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Session γ : Elegy of truth – Part 3

"So let me get this straight", Spike said to Pinkie Pie who was trailing beside him. The pony's mood got the better again and Spike regarded her irritated while crossing his arms. "A few millennia ago some angels waged war against each other?"

"Uh-huh!", the pink earth pony nodded exited, grinning madly at him.

"In space?", he added.

"Uh-huh!", came the nod.

"Then on Mars something called Andromeda blew up, killing all the angels, and for some reasons you ponies appeared?", he went on.

"Uh-huh!", came the nod.

"And just because you found me in that piece of junk of a vessel which said that I sleep almost 2000 years makes me an angel!", the bounty hunter finished,

"Yeah!", Pinkie Pie exclaimed happily and bounced up and down among Spike randomly. "See, you're an angel!"

Spike was getting more pissed by the pony's randomness, but then he registered her last expression. He contemplated about it and whispered: "Maybe..."

Pinkie Pie stopped and landed beside him. She looked at him frowning and asked: "Maybe?"

"Never mind that", he shrugged the thought off and waved his hand.

"Com'on, you can tell me! I can keep secrets like nopony around and I keep my promises!", the pink earth pony nudged him, trying to win his trust.

"Well",Spike looked away, considering letting his secret slip out. He never trusted anyone about telling himself more. In his line of work, giving other people private information might be a really dumb move. He knew Jet was trying to have everything in control, Faye would just back stab him, as usual, and there was Ed. Spike's eyes darted to Pinkie and mustered her critically. She reminded him too much of Ed: the childish attitude, the randomness, the view that everything was just fun... the last thing the pony needed was a degree in IT to fill the profile. Still, that would be an argument to tell to, wouldn't it? Her attempts to become friends with him didn't appear to possess any selfish reasons but for the sake becoming friends! The pink pony didn't look like she would screw him over, she was radiating laughter, sprinkles and cotton candy all over. And she gave him something to eat...

"I'll tell you once I have something else to wear", Spike promised to Pink Pie and spectated his trousers. "Man, look how fretted and stained it already is!"

Pinkie Pie squealed and raised her hoof to him: "Okay! That's a Pinkie promise, right?"

Spike looked at her oddly and shook the hoof with an annoyed "Yeah, whatever."

They went their way to the Everfree Forest in a slow trot. Pinkie Pink rambled on and on, filling him with everything he should know. While her endless talking made Spike's ears almost pop out, the pony gave him some vital information about ponies in general and this world called Equestria. Apparently the ponies were ruled by two princesses. One ruled over the day, the other watched over the night. The latter one seemed to have gone nutty and wanted to bring in eternal night, and was then stopped by the other princess who also was her sister. The rebelling princess was trapped over a whole millennium in the moon. Then she broke free last year, kidnapped the other princess and nearly brought in eternal night all over Equestria. But Pinkie Pie along her friends managed to stop her with a weapon called the "Elements of Harmony". And now Twilight Sparkle was ordered by Princess Celestia, that was the other princess' name, to learn about friendship as much as possible, because apparently it was the very force which triggered the weapon's power.

While the whole story sounded really cheesy, somehow Spike believed the little pony. Neither would Pinkie Pie fill him in with half-truths nor was it part of the filly's fantasy just like this Andromeda tale. It would explain the ponies' obsession with friendship, since, hell, who would say no to any powerful weapon? Maybe not the ponies around here, but this Princess Celestia sounded fishy. Hearing this made him raise more questions, but he remained silent during the trip. He didn't care a thing about this world, he wanted to get back to his own world as soon as possible.

As they reached the Everfree Forest, Pinkie Pie's tail suddenly twitched.

"Oh, oh!", Pinkie Pie looked at her tail petrified and craned her head around nervously.

"What is it?", Spike asked, getting agitated by her change of behavior.

"It's my tail! My twitch-twitchy tail!", Pinkie Pie shouted at him frazzled out and showed her behind to the human to emphasize it. "Twitche-twitch!Twitche-twitch!"

"Yeah, I can see that...", the bounty hunter muttered and kicked some dust in disinterest.

"It means something's gonna fall down!", she expressed in fear and jumped into the next bush. Her azure eyes left to be seen were locking on Spike. "Look for cover!"

"Hm?",the bounty hunter turned his back to the pony and looked up in the sky. "But I see no clou-"

Before he knew, something dashed into his torso and Spike yelped out of surprise as he fell on the dirt. His eyes darted up and he witnessed a really angry fueled Twilight standing on his rips. "Got you!"

"Now look at that", the bounty hunter grinned at her mischievous. "Somepony really did fell. How did you know that, Pinkie? You weren't planning all this, were you?"

"Oh stop being so coco in a loco! It's my Pinkie sense!", Pinkie jumped out of the bush onto Spike's rips as well, causing to provoke a dissatisfied grunt."Each different twitch can predict the future and-!"

"This doesn't matter now!", Twilight barked to the random pony and turned her contained anger to the lousy angel. "Let me ask you only one thing, Beta-Spike: What were you trying to do with Pinkie Pie in the Everyfree Forest?"

"Oh, nothing big", Spike tried to shrug, but the ponies sitting on him hindered any movement. "I'd just have repaired the ship, jamming jazz on Jupiter,and hopefully never saw your annoying snooze ever again. Oh, and I'd used Pinkie Pie here as food supply."

"You...you WHAT?", Twilight raised up and gaped at his statement, not willing to comprehend that anypony would be willing eat one of her friends, and especially Pinkie Pie.

Spike scoffed at her, his temper rising once more."Seriously, never heard of the word 'sarcasm' ?", he snorted at her. "I just wanted to get my clothes, dammit! Which for your information are on the ship you guys wrecked up! As about Pinkie Pie: your friend wouldn't have leave me alone even if I tied her up on a tree." Truth was that he planned to tie the pink pony at any random tree of Everfree Forest's entrance, knocked out beforehand of course, but he buried it within his inside chest of dark secrets.

"Something as trivial as this could have wait...",Twilight just huffed irritated.

"But I couldn't wait any longer! Look at my trousers!", Spike growled, loosing his patience. "You maybe got it easy shaking your naked butts around, but I don't!"

The violet unicorn blinked as he said 'naked butts' and turned to the lower side of the bounty hunter. Her tail was brushing Spike's face, tickling his face. The bounty hunter tried to blow the hair away, but much to his dismay his head was getting a mouthful of pony hair. But Twilight ignored it and focused her attention to the trouser.

