Troublesome Princesses

Back at Red Fountain the imposter Princes were plotting to steal the magical artefacts of the 3 schools as well as deal with the troubling, annoying Princess who the Princes are arranged to, but didn't know. These princesses were the most stuck up, revolting princess you could ever image.

Sky – Diaspro – Princess of Isis

Brandon – Chimera – Princess of Trojan

Timmy – Icy – Princess of Whispera

Nabu – Lucy – Princess of Outcastus

Helia – Stormy – Princess of Whispera

Riven – Darcy – Princess of Whispera

Princesses POV

The Princes had to meet their future wives and spend a whole day with them; they sat near the lake at Alphea. The sun was sizzling; the flowers were saddening as they wilted due to the intense heat and humidity.

"Oh, Prince sky, dear" Diaspro said with a flirtatious tone. Sky hugged Diaspro, she blushed.

"I am positively mortified you had to endure that frog fiasco last night, Prince Brandon" Chimera explained, she clutched onto Brandon's arm. He smiled sweetly, but fake.

"Well, when you're next in line for the throne, you're poised like a panther!" Timmy explained. Icy trailed her razor-sharp nails up Timmy's back.

"Ready to expect the unexpected, right Timster!" Riven finished off, he smirked, Timmy pouted.

"Please, Princesses, we can no longer ignore the throbbing of our hearts..."Helia trailed off.

"Even though our time together's been brief, it's been heavenly" Nabu said. The dark spell Baltor placed upon the Storm Harpies had begun to wear off. The slowly began retransforming.

"Eww! Your ear Riven!" Darcy screeched, stepping back. Riven touched his ear, it was pointy, he looked at the others, they were retransforming to.

"Oh, don't worry; it's those pesky mosquitoes again!" Riven began slapping the air. The girls raised their eyebrow. Riven was in hot water. He reached out and held Darcy's hand. He knelt down on one knee.

"Would you do me the honour of becoming Princess of Tir Nan OG?" Icy spat out her drink, Stormy began chocking.

"Are you serious?" Darcy asked.

"As the plague" Riven saluted. The princesses let out a scream of excitement.

"Yes! Oh, I most definitely will marry you!"

"What about the rest of us?" Helia asked. The girls stood there in shock.

"Yes!" They all screamed.

"Oh, there's so much to plan!" Lucy said.

"The guest list! The dress! The music! The flowers! The shoes!" Chimera counted.

"We're gonna have ourselves a fine wedding!" Diaspro yelled. The princess skipped happily out of Red Fountain to plan a wedding.

"No!" Baltor yelled, he jumped out of the darkness. He clutched the Amulet that was wrapped around their scrawny necks. The blood levels were slowly decreasing. His plans were ruined if he didn't capture the frogs soon.

"What we do now?" Knut asked. Baltor give him the biggest death glare.

"Because somebody let our frog princes go, Knut! ..." Knut looked down to the ground.

"I'm reduced to ask for help from my friends on the other side..." Baltor grinned wickedly. Knut was worried inside.

'What have I brought myself into' Knut thought. Baltor vanished strangely into the darkness.