupcake in his hand and considered if he should eat it. After all, who knew if it was poisonous? He still was skeptical to all the nice behavior of the ponies, he learned that looks may deceive. But his stomach arched again. Alright,alright, I get it, the bounty hunter thought annoyed and took a small bite. His eyes bulged at the taste. Hunger overtook him, and he swallowed the cupcake as if both were wolf and lamb.

"Look at your face, I can see you like it!", Pinkie Pie jumped exited and smiled in victory.

"It's...delicious", Spike muttered, looking down at his trembling hands. He turned his gaze to the pink pony, giving her a horrified look. "This is the best damn thing I have eaten my whole life!"

"Oh, that's so sweet for you!", Pinkie Pie squealed and hugged him suddenly, much to his discomfort. "Just for that it's on the house!"

"Wait", Spike freed from the hug and hold the pony before him. " You wanted me to pay for it?"

"Of course not,silly", she giggled and continued rambling: "You just woke up from a quanzillium of years and have no money, I'd just put it on Twilight's tab, since you sleep in her house, so I think she and you live together, and despite you being a meanie-pans both of you are best of friends and then-"

"Woah there!", Spike put a hand over her mouth as she said the word 'friend'. "Don't you think becoming friends is a little to early? "

"It's never to early or to late!", Pinkie Pie replied and jumped from Spike's grip. Suddenly music tuned up.

"What the-?", the bounty hunter looked everywhere to find the source of the sounds, but to no avail.

"Oh, that always comes up if I start a new song", Pinkie explained to him as if she expected him to react that way.

"Uh, song?", Spike stared at her oddly, but before he could ask further, Pinkie Pie started singing:

"Friendship is the greatest thing,

you can start it all day!

It's a ship which never sinks,

when a friend drives the way!

It's fun, it's adventure,

it's the spice of life!

It's the strongest magic which never ends!

But you have speak the spell before it bends!"

As she was finished, she made a weird stand before Spike. Said bounty hunter felt his right eye twitching the whole time as she sung, holding his hands on the edges of the bench tightly til his knuckles turned white. But he calmed down as her singing was subdued.

"Listen", Spike sighed in defeat. "I know friendship is magic and all, but I can't say that I and Twilight, you, or anyone else are...friends. I just know you all like for,what, 2 days?"

"And we know you for almost a week!", Pinkie Pie piped giddily. "We can be friends, Spike. Just because you are the last angel doesn't mean we will exclude you-"

"Stop with this angel bullshit already!", he roared to her and slammed on the desk harshly. Pinkie jumped back at his outburst, her smile disappeared and looking at him scared. The bounty hunter's fire burned down quickly and felt a knot in his stomach. Somehow seeing her scared made him feel really disturbed.

"I'm sorry, Pinkie Pie", he apologized and regretted getting hot-headed again. The pony nodded carefully and turned away from him, lowering her head unhappily. Spike hold his face in a palm, realizing how bad the situation turned to, and breathed frustrated. "Why is it that everyone thinks I am an angel, let alone the last? I neither have wings nor do I look divine at any way, you can all see that. So why?"

"Because...", Pinkie Pie whispered and turned her head to the bounty hunter, her eyes giving a sad pout. "It's been told in the tale of Andromeda that..."

Spike removed his hand and blinked at the pony. "Andromeda?"

To be continued

/AN:Yeah, sorry if the "Friendship" lyrics sound crappy, I ain't much of a songwriter. If you have a better one, I will replace them any time.