The trouser Spike wore since he was inside the vessel was beyond repair, tattered and smeared with blood from the last 'tests'. It was filled with holes, and she could see his-

She blushed instantly once realization dawned on her. "I-I see what the problem is", the unicorn muttered, her ears flatted down, and she looked away ashamed.

"Great! Now get your tail of my face! And while your at it, BOTH OF YOU GET OFF ME!", the 'angel' barked at Pinkie and Twilight, causing them to jump off him in reflex. Spike got up instantly and brushed himself from the dirt the ponies' hoofs were rubbing on him.

Twilight tried to get her formal composure and coughed to loose the atmosphere between human and ponies. "Very well,then me and Fluttershy are joining you!"

"Wh-wh-", Fluttershy froze still, he mouth opening and closing silently. She didn't want to go to that big fish, the last experience was enough to hunt her with terrible, terrible nightmares.

"Bah, do as you please!", Spike rolled his eyes and stormed off into the forest. Twilight and Pinkie tried to keep up with his sudden quick pace.

"O-our tea will get cold! Maybe we should..." , the yellow pegasus finally managed to spill her excuse out. But she blinked as she saw that she was alone.

"Hey, you coming or not?", the bounty hunter shouted back at her, causing her to jump. Fluttershy whimpered and galloped towards the group, too scared to be left alone.

The ponies greeted Zecora first before they followed Spike into the fiship ( Pinkie Pie just invented the word for the Bebop). As they entered the lounge, the 'angel' was no where to be seen. Considering that he was dressing himself up with new clothes, the trio allowed Spike some privacy and made themselves comfortable. While Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy cuddled each other on the longer orange couch, Twilight sat on the smaller one and crossed both for and back legs annoyed. She switched her sitting poses the whole time, showing her dissatisfaction.

"Arrgh, what is taking him so long?", she muttered while clenching her teeth.

"Don't worry Twilight, maybe Spike forgot where his clothes are.", Pinkie Pie quipped, her patient smile a diametric contrast to Twilight's mood. "I know I couldn't remember last time I put the muffins for Derpy's party and had to use cupcakes instead-"

"Ugh", Twilight cringed at that memory. The lesson everypony had that day was never to give the mailpony any cupcakes as tips in future. "Why did we even have to come here? We should've gone to Rarity instead."

"Ehm, I don't think that would be a good idea...", Fluttershy murmured. The yellow pegasus knew that there were some things you shouldn't push on Spike, and that was letting the white unicorn modeling the bounty hunter.

"Why?", Twilight shot her hoofs up to continue her fits: "Rarity definitely can do some uniforms for Beta-Spike. Our dresses of the Great Galloping Gala are proof enough."

"Wait, you telling me you do wear dresses too?", a snaky voice called out behind the pony. "Preposterous!"

Twilight's eyes twitched and growled irritated. She spun around her couch and looked from the pad while letting her hoofs dangle over. Her intention were to let this 'angel' know his place, but the sight made her gape instead. There stood Spike, leaning on the wall of the hallway leading into the chambers, crossing his arms, and giving the ponies a calm look. No longer was he half naked and his tattered trousers were gone. Instead the bounty hunter wore a leisure suite, a blue and flawless one. Under the suit he wore a light yellow shirt, almost the exact color Fluttershy's coat had, with a black tie lying over it. Then the bounty hunter turned his attention to his ankles and was wrapping his sleeves up to his elbow in a slow and elegant movement, not leaving his position. Twilight realized now how slender his appearance was, the clothes clinging on its white and thin limbs like leaves. Without his irritated and boastful attitude the bounty hunter gave a serene aura, calm as a cloudless sky after a raging storm. Almost like an angel...

"What's with that look?", the unicorn's sense to reality turned back and blinked at the question the 'angel' gave her. She hasn't noticed that the bounty hunter was now standing rigid, holding a suitcase in his right hand with a coat folded together draping over it, and gave her a questioning stare.

"N-nothing", Twilight shook her head anxiously, blushing embarrassed for drifting off, and looked away. "We are done here, now let's head back."

"Hang on", Spike said, and stepped forward to the unicorn. His pace were giving a tapping sound coming from his new black boots. "I got to check the ship out first."

"That wasn't part of the clothes collecting!", Twilight shouted at him. She looked up to him with eyes as if she would discipline a dog.

"Oh, don't be such a sissy", the bounty hunter smirked at her. "Or don't you want to find the treasure?"

Twilight Sparkle's eyebrows formed a quizzical look. "What treasure?", she asked.

"Somewhere we have a trunk full of treasure looted from a abandoned ship me and my crew found once. I think the content's worth a few million, if you get the drift." Spike craned his head up and scratched his fuzzy hair, thinking out loud: "I've just forgotten where the damn thing is."

"Oh, treasure hunting!", Pinkie Pie squealed and bounced to Twilight, causing both unicorn and bounty hunter to jump up. "Can we hunt Twilight, can we hunt Twilight, pleasepleaseplease?", the earth pony's head squeezed at Twilight's face. Pinkie's pupils grew and sparkled silent pleadings, melting the unicorn's strictness away.

"I don't know, Pink...", Twilight said uncertainly, waging if she should believe Spike's story or not.

"I remember there were a few ancient books in there too...", the bounty hunter muttered.

Her violet ear were perking up. "Let's go, girls!", the unicorn shot up determined and run aimlessly into the hallway. Pinkie Pie followed her in a bouncing pace, shouting: "Wait for meeeeee~".

Spike snickered that the pony fell on his lie again and turned to the opposite direction. He frowned as he saw Fluttershy still sitting on the orange couch.

"What's with you? Would you rather stay poor and miserable?", the bounty hunter asked, feeling a sweat drop curling down his forehead.

"There isn't a treasure around, isn't it?", she questioned him in a calm voice. "You just want to buy yourself time?"

Spike blinked at the pegasus, but then grinned at her amused. "Heh", he chuckled. "I knew there is more behind that cute mane of yours"

"Eeep", Fluttershy gasped and hid her eyes behind her soft pink hair, blushing uncontrollably. Still, worrying about her friends, she tried to regain composure. "W-well, what are you going to do now?"

"Relax, I'm only checking the condition of the ship out", Spike replied, still smiling. He set his suitcase beside the couch Twilight Sparkle sit on and headed to the stairs leading upstairs.

"But didn't you say it's a wreck now?", Fluttershy continued asking, and stepped off the cushion to follow the bounty hunter.

"From the outside,yeah", Spike nodded. "But I need to look if the internal hardware is still working and if we've got enough juice."

