This is my idea of the price that Li had to pay in Bonds. I'd really love some feedback!


Li had discovered a lot of things during the years that he had been freed from the granting book by Kristie Jones.

The internet was the single greatest tool ever invented. Getting married was the greatest adventure that he could have ever imagined.

High school was stupid, boring and puzzling. College was just as much so, and all for a slip of paper that meant little.

People didn't mind if you were their doctor, so long as they were healed. But there were some things that skill just couldn't help. Magic either.

But there was something that bothered him more now than anything else ever could. Peering down at cells under a microscope, Li frowned. He sat back, rubbing his forehead with a white-gloved hand.

There was nothing that could help him now. No amount of studying, no amount of magic...

No amount of love.

Kristie would be waiting for him when he got home. She would probably still be smiling, as she always did. Her hair, starting to turn silver under all the brown, was showing her age.

Li had suspected that something was wrong when she lost her appetite. The headaches that came afterward were brutal. Then came the wheezing. Her career depended on her voice, but she refused to see a doctor.

Her agent insisted. Her sister insisted. Li insisted. But there was no changing her mind.

"I don't feel well." She told them. "It's probably the flu."

Li didn't believe her. Slipping a little pill into her tea the same night, Li drew blood. It broke his heart to have to do it this way.

It was the only way.

The cells under the microscope were dying and there was nothing Li could do to change it. There were no cures for cancer, only brutal, long, harsh treatments with medication that could only lessen the pain without diminishing the cost.

"The Gods of Life." He said. He could beg the Gods of Life for a miracle. Heavenly Grandfather.
Someone. Anyone.

He didn't want to live without Kristie.

He begged everyone he could think of, using his magic to call upon those who might listen. They all turned a deaf ear to his cries for help.

"Death happens to all mortals." They told him.

Li wasn't ready to accept that. It had been almost thirty years since they had met. The time spent together was too short. Kristie's life was worth so much more than dying like this. She was too vibrant, too beautiful, too young.

Looking up at his reflection in the mirror of the mens' change room, Li saw that his own hair had never changed color. His face was still youthful, his eyes were still bright. He still had the strength and build of a young man and many of his colleagues were jealous.

But now he'd give it all up to be able to save Kristie.

Throwing a shoe at the mirror, Li glared. His heart was racing. His eyes were burning and wet.

"This isn't how the story is supposed to end!" He yelled.

Except it was.

Finally Li got outside. Looking up at the smoggy city sky, he tried to pretend that everything was normal. With no need for a car, it was best to wait until the coast was clear before teleporting to their Manhattan apartment.

Kristie was laying on the couch. The stereo was running, playing a recording from one of her first starring musicals. She seemed to be asleep.

Wearing the same green negligee that she had worn on their honeymoon, he knew that she had probably cried herself to sleep. Slipping his arms under her shoulders and knees, Li lifted carefully in an attempt not to wake her.

She didn't move. Laying her in the bed, Li pulled the covers up around her shoulders. It was better now to let her sleep.

"I love you."