To See Them Laughing

Chapter One

Teddy was sitting at the Weasley's dinner table with the Potters and the Weasleys. Harry and Ron were telling a story about the time they crashed a car into the Whomping Willow at Hogwarts. Teddy had already heard this story numerous times so he wasn't really listening. Instead he was thinking and dreaming. He was dreaming about his parents. He tended to do this a lot, seeing as his parents died during the final battles against Voldemort. Teddy was just a baby; therefore he was too young to remember anything about them.

Harry had told him all about his mom and dad, but Teddy still didn't feel as close to them as he wanted to feel. He had never even seen a picture of them. Therefore he was left to dream about what they looked like, and sounded like, and acted like, and….

Hermione, Ron's wife, noticed the far away look in Teddy's eyes and realized that something was wrong. "Are you okay?" she asked Teddy.

"Oh!" he said obviously caught off guard. "I'm fine, thanks though Mrs. Weasley" and he went back to his day dreams.

Hermione who knew something was up, told Teddy that he should go lay down for a while. So off he went. He walked up the stairs and into the Weasleys hallway. Teddy had been to the Wealeys house before but he had never been upstairs. So he continued down the hallway until he reached a door that was partly open. He walked inside and was immediately hit by an old, fusty smell.

In the room were boxes of old dust covered objects, broken furniture and tons of old books. Teddy knew he probably should leave but he couldn't help looking around. After all the Weasleys were like family to him, so he was sure they wouldn't mind him just poking around. It was junk after all.

Teddy walked up to a pile of books. He picked up a large volume called Advanced Charms and Enchantments for Household Work. Teddy put the book down, for he had no interest in learning boring household spells. He walked deeper into the room, around broken broomsticks, cracked picture frames and many more books. He sifted through boxes of old junk until he found something interesting.

It was a necklace, or so he thought. It was made of gold and had a little crystal in the center that was surrounded by a thin gold ring. Without thinking Teddy touched the ring to find out that it moved to the touch.

He spun it around hoping that maybe the crystal would explode or something but instead he felt a sudden jolt in his stomach. Air seemed to be whipping around his face and he felt as though he were flying. It was a glorious feeling except for the fact that Teddy had no idea what was going on. He started to scream but it was no use since no one could hear him.

The next thing he knew, Teddy was lying face down on a hard wooden floor. His body hurt and he felt as though he had just been dropped from the sky. Slowly he got up to his feet. He was in a small, dark, empty room. By the look of outside the sun was just about done setting and night was coming. He could barely make out the walls of the room from the faint sunlight coming from outside. On the walls was a picture of some sort of family tree. He could not read the words since it was so dark, but by the look of it, it seemed pretty important.

Suddenly he heard a woman's voice. "Dinners ready" she yelled, and Teddy could hear the sound of footsteps coming down a staircase.

He had to get out of here now, but how. He didn't even know where he was. He could be in some Muggles house millions of miles away from home. What would he tell the people in the house when they saw him walking out the front door.

Maybe he could climb through the window. He ran over to the window sill and looked down. Unfortunately the front door was looking like the only option seeing as there was a far ways down from the window and Teddy would probably break his legs if he tried jumping. But he did notice something helpful. Teddy saw a sign outside said Grimmuald Place. Where had he heard that name before? It sounded so familiar.

Taking a deep breath he opened the door and walked out into the hallway. So far so good, there was no one in sight. Being as quiet as he possibly could be, he tip-toed down the hall in search of an exit. To his complete horror he walked right into a tall boy with red hair had just appeared out of thin air. It was obvious he had Apparated. Okay at least they're wizards thought Teddy. Before he could say anything he was grabbed by the tall boy and dragged into a room full of chattering people, eating dinner.

The whole room stopped their conversations when they spotted Teddy and the red headed boy. The boy then spoke "Who the bloody hell is this?"

Before Teddy could say anything a scary looking man spoke. The man had one glass eye and a crooked nose with a piece missing from it. He yelled "SPIES! I knew it! I knew they would come!" He ran over to Teddy and grabbed him round the back of the neck. "Well, who d'ya works for? Huh!" he screamed at Teddy.

Teddy was completely speechless. He would have like to tell him that he wasn't a spy and that he had no idea how he had gotten here, but nothing came out of his mouth.

The man's grip around his neck tightened and he began to shake him, but some one else ran over and stopped him. It was a woman with bright pink hair. She was fairly young by the look of it, and extremely familiar looking. There was something about her that made Teddy feel like everything would be okay.

This thought, kind of freaked Teddy out. Okay, I know this woman, but how? I've never seen her before in my life, but somehow…I have. She just makes me feel...that's it! I am officially insane! Would some one please escort me to St. Mungos!

The pink haired lady released him form the crazy mans grip and started to yell and the man. "He is just a kid you fool! Now you've scared him!" They began to argue. Teddy heard the man say something about the Order of the Phoenix. His parents had been a part of The Order. But it had been years since the Order was around.

Then Teddy's heart stopped. What if went back in time! That weird necklace must have been some kind of time traveling device!

Teddy looked around at the rest of the people and he almost had another heart attack. Now he defiantly knew he was in the past. This isn't possible he thought. This cannot be happening. And with that Teddy dropped to the ground.

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