"Orange juice?", Fluttershy blinked.

"Gasoline", the bounty hunter sighed, not giving a damn if she knew that word. "Might also be a good chance to figure out what happened to my crew."

"Ehm, Spike", the pegasus tried to explain. "About that...". She stopped, thinking about how to convince Spike that he was the very last angel. She didn't want him to get into needless danger.

"Pinkie Pie already told me about Andromeda. She can be quite eloquent", Spike assured her chuckling. "I think it's a bunch of horse apples, pardon the pun. If I am the last angel, then Santy Claus is a three headed reindeer."

Fluttershy stopped, waiting until Spike was at a greater distance."Umm, actually...", she muttered, her voice barely audible. "He has two heads only..."

Spike and Fluttershy reached the cockpit, but to the pegasus' surprise Spike turned to a huge round suppressed metal bar on the wall. It was much than the other doors she found with her friends, making her assume which would lead them to the 'inner hardware' Spike talked about. The bounty hunter turned a cross-leveler which was in the middle and opened the gate.

Spike entered the hole with his legs and his head turned to Fluttershy. "Wait here and make sure our friends are distracted long enough.", he ordered the pony. Fluttershy blinked and squirmed afraid, fearing that she maybe has done a bad mistake. Spike knew she felt unconformable and smiled in sympathy. "Don't worry, it won't take long. It's a promise."

With that the bounty hunter dived into the hole and disappeared. Fluttershy didn't leave the spot, frozen at the sounds the walls gave off. She even heard the galloping and bouncing of her friends, but relieve washed over her as the sound of them deceased quickly. She remained that pose for Celestia knew how long, and then she shrieked as the bounty hunter came out of the small entrance. His face and hands were smudged with dark dirt, but the suit remained clean surprisingly.

"W-well?", she asked, gulping.

"Everything's fine from here.", Spike answered. He took a blanket out of his jacket pocket and wished his face and hands clean. "The power engine is stable, though I wonder how bats managed to nest themselves in the centrifuges." He interrupted himself as he considered not to tell the pegasus about the piles of rotten cadavers. He went his way to the stairs the stairs. "Anyway, the ship should have enough juice to run the computers."

"Gasoline, right?", Fluttershy guessed while smiling sheepishly as she trotted behind him.

"No, electricity", Spike rolled his eyes. "Man, your lingo needs some serious update."

Her smile fell and Fluttershy felt like being caught. "Oh, I'm sorry."

The bounty hunter craned his head over his shoulder and glared at Fluttershy: "Please don't apologize, I hate that."

Both pony and human were back at the lounge and Spike took the opportunity to pick up a square shaped flat device which lay around."Now, let's see what the database has for offer." Spike connected the thing with a cable and turned it on. As a sound came up Fluttershy never heard of, the bounty hunter clapped the curious thing open like a shell and revealed on one surface an enlightened display, on the other many black buttons with letters printed on them. The yellow pony bit her lip anxiously as the bounty hunter blew dust away and then slammed onto various buttons with his fingers in incredible speed. The display gave many different pictures in weird forms way, completely alien to the pony in their design. Suddenly a big red cross spread over the surface.

"Dammit!", Spike snarled and clenched his teeth.

Fluttershy sweat and felt her heart race like there was no tomorrow. "Is something wrong?"

"I don't have any connection to the database!", the bounty hunter grumbled and leaned his face to his hand. "The internet seems to be cut-off."

"What's an 'internet'?", the pony asked, blinking at this new word.

"A virtual network we hum- 'angels' used for communication and information transport throughout the universe. Wait", Spike paused himself and contemplated about it. Then he smacked his hand over his brow and replied: "Oh of course it doesn't work, satellites don't exist in this world, we are talking about alternative realities here."

Fluttershy gave the bounty hunter a confused look and stuttered:"A...Alte-"

"Maybe the auto pilot knows more", Spike interrupted her and raged like a berserk over the buttons. After one hell of button smashing an artificial female voice drone from the device, causing Fluttershy to jump out of surprise:

"Warning: Full auto-pilot on cruise mode 16-6. Routes cannot be changed once confirmed." Spike remained quiet as he continued to look for clues. As he was finished, the female voice returned:

"Status: Confirmed to have reached goal. This ship has now landed on planet: Earth. Date: 13th July, 3978 AD."

"What the hell was Jet doing the whole time! Even the main computer is trashed up!", Spike shouted enraged and gripped the small machine and clenched his fingers.

"Wh-what's wrong?", Fluttershy whimpered, took a few steps back from the 'angel'.

"Apparently this ship thinks it landed on Earth, the planet my species came from. I am trapped in some sort of pony universe, and this stupid machine believes it's Earth! Earth, of all places!", Spike growled, but more to himself than to the pony. "And again 3978! It's becoming a sick joke now!" His fingers stuck so deeply into the machine that the display's light blacked out. Spike calmed himself down and let go of the device which fell on with a hard CLANK on a floor.

"No choice, Fluttershy.", the bounty hunter sighed and got up. "I gotta look for them."

As he turned, he didn't find the yellow pegasus, but an violet colored and his least favorite unicorn. "Looking for what?", Twilight Sparkle asked with a stern frown. Fluttershy covered behind the unicorn's behind scared.

"Oh, ehm...", Spike sweat dropped nervously and scratched the back of his head while looking sideways. "The treasure?"

"Beta-Spike...", the unicorn growled impariently.

"Alright, you got me", Spike shrugged half-apologizing. "The thing is-"

"I FOUND IT I FOUND IT I FOUND IT!", out of nowhere Pinkie Pie bounced between both ponies and human and squealed exited.

"What?", Twilight and Spike asked in union.

"I found the treasure!", Pinkie said with a huge grin on her muzzle.

"H-how did you...", Spike stammered while color drained from his face."There really is a treasure?" Could Jet and Faye have kept something really valuable away from him? He wouldn't trust the mechanical-former policeman to be this cunning, so Faye was the only one left. Why was this woman always hiding stuff from the others? Alright, Spike hid a lobster once, but he vowed to himself that-

"Yeah! Com'on!", the pink earth pony threw him out of his inner debate and dashed away to the private quarters. The others followed her and stopped before a metal door. Spike blinked, remembering where it led to.

"This is...", he muttered, but couldn't finish his sentence as Pinkie Pie threw a huge trunk before him. It wasn't exactly those kind of trunks from old pirate movies, but it was close looking like one, dusted and made of light brown wood.

