Chapter 1

"You could stay… I know you hate it there. You could just skip this week." I said softly as Tancred moved around my room gathering his things.

"Believe me, Athena; I would if Dad and Dr. Bloor wouldn't kill me." Tancred replied leaning over and kissing my head. I pulled him closer forcing him to lay down with me.

"What if there was a giant storm and you couldn't leave?" I suggested seductively as my chocolate hair began to whirl around me as a gust of wind kicked up.

Tancred kicked himself upward and shook his electric yellow hair, "Don't temp me, Athena. I'll be back Friday, and that's a promise." He extended his hand towards me and I took it, "Will you miss me?" I asked in barely above a whisper.

"Always." His lips brushed against my hand for a second before a whirl and he was gone. I was left alone once again, while my boyfriend attended that stupid Bloor's Academy.

It's not like he wanted to go, they had this stupid rule that everyone who was endowed had to go to the Bloor's Academy. Tancred had the power to control weather. I was also endowed but no one knew except for Tancred and my mom, that's the way we wanted to keep it. Mom didn't like how the Bloor's wanted to control every endowed kid, so we just avoided telling people. My stepdad found out and attempted to tell the Bloor's but somehow he got stuck in a freak electrical storm and could never remember what he was going to the Bloor's Academy for, Mom didn't mind much though, if he put me in danger then she didn't want him around. She filed for divorce a few weeks later. As for my real dad, I didn't know him. He was out of my life before I was born, I do know that it was him who I inherited my endowment.

I could fix anything. Something's broken? All I need is to close my eyes and concentrate, suddenly the object is fixed. It didn't matter what the object was, a tree that was hit in one of Tancred's storms, a mug that was dropped, favorite toy that was broke, anything. Can't you see why I wouldn't tell people? Imagine how many people would bother me, wanting something or another fixed? And it's not only that I can fix things, that isn't the proper word, it's more like set right. I can make things right. Arguments between friends, everyone runs to Athena. Maybe because my name means the goddess of wisdom or maybe because I set things right, who knows, but it gets rather annoying.

I sighed and slowly climbed out of bed. I showered quickly and got ready for school. Some days I wished I attended Bloor's Academy so I could spend more time with Tancred, but the cold hallways and the stone walls would depress me. I grabbed my keys and started the day as I normally would; it was just like any other Monday.