Chapter 2

A few minutes later Teddy woke up to the sound of voices. Oh…It was just a dream. I knew it! Time travel…please!

Teddy opened up his eyes and to his complete and utter horror he was surrounded by the same people that had just been in his dream. The pink haired lady was muttering something about taking Teddy to a hospital, and the others were trying to lift Teddy onto a chair.

Unfortunately, this was no dream. Teddy had most definitely traveled back in time. Looking at all the faces again he knew for sure he was in the past, for he knew almost every face there, though all of them seemed many years younger.

The boy sitting across from him was none other than Ron Weasley. The same Ron Weasley he had just been sitting next to at his dinner table, except he was a teenager. And next to him was teenage Harry Potter of course. The lightning scar on his forehead gave it away immediately. He recognized everyone else at once. Ginny Potter was sitting next to him, or probably Ginny Weasley at this time in her life. Next to her was Hermione, and next to her was George Weasley.

Then there was a boy who looked exactly the same as George. He could only be Fred Weasley, George's twin bother. Teddy had heard many stories about Fred and how he had died during the final battle against Voldemort. But he was here! Therefore Teddy was absolutely sure that necklace had taken him back in time.

Teddy looked at all of the adults. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Kingsley Shackelbolt, Mundungus Fletcher, a man who Teddy was pretty sure was Sirius Black, and one other man that Teddy did not recognize. This could only mean that Teddy was in a past meeting of the Order of the Phoenix!

His parents were part of the Order! These people must know them. And seeing as Fred was alive, then the final battle against Voldemort hadn't taken place yet, which meant his parents were still alive! He could finally meet his parents!

Suddenly Teddy was jolted out of his thoughts by the voice of the pink haired lady. Goodness! Teddy had almost forgot they were there he was so happy.

"Who are you?" asked the pink haired lady.

What should he say? Should he tell the truth? He really wanted to meet is parents, but a voice in the back of his head was telling him that maybe he shouldn't. Teddy remembered what he learned about in class. "Wizards who mess with time travel usually end up in lots of trouble" his professor had told him. Figuring that just telling them his first name couldn't hurt he answered. . "My name is Teddy." Then he would get out as quickly as possible

"Teddy what?" asked the pink haired lady.

"Uhhhh….. It's just Teddy." This sounded pretty stupid but he couldn't think of anything else. "I'm sorry for disturbing you but I really must be on my way-"

"I don't think so," growled the crazy man. "You're not going anywhere until you tell us what's going on!" Great! Now I'm stuck here, thought Teddy. What was he going to do now?

"I was time traveling. It was a total accident! Honestly!"

The crazy man started to speak, but another man spoke up. It was the man that Teddy didn't recognize. "I think he's telling the truth" said the man. He had sandy brown hair that was flecked with gray even though he looked pretty young. He had tired eyes, and he almost looked as though he was ill. Maybe he was a friend of his fathers. "Where did you come from?" he asked nicely.

"I live in England but in the year 2011" replied Teddy.

"Okay, this isn't good" said the man. "Exactly how did you get here?"

Teddy explained to him about the necklace thingy and how he spun it and ended up here.

"Do you have the necklace with you?" asked the man. Teddy handed the necklace to him. "It's just as I thought. This is a time turner. When you spin the ring around it brings you back in time. You must have spun it pretty well because you traveled back about fifteen or sixteen years. All you have to do is spin it again, as hard as you did before, and think about the place you want to return to."

Teddy was happy to hear that he would get back easily, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to leave just yet. He really wanted to see his parents just once. He didn't have to meet them or any thing, but just see them. He had no photographs of just them, so he was dying to know what they looked like. Maybe he could ask the people here if they knew them.

"Ummm…. Before I go could I ask you a question?"

"I don't see why not." replied the man who had helped him.

"Would you happen to know Remus Lupin and Tonks?" Teddy had been told that his mother was always called "Tonks" so he figured they would know her by that name, if they knew her at all.

The man looked surprised at this question. He looked at the pink haired lady, who looked just as taken aback as he did. Then she smiled and nodded her head. "Yes, as a matter a fact I do know them, quite well actually." He looked like he was trying to hold in laughter. The pink haired lady, who was also on the verge of cracking up, walked over to stand next to him.

Then it hit him. Seeing them side by side, made him realize they were them.