"Look here!", the pink pony said proudly. "I found it inside a lock hidden under a bench hidden in the cupboard which was sealed and..:"

"Alright, we get it, Pinkie", Twilight said patiently. "What's inside the trunk?"

"I don't know, my Pinkie senses were giving a doozie on this one, so I wanted to open it with everypony here, in any case if it blows up."

"That's nice of you. Wait-", the unicorn's eyes widened at Pinkie's statement, but it was to late for further interference: With a precise kick, Pinkie Pie opened the trunk with a loud SNAP. Everypony took cover out of reflex, but nothing happened. While Spike kept distance, the ponies surveyed the inner content carefully.

"Ohhhh...", Pinkie's azure eyes became bigger and snatched with her hoofs a golden arm bracelet out."I wanna keep this!" Twilight just nodded absently, and then gave a puzzled frown to the inner trunk.

"What 's this?", the unicorn's head dived into it and came back with a long brown letter in her mouth. She trotted to Spike, who was looking agitated to the trunk for some reason.. "It'sh fur 'u.", she muffled.
The bounty hunter blinked and snatched the letter up. He examined it and...indeed, there was a writing on it, with the simple address: 'For Spike Spiegel', written in poor formed letters. He ripped the letter open and pulled something out which resembled a huge domino stone."This is a video", he said studying it the black chunk.

"What's that?", Twilight asked him, craning her head curiously.

"Think of it as a shaft which runs many picture in light speed to display movement and sounds", Spike said absently as he studied it further.

"I see...", her thirst for knowledge rose up, wanting to learn anything about this video, where did it came from, how was it crafted and did worked, how it could be applied to pony society. But she subdued it quickly, knowing that the situation was of different matter. "So what would be on it?"

"Gotta find out", Spike shrugged and went through the same door Pinkie Pie went through before.

It was a very small chamber with very little surface area. Actually, aside the bathroom this was the smallest room of the whole ship, purposely selected for the least liked bounty hunter of the crew for the satisfaction of the others. A cupboard and locked was on the other end of the room, and a fair sized bed was taking most of the space. On the bed lay a cube with a display on it. Spike sat on the bed and put the video in a slot installed onto the cube. The ponies accompanied him on the cushions, Pinkie Pie was even snuggling up to the moody bounty hunter. Said bounty hunter twitched with his eyes, but he tried to suppress any further outbursts to figure out what was on the movie. The cube flared up to live, and millions of gray spots were buzzing on the whole screen.

"I hope this is on...", a voice came out of the cube, catching the ponies off guard. Spike slammed his fist onto the cube, and the gray scales died off, replaced with a woman. A human woman.

"Woah, another angel!", Pinkie chirped and her eyes bulged out in excitement. "And she's pretty!"

Indeed, pretty she was. A immaculate young face of a Greek marvel statue with velvet and smooth hair falling from both sides held by an orange headband. Aside the face what stood out were the lush breasts forming big boobs the ponies were never aware of in their current experience with human anatomy. The woman was appearing almost naked, only a short golden vest and hot-pants covered the most private parts.

"Faye...", Spike whispered, audible to everypony else. His chocolate red eyes were glittering with familiarity, and the bounty hunter couldn't help but smirk a little. After all what happened, he was glad to see some human again, even if it was just recorded, coming from the least woman he could stand. Faye was sitting on the same bed everypony was currently on, crossing her legs to a meditative pose. Her arms were pillars settling over her knees and her face gave a serious expression. Her dark jade eyes were unreadable.

And then after a long silence, she began:

/AN: "Adieu" tuning in/

"Hello, Spike. If you see this message, then halle-fuckin'-lulia, you're back from the dead, and I'm gone or worse. I was worrying you'd loose your memories in cryogenic hyphenation like I did, so I'd figure I should let you know that I somehow existed in your pathetic life."

She ruffled her hair with a frustrated huff and continued:

"Things just changed so fast, I really can't make anything out of it. After you killed Vicious, shit hit the fan all over Mars, and it spread towards the other colonies. At first those were only simple street wars, but they turned to civil wars, and then they turned to world wars. Apparently the Syndicate had their hands everywhere, even in the higher courts of world governments. Me and Jet were lucky finding you in the vessel in some secret militia hideout, put in cryogenic freeze. And now we're on the run from bounty hunters and syndicate scum. They probably wanted you as their next leader and tried to keep you alive. You owe me big for this, after that stunt of yours. "

Spike frowned. So it was neither Jet or Faye putting him in the cryostat. But why-

"I'd imagine you'd ask: "But why the hell didn't we put you out of the freeze?" Jet didn't dare to free you from the hyphenation, he said your wounds were too great for taking the risk. Added to the other wounds of yours a sudden interference would have caused you getting a stroke beyond recovery. We couldn't find any hospital for treating you, all physicians looked like wiped out of existence. Even that doc' of yours vanished. So we had to take the long routine and wait until your wounds are healed up completely, and that would take a whole century or less probably."

Faye looked sideways, unsure if she should go on. Her eyes were clouded in sorrow. After a while she pressed on:

"That's why I am making this record. This is the same VHS I used for recording my own childhood. Don't read to much into it, I just don't need it any longer. You were right when you told me: "Forget the past, because it doesn't matter." And that's why..."

Suddenly her eyes started to water as she blinked several times. "That's why I'm leaving you and everything else here. This isn't another 'Run away with all the money and come back broke' leaving you, this is really it. I just can't take it any longer. The hunting, the hiding, your almost dead body rotting in ice before me, this is too much. I want a life, Spike, I want to have a future. But you only could stare into the past. You have cast any hope away when you headed after Vicious. For me, you are nothing more than a shadow of my past."

She realized that tears trailed down her face, and wished them with her arm away in anger. She breathed deep and slowly not to hiccup before to go on: "We are heading back to Earth. I convinced Jet to look for Ed and Ein. There were rumors around the merchants and cargo haulers about a comet has erased Mars of all life forms. No one knows any details, 'cept for the name they gave it. I think they called it "Andromeda"..."

A sudden gasp came from the viewers. The biggest one came from Spike himself. His eyes widened, trembling, thinking off the tale Pinkie Pie told him, and felt like the world around him shattered to crumbled. There were so many hints about what happened: The talking ponies, flourishing vivid nature in pastel colors, the cryogenic vessel, the tales, the computer, but he didn't want to accept any of this, excusing himself with some half-arsed irrational explanation to keep his world together. And now, this video, this very statement from the woman who was a pain in the butt to him cut the last invisible veil off which held everything together. Now reality hit him deep into the very core.

