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Quotes at the beginning of the chapters are from Alfred Noyes' poem, The Highwayman. This story is not inspired by The Highwayman, the quotes are mainly intended to set a mood or tone.

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Over the cobbles he clattered

She never looked at him. No, she looked. But she never saw.

See me. Notice me, his eyes glinted.

Her long shiny braid swung gently down her back as she huddled with her friends and giggled.

Surreptitiously, he loped up behind her and reached out to grab that shiny braid. Catching the eye of one of her friends, but not in time to be revealed and indicted, he yanked her head back.

Her books fell in a heap in the dirt, her backside colliding with the ground. He hadn't intended to pull her down. In surprise, he ran as though he could escape her ire.

"Edward Cullen!" she screamed.

He looked back over his shoulder as he ran, and saw her infuriated red cheeks and tears brimming in her eyes, threatening to fall. She drew her quivering lip between her teeth as her friends all gaped.

Still he ran, her angry sobs punctuating every pound of his culpable heart.

CD ~ CD ~ CD

His mother's face sang with love, her eyes lit from within, as she beamed up at his father, gratitude on her lips.

His father stepped behind her, running his fingers over her shoulders as he fixed the string in place. Then Edward watched as they shared a smile and a plan for procuring her attention began to unfurl.

Up he jumped and clattered out the door, eagerly running all the way to town. He stalked the streets looking in windows but nothing spoke.

As he entered the dime store, the clerk looked up sharply. Edward averted his face in avoidance and walked to the counter, glancing in the sparkling displays. He was enraptured by a pretty necklace, knowing it would look fine around her throat.

"Ahem," the sour clerk said, tapping his foot on the other side of the glass.

Edward licked his lips and bashfully asked the price.

"Too much for you son, try the table over there," he replied, irritation clouding his voice.

Edward hung his head, jammed his hands in his pockets, and scuffed his discouraged feet to the table. His fingers traced the edge as he perused. There was nothing, nothing he could impress her with, nothing to make her see him. No longer eager, resigned to invisibility, he started to turn.

But his fingers ran across the silky blue ribbon that reminded him of the feel of her hair in his clenched fist. So soft, so smooth. Would she like it? Would she see him?

A penny, all he needed was a penny. He could haul wood for Mr. Larson for a penny.

He imagined giving it to her. The bright smile that would grace her pretty freckled face. How his heart would swell under her appreciation.

CD ~ CD ~ CD

He came early that day. The tag simply read "To Bella, Be Mine." He laid the treasure on the lid of her desk with hopeful hands, then stepped back, then moved it closer to the middle of the desk, then stepped back again. Nervously, he tugged at his suspenders, his eyes shifting to the door. He heard the clamor of children climbing the steps to the schoolhouse.

Jumping back, he scampered to his seat as the students filtered in. Her laughter bubbled through the room and made his yearning chest ache and his palms sweat. What if she scorned him? Even worse, what if she ignored him?

He was keenly aware of her presence as she stepped into the aisle but he didn't dare look up.

Her happy chatter stopped abruptly and he saw her, out of the corner of his eye, stand, unmoving, her hand lightly touching his offering. Her friends were unaware as they found their desks. Her head snapped around, scanning the room.

Only then did he chance a peek up at her rosy face, his heart full of trepidation. Her eyes searched till they landed on him. Then locked in a stare, her – all wide eyes and flushed cheeks, him – all silent pleading, his pulse drumming in his ears.

After a moment, he tentatively raised one corner of his mouth and she saw. She saw him. Her eyes fell once more to the ribbon, she lifted it in her small hand. Then looking back at him, she cast a timid smile in return as she sank into her chair. Her eyes held his for a beat longer then she looked down, her cheeks flaming.

His grin nearly split his face. She saw. She saw me.

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