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You guys have no idea how excited I am to finally get around to this challenge! Please enjoy the sequel to Working Out the Knots :) Reread it if you have to, I believe the original is in chapter 27.

Kurt arrived at Blaine's office an hour early the day of his appointment. When Tina finally called him in, Kurt bolted to the end of the hall without a backward glance and practically slammed the door behind him. Blaine jumped, startled by his clients abrupt entrance. "Oh. Hello, Kurt. How's your back?"

"It's been better," Kurt replied with a shy chuckle. He was nervous to see Blaine after what happened during their last appointment a month prior, and seeing the man now made his stomach tighten with both longing and sadness. He glanced at the clock on the wall, realizing they had been staring in opposite directions awkwardly for almost a full minute. "Are you ready, or do you need another minute?"

"What?" Blaine finally met his eyes, but only briefly. "Oh, yeah. You can get ready, I just need to... talk to Tina for a minute. I'll be right back." Kurt watched him leave as he stripped off his shirt and curled up in the fetal position on the table to keep warm. Blaine didn't come back for another six minutes or so.

"I don't pay you to chit-chat, Mr. Anderson," Kurt jokingly nagged. Blaine must not have thought it was a joke, because he quickly apologized and started to massage Kurt's back without washing his hands. It didn't matter to Kurt; he let out a content sigh as Blaine's calloused palms roamed down his body. Kurt shifted his shoulders, giving Blaine more access to the knot just below his neck.

"Hnngg- That hurts!"

"That's because this knot is like a hill," Blaine replied. "Have you been doing the stretches I showed you before rehearsal?"

"Every day," Kurt said with a wince.

"Maybe you need a new mattress." Blaine put more pressure into his motions, making Kurt cry out in pain.

"Blaine, please! You're killing me here!" There was silence above him, broken only by the soft plunk of something light hitting the table beside Kurt's naked body. Kurt flipped over, and the scene above him broke his heart. Kurt was always able to pretend that his visits to Blaine's office were something more, but this wiped away the glitz and glitter that his mind loved to invent and replaced it with the truth: Blaine was a confused guy who was just doing his job, and he somehow got hurt in the process. Kurt also knew, deep down, that it had to be his fault.

"Blaine," he said gently, "are you crying?"

"He left me."

"What?" Kurt sat up just as a fat tear began to roll down Blaine's cheek. He was quick to swab it away. "I don't understand, I thought you two were fine..."

"I told him about you making a move on me at your last appointment. I thought he would find it funny, I thought we had one of those open and honest relationships. And he said maybe it was for the better that men are hitting on me, because he's been-" Blaine stopped abruptly and shook his head dejectedly. "He's been cheating on me." The confession was punctuated by a dry sob. "For months, he's been sleeping with some barely-legal jailbait who works for him at the GAP."

"More like Baby GAP," Kurt said without thinking, making Blaine cry even harder. "Sorry! Oh, Blaine." Kurt pulled the other man into a tight embrace. "I really am sorry."

"It isn't your fault," he said with a hiccup. "If anything, I should thank you for helping me find out."

"No. It is my fault. I stepped out of line, I got in the way of you doing your job... and I would completely understand if you never wanted me to come back." Kurt leapt down from the massage table and grabbed his shirt. "I should go-"

"No!" Blaine grabbed his hand just as he reached for the doorknob. Kurt was pulled back against Blaine's chest, forcing their eyes to meet. The sparks between them were palpable; Kurt wondered if they would ignite and turn to something more, or if he would merely be burned in their presence. Kurt tried to look Blaine in the eyes, but he was too distracted by their proximity. He could count ever eyelash Blaine had, all of the delicately thin hairs that were being weighed down by the salty tears that clung to them.

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I hadn't thought... I don't know. It's like a sign or something, isn't it?" Blaine slowly pulled Kurt into his arms, ensnaring him. Blaine's clutch was not necessary; Kurt found the man too mesmerizing, he was incapable of leaving while Blaine spoke. A small shiver ran through Kurt's body as he saw Blaine lick his lip involuntarily before continuing. "I feel almost lucky for finding out the way I did."

Kurt tried to swallow, but his mouth was dry and his throat felt constricted. He had the sudden urge to plug his ears, afraid of what would be said next. "Why is that?" he ventured to ask.

"I'm not sure," Blaine said quietly. It was as if he were speaking more to himself than the man before him. "But it almost feels like... I was having my cake and eating it too. I was in a relationship with Jeremiah, but I kept having these feelings for you and I would see you all the time and-"

"Blaine, calm down." Kurt put a hand to his cheek, pulling Blaine's face slightly closer. "You're okay now, there's nothing to feel guilty about."

"I still don't date patients, so-"

"I'll switch massage therapists, I don't care." Blaine shook his head and forced his lips to merge with Kurt's, sending pure bliss through them both. Kurt felt his fingernails scratch at Blaine's hair in an effort to hold him closer, force him to stay this way just a bit longer. When Kurt finally let go, they both had to catch their breath.

"I was going to say I would need to make an exception for you," Blaine said, smiling foolishly. "I think that said it much better though."

"I can totally understand if you need some time to figure things out. I think that'd be better, actually." Kurt shifted awkwardly. He didn't want to say that, but he knew it was the right thing to say. He wanted a long-term relationship, not a rebound fling that just made Blaine feel terrible about himself and resent him because of it.

Blaine frowned. "That wasn't really what I was expecting... but you're probably right. I need to move on."

"I understand. I'm gonna go, okay?" Blaine nodded and watched with a bittersweet feeling as Kurt redressed himself and headed for the door. "I'm taking this with me," he said, reaching for the framed photograph of Jeremiah nearby. "Next time come back, that picture will be gone for good. I promise to replace it with something you might like a little better."

Blaine smiled, and it almost reached his eyes. "I hold you to that. Good bye, Kurt."

"Good bye, Blaine." Kurt stepped out into the hall and quietly closed the door behind him. He slid his back down the wall and sat there for a while before getting up and leaving the office building. He would be back, and then Blaine would have room in his heart for Kurt's return.