"It doesn't matter really. After we brought Ed and Ein into safety, I'm gone. I will probably try my luck with that cowboy double of yours. He is a moron like you, but hey, he's got money. Or whatever, I just want to get away from you. If it's taking more than a century for you to wake up, I really hope you've lost your memories, or else you might feel what I do through now: The feel of abandonment, nothing left to return to. No matter how much you deserve this, I don't want to see you suffer any more. You should be free and live like anyone else. On the other hand, you know what they say: You're gonna carry that weight ."

Faye looked now directly into the glass which divided past and present, as if she looked into Spike's eyes. Despite tears streamed again, she smiled relieved and winked at him.

"So... see you, Space Cowboy." The video ended with an abrupt stop, the grey scales returning taking the screen over. The ponies were so touched by this that they all cried. Fluttershy hid her face into Twilight's mane and sobbed beyond control. The unicorn stared blankly into space as tears sprinkled her violet eyes. Pinkie was crying the strongest, fountains of water pouring out of the azure eyes and tried to sniff into the bed blanket.

"My god", Spike whispered, shocked, really shocked. He didn't cry like his equine companions, he only stared into the screen and tried to comprehend anything what Faye just told him. Then, acceptance washed over him. "I'm back."

With wide eyes he turned to Twilight Sparkle who returned it with a sad gaze. "This is Earth. All the time..."

He looked down to his own hands, which were shaking. "They finally...really...did it."

"Spike", Twilight's head was getting heavy from witnessing this message of the past, and didn't know how to conform the 'last angel'. She still felt Fluttershy sobbing in hiccups, and put a hoof on her head to stroke her rosa mane.

Then, the bounty hunter blinked several times, shook his hands and grunted: "Tch, good riddance."

"Huh?", the unicorn was perplexed by his sudden paradigm shift, and stared at him confused.

Spike shoved the crying Pinkie Pie from himself and got out of the bed."We're done here. Let's return to fillylisation."

"Wait, Spike!", Twilight Sparkle shouted, but he already left the chambers. She hopped out of the cushions and galloped after him. She cut him from entering the lounge, making a defensive position.

"How can you be so cold? She was your friend!", she scolded him, emotionally ruffled up and tears were pricking her in her eyes.

"Don't mix things up", Spike responded, his features stoic and his eyes of pure ice. "We were associates, nothing more. Temporary allies for survival, not like you bunches glittering around rainbow and sparkles."

"But, but...", the unicorn stuttered as the bounty hunter went past her in casual steps. "This is all you want to do? Just shrug it off and walk away?"

"Exactly", Spike answered, taking the suitcase he left in the lounge and dressed himself up with the gray coat laying on it. "You heard her, toots: It's all in the past now, so it doesn't matter. Just forget it, and move on."

At that, he left the ship, without looking back. Twilight started as he went away, feeling even more upset by Spike's reaction. She turned back to Faye's chambers, only to find Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy before her. Both were looking taken aback, even Pinkie dropped her happy face.

"He didn't mean that, did he, Twilight?", Fluttershy whispered, her Latin at ends.

"I...", Twilight darted her eyes back to the exit. "I don't know..."

The ponies caught up with Spike as he walked through the Everfree Forest back to Ponyville. Everypony remained quiet, feeling a tense atmosphere around the bounty hunter. He kept his cold stare without any disturbances just as if it froze to a brick, his one hand in a coat pocket, the other tightened around the case. His knuckle was white as a corpse.

"It's getting dark...", Twilight broke finally the silence as they were at the exit of the forest. Spike said nothing, dropped his suitcase and walked away from the ponies. "Hey, where are you going?"

He stopped, his back turned to the equine followers. "I'll take a walk. I need some fresh air. Think you can take my case with you?"

Pinkie Pie dropped her anxious gaze and replaced it with a pout."But Spike, you wanted to tell me something! You made a Pinkie-promise!"

"Sorry, realizing that you are the very last human in existence kinda breaks it", he replied without showing his face. The pink pony looked down hurt and nodded sadly.

"Fine", Twilight huffed. "But don't be out for too long."

Spike waved with his right hand to express a silent 'yes' and went his way."Just, answer me this. Please", the unicorn trotted a few steps to the bounty hunter. "Who's Vicious?"

Spike halted again. This time, he craned his head a little to look over his shoulder. He gave Twilight a glare the pony would never forget.

"The devil only I could slay", he answered darkly and vanished into the night.

/AN "Call me, Call me" tuning in/

Fluttershy entered her little cottage. Her heart hurt so much from all this, she wished she never went with the others to that horrible ship. She trotted to the green couch of hers, and landed with a POMF on the cushion. A bunny crawled out of a hole and bounced to the exhausted pegasus.

"Oh,hello Angel", Fluttershy smiled, but froze as she had an association with the bunny's name. Tears streamed down her eyes without her realizing it. Angel blinked shocked and jumped up to her mistress to cuddle to her. Fluttershy returned it, closed her eyes and started weeping, alone in her cottage.

Spike paced around the edges of Ponyville. His coat fluttered from the sudden breeze, his fuzzy hair flaring. He couldn't think, he couldn't feel, all he could was to see. With one eye he saw just the moon , no longer damaged as he remembered back then, but a completely restored pale globe which shined upon the blue world of Equestria. With the other he saw... many things, things he wished to stop see.

Pinkie Pie entered her house in a not very Pinkie-like gesture. Silently and without any smile, she trotted to her bedroom, thinking about how she could bring Spike out of his gloom. She was taken aback by her crocodile pet which bit into her tail. She cracked a half smile as she hugged her reptile friend. Then she felt her Pinkie-senses coming up again. Her heart ached and pumped twice as fast as she usually had during a sugar rush. It was a really rare twitch, but the pink pony knew what it meant: Somepony has lost something he or she cared for deeply.

The first things Spike saw were familiar to him already. A street shoot out, his back turned to someone he considered a brother, a blonde woman clad in leather playing billiard in a bar, their night together. He was standing in a street valley, holding a bosom of roses, smoking his last cigar. She didn't came. He walked away, a rose falling into the wet pavement. Then he shot his enemies dead with a machine gun hidden in his flowers, getting hit during the progress. A grenade clutched to his left hand, he grinned as he bled to death.

Rarity's right eye twitched uncontrollably as she stood to before her latest work. It was beautiful, magnificent, fabulous, but...

"ARGH!", she screeched frustrated and threw her latest dress into the corner heartlessly with her magic. "It's not PERFECT!" A pile of the most significant dresses of Ponyville, maybe even of whole Equestria, was building up in the corner. It didn't matter to Rarity to her dismay. She wanted to create the impossible, something the world has never seen. Something that this angel will never be.

"Yes, never be", Rarity muttered to herself as she started the next attempt. "That brute can't be even an angel. Angels are benevolent, immaculate, perfect! I'll show him. I will show him what perfection means!"

The door behind her opened, causing the white unicorn to jump up.

"Sis", a smaller white unicorn with a double colored mane was standing at the door frame with a small blanket around her back, a tired and concerned look spread on her features.

"My, Sweetie Belle, why aren't you asleep yet?", Rarity tried to ask in her sweetest voice, but croaked instead.

"I can't sleep while you are up all the night!", Sweetie Belle wept and fumbled on her watery eyes. "Ever since that...guy came here, you are here all the time, making dresses and only dresses. You even missed your weekend go out with Fluttershy."

Rarity blinked and forced a smile. "It's alright, dear. Your sister has just a lot work to do. See?" She went to her stitching machine and started her next dress. Sweetie Belle sighed and went to her sister. She began to sing: "Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head". Not in her usual brass voice, but a soft dedicated one with love. Rarity's eyelashes closed slowly and she crumbled onto the desk and fell asleep. Sweetie Belle sighed relieved, put her blanket over the bigger unicorn and gave her a nuzzle on her muzzle. "'Night, sis."

As Spike walked through the endless forest of planted apple trees, he realized that his view to the past has changed. Now new pictures, sounds and tastes streamed through his eye. He remembered now. The bulky mechanical with the outstanding sideburns, controlling the ship, cooking their meal. The many missions both went through just to have something to eat. A woman pregnant of thin flasks filled with drugs shooting his lover before reaching the sky. Eco-terrorists trying to turn mankind into apes. Then Ein joined the team after being freed from laboratory experiments.

Sweating heavily and getting visions from insomnia and hunger, Applejack buckled the next apple tree precisely into the center out of routine. The apples fell down like rain drops. Breathing harshly, she turned to the next tree. But instead she met a big red colt, his stoic eyes falling to the orange pony and chewing a thread of hay lazily.

"Out of the way, Macintosh", Applejack growled, pushing her hoofs to the ground threateningly.

"Or what?", he asked calmly, his hay rolling to the other side of the muzzle.

"Then Celestia forgiv' me for hurtin' ye!", the pony snarled back, and took a step forward.

Big Macintosh looked down to Applejack with unreadable eyes, but then shrugged lazily. "Ah brought ye some pie."

The pony's tired jade eyes blinked surprised and darted to the ground. Indeed, there was Grannie Pie's most famous apple pie on a blanket with a bottle of milk standing aside. Applejack looked up again and the red colt was gone. She chuckled weakly and decided to take a break.

As she enjoyed her night meal, someone walked past her.

"Hey, Applejack", greeted the someone.

"Howdy, Spike", Applejack returned the greet absently. It took her a few bites to process what just happened. She spit her chewed sweets out and looked shocked around her. Nothing but apple trees was there.

"Oh boy, hallucinations keep gettin' worse", the earth pony muttered as she shook her head and rubbed her eyes."Goshdamn angels." She tried to eat her pie once more, but she has lost her appetite.

Faye joined the team, pretending to be a gypsy. She was just trouble and more unpredictable than a weather storm. Last but not least Ed came, young but probably the most intelligent human in the whole universe. All held together for some reason despite each of their bias. And the adventures were getting greater. Hunting bounties, surviving the syndicate, and messing around the universe, that was a life.

But the past caught up with him.

Rainbow Dash screamed as she woke up. Her head dashed up and her eyes darted in all directions, her lungs pulling air heavily. She had a nightmare again, the same nightmare which haunted her for days. Getting beaten by that...jerk! Shaking, the blue pegasus flew to her bathroom and looked into the mirror. She was a real mess, she was nearly as pale as Rarity! All that because of this jerk-

"Look at you", she snarled at her mirror self. "You turned into a total wimp. That's so not awesome! You gotta protect your honor! And the honor of the others!" Her wings flared up, and color returned to her coat. "Tomorrow will be the day of my revenge!"

Julia came back from the dead. And as it looked like there was hope, she died again, in his arms. There was no turning back now. Revenge demanded justice. The present needed to defeat the past. And before he knew it, everything was gone. With a bang.

Twilight sighed as she opened the door. Spike's suitcase, though looking not that big a really heavy object, floated through after she entered and fell with a thud near the door.

"Hey, you're back!", Spike twirped as he run down the stairs. His smile dropped as he saw someone was missing. "Say, Twilight, where's Spike?"

"Beta-Spike?", she said with an edge in her voice, slightly irritated that the baby dragon didn't hold to the official label. "I don't know. Quite frankly I don't care where he is off to now."

'Alpha'-Spike frowned concerned. "You both got at your hairs again?"

"Not really", the pony sniffed. Her eyes were red from crying as she looked at the dragon. "Oh Celestia, this is worse than the time down the abyss. Much worse."

Spike crossed its arms together with an annoyed glare. "I told you, give it time."

"Yeah, maybe you are right..." , Twilight sighed and headed to her bed. "I'll be going to sleep. If Beta-Spike is back, just make sure he takes his medicine. He was braking down during one of the tests."

The dragon gazed up to Twilight as she climbed the stairs and shrugged."If you say so", he muttered and trotted to the library.

The unicorn felt so tired. All her thirst for learning more about the pre-Celestian age turned to dust as she saw that video. Archeology was always one of her fun topics, discovering old ancient worlds, finding out how ancient ponies lived and what their ethics were, and most importantly: Possessing emotional distance to lost civilizations. But now, everything changed. She should be glad that Beta-Spike finally accepted the truth, but instead she felt even more upset to this whole situation. She kinda had sympathy for his mood swings now.

As she was in her sleeping room, she gazed outside the window. On a big hill, he stood there. The moon rose behind him and shined upon his sole appearance, his coat fluttering. It was almost Princess Luna made an emphasis on the angel's fate.

"Spike...", she whispered, and felt her eyes being moistened by tears once more. She fell onto her bed and cried into sleep.

The light within the treehouse died out, but Spike didn't noticed it. The bounty hunter was too deep into his past as he pierced his stare upon Ponyville. Then he turned his attention to the item he held in his one palm. It was a small pink pin wheel which Spike found on the deck as he exited the ship. For some reason, he took it along. His one eye remembered. It was the last gift Ed gave him before she left the Bebop, to return to her lousy father-in-law. He didn't really understood first what this meant, for he was the best into decrypting symbols. With a soft breath he blew into the wheel, causing it to run. Now he understood. His other hand dived into his inner coat pocket, fumbling after something. Then he felt the cold metal he sought for. It was time to end this, once and for all...

"My, I haven't seen you around here before", a sleek voice said behind him. He was surprised, but he didn't show it. He turned to the source of the sound, and found a velvet blue mare standing before him. She looked different compared to the other ponies he saw. She was slightly taller, and had both wings and a horn. What kind of pony was that now?

"And you are?", Spike asked calmly, his eyes still stern cold.

The pony blinked at him, off guard at the question. "You don't recognize me?"

"Listen, missy", the bounty hunter snapped at her. "I just happen to be awake for like two days and need to get used to the fact that this whole planet is overrun by talking critters, so please excuse me my lack of knowledge."

The velvet unicorn-pegasus remained silent and contemplated about it, her wings twitching nervously. Then a light came up and she smiled at the human. "Ah, I know. You must be that angel everypony is talking about!", she answered, "I thought you were just a rumor."

Spike scoffed at her: "Ugh, I became the next conspiracy theory?"

"Quite", she snickered. Her azure eye glowed with curiosity as she took a step forward. "What's your name?"

"Does it really matter?", he asked her coolly and turned his back to her. Again the pony was taken aback, but smiled again.

"Oh, well, it's quite alright, you don't need to.", she waved her hoof reassuringly. She inspected him up and down."Funny, seeing you so close for the first time just feels...nostalgic. I completely forgot what your kin looked like."

"Wait", Spike craned his head over his shoulder. "You know me?"

"Oh yes", she nodded approvingly. "I was a very small foal back when, so I don't remember much...but you are a...a human, is that it?"

Spike spun around, rushed to the mare and gripped her by the shoulders."Who are you?", he growled, a flash of despair in his eyes.

"And who are you?", the pony asked him, trying to stay brave.

The bounty hunter blinked and tried to regain his cold composure. He coughed embarrassed and replied:"I'm Spike Spiegel."

"I am Princess Luna, the one who raises the moon." the pegasus-unicorn answered.

"Luna", he mulled about the name until it clicked. "I heard about you. Weren't you the nutjob who tried to swallow the sun or something?"

Feeling a little hurt by his rude statement, she forced to keep her smile on the muzzle. "W-well, yeah, I kinda did, didn't I? But...it's alright now. After my sister's student stopped me with her friends, I managed to overcome my jealousy. Now, ehm, I'm good again."

Spike ogled at her bemused."Whatever", he waved his free hand and walked past her. "Great to know you and all, but could you please just go away? I want to be alone right now..."

Concern filled Luna's eyes. "What's wrong?", the princess asked as she neared Spike.

"Are you trying to piss me off or are you really that daft? What does it look like to you, your neighness?", Spike snarled, loosing his cool. He spun around, causing Luna to take a step back frightened, and widened his arms to rant frustrated: "Look at me! I am the last human. Period. There I was, being at the verge of dying, happily I might add, but noooo, they put me in some ice tub and blew themselves up afterward! Goddamn maniacs!" He stomped the earth in emphasize. "And now I am awake, what happens? I am surrounded by talking mammals and dragons, thinking I am an angel! You catching the irony here now?"

Luna felt several reactions shot through her: Indignation and anger for his rudeness. But the pity of the human's tragedy and the sympathy overweight it.

"I...", she stammered, and looked down saddened. "I'm sorry about that, Spike, I...won't disturb your privacy any further."

As she was about to fly away, Spike stopped her:"Wait." The princess turned to the human and saw him crouching before her. She registered regret in his eyes. "Sorry I snarled at you, I didn't meant to. It's just...hard for me processing it..."

Luna cracked a smile, still shaken up."Don't...don't worry, I understand", she murmured. "I know this feeling... of loneliness." As she said this, a silent tear fell from her eye. Spike saw it and frowned.

Both remained silent, remaining on the same pose. Then, Luna's head shot up, her ears fluttering as something clicked in her."I know how to make you feel better!", she said exited and turned her behind to Spike. "Hop on my back."

Spike was staring at her confused. "Uhhh, you sure about this?"

"More than ever!", she squealed, her wings flaring out to urge him.

Spike sighed and put all his hope not to crush the pony's back. "Now what?", he muttered, feeling awkward sitting on the princess.

"Fly me to the moon", Luna began to hum and flow into the night. Spike remembered those lyrics. He was surprised anypony would know those exact tunes and words! But a bigger surprise was washing over him as he realized that they were already several 1000 miles above Equestria. And higher. And higher. The bounty hunter's eyes widened. "HEY WAIT-"

In a blink of an eye they reached the moon.

/AN: "Cosmos" tuning in/

"Ehm", Luna looked at the bounty hunter's antics puzzled. "Is something wrong, Spike?"

The bounty hunter held his mouth and nose shut with his hands and tried not to breathe. Irritated by the stupidity of the question, he opened his mouth to answer, taking a breath. Suddenly he realized that he was breathing air. He paused himself, as surprised as he woke up around several talking ponies for the first time. Frazzled he looked around. He was on the moon for sure, silver gray surface, those typical holes, and the recognition that he saw the whole planet called Earth, or as it was called Equestria now, before him.

"I...I can breathe? But we're on the moon!", he shouted at Luna panicked, pointing his fingers in aimless directions.

Luna blinked and blushed embarrassed. "Oh, ehm, well, I put a protection spell here, you can breath air in my realm without any problems."

Mulling over it the bounty hunter calmed himself down."Magic again", he growled softly, putting his hands into his pockets. "I really can't believe all this mumbo-jumbo..."

Luna was shocked hearing this. "What's not to believe? That's how my sister revived this world!"

"Sister?", Spike asked her. "You mean Celestia?"

Luna nodded and pointed with her hoof down to the planet. While Spike looked at it, the princess began: "After Andromeda occurred, there was nopony left on this planet or anypony else on the universe. Everything was eradicated, quite literally. When I grew into a filly, my sister told me that she had to put her faith into magic to revive this planet. After that she gifted the ponies and other beings with the power of magic to recreate this world. I put my magic into restoring the moon here." She tapped on the dusty earth and smiled proudly.

Spike was silent for a moment. "You don't remember what happened during Andromeda?", his eyes darted to her.

Luna shook her head apologizing."Sorry, I was really really young, I can't make anything out of it. It's almost like a dream, trying to think so hard about it, and you can only recognize some blurry details."

Ignoring the snort of the bounty hunter she went on: "Ever since I can remember me and my sister were raising the sun and moon over Equestria and watched over our fellow subjects. That's all I know."

"I see", Spike felt the pony was telling the truth and took it for granted. For now. "So why did you rebelled then? You said you were jealous."

Luna jerked up and looked over Spike nervously. Defeated by his calm eyes, she sighed: "Yeah, I was jealous. Jealous of my sister. During the day everypony was awake and praised Celestia as she was the sole goddess. On the night they were all sleeping, ignoring my presence. No one cared for me, I rarely even saw my sister since she was only awake at day. Then I thought: 'If nopony was acknowledging me, then neither should anypony acknowledge her!' And then...I...I felt so lonely, Spike...before I knew it, something...evil took over my mind and body, and then Celestia banished me in the moon for so long, leaving me all alone..." Tears streamed down and she started weeping. Spike said nothing and waited patiently. She looked so miserable that he felt like hugging her, but his rational part prevented him. Why did he care so much?

As the moon princess was finished with crying, she hiccuped:"Now, everything is back to normal...but I still feel lonely a little."

"You shouldn't", Spike cut her off.

Luna bolted up. "What did you say?",she asked with red tear stained eyes open.

"I said you shouldn't", Spike repeated flatly. He grinned smugly and shrugged. "Indeed your story is quite touching, but aren't you a little exaggerating here? Seriously, you are the last pers- pony who should feel lonely. See there?", his finger pointed at the planet. "There are at least ponies out there who depend on your protection."

A sad smile curled on Spike's calm features. "Me? I have no one left. The only people who seemed to have cared for me are long gone. I survived mankind for crying out loud! Can you believe that?" He laughed bitterly. For the first time he could ever think off, he started crying while laughing at the black humor fate has. Loosing all his coolness, the human knelt into the moon desert of the moon and slammed his fists into the ground. Laughter turned into a scream of sorrow before the lone planet into the deep space."YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW EVERYTHING UP!" His face buried into the moon sands and his crying and screaming went on. "GODDAMN YOU ALL! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" Luna's took several hoofs back, witnessing the human's despair off-guard. Spike felt the shadows of memories he tried to suppress floating to surface again: Jet, Fay, Ed, Ein, all the people he met and came to like, and Julia. All gone. Not even their bodies were left to be buried. He was truly alone. And at the very end of his back head he felt tinges of guilt, that he was responsible for all this. If he never have went for Vicious, none of this would've happened. He would've still been with his crew, hunting for bounties and living the endless dream. And before he knew, the dream was already gone.

I doomed us all.

Spike cried for a very long while. He wasn't aware that he stopped then. He wasn't even aware that his arms fell limply to his sides as he stared at Earth once more. Even the land mass has changed, no longer he could recognize the continents which existed in his time. His face contorted into hopelessness. He managed to mutter loud enough:"I don't know what I should do now. There's nothing left for me. I'm... better off dead maybe."

"No!", the bounty hunter felt reality turning back to him and hiss head snapped to the moon princess whose face was revealing distraught."Please don't think that way! It's not true! It's not..." She looked sideways, at a loss of words. She tried to explain carefully: "It's...maybe true that you are the last human. But... you are not alone. You have us. The ponies won't let you down if you open up to them. You are not alone."

Spike blinked at her, his head getting dizzy."You really think so?", he asked her, any smart assery of him gone. As Luna nodded convinced he turned his gaze to the Earth, thinking out loud: " I don't know, this is still all too weird. I have seen a lot of twisted crap in my life, but this...this is really too much. How do you expect this will work out?"

Luna opened her mouth, but closed it again, thinking about a satisfying answer. "I... don't know. But why don't you give it a try? If my sister's student Twilight Sparkle were here, she would tell you that friendship has no bounds."

Spike thought about it. "Friendship, eh?", he sighed defeated. "I don't have many options left, do I?"

"There's always a way, Spike. You just have to believe in things. Maybe you will feel like being in the most beautiful dream anypony could have."

Cringing at the word 'dream', he muttered: "Ugh, I don't know about that last bit". The color on his face returned again, and hope tugged at his heart. He grinned sheepishly. "But hell, why now? I might get used to those ponies. That pink one was even giving me something to eat."

"I'm glad to hear it", the moon princess smiled broadly. She trotted to the bounty hunter who was swtiching to a sitting pose supported by his arms like two pillar. Snuggling up to him and laying her head on his lap, she asked: "Spike?"

"What is it, your highness?", the human joked.

"Oh, stop that!", the pony giggled and rolled on her back. Looking up to the bounty hunter, she went on: "I am just wondering: Are we friends now?"

"Maybe", Spike shrugged. "But don't push your luck too much yet. Stuff like this takes time."

The pony nodded. "Alright." She rolled again and remained quiet. Spike was enjoying the view of the planet before him. Unlike Faye he never witnessed what Earth was like, before the hyperspace gateway blew the moon up. Back then Earth was an wasted planet, most of live gone after constant meteor bombardments, nothing more than a deserted piece of rock. And now it was squeezing with life once more. Nearly every landscape was filled with healthy green fields and the water was the clearest azure blue one could hope ever to see. Spike didn't feel so bad anymore that mankind is gone, maybe it was even blessing if you look at the right angle.

"Spike?", Luna muttered, her eyes closed.

"Yeah?", Spike yawned lazily as his eye lids became heavier and heavier.

"Nothing...", the pony sighed and dozed off. Spike smiled amused, and stroke the soft mane of hers. It felt like the hair of a woman he loved so long ago. Thinking of her, Spike drifted to a dreamless sleep.

Man in the moon

Spike: When the foal is born, it maybe has a mother looking for it, but one way or the other it has to get up by itself and face life. The beginning is always the hardest, but once you accomplished the first step, the next is a piece of cake. Don't you agree, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Huh?

Pinkie Pie: Oh, that was something really sage-y, Spike.

Spike: Yeah, I've got my hang to it.

Pinkie Pie: You should write that for the next report, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: What's going on here? Where are we?

Pinkie Pie: Oh, Twi', have you never been commenting on a preview?

Twilight Sparkle: Preview? What preview? Nothing makes any sense here!

Spike: Maybe it does. Next episode: Centaur Bolero!

Twilight Sparkle: What kind of title is that?

End of Session γ : Elegy of truth